Awesome / Monica's Gang

Comic Book

  • Isabel has a minor yet prevalent one in a story where Bucky was very intent on charming a new girl. She's usually portrayed as the Clingy Jealous Girl in the comics (to the point that in one old comic she asked resident Teen Genius Franklin to do something about her jealousy, since it was that bad), and though we never see how her fights with Bucky end, her usual Nightmare Fuel faces when she sees him hitting on someone usually means bad news for Bucky. However in this specific story, perhaps due to Character Development, after seeing Bucky flirting with a new girl and confronting them, she acts so surprisingly mature that because of her previous characterization it instantly turns it into a Moment of Awesome.
    Girl: Come on, girl friend, let's be civilized here.
    Isabel (in a completely calm tone): I am civilized, but I'm not your girl friend. Besides, I already understood everything.
    • And then she walks away, and to crown it, Bucky, who spent the entire story hitting on the unnamed girl up that to point, immediately runs off the panel after Isabel, crying her name.
    • Isabel gets another one when her jealousy gets the best of her yet again. She freaks out at Bucky because he was holdings hands with a girl and strolling with her and the girl kissed him at the end. She clobbers Bucky before he gets a chance to explain himself. Isabel runs into the girl, who wears sunglasses and dresses fashionably, and openly mocks her choice of attire. The girl is none other than Dora, the blind girl that dresses the way she does as a way of coping with her blindness. Isabel then realizes that Bucky was holding her hand because he was helping the blind Dora get home. After a powerful My God, What Have I Done? moment, Isabel apologizes to Dora and Bucky, owns up to her mistakes and learns to not jump to conclusions. Quite the Character Development for the Clingy Jealous Girl.


  • Todd gets an EPIC moment on the 45th volume, when he, after having to put up with a whole lot of abuse from 3 bullies in the cooking academy he attended, and a teacher who did nothing about it, only telling Todd to put up with it, he literally gives the bullies their just desserts. And when he's being belitted by the teacher, he gives an awesome Reason Why You Suck Speech to the teacher, for only caring about status, and the academy's policy to deal with bullying, and quits the academy.
  • Monica does The Unexpected in #68: After participating of a Saw-themed Reality Show, having Jim act like a complete Smug Snake Jerk Jock to Nick Nope and treating Monica like a Distressed Damsel and trolling Monica when she needed him the most, she finally snaps when Jim starts poking at Nick Nope saying Monica'll never kiss him like he wanted to if he won, tells him where to shove it and kisses Nick Nope in front of everyone. And Monica tops it by saying "Monica and Jim? Promised couple? Today, that cliché ends as well!", thus adressing many readers' dissatisfaction to the Will They or Won't They? between Monica and Jim and giving Jim a much needed serving of Humble Pie.
  • Future!Sunny's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Jim after the latter's ambition-driven curiosity gets him cursed, and Monica, Smudge and Maggy killed temporarily is one of the most glorious moments in the entire Monica franchise:
    Future!Sunny: I came here to save the world from Jim! He's much more dangerous alive than dead! Believe me! (sizes Jim up) All you had to do was a documentary for the school! It could be about anything else! But what was the great Jim's idea!? You convinced your friends to investigate the donkey's legend! You knew of the dangers, but didn't warn anyone!
    Jim: You want me to confess!? I confess! Yes! I lied to everyone! I already saw the rumors and the children of Umbra on the Internet...but I pretended to know nothing! That's why I wanted to come here! I only wanted to film the ghosts and become famous! But I didn't know it would be so dangerous!
    Future!Sunny: It wasn't just that! It was your pride and prepotency that that lured the girl of the lake! All because of your massive ego!
    Jim: Will you all stop roasting me!? I'm only trying to fix what I've done! I'm one of the heroes here, okay!?
    Future!Sunny: Hero? Your arrogance has no limits, has it? Since you were a child, you only used your mind for evil. For your infallible plans, to manipulate the gang, to defeat Monica...Face the facts! You were always the VILLAIN!