Funny / Paperinik New Adventures

  • There are a lot of gags here and there, but mostly the short stories (especially the ones with Angus) are hilarious, and most of PKNA #15.
    • Also, the short stories dedicated to the Evronians.
      • One was dedicated to Evronian sayings, corredated with pictures. Among them there were Running Gags about the Gophos and its horrendously stinking breath (first of all: "You don't look in the mouth of a gifted Gopho... 'Cause its breath stinks!". The picture shows an Evronian puking after accidentally looking in the mouth of a gifted Gopho) and about sayings involving the Emperor, only to have the picture disprove them while the Emperor commented "Popular sayings... Tsk!".
      • Then the Emperor's running gag was broken by having sayings that praised the Emperor (which the Emperor approved)... And then it was revealed their source: Ministry of Propaganda workers trying to get a promotion.
    • A short story from the Ultimate reboot has PK believing that Uno has decided to use the Wax On, Wax Off method of training. He didn't (PK accidentally knocked some water off, and Uno made him clean that). Uno passes the former half of the story going "What the..?" as PK does chores by himself, and the latter half exploiting this to make PK clean everything. And then he starts the actual training...
      Uno: By the way... try not to make a mess.
    • That one story where Everett's master hermit places him in a Secret Test of Character to see if he can keep his destructive nature in check. "If a dragon refuses the challenge, he may be lazy. But if he ignores the fly, he really is asleep". After passing unharmed through a few accidents, building a crane contraption without somehow turning it into a weapon of mass destruction, and repelling a "bandit assault" without harming them, the response is... "We don't know [if you passed the test]. You still have to take the challenge". Cue psychotic breakdown. And then...
      Everett (Brother Sleeping Dragon): May I now know just WHAT is this challenge?!?
      Prior: Isn't it obvious, Brother Short-tempered Dragon? This was the challenge.
      Everett: (with a gloomy face) Groan. Better meditate some more.
    • Xadhoom's short stories usually aren't. Then in one we learn of an Evronian cyborg Super Soldier who mutinied and was defeated due having a remote-controlled off switch...
    • The extra story of the first PK issue features Everett Ducklair trying to finish Uno as quickly as possible before he has to leave Earth. In the first tests, he discovered that Uno's verbosity can bore even him, so he tones it down. This is the result:
      Uno: (inexplicably wearing a party hat) Hello, Supergenius! Without burning out your brain too much, could you explain to me why my head is in a fishbowl?
      Everett: (FML expression)
  • Two stories from the 1998 Special. The fight with Lord Walrus, which rips off at least Spider-Man and the Penguin, and Scrooge losing sleep at the tought of the Ducklair Tower having a possible secret floor (and losing the chance to rent it). By the end, PK would prefer to just smash his head with his shield and get over with it.
    • Lord Walrus returned in another special, this time with crab-themed powers. He unveils his special weapon, an horde of hypnotized fish... that is promptly dispatched by an horde of cats.
  • PKNA #35: PK's cape gets stuck in a spaceship's automatic door. While boosting to get in the spaceship. Hilarity Ensues.
    Paperinik: If only I could read this...
    Evronian Soldier: You are here. Wrong place, wrong time.
    Paperinik: (Uses the paralizing ray on him) Thanks for the information! Who said Evronians aren't gentle?
  • PKNA #36: Paperinik travels aboard an Evronian spaceship. Said ship is piloted by an A.I. with maternal istincts, who treats him like a 1950's housewife would treat her husband. And keeps on calling him "Deeear".
    • Also: Evronian slippers.
  • PKNA #37: Paperinik has arrived on the Evronian mobile homeworld, and is sneaking around masked as a Coolflame to save Xari, when one of the prison guards, who Paperinik had beaten up in the past, pointed at him saying that Paperinik looked just like that coolflame.
    Paperinik *thinking* I must act dumb
    Paperinik: Thank you, master.
    Guard who hadn't been on Earth: What?! Since when Coolflames can talk?!
    Paperinik *while knocking out the guard* Since now! And they hurt too!
    Guard who had been on Earth: It's impossible... It can't be true...
  • Xadhoom's appearance in the 1997 Special, Missing, has a group of Evronians dress up as Xerbians to fool her into wearing a power-locking helmet. Xadhoom immediately proposes a Xarghon, and when they don't know what it is she sees through the ruse... And has the Evronians try and guess what a Xarghon is to keep the cover. When they finally catch on, one of the Evronians asks what the hell is a Xarghon. Xadhoom explains it's the traditional Xerbian welcoming dance, that every Xerbian learns as a child... And then blows up their cruiser.
    • Gets a Call-Back in PKNA #37, where a column has a few characters speaking of their past encounters with Xadhoom. Among them there's the only survivor of the ship destroyed in Missing, and he's still wondering what the hell is a Xarghon.
    • Another short story on Missing has two Evronian soldiers try and track PK on Earth. In order, this is what happens: they crash on arrival, wrecking their flying disks; they try and rob two delinquents of their clothes, but get beaten up; they try and steal the clothes of an old lady, but find out their weapons are broken and one of them is bitten by her dogs; they nearly get an heart attack when they encounter Urk (at least he doesn't beat them up); as they run away from Urk they stumble on the same two delinquents and the rest of their gang and get beaten up for trespassing; they finally find PK and try and catch him, only to discover it's an advertisement sign and get electrocuted in the process; they stop resting but accidentally trigger a car alarm, and have already wrecked the car to make it stop when they discover it's the car of the same two delinquents from earlier, who force them to beat each other up (their teeth had already scratched the studs on the bracelet of one of them, and he didn't want to scratch even his new chain); they decide to bail out and assemble a vehicle in a scrap depot, and the guard opens fire on them; finally they reach the ship they came from... Or better, what remains of it: it was the same ship that had tried to trap Xadhoom in, and she's still there.
  • The interaction between Xadhoom (who has been temporarily Brought Down to Normal) and Angus in PKNA #28.
    Donald: "I-I told you so." *that Xadhoom was not an ordinary girl*
    • Angus mentions that Morrighan, a colleague of his, is trying to use an old story about alien invaders (having been caught into an Evronian raid, and mailed the footage to himself to prevent the authorities from confiscating it. They replaced it with a cartoon), and boasts that if it was true he wouldn't miss it... Before PK and Xadhoom!
    • Angus ended up in hospital due the Evrons beating him up when they crashed the party. When he wakes up Morrighan gives him Xadhoom's get well present... A cactus. Then he tells him he won the prize for saving the worst journalist of the year, that is Angus... Who makes him eat the cactus! Differently from Xadhoom, Morrighan got hurt.
    • From the same issue, Donald is trying to explain Xadhoom how you use a fork, but she gets enraged. Donald leaves while telling he wasn't even sure they had forks on Xerba, and then attempts to guess how Xerbian forks are called. Xadhoom's reaction gives us this pearl.
    Uno: "So? Have you found how Xerbian forks are called?"
    Donald: "Yes! Darts!"
  • The end of PKNA #17, Shooting Star. During the whole story, Xadhoom has been acting crazy due the aftereffects of being hit by the biggest energy-absorber ever built by Evron, and Paperinik had to contain her while he tried and cured her condition. At the end Xadhoom decides to thank him with a kiss on the lips... After forgetting her body temperature is the same of a star! Three guesses on what happened to our poor hero.
  • The Negated Moment of Awesome of battlecruiser Centurian: the old Evronian spaceship enters the frame and utterly curbstomps both the entire military of Stahlburg and the rebels against Evron that were keeping them at bay, Paperinik's attack barely scratches the paintjob... And all of a sudden the defective antimatter alternator breakes down, crippling the ship and exposing to the universe her true nature as The Alleged Ship. Doubles as Brick Joke, as the introduction of the battlecruiser showed that the antimatter alternator had a tendency to make an annoying noise (that started again just before the alternator broke down in battle) until a technician punched it (he tried it again after it broke down mid-battle, but failed).
    Kurg: "They're attacking with smoke?!"
    Yak: "You never know what to expect from the Evronians..."
    • And the technician refers to the punch as "standard procedure".
    • From the same issue, the page pointing out that Evronians and Ergonians (a very similar-looking species from a world in the same system as Evron) only look similar and suggests to never trust appearances showed two examples of why you shouldn't trust appearances: the inhabitants of Lycon XI looks like nice puppies but have the nasty habit of shooting down every visitor for the hell of it, while the Orgonians look like monsters and are some of the best romantic poets and singers in the whole universe.
    • Still in the same issue,Krug is given a bazooka to fight an army of mechas attacking them. He can only thinks of using it to impale an opponent.
    Yak:"By the way,can i suggest you to use the trigger next time?"
    Krug:"Naa...too little and light. It wouldn't have the same effect!"

  • Issue 23. Angus prepares to reveal the cause of various accidents in town, all while passing off as a hero.
    Angus: You all recognize him, right? (an image appears in the studio's background)
    [Smash Cut to a family watching TV]
    Mom: Who would have said it!
    Dad: He seemed a nice guy.
    Angus: (from the TV) But... What the... DIRECTIOOON!
  • Half of the antics between Trip and his father, the Raider. The cake comes at the end of PKNA #34, when they are reunited, we have a bedtime chat... and then Trip says he wants to be like PK when he grows up. Loud argument, Death Glare between the two, and a punishment ensues.
    Raider: "I will never be a superhero. Write that a hundred times before going to sleep.
    Trip: ...What are you trying to ACCOMPLISH? [...] "I will never be a superhero" - AH! YOU WILL NEED A LOT MORE THAN THIS TO MAKE ME CHANGE IDEA!
    Raider: (re-enters the room) Almost forgot. Vowels in red, consonants in blue.
  • Issue #9: One and Xadhoom are pooling together their scientific knowledge in order to calculate where the third Evron spore camp is located. PK just pulls out an atlas, draws a line connecting the location of the two already discovered camps, and finds the middle point. He is absolutely right, and both One and Xadhoom are throughly enbarassed.
  • Issue #13 The Longest Christmas had Morrighan caught in an Evronian raid, and mailing the footage to himself before the US Army confiscated it. When the footage arrives he decides to show it to his fellow journalists... And that's when he discovers the US Army intercepted the footage and replaced it with a child cartoon about the love life of a daphnia. Even Lyla couldn't resist the temptation to mock him for it...
    • Becomes a Brick Joke in issue #28, when Angus says that Morrighan is trying to use that old story to win the local counterpart of the Pulitzer and promptly dismisses it before Paperinik and Xadhoom. By the way, Morrighan won the prize when Evronian super soldiers raided the place, confirming his story in the process.
    • Two civilians say the Evronian raid reminds them of a Bar Brawl they got involved with in their youth. Specifically, when Scrooge McDuck raided the Blackjack Saloon to recover the gold Glittering Goldie (mentioned as "The Star of the North") had stolen from him-and they liked it.
  • Issue #14 "Carpe Diem" has PK lampshade the plot:
    PK: Oscillations! Time travels! Parallel dimensions! How can you stand this?
    Raider: (takes a small container full of pills) Cachet.
    • The way Newton and Vostok bicker to each other is hilarious.
    • When the leaders of the Organization give Newton the task to contact Paperinik, this exchange occurs.
    Vostok:"Even the last of the idiots would be a better choice of him!"
    The three look at each other, grinning evily.
    Gilligan Cut to Newton and Vostok apparing in the XX century.
    Newton:"Happy now?"
    Vostok:"Shut up!"
  • Issue 20 "Mekkano". The titular robot assimilating Gorthan? Not funny. Gorthan ordering a few Evronian soldiers to be taken out of Mekkano, while said soldiers are giving their higher-ups a report of their mission and are completely ignoring Gorthan's angry ranting? Funny.
  • In issue 43 "Time to Time" Paperinik and Lyla must work together with some of the best droids IN the history of the Time Police. Lyla's reaction is funny enough, but the best part is when another droid joins them...
    Odin Eidolon:: "Lieutant Cobrain of the Special Corps will travel with you!"
    Paperinik:: "LYLA!"
    Lyla:: "I was just complimenting his design!"
    • The Raider argues with his employers.
    Raider: Open up your ears, you flea bag! If I find even only one of your men in my way, I'll come personally to bend your beak! Am I clear?
    Big Org. Boss: B-but don't YOU tell him anything?!
    Scrawny Org. Boss: Why? It's your beak.
    • And immediately before, the Organization bosses demanding that Newton takes off his beloved tie so that he doesn't ruin his stealth camouflage. Meanwhile...
    Raider: Nice tie, mister Newton.
    • And immediately after, he decides to check the hour...
    Raider: "You have to be kidding me! My watch stopped! My watch!"
    • Everything related to a couple of guys of The Organization:
      • First Newton berates them for shooting to the heroes while they still have the MacGuffin.
      • Then he berates them for not shooting fast enough.
      • Then, after he orders them to not shoot, they can only watch the game of Keep Away:
    First Guy:"What are they doing? Some kind of antidiluvian game?"
    Second Guy:"Do you think it would be inappropriate to cheer?"
  • Everything,everything about the 2000 summer special:it was divided(as usual),in several short stories and all of them are gut-bursting funny:
    • In one Donald must find the various parts of his costume during a black-out,while avoiding troubles with the Ducklair tower's occupants.
    • The return of Lord Walrus, who somehow menages to convince both himself and the people of Duckburg that, since Paperinik is a superhero and his job is to make people happy, he should let Walrus win.
    • Paperinik is attacked by new supervillains from all over the world. Why? Because now that he Took a Level in Badass, everybody wants to prove to be the best by defeating him.
    • But the most knee-slapping ones are the three short stories where he breaks the fourth wall and explains (and parodies) Secret Identity, Talking Is a Free Action and The Good Guys Always Win.
  • The new ally in the 2014 relaunch is quite caustic and not prone to humour, but has his moments. "I'm programmed to express one hundred and two different forms of sarcasm."
  • When PK meets Grrodon and Fairfax, the latter would like to illustrate his plan as every "good" mad scientist does, but Grrodon interrupts him:
    "(Illustrate your invention) to whom? I know it perfectly, my soldiers don't care about it, and PK will soon be too absent to appreciate your genius!"
  • Every episode of Might and Power is followed by two extra pages that, in a way similar to some backup stories of PKNA, give a humorous insight on the Evronian civilization. In one, it is told that Evronians have observed humans for centuries and sometimes were even disguised among us during some historical events. An Evronian who was among the Japanese at Iwo Jima in 1945, when told they should do harakiri, replies "I'm already doing a Sudoku..."
  • Everything about Charlie Delta's family. His father, his mother, his brother and his sister all have military/para-military/security backgrounds. Everyone is spying on everyone, all the time. Hence, when Charlie, his brother and his friend Fransisco de Gamma plan to investigate a factory, several black ops organisations turn up at once trying to claim superiority over the operation - each group lead by a Delta family member! (His parents named their kids after the NATO signaling alphabet - that tells you something of their mentality!)


  • Evronian Empire: The Rise And Fall is a video that parodies the opening scene of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Watch it here.
  • Meta: In the third PKNE story "The Black Beam" Paperinik replies to Moldrock indirectly calling him the greatest of Earth's hero by jokingly saying it's actually Super Goof. The fandom reacted with crazy ideas about PK vs Super Goof.
    • Eventually it became an Ascended Meme, when the Italian "Mickey Mouse" magazine (where the PKNE stories are being published) showed a challenge between them... At a tv quiz show. Also adding a Take That! to Captain America: Civil War: Paperinik states that smart superheroes prefer an intellectual confrontation, and Super Goof adds they can still preserve the suspence...