Funny / Super Mario Adventures

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    Episode 1 
  • As Warp Pipes manage to appear all over the castle basement, Mario runs out with him dragging Luigi. Luigi then gives us this gem.
    Luigi: Wait! Let me grab what's left of my lunch!
    Mario: Forget the crushed canneloni! Let's beat feet!
  • One of the Toads says that the Warp Pipes uprooted the palace petunias.
  • This gem:
    Luigi: Help! I'm being devoured by vile vegetation!
    Episode 2 
  • As Princess Toadstool chases after Bowser by jumping out of a window, some Toads start to run down a wall with a bedsheet and try to stop her. She instead bounces perfectly off of the bedsheet and continues pursuing Bowser on foot. And as she landed perfectly, another Toad awarded her with 10 points.
  • The Minister of Massage (yes, that's his name) turns a statued Mario back to normal by giving him a massage... for a week.
    Mario: I feel kind of slap happy...
  • Luigi's reaction to seeing Yoshi for the first time after he pops out of his egg at the end of the episode.
    Luigi: It's alive!
    Episode 3 
  • Princess Toadstool and her troops are in the desert and are out of water. The Toads see a bunch of clouds and start to do a Rain Dance. They're actually Lakitu clouds and start to drop Spinys. This is made funnier when one of the Toads thinks they did the wrong dance.
  • This:
    Mario: Who are you?
    Floyd: Why, I'm Friendly Floyd. Need a toothbrush? Lightbulb? Electronic ignition for your car? You name it, I've got it!
  • And later...
    Floyd: That's the story in a nutshell--or should I say, eggshell.
  • Mario and Luigi buy a Yoshi translation book at the bargain price of 10 coins (which was originally 3,000 coins, but discounted since they're "friends of Yoshi"). It's made funnier when every phrase in the book translates to "Yoshi".
    Mario Bros.: Wait 'til I get my hands on that Friendly Floyd!!
  • The narrator calling the Chase Scene "the cookout".
    Episode 4 
  • Mario and Luigi rolling up the bottom right of the episode's last page. Luigi then says that the Princess "sure stole the spotlight this month!"note 
    Episode 5 
  • Early in the episode, Mario gets shot to Wendy's tower by a Bullet Bill. He says this gem.
    Mario: This must be the KOOPA EXPRESS!
    Episode 6 
    Episode 7 
    Episode 8 
  • Mario asks Luigi if they survived the fall. Luigi then tells him not to ask. Made funnier by the fact that his head is underground.
    Episode 9 
  • This scene when Mario thinks that the haunted house they found is a trap.
    Mario: I'm telling you, Weege, I have a weird feeling about this...
    Koopalings: The jig's up-- They know it's a trap!
    Bowser: Mark my words! They're tired, hungry and, best of all, lost. This cozy little bungalow is just too tempting for a snoopy pair like the Mario Bros. And it's unlocked, which makes it irresistible!
    Mario: Wait, Luigi. We may be tired, lost and, worst of all, hungry, but we must keep our wits about us. There's something strange about this place...My gut feeling is that it's a trap! C'mon--let's get out of here!
    (cut to the Koopalings and Bowser looking disappointed)
    Episode 10 
  • Mario dressing up as Dr. Mario and Luigi dressing up as a nurse, which is Hilarious in Hindsight, because an actual variant of Dr. Mario aptly titled "Dr. Luigi" was released years after the comic.
    Episode 11 
  • Luigi telling Mario not to look down as he's standing on the snout of a Blargg.
    Episode 12 
  • The narrator reading the recap for the last episode. It seems normal until the last sentence.
    They arrived just in time to witness the compliant princess pledge her love for... Bowser?!!? Can it be??!!
    Mario vs. Wario 
  • This scene with Pako:
    Pako: HALT! I'll not let you pass!
    Mario: Whoa! A monster octopus! I don't get it-- What's an octopus doing in this fresh water marsh? Everybody knows that an octopus can't live in fresh water.
    (Pako realizes the situation)
    Pako: That would explain why I've been feeling sickly...
    Mario: I knew it!
    • Mario then proceeds to pour what he thinks is salt into the marsh, although it was actually sugar, causing Pako to faint.
  • A fan dub of Mario vs. Wario adds this gem to epilouge:
    Narrator: "Will Wario ever get over the inequites of his childhood? Will he ever get even with Mario? And will he ever get to be sheriff again???" Find out... Eh, probably never (chuckles).