Funny / Les Légendaires

  • One of the most prominent source of it is the heavy use of Mood Whiplash in order to get hilariously silly parts in the middle of serious moments.
    • In Book 1, Danael, while briefing his friends over their travel to Klafooty, makes the list of all the various sinisterly named places they will have to go through, before concluding :
      Danael Trust me, it will be a long, long, long time before we even reach the door of Klafooty.
      Danael: Here we are.
    • The Revelation of Shaki's real name in book 4 by Darkhell :
      Shaki: You may not recognize me, but I'm pretty sure you remember the one who gave you this scar on your cheek...
      Darkhell: What the... ? My scar... You are the warrior called Little Cat Drinking his Milk Bowl ?!
      Shaki (Beat): Yeah, that's me. But I'd rather be called Shaki please! Not my fault if I have a silly name...
    • In Book 7, during Gryf's flashback, his former enslavers Menthos is seen visiting a Monslave merchant, who shows him what the reader expects to be Gryf... but turns out to be a creature that looks damn like Pikachu. Menthos is no amused by this :
      Menthos: WHAT THE HELL IS THIS HORROR?! He won't last a minute against my opponents' monslaves !
      Folk-For: Alright, alright, you don't want it... but I'm sure it has potential...
      • In the same book, when the Legendaries are surrounded by Monslave merchants, they suddenly start imagining all the stuff they will be able to buy themselves if they get to sell Gryf, and mentions "Charibo" Candies.
    • Right before their fight with Anathos in Book 10, the Legendaries stop on an Island. Then, noticing Shimy's depressed situation, Jadina makes a failed attempt to cause her to hold on, which cause the Elementary Elf to go after her. This cause a chain reaction who leads all Legendaries other than Danael and Tenebris to have a comical fight.
      Tenebris: Looks fun... can we play too, Danael ?
      Tenebris: Pfff... not fun...
    • In Book 12, when Jadina and Shimy turn out to have defeated their respective Hellion counterparts, Anathos confidently states he seriously doubt the other Legendaries had the same chance. Right after he said so, the two of them popped out of the ground unharmed, acting like if they just had got lost and were trying to find their way. Anathos' face is priceless.
    • In Book 13, when the Legendaries and Vangelis find out that Count Kasino was the one whon attempted to kill them in the Jade Mines :
      Vangelis : You did this? But why?
      Kasino: Why ? WHY? For the only thing worth fighting for, of course!
      Razzia: Ew... Food?
      Kasino: (Beat) Nah... though right now I would indeed kill for a steak...
    • In Book 12, after relating his origin again to Dark-Razzia, Razzia delivers a very serious speech about how he is gonna kick his ass. This ensues:
      Razzia: I warned him, didn't I?
      Amy: I confirm!

  • Occasional use of Breaking the Fourth Wall:
    • In Book 3, when Jadina forces Shimy to wear a robe:
      Jadina: What are you thinking ? Do you have any concern for our reputation ?
      Shimy: How about the scene you just imposed to the readers ?
    • In Book 11, when Ikael orders the launch of Operation Gold-Orack Go!, Michi-Gan transmit the author's apologizes to the reader for the Incredibly Lame Pun.
    • In Book 14, when the Legendaries fail to understand Jadina's uncle is referring to Tenebris when he talks about a new queen:
      Are you kidding me ? I'm sure even the readers have already understood who I am referring to...

  • Elysio's and Darkhell's "parental argument" about Tenebris when she attempted to stop them from killing the Legendaries:
    Elysio: Tenebris?! What the Hell are you doing? We have got enough problems like this!
    Darkhell: Hey! Watch out how you talk to my daughter!
    Elysio: She's my daughter too, remember?
    Darkhell: Yeah, but I am the one she likes the most!
    Elysio: In your dream! Do we want us to ask her to make a choice?
    Tenebris(Beat): That's embarrassing...
  • In Origines, Jadina captures Saryn, forces her to come under her tent and orders her to strip down, much to Saryn's surprise. Next page, we are revealed she just wanted to use Saryn to try her robes, since she was lacking any mirror.
  • Elysio trying to explain how Darkhell and him are now separate people to the Legendaries:
    Elysio: Right, okay! I'm going to try to make it clearer... So, on one side, there's me, the person in front of you. And then there's the other me, who's somewhere else! I'm the nice one. The other me is the bad guy. I'm here because of the other me... actually, wait, no. Switch that. Or... hang on...
    Danael: Ahem! Can you try the complicated version? Because this one...