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Heartwarming: Astro City
  • This, from The Nearness of You:
    For a moment, he thinks he sees the twitch of a smile under that burlap hood —
    The Hanged Man: No one forgets. No one. Good night, Michael Teniceck. Sleep well.
  • At the conclusion of Winged Victory's arc in issue 10 of the Vertigo Comics series, W.V., Samaritan, and the Confessor were able to locate Karnazon, the villain behind her Frame-Up through Joey Lacroix. Joey was a young boy who ran away from an abusive home and sought refuge in Samothrace, the main headquarters for Winged Victory's school, after hearing from his aunt (one of W.V.'s first students) about how wonderful it was. Throughout the whole arc Joey was told that Winged Victory couldn't take him on as a student because he was a boy and her schools are for women only. Despite this and still being badly bruised from what is implied to have been a beating from his father, Joey somehow worked up the nerve to follow after Karnazon's Iron Legion and activate his aunt's old signal device (Winged Victory gives those to all former students) to contact Winged Victory. When all was said and done, Winged Victory stopped and asked Joey why he went to so much trouble for someone he never met before, and he explained that, on the night he arrived to Samothrace he overheard Winged Victory discussing with her ally Delphi about her doubts and fears over this current situation. Joey said that she looked the way that he felt inside, and no one should ever have to feel that way, so he just did what he could to help her.
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