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Four Temperament Ensemble: Music
  • ABBA: Frida is sanguine; Björn is choleric; Agnetha is melancholic; and Benny is phlegmatic.
  • Aerosmith: Steven Tyler is choleric/sanguine; Joe Perry is melancholic; Tom Hamilton is sanguine; Brad Whitford is leukine; and Joey Kramer is phlegmatic.
  • The Animals: Eric Burdon is melancholic/sanguine; Alan Price is sanguine/melancholic; Hilton Valentine is supine/sanguine; Bryan Chandler is sanguine/choleric; John Steel is choleric/supine
  • Arctic Monkeys: Alex is choleric; Jamie is melancholic; Nick is phlegmatic; and Matt is sanguine.
  • The Beach Boys: Brian Wilson is melancholic/choleric; Mike Love is sanguine/choleric; Dennis Wilson was phlegmatic/choleric; Carl Wilson was phlegmatic/melancholic; Al Jardine is also melancholic/choleric.
  • Beastie Boys: MCA was melancholic/choleric, Adrock is sanguine, and Mike D is phlegmatic.
  • The Beatles: John Lennon was melancholic/sanguine; Paul McCartney is phlegmatic/melancholic; George Harrison was sanguine/phlegmatic; and Ringo Starr is phlegmatic/choleric.
  • Behemoth — Nergal is choleric; Inferno is melancholic; Orion is phlegmatic; and Seth is sanguine.
  • The original four members of Black Hippy: Schoolboy Q is sanguine, Ab Soul is choleric, Jay Rock is melancholic, and Kendrick Lamar is phlegmatic.
  • Black Sabbath: The original four — Ozzy is sanguine; Geezer is choleric; Tony is melancholic, and Bill is (usually) Phlegmatic. When Ronnie James Dio came along, he was a sanguine/choleric combination.
  • blur: Damon Albarn is choleric; Graham Coxon is melancholic; Alex James is sanguine; Dave Rowntree is phlegmatic.
  • The Byrds: Roger McGuinn is phlegmatic/melancholic; David Crosby is phlegmatic/choleric; Gene Clark was also phlegmatic/choleric; Chris Hillman is phlegmatic/sanguine; Michael Clarke was melancholic/sanguine.
  • The Clash: Joe Strummer was choleric; Mick Jones is sanguine; Paul Simonon is melancholic; Topper Headon is phlegmatic.
  • The Corrs: Andrea is melancholic; Jim is choleric; Sharon is leukine; Caroline is sanguine.
  • Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: David Crosby is phlegmatic/choleric; Stephen Stills is choleric/phlegmatic; Graham Nash is phlegmatic/melancholic; and Neil Young is also phlegmatic/melancholic.
  • Woodface era Crowded House: Neil is melancholic; Tim is choleric; Paul is sanguine; and Nick is phlegmatic.
  • Depeche Mode: Vince Clarke is choleric; Dave Gahan is sanguine; Martin Gore is phlegmatic; and Andy Fletcher and Alan Wilder are melancholic.
  • Disturbed, vocalist David Draiman is phlegmatic (tends to sit in a dark, lonely corner and write lyrics), guitarist Dan Donegan is melancholic (main song-writer, generally a meticulous professional) while drummer Mike Wengren and bassist John Moyer tend to sit between choleric and sanguine.note 
  • The Doors: Jim Morrison was phlegmatic/choleric; Ray Manzarek was also phlegmatic/choleric; Robbie Krieger is phlegmatic/sanguine; and John Densmore is phlegmatic/melancholic.
  • Duran Duran: Simon Le Bon is choleric; Nick Rhodes is melancholic; John Taylor is sanguine; and Roger Taylor is phlegmatic. Former guitarist Andy Taylor is a little harder to pin down, but for that very reason, he may have very well been leukine, which would complete the five-temperament format.
  • Franz Ferdinand: Lead Singer/Guitarist Alex Kapranos is sanguine; Rhythm Guitarist/Keyboardist Nick McCarthy is choleric; Drummer Paul Thompson is melancholic; and Bassist Bob Hardy is phlegmatic.
  • Gorillaz: Murdoc is choleric; 2D is sanguine; Noodle is melancholic; and Russel is phlegmatic.
  • Glay: Teru is sanguine; Takuro is choleric; Hisashi is phlegmatic; and Jiro is melancholic.
  • Green Day: Billie Joe Armstrong is sanguine/choleric, Mike Dirnt is melancholic/sanguine; and Tre Cool is supine/melancholic.
  • The Jam: Paul Weller was melancholic/choleric; Bruce Foxton was sanguine; Rick Buckler was phlegmatic.
  • Japan: David was choleric; Mick was sanguine; Steve was phlegmatic; Rich was melancholic; and Rob was leukine.
  • Joy Division: Ian Curtis was melancholic; Bernard Sumner was phlegmatic; Peter Hook was choleric; Stephen Morris was sanguine.
  • The Kinks: Ray Davies is sanguine/melancholic; Dave Davies is phlegmatic/melancholic; Mick Avory is melancholic/sanguine; Peter Quaife was also phlegmatic/melancholic.
  • KISS: Original lineup: Gene Simmons (choleric/melancholic), Paul Stanley (sanguine/phlegmatic), Ace Frehley (choleric/sanguine), Peter Criss (phlegmatic/sanguine)
  • L Arc En Ciel: Hyde is phlegmatic; Ken is melancholic; Tetsu is choleric; Yukihiro (1997-present) is sanguine; and Sakura (1992-1997) was leukine.
  • Luna Sea: Ryuichi is sanguine; Sugizo is melancholic; Inoran is phlegmatic; J is choleric; Shinya is leukine.
  • The Monkees: Davy Jones was sanguine; Michael Nesmith was melancholic; Peter Tork was choleric; and Micky Dolenz was phlegmatic.
  • Led Zeppelin: Robert Plant is choleric/sanguine, Jimmy Page is melancholic, John Paul Jones is phlegmatic and John Bonham was sanguine.
  • Metallica: James Hetfield is choleric, Lars Ulrich is sanguine, and Kirk Hammett is phlegmatic. The bass players occupy less certain territory, but it could be argued that Cliff Burton was a melancholic, Jason Newsted a phlegmatic and Robert Trujillo somewhere between a phlegmatic and a sanguine.
  • Manic Street Preachers: James Dean Bradfield is choleric, Nicky Wire is sanguine, Richey Edwards is melancholic, and Sean Moore is phlegmatic.
  • NewOrder: Bernard Sumner is Melancholic, Peter Hook was Choleric, Gillian Gilbert is Phlegmatic, Stephen Morris is Sanguine.
  • Nirvana: Kurt Cobain was melancholic, Krist Novoselic is phlegmatic, and Dave Grohl is sanguine.
  • Panic! at the Disco: Brendon Urie is sanguine; Ryan Ross is melancholic; Spencer Smith is leukine; Jon Walker is choleric.
  • Pantera: Phil Anselmo is choleric; Dimebag Darrell Abbott is sanguine; Rex Brown is melancholic; and Vinnie Paul is phlegmatic.
  • Pink Floyd: Roger Waters is phlegmatic/melancholic; David Gilmour is sanguine/phlegmatic; Richard Wright was melancholic/choleric; Nick Mason is also melancholic/choleric; and late Syd Barrett was sanguine/choleric.
  • Queen: Freddie Mercury was choleric; Brian May is phlegmatic; Roger Taylor is sanguine; and John Deacon is melancholic.
  • Radiohead: Thom is choleric; Jonny is melancholic; Ed is sanguine; Phil is phlegmatic; and Colin is leukine.
  • The Ramones: Joey is phlegmatic; Johnny is choleric; DeeDee is melancholic; and Marky is sanguine.
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers: Anthony is choleric; Flea is sanguine; John/Josh is melancholic; and Chad is phlegmatic.
    • Flea is in fact both sanguine and melancholic, as despite his 'party animal' persona, he is sensitive and has suffered bouts of depression in the past.
      • The late guitarist Hillel Slovak was known for being so optimistic that the other band members fed off his energy. It helped that they were best friends since high school.
  • The Rolling Stones: Mick Jagger is phlegmatic/choleric; Keith Richards is choleric/sanguine; Charlie Watts is melancholic/sanguine; Ian Stewart is phlegmatic/sanguine; Brian Jones was melancholic/phlegmatic.
  • Rush: Alex is sanguine; Geddy is choleric; and Neil is a phlegmatic/melancholic.
  • Scooter: H.P. is choleric; Rick is melancholic (but not depressed); and Michael is phlegmatic.
    • Ex-members - Ferris was sanguine; Axel was leukine; and Jay was phlegmatic.
  • Sex Pistols: Johnny Rotten is melancholic; Steve Jones is choleric; Paul Cook is phlegmatic; Sid Vicious was sanguine; and Glen Matlock is leukine.
  • Thin Lizzy: Phil Lynott (1969-1984) was choleric; Eric Bell (1969-1973) - Brian Robertson (1974-1978) - Gary Moore (1974, 1978-1979) - John Sykes (1983-1984) were melancholic; Scott Gorham (1974-1984) was phlegmatic; Brian Downey (1969-1984) was sanguine: Snowy White (1980-1982) and Darren Wharton (1980-1984) were leukine.
  • The Small Faces: Steve Marriott was choleric; Ronnie Lane was melancholic; Ian Mclagan was phlegmatic; Kenney Jones was sanguine.
  • The Smiths: Morrissey was choleric; Johnny Marr was melancholic; Andy Rouke was sanguine; and Mike Joyce and Craig Gannon were phlegmatic.
  • The Stone Roses: Ian Brown is melancholic, John Squire is choleric, Mani is Sanguine, Reni is Phlegmatic.
  • System of a Down: Singer/keyboardist Serj Tankian is sanguine; Guitarist/Singer Daron Malakian is choleric; Bassist Shavo Odadjian is phlegmatic; and Drummer John Dolmayan is melancholic.
  • Tool: Maynard James Keenan is choleric; Danny Carey is sanguine; Adam Jones is melancholic; and Justin Chancellor is phlegmatic.
  • U2: Bono is sanguine (most of the time); Edge is melancholic; Adam is phlegmatic; and Larry is choleric.
  • The Who: Roger Daltrey is choleric (he even had the Hair-Trigger Temper and used to start fights with the others); Pete Townshend is melancholic; John Entwistle was also phlegmatic (he even wrote a song about himself called "The Quiet One"); and Keith Moon was either sanguine or just Moon the Loon.
  • XTC: Andy Partridge is choleric; Colin Moulding is sanguine; Dave Gregory is melancholic; Terry Chambers is phlegmatic.
  • The Wiggles: Greg is choleric (he even wears yellow); Jeff is phlegmatic; Murray (wearing red) is Sanguine; and Anthony is melancholic.

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