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Funny: Judge Dredd

The Comic

  • Finger Of Suspicion. One man with his hand permanently stuck Flipping the Bird attempting to go about his daily business. Cue being attacked by several judges and street gangs, culminating in him being (non-fatally) shot by Dredd.
  • From "The Day The Law Died,"
    Walter The Wobot: That cweep Judge Dwedd has just been here, shooting guns and waising hell.
    Control: You're mistaken, robot. There's no Judge Dwedd on the force.
    Walter The Wobot: Not Judge Dwedd. Walter say Judge Dwedd.
  • From an early story:
    Dredd: What do you want written on your tombstone, punks?
    Criminal: "Died of old age", Judge, we surrender!
  • The reveal of Judge Fish in "The Day the Law Died", but especially the other judges objections: "he lacks mobility", indeed!
  • Public Defender 314's habit of calling its actions. Pause For Emphasis.
  • Mean Machine Angel as a Private Investigator in the Alternity special. The Unreliable Private Eye Monologue which details his "cases" (which are essentially just Bar Brawls that blunderingly end up pissing off The Mafia) is just downright hilarious.

The Film

  • "Eat recycled food. It's good for the environment and okay for you."
  • Judge Hershey: "JUDGE BITCH!"
    • Just generally the entire scene where Dredd and Rico decide to settle things ham to ham.
  • Fergie's impression of Dredd: "Mr. UH-EM-DE-LUW!"

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