Heartwarming: Monica's Gang

  • Chuck Billy's one-time little sister, Mariana, who was in fact a star that came down to Earth as a human baby born from his mother. However, she died very early in her life, and thus turned back into a star and returned to the sky. Since then, she has always watched over her human parents and brother and, in one of Chuck's birthdays, she was authorized to come down from heaven to give him a gift: the warm light of hope, that Chuck would forever carry within him, as he would always know that Mariana would always be there - now, in the future, as his daughter with Rosie Lee.
  • This.
  • And this scene from one of the movies (see The Movie), which doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • The cover story from the pre-reboot #157 had a Jerkass womanizer promising Monica to go out for an ice cream and then showing up at the promised spot with another girl. She starts crying and once Jimmy and Smudge learn of it, they go after the guy wanting to know how hard he beat her so she'd cry like that. When he says that he made her cry by purposely breaking her heart for personal amusement...Jimmy and Smudge instantly trash the guy and take Monica for ice cream.
  • "Friendship".
  • This strip. Both funny and "awww"-able. Translation:
    Jimmy Five: Monica's a pudgy bucktooth shwimp!
    Monica: You dork! You keep saying that! Tell me something I don't know!
    Jimmy: I like you.
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