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Four Temperament Ensemble: Video Games
  • While the Ace Attorney series prefers using duos or trios, the investigation team from case 3-5 fits perfectly: Franziska (choleric), Edgeworth (melancholic), Godot (phlegmatic), and Gumshoe (sanguine).
  • Angry Birds: Black bird (choleric), white bird (melancholic), red bird (phlegmatic), and yellow bird (sanguine).
  • The four spirits of the Book of Prophecy in Avalon Code can be identified as this: Rempo (choleric), Ur (melancholic), Neaki (phlegmatic), and Mieli (sanguine).
  • In Blaze Union, the first five party members: Garlot (choleric), Jenon (melancholic), Medoute (phlegmatic), Siskier (sanguine), and Aegina (leukine). And after the party dynamics suffer an upheaval, things shake down like so: Gulcasa and Leon (choleric), Nessiah (melancholic), Baldus (phlegmatic), Emilia (sanguine), and Aegina is... still leukine.
  • Borderlands: Mordecai (melancholic), Lilith (phlegmatic), Roland (choleric), and Brick (sanguine).
    • Borderlands 2: Axton (sanguine with a bit of choleric), Maya (melancholic), Salvador (choleric), Zer0 (phlegmatic). With DLC, there's also Gaige and Krieg, who are Sanguine and Choleric respectively. The Hyperion counterparts are: Handsome Jack (choleric), Mr. Blake (melancholic), Professor Nakayama (sanguine), Angel (phlegmatic).
    • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!: Athena (phlegmatic), Nisha (sanguine), Wilhelm (melancholic), Claptrap (choleric).
  • Catherine, in terms of Vincent and his three bros that he hangs out with at the Stray Sheep. Orlando (choleric), Jonny (melancholic), Vincent (phlegmatic), and Toby (sanguine).
  • Dangan Ronpa's students:
    • Sanguine: Asahina, Junko, Leon and Sayaka.
    • Choleric: Ishimaru, Togami and Mondo.
    • Melancholic: Kirigiri, Yamada, Fukawa and Sakura.
    • Phlegmatic: Celes, Hagakure, Chihiro and Naegi.
    • Leukine: Chihiro could also be considered this.
  • Super Dangan Ronpa 2:
    • Sanguine: Hanamura, Mioda, Souda and Saionji.
    • Choleric: Kuzuryuu, Nidai, Togami and Owari.
    • Melancholic: Hinata, Koizumi, Pekoyama and Gundam.
    • Phlegmatic: Komaeda, Nanami and Sonia.
    • Leukine: Tsumiki.
  • Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze : Donkey Kong (melancholic), Diddy Kong (sanguine), Dixie Kong (phlegmatic), and Cranky Kong (choleric).
  • The Love Interests in Dragon Age II: Isabela (sanguine), Merrill (choleric), Anders (melancholic), Fenris (phlegmatic with a dash of melancholic).
  • The four playable characters of Drakengard, though at times they muddle about with their humors, tend to fall into distinct ones: Arioch (sanguine), Caim (choleric), Leonard (melancholic), and Seere (phlegmatic).
  • The Chosen Four of EarthBound: Ness (choleric), Poo (melancholic), Jeff (phlegmatic), and Paula (sanguine).
  • Fate/stay night has Rin/Archer (choleric), Shirou/Saber (melancholic), Sakura (phlegmatic), and Rider (leukine).
  • Final Fantasy VI
    • Melancholics: Celes, Shadow, and Cyan
    • Sanguines: Edgar, Relm, and Setzer
    • Cholerics: Locke, Mog, Sabin, and Kefka (with a bit of sanguine).
    • Phlegmatics: Terra, Leo, Gau, and Strago
  • Final Fantasy IX's first party: Steiner (choleric), Vivi (melancholic), Garnet (phlegmatic), and Zidane (sanguine).
  • Front Mission: Canyon Crow and close allies:
  • Gears of War's Delta Squad are like that: Marcus Fenix (choleric), Damon Baird (melancholic), Dominic Santiago (phlegmatic), and Augustus Cole (sanguine).
  • Grand Theft Auto IV: The four main characters fit: Brucie (choleric), Niko (melancholic), Little Jacob (phlegmatic), and Roman (sanguine).
  • The female leads of the visual novel G-Senjou no Maou are a picture-perfect example: Haru (choleric), Mizuha (melancholic), Tsubaki (phlegmatic), and Kanon (sanguine).
  • Kid Icarus: Uprising:
    • Pit (phlegmatic/sanguine), Lady Palutena (phlegmatic), Magnus and Dark Pit (choleric/melancholic).
    • The Forces of Nature: Viridi (choleric), Cragalanche (leukine), Arlon the Serene (melancholic/phlegmatic), and Lightning Flash Phosphora (sanguine/choleric).
    • The Underworld Army: Medusa (choleric/melancholic); Twinbellows, Dark Lord Gaol, Hewdraw and Great Reaper (leukine), Pandora (phlegmatic), Thanatos (sanguine) and Hades (sanguine/phlegmatic).
  • The playable characters of Kirby's Return to Dream Land. King Dedede (choleric), Meta Knight (melancholic), and Waddle Dee (phlegmatic), and Kirby (sanguine).
    • In Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, we have Kirby (sanguine), Waddle Dee (phlegmatic), Ribbon (melancholic/phlegmatic), Adeleine (leukine), King Dedede (choleric), and the Fairy Queen (chloeric/phlegmatic).
  • Tomodachi Life's four personalities each fit in to these. Outgoing (sanguine), Confident (choleric), Independent/Reserved (melancholic), and Easygoing (phlegmatic).
  • Both Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 star a four-man (or, technically, three-man and one-woman) band. In the first: Francis (choleric), Bill (melancholic), Zoey (phlegmatic), and Louis (sanguine). In the second, Coach, Nick, Rochelle, and Ellis for the most part fill those roles respectively, though Ellis is the most clean-cut/consistent.
  • The four forms, or, more precisely, the people the transformation masks come from in Majora's Mask look to fall into this decently as well. Darmani is/was choleric; the Woobie-like Deku Kid is/was melancholic; Link, The Hero, gets to be phlegmatic; and Mikau is/was sanguine.
  • Due to the author being interested with the subject, MARDEK RPG does this. The author believes everyone has a primary and a secondary temperament, though. Perhaps the clearest ingame example is Legion: a construct created by an inventor. It was animated with dark magic, with the inventor saying the incantation - due to his stuttering, though, four souls entered the body instead of one - one for each temperament.
  • Mass Effect 2 has the starting four. Shepard (choleric), Miranda (melancholic), Jacob (phlegmatic), and Joker (sanguine).
  • Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 3 squads are often comprised this way: Shepard and Javik(choleric), Garrus and Liara (melancholic) and Tali and EDI (phlegmatic). Likewise, James and Ashley (sanguine) and Kaiden (neutral phlegmatic).
  • Mega Man (Classic) series: Forte/Bass (choleric/sanguine), Proto Man/Blues (melancholic/choleric), Mega/Rock Man (melancholic/sanguine), and Duo (phlegmatic/leukine).
  • Mega Man Battle Network: Dex and his Navi GutsMan.EXE (choleric), Chaud and Glyde.EXE (melancholic), Mayl and MegaMan.EXE (phlegmatic), Yai and her Navi Roll.EXE (sanguine), and Lan (leukine).
  • Mega Man X Maverick Hunters: The fast-action Anti-Hero Zero (choleric), the conscientious defender X (melancholic), the calm and fatherly Signas (leukine/phlegmatic), and the flamboyant Axl (sanguine).
    • The villains: Vile is choleric (and dang!!); Lumine is melancholic; Dynamo is sanguine; and Sigma is leukine.
    • Mega Man X2's X-Hunters, plus the Big Bad Sigma: Violen (choleric), Agile (melancholic), Serges (sanguine), and Sigma (phlegmatic/leukine).
    • Capcom never made clear whether classic Mega/Rock Man is the same Mega Man as X. If they are the same, Mega Man underwent a major temperament change. note 
  • Mega Man Zero: The motherly-toward-the-team Ciel (phlegmatic/melancholic) and Zero (choleric as usual).
    • Among the Four Guardians: The encouraging but Trigger Happy Fefnir (sanguine/choleric), the loyal, confrontational Phantom (choleric/melancholic), the calm-but-playful Leviathan (phlegmatic/leukine), and the reliable and civil Harpuia (melancholic/sanguine).
      • A duplicate was made of X, but not quite the same temperament, and a lot less mature.
    • X-Series enemies holographed by Phoenix Magnion in Zero 2: Vile (choleric), Agile (melancholic), Colonel (sanguine), and Bit (leukine/phlegmatic).
  • Metroid Prime 3: Corruption: Samus (leukine/phlegmatic), Rundas (choleric), Ghor (melancholic), and Gandrayda (sanguine).
    • In Temperament, Gandrayda alone fits her respective weapon element (electric — sanguine).
  • The Sons Of Big Boss in Metal Gear Solid: Liquid Snake (choleric), Decoy Octopus aka DARPA chief/Vulcan Raven (melancholic), Sniper Wolf (melancholic/phlegmatic), Revolver Ocelot (phlegmatic/sanguine), Psycho Mantis (sanguine/choleric).
  • The Dead Cell Unit in Metal Gear Solid 2 applies: Solidus Snake (choleric), Fortune (melancholic), Vamp (phlegmatic), Fatman (sanguine).
  • The Cobra Unit in Metal Gear Solid 3 applies: The Pain/The Fury (choleric), The Boss/The Sorrow (melancholic), The End (phlegmatic), The Fear (sanguine).
  • The Beauty and the Beast unit in Metal Gear Solid 4 applies: Raging Raven (choleric), Crying Wolf (melancholic), Screaming Mantis (phlegmatic), and Laughing Octopus (sanguine).
  • Nazi Zombies: Tank (choleric), Takeo (melancholic), Nikolai (phlegmatic), and Richtofen (sanguine).
  • NieR features has something of this as well. Nier (choleric), Emil (melancholic), Grimoire Weiss (phlegmatic), and Kaine (sanguine).
  • Judging by their programmed natures, the Pac-Man ghosts:
    • Choleric and melancholic (rational): Pinky (chases and ambushes)
    • Melancholic and sanguine (idealist): Inky (cautious)
    • Sanguine and choleric (artisan): Blinky (cocky, always chases)
    • Leukine/phlegmatic: Clyde (indifferent and random)
  • Intentionally invoked in Planescape: Torment. In the end game, you meet up with three copies of yourself, who are the good incarnation (melancholic), crazy incarnation (sanguine) and pragmatic incarnation (choleric). The character of the protagonist depends on how you've been playing him, but he does start out as phlegmatic.
  • The various Gym Leaders from the Pokémon games:
    • Kanto: Lt. Surge and Blaine (choleric), Sabrina and Janine (melancholic), Brock and Erika (phlegmatic), and Misty and Blue (sanguine).
    • Johto: Chuck and Clair (choleric), Morty and Pryce (melancholic), Falkner and Jasmine (phlegmatic), and Bugsy and Whitney (sanguine).
    • Hoenn: Flannery and Winona (choleric), and Norman and Juan (melancholic), Roxanne and Lisa/Tate (phlegmatic), and Brawly and Watson (sanguine).
    • Sinnoh: Crasher Wake and Byron (choleric), Fantina and Volkner (melancholic), Roark and Maylene (phlegmatic), and Gardenia and Candice (sanguine).
    • Unova: Chili, Clay, Lenora,and Roxie (choleric), Cress, Drayden and Marlon (melancholic), Cheren, Cilan, Elesa and Brycen (phlegmatic), Burgh, Iris and Skyla (sanguine).
    • Kalos: Korrina and Wulfric (choleric), Grant and Olympia (melancholic), Ramos and Clemont (phlegmatic) and Viola and Valerie (sanguine).
  • Similarly, the Elite Four:
    • Kanto: Lance (choleric), Agatha (melancholic), Bruno (phlegmatic), and Lorelei (sanguine).
    • Johto: Karen (choleric), Koga (melancholic), Bruno (phlegmatic), and Will (sanguine).
    • Hoenn: Sidney (choleric), Drake (melancholic), Glacia (phlegmatic), and Phoebe (sanguine).
    • Sinnoh: Flint (choleric), and Lucien (melancholic), Bertha (phlegmatic), and Aaron (sanguine).
    • Unova: Marshal (choleric), Caitlin (melancholic), Grimsley (phlegmatic), and Shauntal (sanguine).
    • Kalos: Wikstrom (choleric), Siebold (melancholic), Drasna (phlegmatic) and Malva (sanguine).
    • As well as the various Pokemon League Champions: Blue & Lance (choleric), Cynthia & Red (melancholic), Steven & Wallace (phlegmatic), and Alder, Iris & Diantha (sanguine).
      • Kalos Battle Maison: Dana (choleric), Morgan (melancholic), Evelyn (phlegmatic), Nita (sanguine).
  • Poker Night at the Inventory uses this to balance the table dynamic: Max (sanguine), Strong Bad (choleric), Heavy (melancholic), and Tycho (phlegmatic).
  • Psychonauts: Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp staff - Milla Vodello (sanguine), Morceau Oleander (choleric), Sasha Nein (melancholic), Ford Cruller (phlegmatic)
  • The crew in Saints Row 2 match up with this perfectly:
    • Sanguine and choleric: Johnny Gat - he's happy when he's killing people or going to kill people.
    • Choleric and melancholic: The Boss, very much so, regardless of the voice you use - tends to explode when questioned or fucked with.
    • Melancholic and phlegmatic: Pierce - humour involving him tends to make fun of his elaborate plans and high professional standards clashing with the extreme personalities of the rest of the group.
    • Phlegmatic and sanguine: Shaundi by far, what with being an archetypical laidback stoner.
    • Carlos is a mild leukine.
  • While in Saints Row: The Third, the group shift in some unusual ways:
    • Shaundi shifts radically from leukine to choleric, running on pure anger from start to finish.
    • Newcomer Oleg has some strong phlegmatic and leukine elements, but is mostly melancholic, becoming the key planner and thinker of the group.
    • The Boss is left, oddly enough, as the phlegmatic one; unlike in Saints Row 2, The Boss spends much more of the game haplessly reacting to the wild fortunes of fate thrown around him or her.
    • Pierce has become significantly more sanguine, a happy-go-lucky gladhander.
  • Silent Hill's first heroes: Heather (choleric), James (melancholic), Henry (phlegmatic), and Harry (sanguine).
  • The main characters of Sly Cooper
  • Sonic the Hedgehog gives us many examples of this trope being used professionally:
  • Star Wars: Republic Commando: The four Clone Commandos of Delta Squad are this. Delta-38, "Boss", is choleric, showing good leadership instincts. Delta-07, "Sev", is melancholic, being the Cold Sniper of the group and showing great care to place each round for maximum effenciency. Delta-40, "Fixer", is phlegmatic, being, as Taun We put it, "A pure and uncomplicated soldier." Delta-62, "Scorch", is sanguine, showing much enjoyment in blowing the CIS forces apart.
  • In Street Fighter II, the four members of Shadaloo: Balrog (choleric), Sagat (phlegmatic), M. Bison (melancholic), and Vega (sanguine).
    • The Four Apprentices of Master Goutetsu: Gouken (melancholic), Akuma (very choleric), Ryu (phlegmatic), Ken (sanguine).
  • Suikoden III has three groups. The main characters: Chris (choleric), Thomas (melancholic), Geddoe (phlegmatic), and Hugo (sanguine). Duke's group: Duke (choleric), Nicholas (melancholic), Gau (phlegmatic), and Elaine (sanguine). Luc's group: Luc (melancholic), Sara (phlegmatic), Yuber (sanguine), and Albert (leukine).
  • The Super Mario Bros. heroes: Mario (melancholic), Luigi (sanguine), Peach (phlegmatic) Toad (choleric) and Yoshi (leukine)
    • The Koopalings and Bowsers: Larry and Ludwig (choleric), Roy (phlegmatic), Lemmy and Iggy (sanguine), Bowser and Bowser Jr. (melancholic), and Morton (leukine).
  • The five party members in Super Mario RPG: Mario (melancholic), Mallow (phlegmatic), Geno (leukine), Bowser (choleric) and Princess Toadstool (sanguine)
  • The major Paper Mario antagonists: Bowser (choleric), Sir Grodus (melancholic), Shadow Queen (phlegmatic), Count Bleck (sanguine)
  • Count Bleck's Five-Bad Band in Super Paper Mario: O'Chunks (choleric), Nastasia (melancholic), Mimi (phlegmatic, but with a good dose of Ax-Crazy), and Dimentio (sanguine).
  • The major Mario & Luigi antagonists: Cackletta, Princess Shroob, Bowser (choleric); Fawful (sanguine), Dark Star (melancholic), Antasma (phlegmatic), Elder Princess Shroob (leukine)
  • Mario & Luigi: Dream Team:
    • Mario (melancholic), Luigi (choleric), Starlow (sanguine), Prince Dreambert (phlegmatic)
    • Big Massif and his Hooraw disciples: Sorrow Fist (melancholic), Beef Cloud (phlegmatic), Heavy Zest (sanguine), Thunder Sass (choleric) and Big Massif himself (leukine).
  • The ATX Team in Super Robot Wars. At first the lineup is Sanger (choleric), Bullet (melancholic), Kyosuke (phlegmatic), and Excellen (sanguine). Later, Kusuha was drafted into the team as the leukine. Later on, Sanger leaves, and Kyosuke takes on the choleric mantle; and when Lamia enters, she takes on the phlegmatic mantle.
  • Super Smash Bros. Melee:
    • Choleric: Fox, Ness, Bowser, Captain Falcon
    • Choleric and melancholic: Mewtwo, Roy
    • Melancholic: Ganondorf
    • Melancholic and sanguine: Mario, Marth
    • Sanguine: Kirby, Yoshi, Jigglypuff
    • Sanguine and choleric: Luigi, Donkey Kong, Pikachu, Falco
    • Phlegmatic/leukine: Peach, Link, Samus, Game and Watch
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl:
    • Choleric: Fox, Ness, Bowser, King Dedede, Captain Falcon
    • Choleric and melancholic: Wario, Wolf, Snake
    • Melancholic: Ganondorf
    • Melancholic and sanguine: Mario, Meta Knight, Marth
    • Sanguine: Kirby, Yoshi, Jigglypuff
    • Sanguine and choleric: Luigi, Donkey Kong, Pikachu, Falco, Ike, Sonic
    • Phlegmatic/leukine: Peach, Zelda/Sheik, Link, Diddy Kong, Samus, Pit, Game and Watch, R.O.B., Pokemon Trainer
  • The Colour Tuesday: Alex is the hotheaded driver of the story (choleric). Kyle is the determined and selfless (melancholic). Bella is a slightly airy Cloudcuckoolander (sanguine). Chadd, the last permanent cast member, is a born follower (phlegmatic).
  • The Team Fortress 2 classes can be seen throughout the spectrum: Scout (choleric), Soldier (sanguine-choleric), Pyro (sanguine), Demoman (choleric-melancholic), Heavy (leukine, leaning choleric), Engineer (phlegmatic), Medic (phlegmatic-sanguine), Sniper (melancholic), Spy (melancholic-phlegmatic)
  • The five playable characters in Touhou fit this better than a Five-Man Band:
  • The Group from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess exhibits this: Auru (choleric), Shad (melancholic), Ashei (phlegmatic), and Telma (sanguine).
  • Tsukihime has Akiha (choleric), Ciel/Kohaku (sanguine facade but actually melancholic), Hisui (phlegmatic), and Shiki/Arcuied (sanguine).
  • Virtue's Last Reward: Dio and Tenmyouji (choleric), Alice and K (melancholic), Phi and Quark (phlegmatic), Sigma and Clover (sanguine), and Luna (leukine).
  • Xenogears has the Neo-Elements: Seraphita (sanguine), Tolone (choleric), Dominia (melancholic), Kelvena (phlegmatic).

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