Funny / Monica's Gang

Comic Book

  • One comic has Monica, Maggy and Denise trying to figure out who took Monica's bunny and Denise maks the obvious name drop of Jimmy, prompting Monica to ask how does she know that. When Denise rethorically asks who else they know that don't like her...Maggy drops an extensive list of people that fit the criteria, including the likes of Carmen, the comic's recurring villains, every boy in the block...and Santa Claus.
  • Every comic featuring Nutty Ned. Particularly one where he finally meets his match in Nick Nope...who drives HIM crazy instead to the point of making him want to go back to the mental ward.
  • Smudge's feet are apparently drawn without toes not because of the art style, but because he wears pantyhoses.
  • One early comic had Junior wanting to hire Maggy to be his stomach-for-hire, as in someone to eat his food for him, and she accepts. When she eats so much she becomes bloated, she tells her mother that she got like that after becoming a stomach-for-hire, prompting her mother to completely lose her shit. What makes this funny is an unfortunately Lost in Translation Double Entendre as the Brazilian term for stomach-for-hire is a term used for surrogate pregnancy, so Maggy's mom's Freak Out is completely understandable, especially with Maggy's bloated stomach from overeating.
  • Maggy loses it and eats all dinner food, ruining the dinner with her father's boss. The next day, her father gets a raise and his boss states that he needs to earn a lot more to feed off Maggy.
  • While it didn't end well for Maggy, it was Laser-Guided Karma at its finest to, after he spent the whole story pulling pranks on his family and Maggy over not wanting to go the beach, see Junior walking right into a sewer pipe unaware of what it was until Maggy points it out, unaware he was hiding from her inside the pipe.
  • One story had Jimmy use a bird cage as armor to defend against Monica but he asks Smudge to test him. Smudge flicks his nose through the cagebars, pelts him with thorny seeds and kicks his unguarded shins. Jimmy, in his hubris, thinks is plan is infallible as Monica punches and bludgeons him with her plush bunny and the cage DOES defend against that and goes off to Monica to prove his point. Cue Monica doing everything Smudge did.


  • From the World of Warcraft based story in the manga, we have Angel as Sephiroth, at which point this dialogue takes place:
    Skyfiroth/Angel: Behold, infidels...The power of the One-Winged Angel!
    (Reality Ensues and Angel falls down the cliff)
    Lucilia: He's not very bright, is he?
    Jim: Hard to believe he made it to Epic level.
    • From the same arc, Smudge's Kakashi costume.
  • Jim creates a Tuxedo Kamen-like disguise for a costume party so he can spend time with Monica...but the fact that he did such a good job at wooing her as the masquerade and made sure she never figured out who he was...only gave him another love rival. When Smudge points this out to him, he has the painful realization he did not think the whole thing through. That persona is never brought up again, though.
  • All of Jim's Accidental Pervert moments throughout the series are worth a few chuckles.
  • All of Jim's Deadpan Snarker moments in Maggy's Teen Idol arc. But particularly this one after Smudge pisses Monica off at the worst time possible:
    Jim: Keeping your mouth shut. A lost art.
    • From the same arc, the Running Gag of Smudge popping out of nowhere shouting "Of course it's you!" when any given character is wondering if they are the problem of a certain situation.
  • Denise, in a fit of jealousy, hits Future!Sunny with a painful Groin Attack whose impact lasts for a good two pages when he is shown with an ice pack over his crotch area.
  • When Lady Death shows in Issue#4 and goes into Purple Prose about fate and destiny after Maggy and Smudge find Monica presumably dead and Monica wonks her in the head with a rock.
  • Monica loses and is eliminated in the Tournament Arc and Jim ponders if it is bad of him to ask her opponent for an autograph for defeating Monica.
    • Smudge then fights the same guy, makes a terrible pun about boots while knocking off his foe's gas mask and then scaring him off the fight with the awful stench of his feet.
  • When #TeamCebola and #TeamDC starts trending in Issue #94 over whether or not Monica should wear bracers, the following pages are each character giving their own reasons for siding with a given team and it trends all the way to Captain Fray, Viviane, Captain America and Iron Man. Made all the more hilarious considering what the Jim x Nick Nope debate was based off.
    • From the same issue, when the entirety of the class is debating the topic, Nutty Ned yells at them to stop...because he is #Team Cebola and that's that.