Funny / Tex Willer

  • Once upon a time Pat Mac Ryan enrolled in the army. How did it happen? Well, he was at a fort's saloon playing poker against some soldiers when he noticed they were cheating and, after proving it by grabbing the main cheater's leg and shaking him until his aces fell from his pockets, demanded his money back, the other cheaters attacked him and got their asses handed to them, the other soldiers in the saloon came to the rescue of their comrades so he smashed a chair on one of them and, finding it too light, started smashing tables on their heads, and when he ran out of tables he grabbed a pillar... And the saloon collapsed. At which point the fort's commander forced him to enroll to pay for the damage.
    • At the end of a series of misadventures he got through thanks to Tex and his pards' help, Pat was offered the chance to leave the army with his debt settled, with the commander also offering him to stay as a corporal. So he asks Permission to Speak Freely, and when given he grabs a chair and threatens to demolish the office if the commander tries to get him back in the army, before being dragged out by the pards.