Funny / The Beano

  • There was a Bash Street Kids special where Teacher found out that the class found his lessons boring (by way of Spotty screaming in fear that his head would explode from boredom). Teacher decided to give them a lesson in something they would find exciting, and had them write their ideas down for him to draw from a hat. First he drew Sydney's idea, bull fighting, which consisted of the kids being shut in the gym with a bull. Then afterwards, they did Fatty's idea, a lesson in chocolate tasting, ending in the kids becoming dreadfully ill from eating too many sweets. The next day, Teacher is driving the school bus to their next lesson...a lesson in stock-car racing. Teacher, with full-on Crazy Eyes, proceeds to drive the bus around the stock car track, teaching the kids lessons such as 'the best defense is offense!'.
    Danny: Sir, Plug feels sick!
    Teacher: Well open a window!
    • And Plug sticks his head out, terrifying the other drivers into crashing. In the end, the kids are happy with being taught nice, safe, boring maths.
  • The 2007 Beano Annual Bash Street Kids story involving a parents evening. Need I say more?
  • The issue celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of Dennis the Menace.
    • The guests arriving and all of them accidentally hurting Dennis' dad while greeting him with "Hi, Mr. Dennis!"
    • Dennis booby-trapping the parcels in pass-the-parcel. The first one is a flower bomb and explodes in Roger the Dodger's face, prompting Dennis' dad to warn Dennis by saying "I hope you don't have any more flower bombs, Dennis!" to which Dennis replies "Of course not!" ("There's also an ink bomb and a boxing glove!"). The second one explodes in Smiffy's face, and by this point Roger is angry with Dennis, so aranges for him to get the third parcel. To prove he's not a chicken, Dennis owes it
    • A fist-fight breaking out because Dennis lost musical chairs
    • Dennis' mum sees the mess that the Bash Street Kids made in the bathroom, prompting a scream heard througout the house. Dennis' first reaction? "What? It's nothing to do with me!"
    • The food fight.
  • Dennis trying to one-up Walter's fancy pencil topper by putting his entire desk on the pencil.