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    The Return of Queen Chrysalis 

Issue 1

  • The Cutie Mark Crusaders fooling around in Fluttershy's menagerie... up until the changelings attack them, at least.
  • Rarity is distracted from her concern about Sweetie Belle's strange behavior by the fact that the hat she's working on needs more feathers.
  • Apparently, Rainbow Dash partied too hard at the reception to remember the whole Royal Wedding fiasco.
  • Pinkie Pie coaching her friends on how to act like the zombie-like "infected" ponies.
  • The Mane 6 see the Changelings as they're capturing Derpy. They lured her in using a box of muffins, and upon taking her form, one of the Changelings has to get hit on the head to get her eyes properly derped.
  • The 2-page short at the end is pretty cute. Pinkie is modeling a dress for Rarity, and when the latter goes to get more gems and tells the former not to move or touch anything, Pinkie remarks it's not like she's going to get in trouble in the three seconds she's gone. Then she hears the Ice Cream Pony.
  • Chrysalis' look of tired annoyance when she explains why the Mane Six might want to hurry up and retrieve the CMC.
    Because I don't know how long I can put up with this.
    • It's made all the funnier given that she is such an uncomedic character.

Issue 2

  • Just about everything involving Jim the Cave Troll!
    • Jim naming the pony figure Rarity designed after herself George. Rarity's reaction to that is priceless.
    • Jim even picks up Fluttershy and brushes her mane, just like the My Little Pony toys!
  • When the spiders attack, all the Derpy-spider wants to do is yoink Applejack's hat from her head and play cowboy.
    "Imma Cowboy! Howdy, howdy, howdy!"
    • The fact that all the spiders have mandibles like mustaches.
  • Twilight going into full-on serious mode when she tries to take out the biggest spider with her magic - all it does is annoy it more.
  • The CMC continue to annoy Chrysalis, who now has to keep reminding herself she only has to put up with them for a couple more days.

Issue 3

  • The Changelings touch down after being thrown out of Canterlot. They land in the kingdom of adorable kittens. Upon regaining their senses, one of the Changelings leaps into Queen Chrysalis' arms out of fright.
    • Two pages later, a changeling remarks that they have "plenty of these guys left" while holding one of the cat-like beings on its hoof. Despite this and all the destruction that just occurred, the little furry ball is still full of love and joy. This is hilarious in a very very cruel way.
  • Applejack and Rarity, once again trying out camping. It works about as well as you'd expect, and leads to Chrysalis literally ROTFL.
  • Twilight and Fluttershy escape from the oubliette. There is a chupacabra waiting for them right there. Twilight claims it's harmless, because chupacabras only eat goats. Both ponies have sticks stuck in their hair that makes them look distinctly... goatly. Cue running.
    • At this point, Chrysalis is crying with laughter from all this.
  • At one point, the CMC mention a Noodle Incident in which they tried to get their cutie marks in dentistry. Apparently, only Scootaloo realized that pulling teeth wasn't the answer to everything.
    Sweetie Belle (embarrassed): I thought teeth grew back.
    Scootaloo (facehoofing): No... no... Just... no, Sweetie Belle.
  • They also keep right on with their Cute but Cacophonic act. When Chrysalis just-short-of-explicitly threatens to eat them, they take it to the next level and help make her physically ill. Thus...
  • Queen Chrysalis orders one of her mooks to bring her an antacid for her CMC-induced heartburn. It's delivered in the form of one more luvcat for her to drain, as described above, but with a bottle of "burp-o-bismal" and a little "get well" card. Seen here.
  • After escaping the chupacabra and vampiric jackalope, Fluttershy assures her friends they're safe now because the creatures are natural enemies and will fight for dominance for the rights to eat them. Her friends are quite disturbed by the violence offscreen while Fluttershy just stares on and smiles.
    Fluttershy: Nature is so fascinating...
  • Pinkie Pie revealing that she inexplicably carries around giant mascot-style costumes of herself and Rainbow Dash? Funny. Forcing Rainbow Dash to wear said costumes? Funny. Rainbow Dash's utterly resigned reaction to Pinkie's insanity? Hilarious.
    • Then top it all off with Chrysalis' deadpan remark in the next panel:
      Chrysalis: If I hadn't been watching the pink one for hours, I would think you were making all of that up.
      Changeling mook: Yeeeeep. Me too.
    • Then brings it back after they make up, much to the horror of the others and resignation of Rainbow Dash. Who is then forced to wear her's again, with Fluttershy staring at in utter shock.
    • Dashie's utter bewilderment/horror upon the first reveal of the costume deserves mention as well.
      Rainbow Dash: WHERE DID YOU EVEN GET THAT?!
  • Just about everything that comes out of Applejack and Rarity's mouths when they are chased by the flower monsters.
    Applejack: Ha! Come on you pansies! Just try and keep up with me!
    Rarity: I'm trying! I'm trying!
    Applejack: Not you!
  • Pinkie Pie revealing she always travels with an "I'm Sorry" cake and goody bags.
    Pinkie Pie: EAT... THE... CAKE.
  • It's easy to miss, but at the very end, Spike ends up cuddling a luvcat, while Angel makes gagging faces right at the audience.
    Luvcat: *walks up to Spike, holds up a card saying "You're My Shnookums!"
    Spike: *tears up, then joyfully hugs the Luvcat* You're my schnookums, whatever you are!!
    Angel: *gag face*

Issue 4
  • The cast encounters a door that they can only pass through by answering a riddle. The riddle? "How is a pegasus like a writing desk? Can you answer this riddle?" While most of the cast tries to come up with a legitimate answer, Pinkie gets through by saying "No, I can't answer it!"
  • When the mane 6 first encounter Chrysalis in person. Rather than being dramatic, they burst in while she's in the midst of being annoyed by the CMC.
  • After being defeated by Twilight's superior magical skill and sealed within her own castle with the rest of her mooks, Chrysalis is left listening to said mooks eagerly trying to answer the absurd riddles posed by a magically-animated Pinkie Pie costume. Chrysalis' reaction to all of this? To curl up on her personal couch, looking annoyed beyond belief.
    Chrysalis: Shut up. All of you, just shut up.
  • When Celestia asks Twilight to relate the events for her, the CMC cut in almost immediately... and proceed to talk Celestia's ear off, much to the embarrassment of their respective sisters (and Rainbow Dash). The princess, however, looks somewhat amused by this.
  • Pretty much everything involving Spike and Princess Celestia, especially the two page comic at the end. The panel of Spike wielding a trident while riding Celestia into battle against a horde of cockatrices alone is worth the price of the issue.
  • At the end of the issue, Luna has a map and is trying to get to/get out of/find her way around Manehatten.
    Luna: I am sooo lost.

    The Nightmare Arc 
Issue 5
  • Rainbow Dash coming up with progressively more elaborate and ridiculous plans to save Rarity, only for everypony else (except Pinkie) to completely ignore her.

Issue 6
  • When the group is trapped in their nightmares, Pinkie's is that she's a stand-up comedian getting heckled because she can't make the crowd laugh. How does she break free? With this following Badass Boast:
    "Guess what, nightmare-schmightmare? I am the most laughter-giving, fun-having, friend-making pony ever! YOU HAVE NO POWER OVER ME!"
    * Mic Drop*
  • One of the nightmare forces repeatedly forgetting that he's supposed to call the leader "Shadowfright", not "Larry."
    • Becomes Hilarious in Hindsight in the next issue, when the Nightmare Queen keeps calling him Larry, and he doesn't dare correct her.

Issue 7
  • Rainbow suggests making a bomb out of duct tape and Applejack's hair. Really.
  • The Punch Clock Villain nightmare who keeps complimenting Rarity's looks.

Issue 8
  • Tank launches his attack on a nightmare a little late, so he bounces off Diamond Tiara's head instead.
  • This line spoken by the Nightmare Queen: "Are my ears burning? Because with how hot I look, I should be on fire!"
  • Doctor Whooves trying to fight off the Nightmares with the help of his sonic screwdriver. It's on the fritz, so he's left just smacking it with a hoof while looking at it quizzically, with a Nightmare joining in.
  • Big Macintosh's reaction to Granny Smith's kung-fu moves.
    Big Macintosh: By the mane of Miyagi!
  • Pinkie's fondest memory of Rarity is of the unicorn farting in the spa (alluded to in Issue #7). Amy and Heather considered this their "proudest moment".

    Zen & The Art of Gazebo Repair 
Issue 9
  • Ooooh, boy, where to start...
  • Bulks Biceps trying to push Big Macintosh into his bulk-building program.
    Bulks Biceps: Yeah!
    Big Macintosh: Nope.
    Bulks Biceps: YEAH!
    Big Macintosh: Nope.
    Bulks Biceps: YEAH!!!
    Big Macintosh: ...Nope.
    Bulks Biceps: Well okay, you have a nice day.
    Big Macintosh: ...'Yup.
  • Luna's Twilight Zone T-shirt with its ever-changing slogans, including 'Blame my sister', 'Night Moves', 'Don't start with me, you won't win' and 'Buy me things'.
    • The "blame my sister" slogan is even funnier if you're familiar with the tendency of certain people in the fandom to vilify Celestia.
  • Fleetfoot's daydream of living out her life with Big Mac.
    • Particularly funny is the end bit. Among the things she's imagined are a ball and chain, and a pre-nup.
      • She spent so long in her romance fantasy (and it was a long one; it started with Big Mac and Fleetfoot's romantic first date all the way up to the two of them, visibly wrinkled and elderly, sitting on a beach together during the sunset) that the nurse had her dragged off to the infirmary for concussion treatment.
    • Since this was one of the first previews of the issue that appeared, given the lavish detail of the page depicting the daydream, plenty of people thought Fleetfoot's crush on Big Mac would be a prominent plot-point. Turns out it's just a single splash page for a single gag!
  • The simple fact that Big Mac doesn't seem to notice how many ladies seem to have a thing for him. Including Fleetfoot, Bon Bon, Berry Punch and even Princess Luna!
  • The CMC's ill-chosen passwords to indicate when to launch their fireworks.
  • Big Macintosh and the CMC hanging onto the letters to "BOOM" after the first batch of fireworks explode.
  • Lyra is seen in the background crying, getting help from Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon's advice stand, while her Platonic Life Partner, Bon Bon is seen socializing with Twinkleshine in the foreground.
  • The Cakes asking him to either deliver a big cake or mind their barely-controlled babies and... not really giving him a choice:
  • The map showing Big Mac walk around the whole festival and the narrations explain what happened. This includes another a random offscreen adventure by visiting a science fair booth.
    Accidentally enters timewarp. Save Ponyville from Mutant Apes. Returns 5 minutes earlier
    • Also from said map: Big Mac encounters Sweetcream Scoops kissing booth... and she's making a mint.
    DANGER! Abort! Abort!
  • Zecora tries to give Big Mac advice, but stops for a moment because she has difficulty thinking of something she can say in rhyme (while still speaking in rhyme). By the time she can come up with more, she and Big Mac notice the hardware store is in flames.

Issue 10
  • All of Fleetfoot's Stalker with a Crush antics throughout the issue, especially with Big Mac completely oblivious to it all, even during the points where she's right in front of him!
    • Even funnier is when she and Tealove get in a literal catfight over him.
    • And then the two begin stalking him together.
  • Among the closed stalls is one that sells "Random Goat Sounds"
  • Big Mac's facial expressions when he finds out that the "dance" he was doing has become a craze already. Cue the You Have Got to Be Kidding Me!.
    • And that's not counting his reaction when he finds out that Lugnut, the pony he's been trying to find all day...went back to his store on the other end of the fair, where Mac started the issue. Once again, his face a few panels later really sells his thoughts:
  • Mac's reaction when he finds out that the farm had nails all along and that Apple Bloom is responsible.
    Apple Bloom is mucking out every pig stall tomorrow. EVERY ONE OF THEM.

    Neigh Anything 
Issue 11
  • The epic, two page spread of Shining Armor and friends rocking out is hilarious as it awesome.
    • Said rock concert is also how Vinyl Scratch got her cutie mark.
    • "No need for vows! We get it already!"
  • "No, she's perfect. We'll live happily ever after in a crystal castle. I can see it clearly..." "COLLECTIVE SIGH..."
    • Bonus points for the Stylistic Suck drawing in Shining Armor's fantasy.
    • Bonus Bonus points to Cadance for having the same fantasy in issue #12. only hers looks much more artistic.
  • Shining Armor screams "HELLO!" at Cadance as he's leaving for the flugelhorn recital while Cadance foalsits Twilight. Shining and Twilight's respective thoughts?
    Shining: Nailed it!
    Twilight: Smooth.
    • Even better when we find out, in issue #12, that Cadance took this greeting as an endearing charm.
  • 8-Bit's dwarven pony character in the 2-page short (it alone, a funny sight), saying they need gold to buy mounts. You are mounts!
  • The entire, rather ironic, revelation that Shining Armor, a pony that would later become CAPTAIN of Celestia's Royal Guard and also become PRINCE of an EMPIRE, was a complete and total dork.
  • In both of the issues, Twilight and Shining Armor's Sibling Rivalry, both in and out of the story, is absolutely adorable.

Issue 12
  • When the Mane Six ask Cadance about Shining Armor at the dance, Fluttershy and Rarity ask if it was romantic. Twilight asks: "Was he a complete dork?" What ensues is golden:
    Cadance: All three! And Twilight... you should know better...
    Shining Armor: Thanks for coming to my defense, my sweet...
    Cadance (deadpan): He's always a bit of a dork.
    Twilight: *laughs her head off*
    Shining Armor: *pouts*
  • When Cadance goes to the dance with Buck, planning to ditch him during it, Celestia lectures her on honoring one's obligations. Then Buck shows up, and Celestia immediately agrees with Cadance's plan.
    Princess Celestia (through clenched teeth): Ditch him the first chance you get.
    • To add to the hilarity, both Celestia's and Cadance's expressions throughout the entire page are pure gold. While Cadance retains the same deadpan unimpressed look on her face, Celestia is completely dumbstruck by the sheer unexpected arrogance and rudeness of Buck. And this is a pony who rarely ever loses her composure, which really says a lot about Buck.
  • It turns out what first got Twilight and Cadance to become such good friends was their equal devotion to get Shining Armor to date Cadance.
    • Cadance and Twilight play dueling nerd.
    Cadance: Will you help me?
    Twilight: That depends... are you ready to take extensive notes on his likes and dislikes, to create several comparative charts about your popularity vs. his? Did you bring a label maker? Is your paper wide ruled or academy ruled?
    Cadance: I have 37 different colors of paper for my label maker. I always have an abacus with me just in case I need to calculate percentages for a pie chart. Wide-ruled paper is for foals. Let's do this.
    Twilight: Cadance... I think you and I are going to get along very well.
  • The collected reactions to Poindexter in full drag. Including Buck's right-hoof stallion falling in love with "her".
  • Twilight has a "My Tiny Gecko" poster.
  • The real reason Shining Armor and Cadance hooked up? Sam and Al.

    The Salty-Sea Mare 
Issue 13
  • Fluttershy attempting to Talk Like a Pirate.
    Fluttershy: Uh, silver me tubers! Is that right? Blargh!

Issue 14
  • After too much pineapple juice, Fluttershy screams her secret. Luckily, the way she phrases it is weird enough that nopony takes it seriously.
    Fluttershy: I put my friend in a coconut! He lives in my hat!
  • As Hoofbeard is arguing is the head merpony, Fluttershy, realizing that she can help by letting Gil return to the sea, gets everyone's attention by firing off a cannon ball.
    Fluttershy (covered in gunpowder): Um, excuse me...

    Ponies in Book Land 
  • Rainbow Dash going catatonic upon meeting Daring Do.

  • Luna sees Celestia entering the Magic Mirror, and...
    *nothing happens*
    Luna: Oh dear.
    • Luna's indignant expression as she recounts how hard she's worked to keep Equestria in the dark — she's had to raise the sun herself (clearly having trouble doing it), then dress up like Celestia, including pink make-up and a clown wig, pose as her all day, then have Celestia's assistant hose her off. She sums the sequence up with:
    Luna: 'Tis been difficult.
  • The Running Gag of Pinkie Pie pulling out a dictionary to look up the meaning of words she doesn't recognize from Luna's Flowery Elizabethan English.
  • According to Celestia, Twilight is a lot like Star Swirl the Bearded. According to Luna, Twilight is more like Celestia herself used to be, while Star Swirl was more like Pinkie Pie.
  • Twilight asks the other members of the Mane Six what they wanted to grow up to be when they were fillies.
    Rarity: Fashionista!
    Applejack: Apple farmer!
    Rainbow Dash: Wonderbolt!
    Pinkie Pie: Professional cupcake taster!
    Fluttershy: Dentist!
    *everyone stares*
    Fluttershy: What? I liked flossing, okay?"
  • Star Swirl - this epic powerful wizard that Twilight has looked up to and deemed one of the most important figures of Equestrian society - is a goofy mentor falling somewhere between Doc Brown and Merlin.
  • Sure, it turns into a tearjerker almost right away, but Luna scolding Celestia when the latter comes back through the mirror is just brilliant, especially this part:
    Luna: I am a delicate flower. Do you know what this kind of stress does to me?!
    • Keep in mind that the above line comes from a pony who fights monsters and nightmares on a nightly basis.
  • Then, once Celestia recovers a bit and assures she's fine...
    Luna (furious): Fine? You tumble out of a magical mirror into a lifeless heap and you're fine?
  • Seeing some of the antagonists being celebrated as heroes in Mirror Universe can be very amusing. This includes a statue of Discord with the words "Our Hero" inscribed on it and stained glass windows of Flim and Flam, Trixie (as an alicorn princess of all things), and Chrysalis representing the values of Fairness, Humility, and Love, respectively.
    • Better yet, who's our candidate for Wisdom? Derpy.
  • An entire page is dedicated to giving a Hand Wave for why it's never been mentioned before that Celestia and Star Swirl were friends; a past incarnation of Spike was an apprentice to a pony that designed one of the stained glass windows in Canterlot castle, this one depicting Celestia and Star Swirl. Then it shattered. "Now no pony will know about the amazing friendship between our beloved Princess and her magical counsel, Star Swirl, just by looking up at a window! It'll be like some big secret or something!"
  • The caption boxes having a hard time handling the switches between not only two universes, but two time frames.
  • Pinkie "twang"ing Twilight's horn to remind her she's a unicorn to get them out of prison.
  • The good version of King Sombra is revealed as Tall, Dark and Handsome. Rarity falls for him, to no one's surprise. Fluttershy also goes, literally, weak in the knees at the sight of Sombra, which no one at all expected.
  • A particularly Funny Background Event: Pinkie and Spike discussing what to call the evil counterparts of Celestia and Luna.
    Pinkie: Shamlestia? Fauxlestia?
    Spike: Dupluna? Twona?
  • One of the flashbacks to the past open with Celestia and Star Swirl in a prison cell in an alternate dimension.
    Celestia: We're here for five seconds and you insult a palace guard. Nice.
    Star Swirl: He had on a funny hat!
    Celestia: You're one to talk.
    • And on the next page, in present day, the Mane Six (and Spike) are in the same, somewhat more run-down, cell — in a similar predicament.
    Applejack: You just had to make fun of their helmets, didn't you? They were probably going to just give us a slap on the hoof until you mentioned the helmets.
    Twilight: What? I was making an observation! It is a funny hat!
    Rarity: I have to agree with Twilight on this one, they are a bit tacky.
  • In one of the montage panels of Celestia and Star Swirl going to various dimensions, you see Star Swirl offering Celestia something called the "Hyde Formula".
    Star Swirl: Try it, can't hurt.
  • Twilight's Imagine Spot about Starswirl as an alicorn. She even breaks out laughing at the sight.
  • As always, Pinkie.
    Twilight (panicking): But... but... what if this world doesn't make 100% sense?! I need to record it all for posterity!
    Pinkie Pie: Our world doesn't even make sense! Why should this one? Who needs continuity?
  • Luna protesting Celestia seeing the alternate universe Luna as a Replacement Goldfish for her. When Celestia explains it wasn't like that and she just needed somepony to talk to, Luna snaps "You could have brought me back from the moon!".
  • Luna offering Celestia some tea to calm her nerves, then shouting "SERVANT, TEA!", prompting Kibitz to rush in with the cart. Celestia says they could get their own tea, prompting Luna to question the point of being royalty if they have to do those things for themselves.
  • Pinkie and Fluttershy listing off times Pinkie's failed at stuff. The others are not amused.
  • Pinkie's indignation at the excess violence in the last issue of the arc.
    Pinkie: You can't do that! This is a kids' comic!
  • Twilight is surprised that Rainbow Dash hasn't read the thesaurus Twilight gave her for her birthday:
    Rainbow: Of course I haven't read it! Who reads a thesaurus for fun?!
    Twilight: I do! It makes the vernacular abound with convivial pleasantry!
  • When Pinkie brings out a "Glad you aren't mangled or anything" cake:
    Applejack: Where does she get these?
    Rainbow Dash: I've stopped asking.
  • When Mirror!Luna goes to spy on Mane 6 and Mirror!Sombra, Mirror!Celestia yells after her to "stay to the shadows". Cue one rather annoyed "I know", followed by:
    Luna: You're probably a pestering big sister in both worlds. Yeesh.

    Issues 21- 22 
  • Applejack's expression during the show, in contrast to everypony else.
  • The Funny Background Event antics of the police ponies.

    Issue 23 
  • When Angel tells the pets that all of Ponyville is being hypnotized to destroy the dam which would destroy Ponyville, all of them get scared except for Opal. Then Angel shows that destroying the dam would result in a flood, leading to one very wet cat. Cue major Oh Crap! from Opal.
  • Angel's Face Palm at Fluttershy's other animals freaking out over her absence.

    Root of the Problem 
  • Luna eagerly making a pun about hanging around, much to Celestia's annoyance.

    Siege of the Crystal Empire (Issues #34-37) 
  • Chrysalis is at her Smug Snake best in this arc, barely maintaining a scrap of dignity. Her evil monologue in the first issue is cut off halfway through by Iron Will plowing into her, Twilight mocking her for the anticlimax as it instantly takes her out of the fight.
    • Her actions is the second issue take the cake though. She continually takes credit for the victory despite Sombra doing almost all the heavy lifting, reacts with ridiculously childish glee over Twilight's and Celestia's defeats, and hams it up in her battle with Luna before being very quickly overpowered. Sombra's Cold Ham tendencies just make her look even more ridiculous.
    • After the battle with the Princesses Sombra is a surprisingly good Straight-Man to Chrysalis Wise-Guy. He even smirks at her unashamedly during one of her meltdowns.
  • Discord's apparently too lazy to do anything more than make Fluttershy's animals huge for the final battle with the Umbrum. Several of them react to the giant animals appropriately.
    Umbrum: I regret my previous taunting!

    Don't You Forget About Us (Issues #38-39) 
  • Rarity tries to steal flowers from a vine which comes to life and wraps her up.
    Applejack: As Miss Cheerilee was sayin', it's also known as vicious vine.
    Rarity: Now you tell me.
  • After escaping from a bear, Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara react with disgust when they discover they were hugging each other.
  • Applejack shows about as much confidence in her sister as in "Somepony to Watch over Me".
    Applejack: I told ya they'd be okay with a filly as resourceful as Apple Bloom leadin' them!
    Rainbow Dash: Yeah, you said that in between crying that they were lost forever.
    Applejack: Hush you!

    Ponies of Dark Water (Issues #43-45) 
  • The corrupted Twilight creates a helmet that can steal intelligence from other ponies and transfer her to her... but it has no effect on Bulk Biceps.
    Bulk Biceps: Don't know why you're evil, but you are killing it! Yeah, yeah!
    Twilight: Sometimes the cupboard is just empty, apparently.
  • Nightmare Moon's conversation with the corrupted Pinkie.
    Nightmare Moon: My reign will be absolute and orderly and dark! There is no room for your brightness in it!
    Pinkie: No worries. I'm clearly not that bright.
  • The corrupted Twilight is defeated by the old bucket of water on the door prank.

    Election (Issues #46-47) 
  • This exchange when Starlight Glimmer hears how long it's been since Ponyville had an election.
    Starlight: There hasn't been an election here for years?!
    Spike: Kinda like your city, huh?
    • Starlight's ensuing Death Glare to Spike is priceless.

    Chaos Theory (Issues #48-50) 
  • Discord appears by emerging from the picnic basket Applejack was carrying.
    Discord: Sorry to make you carry me all the way, but I thought I'd be a literal "basket case" for a while! (reads a script) Ugh! I've been reduced to puns? The state of this industry, I swear.
  • Just before Twilight and Luna enter Accord's mind, Celestia gives her sister a good-luck kiss on the cheek... and Luna is revolted by it.
  • Wwhen Accord claims he's just trying to achieve the same goal as Celestia and Luna, Celestia responds with a Flat "What." and a hilariously ridiculous facial expression.