Funny / V for Vendetta


  • Prothero dressed up as one of his dolls going "Ma-ma... Ma-ma..." was Actually Pretty Funny.
  • Adam Susan: "I didn't call out. Er - I coughed."
  • Evey repeating the inscription on the arch in the big hall loudly ("Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici", but only the initials).
    Evey: V.V.V.V.V.
    V: Evey Evey Evey Evey Evey.
    Evey: Sometimes I could just punch you in your stupid smiley face!
  • Adam Susan says to Fate "I love you." Mr. Creedy thinks he's talking to him.
    • Later, Susan...cleans out his cannon to the Fate computer. The guards stationed outside the office has to endure listening to his moans.
  • After throwing the government's Propaganda Machine into disorder, V says he misses the Storm Saxon serials, the dialogues were better.


  • The comedy show segment.
    • There's a a guy in a monkey suit involved, just to make things completely random. Stephen Fry even throws a Banana Peel in there to underscore how ridiculous the whole issue is.
    • The cut to Sutler reveals his furious reaction to him being made fun of. He shatters the glass held in his hand...a glass filled with milk!!
    • Mock!V's antics in general. He's acting like a Looney Tunes character throughout the whole segment.
  • At the beginning, right after V has given his v-filled introduction.
    Evey: Are you, like, a crazy person?
    V: I am quite sure that they will say so.
  • When Evey first sees the Shadow Gallery, she is a little nervous after learning that it's filled with censored artwork that V stole back from the government. V puts it in perspective:
    Evey: God, if they ever find this place...
    V: I suspect if they do find this place, a few bits of art will be the least of my worries.
  • V's "sword fight" against the suit of armor while watching The Count of Monte Cristo, increased tenfold by his awkwardness once he realizes that he's being watched by Evey.
    V: Oh, er, oh God.
  • V. Cooking breakfast. Wearing a pink flowery apron.