Trivia: Donald Duck

  • Banned in China: Not an actual example, but there's a popular rumor that he was banned in Finland for not wearing pants. Strangely, the choice of Finland in the urban legend might have to do with Donald Duck being really popular in Scandinavia.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: The voice of Pongo provides the other voice of Donald from "Donald's Dream Voice".
    • The Japanese-dubbed version is an interesting case (and also overlaps with The Other Darrin): Donald was voiced by four different voice actors in all his broadcasting tenure in Japan: Takuya Fujioka in the 50s, Kenichi Ogata in the 80s, Kei Tomiyama in DuckTales halfway until his death, and Koichi Yamadera as his replacement to this date. The interesting part is Ogata's Donald sounded more deeper than the original American voice actors (he doesn't sound like a duck, in first place), while Yamadera's Donald not only sounds like a duck, he sounds almost the same as he normally sounds in English.
    • The Mexican Spanish dub is another interesting case: Despise being voiced by many different voice actors along the years, Donald sounds almost the same regardless who voices him.
  • One of Us: Over the years, Donald has probably been the only Disney character that truly acts like the average real world guy.
  • What Could Have Been: Concepts for shorts that were never produced include Donald being seduced by a foreign spy so he won't turn in top secret papers to the war office, intercepting a Japanese troop carrier, spoiling a surprise attack by Adolf Hitler and defeating King Kong in feats of strength, among others. Read all about it here and here
    • Quack Pack was to have a completely different premise, making it a true sequel series to DuckTales. What was it? The idea was to bring Donald back from the navy. Scrooge realizes that one day Donald will take over the McDuck fortune, so Don should have an idea of what itís like to handle such responsibility, hence he leaves Huey, Dewey, and Louie back with him. They are older now, but are still the kids who used to look up to him and think the world of their Uncle Donald, who just finished basic training. Donald should try to do his best to take care of the nephews while he gets reacquainted with Daisy and works in his new job. Considering the fandom's reaction to what we got instead, it's infuriating how Disney felt the need to go Totally Radical.
    • Know of a little game named Kingdom Hearts, where Donald plays one of the main sidekicks along with Goofy? Turns out, Disney wanted the duck to be the main character! Square Enix, however, preferred Mickey Mouse for that role. As series creator Tetsuya Nomura didn't like either choice, Sora was created for the job. One can only wonder...