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Funny: Transformers: TransTech
Bee in the City

  • Sari, Professor Sumdac, Optimus Prime, and Bumblebee all coming down with a bad case of Dull Surprise when the Professor's newest invention (predictably) goes haywire.
    Everyone Else: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!
  • While Shockwave and Optimus argue back and forth. Optimus points out that Shockwave isn't using proper grammar. Shockwave is not very appreciative.
    Shockwave: Items of cosmic significance like this Allspark-powered key are contraband in Axiom Nexus, and I will not allow you to Deus ex Machina your way out of this.
    Shockwave: SILENCE!
  • Bumblebee and Joe drop a few names while trying to think up a rescue plan.
    Bumblebee: We need help. BIG help! Maybe we can rig up a communicator and call in Grimlock. Or maybe con Lugnut into helping us out.
    Megatron: Oh, please. What do I look like, Scott McNeil?
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