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Funny: Astro City
  • The Silver Adept, on arriving home, tells her assistant that she encountered Mr. Malefic, and holds up a large green gem with the villain imprisoned inside. Mr. Malefic says, "Curse you! Curse you and all you know, from this generation down to the — " A little later, The Silver Adept and her assistant are working at a desk, with the gem on it as a paperweight, and Mr. Malefic is still going on in a tiny voice: "And may your feet be covered in blisters, and your toenails cut too short, and your lips be eternally chapped, and your — "
  • The Broken Man's description of American Chibi as either a 13 year old anime fan who got her heart's desire, or worse, a 35 year old anime fan who got HIS heart's desire.
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