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Funny: Donald Duck
Alive since 1934 and still at it...Disney's Bible dictates: "Duck does not live by rage alone; he must have a laugh for every groan!"

Carl Barks' Comics

  • Donald's angst in "Gladstone's Luck", AKA "Golf Luck"
    Donald: Goodbye, boys! I'm going to lock myself in the broom closet and stay there for the rest of my life!
    Don's nephews: It's Gladstone Glander that makes you notice your bad luck! He makes everyone feel like jumping off a cliff!
    Donald: Go away and let me enjoy my misery!
  • It Makes Sense in Context, sure, yet...
  • "Donald Tames His Temper". Using her purse, Daisy sweetly convinces Don of keeping his cool by bashing his skull against the floor. When his nephews take excellent advantage of their uncle's softened self, it's not long before the Duck's Berserk Button is finally pushed beyond what he's willing to tolerate, so he calls his girlfriend for advice:
    Daisy: Why, spank them, of course! Be firm with them, but don't show anger!
    Donald: Glory be! Then it's okay to whale the BLAZES out of 'em - If I do it with a smile!
  • Any given story that pits Donald against Neighbor Jones. For instance, that time were they agreed to address each other with impeccable manners; in this scene, they do just that.
    Donald: Nice leaky roof yah got there, Jonesie, ol' snake!
    Jones: No leakier than yours, Duckie, ol' louse!
    Donald: I wonder how your oriental rugs are standing this?
    Jones: They're standing it better than your collection of rare books!
  • Donald planting a two-dollar sapling in "Gopher Goof-Ups" and eloquently envisioning the future:
    Under this mighty tree of shade...I'll sit and sip my lemonade...''
  • In "Turkey with all the schemings", a hungry Don looks around his kitchen on Christmas Day, only to discover the awful truth:
    Oh, me! Oh, my! I've spent ALL of my money, and there's nothing in the house to eat but a can of BEANS! This is a TRAGEDY worse than the burning of Rome!
  • The entire beginning of "The Secret Of Atlantis" may be the most hilarious exchange Barks ever wrote. Scrooge sends Donald to collect a debt from someone, promising to pay him half the debt as commission. Donald's thrilled, thinking of how big half a debt owed to Scrooge McDuck ought to be. Unsurprisingly, when he gets to the address Scrooge gave him, he finds he's at his own house — the "debt" was a dime Scrooge loaned him years ago. Donald goes back, pays his uncle with a quarter, and demands his change plus his promised nickel commission. After Scrooge gives it to him, Donald celebrats how he just "settled" a ten-cent debt for only five cents and is probably the first person ever to get a nickel from Scrooge McDuck... until he gets out to the street and realizes Scrooge paid him with a worthless, foreign nickel. Scrooge admits it but reminds Donald that he specifically said that coin "settled the debt," so Scrooge doesn't owe him anything more. Donald sulks until he gets home and his nephews reveal the coin is a rare antique worth five dollars. Naturally, the very next panel is Donald gloating in front of his uncle:
    Donald: Have you ever been took! You didn't give me five cents, you gave me five dollars!
    Scrooge: (in tears) For the ninety-ninth time, have a heart!
  • "Donald's Love Letters"- The preposterously mushy title letters, which contain such gems as "Yumsie wumsie little sugar plumsie."
    Donald: Great groaning guzzards! Did I write that kind of stuff? I must have been out of my head!

Don Rosa's Comics

Other comics
  • Paperinik stories. Even the darker ones will have funny moments... Like that time two cops tried to arrest him and burst in the bedroom of a house in which they had seen him enter...
    Cop #1: "Hands to the sky!"
    Cop #2: "Police!"
    Man in the bed: "What?!"
    Cop #2: "We're doomed..."
    • Sometimes the fun is provided by the sheer audacity of what Paperinik does. In the first story he stole Scrooge's bed while he was sleeping on it, and in the fourth he threatened the whole population of Duckburg with a ray gun made of chocolate.


  • Fantasia 2000: When Donald finally realizes just how screwed up the laws of the Disney universe can get.
  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit: The entire Donald vs. Daffy nightclub battle, but particularly when Donald rises from his piano armed with a cannon and a (literally) devilish grin on his face.

Classic Disney Shorts

House of Mouse


Walt Disney World
  • In Mickey's Philharmagic, how does a little flute decide to make Donald miserable? By playing The Mickey Mouse Club March. Over. And over. And over.

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