Tear Jerker: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (IDW)

  • What Queen Chrysalis has her army do to the Citizens of Wuvy-Dovey Land in issue 3#. The Lovecats/Luvcats meet the Changelings with open arms, offering all manner of goodies and just being the sweetest creatures you could possibly think of. The changelings slaughter the Luvcats till thereís practically none of them left, destroy and repurpose their land to their needs with only gloopy green houses left and then turn the remaining population into a food supply. The Lovecats still keep on being affectionate and kind hearted, even after all thatís happened to them.
  • The nightmares of Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Applejack from the titular Nightmare Arc are a mix of tearjerking and horrifying. Rainbow Dash is seen with clipped wings tearfully muttering that she "can fly too", Rarity is rejected because of her artistic skills and replaced by her friends, and Applejack having to watch her family starve while they blame her for there not being food.
  • If there's any moment that could be considered this, it's Spike's interaction with Nightmare Rarity.
    • In another scene, Twilight Sparkle thought that Spike was killed by one of the nightmare creatures and stated that "Not even the magic of friendship could save Spike".
    • Issue 8 gives us the closest thing to a literal heartbreak when the Nightmare Forces crush the Fire Ruby right in front of Spike.
    • Later on in the same issue we have Rarity seriously considering giving in to the Nightmare Forces due to percieving herself as worthless to her friends.
  • In The Fall of Sunset Shimmer, during the scene where Princess Celestia denounces Sunset as her pupil and bans her from the castle, Sunset says, "This is the biggest mistake you'll make in your entire life." Princess Celestia is then shown standing next to artwork depicting her banishment of Nightmare Moon.
    Princess Celestia: One of many.
    • Moments later, Sunset attacks the guards and jumps through the mirror. Princess Celestia, distraught, hangs the mirror in her throne room to remind her how she failed at being Sunset's mentor, while hoping Sunset comes back.
  • In issue #17, Star Swirl and a young(er) Celestia have been exploring strange new worlds through his mirror, and Star Swirl finds out that Celestia has been sneaking in and out of one world in particular a lot. He chews her out for the great danger she's putting everypony into with it, and angrily asks her what could possibly be worth it. Celestia tears up and replies: "What do you think is worth it?". Star Swirl then seals the portal shut, then harshly tells Celestia to never bring the matter up again. The last shot from the flashback is Celestia fleeing the room in tears, with Star Swirl sadly admitting to himself that he's getting too old for this sort of thing.
    • This leads to a tearjerking bit of Fridge Brilliance: in "Magical Mystery Cure," Celestia tells Twilight that Star Swirl was never able to complete his final spell because he didn't understand friendship. Given that Celestia never went on inter-dimensional trips with Star Swirl again after this incident, it's safe to assume that they had a falling-out, and never patched things up...and that perhaps, on some level, Celestia blamed Star Swirl for the whole thing (that is, in the comic universe at least).
    • In addition, when Celestia finally returns from the magic mirror, she's heavily wounded and collapses from her injuries. Luna, at first chewing out her sister for disappearing out of the blue and stressing her out, doesn't notice, but when she does, she holds Celestia in her hooves and begins cry.
    Luna: Sister? I didn't mean it! I love stress! Wake up!
  • Sombra turning down a deal that would allow him and Celestia to be together.
  • What Celestia goes through in the Reflections arc is just heartbreaking. She loses her sister, she has a falling out with Starswirl, and even her royal duties can't pull Celestia from her grief. It's established that in her home world Celestia feels nothing but a deep, unrelenting depression that drives her to make stupid mistakes, just so she can be happy (if only for a little bit), and to ignore the price it's going to cost her, which is unfortunately a very real Truth in Television.
  • Main!Luna briefly feeling like Main!Celestia used Mirror!Luna as a Replacement Goldfish for her, though Celestia denies it.
  • Mirror!Celestia attacking Mirror!Luna in order to draw Main!Celestia to her.
  • During the final battle of Main!Celestia versus Mirror!Celestia, everypony comes to realize that even though the Elements of Harmony would seal Mirror!Celestia in crystal, the same thing would happen to Main!Celestia. But, Main!Celestia tells them to go through with it, because it will mean that both worlds will be safe. She says what she believes will be her final farewell to Twilight Sparkle, telling her that she will be a great ruler of Equestria.
  • The ending of the Reflections arc in issue #20. Mirror!Sombra absorbs all of the evil magic of Mirror!Celestia and Mirror!Luna to save Main!Celestia from being trapped in crystal, causing him to turn into a dark version of himself, similar to the Sombra of the main world. The main world members go home, but the mirror has already broken, so the worlds are apparently cut off forever. Celestia keeps one piece of the broken mirror to remind her of her love, hanging it and the tag reading "Always" from a small tree, saying that she was lucky to have somepony that made saying goodbye so hard. In the mirror world, the now-corrupted Sombra cries over a final vision of her.
    Mirror!Sombra: Goodbye, my sweet Celestia.
    • Main!Celestia trying in vain to prevent her love from going through with it, complete with a broken heart in the middle of the "o" of her Big "NO!", makes it even worse.
  • Trixie trying so hard to show she has become a better mare in issue #21, even going as far as helping the police try and catch Rough Diamond, only to become the main suspect in the case. She's especially not happy when the police chief mentions her actions in Ponyville, and when Apple Bloom accuses her of trying to make AJ look like a thief, shedding a Single Tear on the latter occasion.
  • The cover of Issue 23, with all the pets sadly wondering where their owners are.
  • Humdrum's frustration over the Power Ponies fighting.
  • Sheriff Tumbleweed throwing away his star in disgrace after failing to defeat the Cattle Rustlers.
  • (YMMV regarding whether you liked or disliked the deers) Bramble seeing his father Aspen being taken away by Well-To-Do.
  • Lightning Dust being a part of the rogue gallery in Siege of the Crystal Empire can be interpreted as this. She hasn't moved past what happened with Dash and many fans were hoping there was a second chance to come for her, as it was what was originally planned.
  • Sunset breaking down into tears over the school's belief that she's Anon-a-Miss.
    • The way the Humane Five disown Sunset is pretty horrible too, not only for the things they say, but for the way it leaves her literally without a friend in the world.
    • Twilight brings up the wendigos to Sunset, telling her how they thread distrust and hatred between ponies. When Sunset asks if a wendigo could exist in the other world, Twilight explains they don't have to — in a world like Equestria Girls, anyone can be a wendigo with a few simple clicks of the mouse. With how prolific social media has become, it's heartbreaking to realize she's completely right. Sunset asks how you stop an enemy that can act so easily in a world without magic; Twilight doesn't know.
      • Something even more heartbreaking? Sunset herself did an online bullying campaign against Twilight in the original Equestria Girls movie. Now shes on the other side of the equation.
    • Despite not being what they meant to do, the CMC almost ended up destroying every bit of progress Sunset had made to be forgiven by CHS. Not only that, but at the end of the story, Sweetie Belle even admits to Rarity that the things they posted online will never go away. That in and of itself is rather heartbreaking, knowing that they did something they can never undo.
    • It's also heavily implied while Sunset Shimmer and the rest of the Humane Five managed to forgive the CMC for trying to break them apart and totally discredit the former, all the hate and animosity the rest of the school directed at Sunset is now being hurled towards them. In fact, when they admitted to Principal Celestia that they were the ones behind Anon-a-Miss, they received six months of detention and were forced to apologize to everyone in the school and take down the profile. That really shows how badly they messed up.