Funny / Astro City

  • The second issue features an ordinary reporter caught up in a bizarre occurrence in the subways of Astro City, including a bizarre shark-demon cult, the return of a superhero thought to be dead years before, and the world's foremost super-team being trapped in a dimensional rift. But when he turns the story in, his editor insists that they print only what they can prove. After careful (and repeated) re-editing, the newspaper article ends up titled: Trolley delayed by shark.
  • The Silver Adept, on arriving home, tells her assistant that she encountered Mr. Malefic, and holds up a large green gem with the villain imprisoned inside. Mr. Malefic says, "Curse you! Curse you and all you know, from this generation down to the — " A little later, The Silver Adept and her assistant are working at a desk, with the gem on it as a paperweight, and Mr. Malefic is still going on in a tiny voice: "And may your feet be covered in blisters, and your toenails cut too short, and your lips be eternally chapped, and your — "
  • The Broken Man's description of American Chibi as either a 13 year old anime fan who got her heart's desire, or worse, a 35 year old anime fan who got HIS heart's desire.
    • The truth is actually more bizarre: She's a fictional character brought to life by a group of Eldritch Abominations using the imagination of a game writer. And the sources of her powers are her magic hair scrunchies!
  • With Silver Age-style goofiness, it's revealed that one of the menaces that threatens the Hundred Worlds in Astro City's far future is the consciousness-absorbing AI known as the iGod.
  • From "On the Sidelines," there's the short The Reason You Suck speech Maddie gives to the Majordomo:
    "And by the way, moron, a majordomo is a servant, not some aristocrat. And a telecaster's an electric guitar!"
  • The Reveal of the villain in "Nightmare Life":
    The commands came from an underground lair outside Atlanta, Georgia. They came from -
    I... had no idea who they came from.
    He was no one I'd ever seen before. No one I remembered.
    I mean, I mighta seen that guy before, on the History Channel one time.
    But right then? Not a clue.
    • When Honor Guard gets there, they're honestly surprised to find it's Doctor Dominax, who they treat more like a mild annoyance.
    • Even better: Dominax is begging them to arrest him and get him away from the Living Nightmare.
    • Earlier, when the Nightmare fights off Dominax's control and bellows "NO MORE!", the Honor Guard are all baffled at hearing the Nightmare actually talk rather than roaring out.
  • While going out with her boyfriend, Marta (who lives and works in Shadow Hill) notes he's twitchy about the hill because he's afraid vampires will eat him after sunset. Marta doesn't bother telling him that the vampires at Shadow Hill behave, or else.