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Nightmare Fuel: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (IDW)
Given that the original show has a surprising amount of creepy content, it should be pretty obvious that the comics based on the show have some pretty freaky stuff as well.

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    Issues #1-4: The Return of Queen Chrysalis 
  • The entire sequence of the townsponies being replaced by changelings in the first issue. It's downright surreal seeing everypony acting inexplicably zombie-like. What makes it worse is the first ponies we see acting like this are the CMC, and at that point it hadn't been revealed that they'd been kidnapped and replaced, making it look like a couple of kids got brainwashed.
  • Throughout the arc, Chrysalis is occasionally illustrated in a downright grotesque fashion.
  • Almost everything the Changelings do. When they're not acting like the aliens from Invasion of the Body Snatchers, they're acting like just-this-side-of-kid-friendly Things. "Infected" indeed.
  • We see the process of a pony being forced into a cocoon demonstrated on sweet little Derpy Hooves, and the mucus they use is drawn with rather disturbing visceral detail.
  • Changing into Pinkie Pie of all ponies to combat the group. Think Too Many Pinkie Pies, only all on evil mode.
    • Even worse in issue #3 where Chrysalis and her minions utterly take over a village of adorable, innocent cat-like creatures filled with WUB- errr love and consume them! Remember: this is what they wanted to do to Equestria!
    • Queen Chrysalis herself is a lot more frightening in the comic book version. Her looks can especially kill. Particularly, her first appearances in Issues 1 and 2 are utter Nightmare Fuel showing off her demonic side (especially as Issue 2 has her angrily glaring with her teeth bared), although the rest of her expressions tend to be more comical. As of Issue 4, it's even implied that she's willing to consume the CMC regardless and things get a lot more scary as the story goes on. Even the covers featuring her of issue #4 is more frightening. And all of that drool and vampire teeth too!.
  • In issue #3, Chrysalis takes one of the left over kittens and in the next panel, all you can see is a white background splattered by black and the Cutie Mark Crusaders' screams, the implication being that she mauled it to death in front of them.
  • The cover of issue #3, featuring the Mane Six minus Twilight as Changelings. Also the cover of issue #4, with the Mane Six trapped in Changeling goo as a giant Chrysalis in the background bares her fangs.

    Issues #5-8: The New Nightmare Moon 
  • Given that the entire arc is about nightmares, this was inevitable.
  • The entire premise of the arc is rather freaky when you put yourself in the ponies' position. Imagine being plagued for a week with nightmares, unable to get a good night's sleep. Desperate to fight them off, they have a sleepover, reasoning that if they're together, they won't be scared. They still have nightmares (and very realistic ones, at that). The ponies then awake to find Rarity screaming and being dragged out of her bed by an indistinct black mass. They're unable to save her. The entire concept is something straight out of A Nightmare on Elm Street.
  • When they're having the sleepover, Rainbow Dash has a nightmare about watching other pegasi flying while she can't. Why can't she fly, you ask? Because her wings have apparently been shredded almost completely off, leaving a pair of thin protrusions that appear to be the front edge of her wings, with the rest of them nowhere to be found.
    • And remember, flying is Rainbow Dash's WHOLE LIFE. Imagine how she would feel if that really happened.
  • NIGHTMARE RARITY. Especially after it's revealed she can control dreams and nightmares.

    Issues #17-20: Reflections 
  • Celestia disappears one day, with even her sister uncertain of what happened to her after seeing her vanish through a magic mirror. At the end of the first issue in the arc, Celestia re-emerges from the mirror, battered and bruised, ultimately collapsing into her horrified sister's embrace... and the shadowy figure of King Sombra is shown in the mirror's reflection...!
    • Worse? It wasn't Sombra, that Sombra is a good guy. It was actually the mirror Celestia and Luna.
  • The reactions of the heroes (and audience) upon seeing Mirror Canterlot.... The castle town is in ruins and a dull volcanic gray. The sky is a crimson red with dead trees and several broken statues. The major contrast with the colorful and beautiful normal Canterlot is just jarring...
    • When Twilight notes how bleak everything looks, Rarity makes the comment that seems to be on everyone's mind: If this is what their Equestria will look like if they fail? Considering everything from Nightmare Moon, Discord, Chrysalis and Sombra, it really cements just how much is at stake.
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