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03:32:14 PM Nov 30th 2013
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I believe these are the more accurate personalities for The Beatles:

John Lennon was Supine because of his passive-aggressive and moody nature along with his tendency to be cynical and insensitive at sporadic moments. He was especially very witty and had his moments of having his head in the clouds. Although he's considered to be very shy and quiet, he could be a loudmouth and say things he never meant to say. He was once considered by a reporter as “the laziest man of England”. He also had moments where he would have random anger outbursts, but was able to forgive and forget. He was a selfish, naive, and highly insecure man of extremes who would hide behind an overly sarcastic and cruel facade in front of others (mostly people he's familiar with), then privately be very sweet and friendly. He had a habit of exaggerating his own accomplishments and being a bit vain, arrogant, and a narcissist. He seemed to have a strong need to fit in with trends despite trying to come off as rebellious and constantly changed outlooks on life, along with his appearance, like a chameleon (Teddy boy, hippie culture, antiwar activism, etc...). He was classified as the agitator in the band since he could sometimes overdo it with his facade and be a total asshole to a lot of people (including his family and friends). After he made the "Bigger than Jesus" remark and received a lot of backlash, he became increasingly neurotic and apathetic about almost everything. He, with the help of Yoko, played a big part in trying to sabotage the band (much to Paul's dismay).

Paul McCartney is Melancholic because of his hard-working and strong-willed nature yet moody and domineering personality. According to traveling journalists, Paul and George were known as the pranksters of the band, as well as the most pro-active out of the four. Although John was considered the "leader" of the band, Paul was the domineering member who made most of the creative decisions. He's an overly dedicated workaholic and arguably is the most talented. He has a massive ego so he has numerous moments of being a control freak who wanted things his way. He especially has moments of being condescending towards his bandmates and a major show off. He is the only ex-Beatle who hardly ever collaborated with the others (if he did, it's mostly with Ringo) and it's generally because of his own self-absorbed and arrogant attitude. He further has a habit of being thin-skinned or sensitive to criticism, as well as having a vicious temper when he doesn't get what he wants. Despite his flaws though, he can be very charming, friendly, and helpful. He was classified as the optimist in the band since he really enjoyed being a Beatle and only wished to keep the band going even though he knew that the band's dissolution was inevitable (according to John however, Paul was only keeping the band going for his own sake, not everyone else's).

George Harrison was Melancholic because of his stern, sarcastic and brooding nature, along with an indifference towards fame. He was considered by many who knew him as a gentleman. On the other hand, he had a fearsome temper, started fights with policemen and photographers during his early years touring with the Beatles, and was a red-blooded man. Despite his (supposed) indifference towards materialism, he was the most business (money) minded member of the band and wore the trendiest clothes compared to the others. According to a biography by Bob Spitz, George was very stubborn and despised authority figures. He was the one who argued a lot (especially with Paul) during numerous sessions like the Revolver, The White Album, and Let It Be sessions. He's just as moody and uncompromising as Paul (hence the two barely ever getting along). He had a nearly life-long resentment towards not only Paul for "ruining him as a guitarist" and John for constantly being condescending towards him, but his overall experience as a Beatle almost to the point that arguably he must've suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. The people who knew him clarify that he hardly was the "Quiet Beatle" fans view him as. In fact, some of his friends recalled how he would never stop talking. Altogether, he was more of the "Stubborn Beatle" than anything else because of his independent and rebellious behavior.

Ringo Starr is Choleric because of his sociable and compassionate personality although he has his moments of mood swings and having a bit of an inferiority complex in the band. He is known for being the mediator in the band when creative tensions were to arise between his bandmates. According to Here, There, And Everywhere, a memoir by Beatles engineer Geoff Emerick, Ringo always seemed to have his guard up and lacked confidence in his drumming abilities. He was also very uptight and nervous when it came to singing since he was not much of a vocalist. That sort of nervousness and insecurity could also point back to his inferiority complex, along with being the "newbie" in the band. As a result, he can be very sensitive, distrustful and temperamental if criticized and/or insulted. On the flip side, he’s generally happy-go-lucky and as much of a wisecracking joker as John at times (hence the two being the closest of friends compared to the other Beatles). He's also the biggest party animal out of the four. He's the only ex-Beatle who happened to collaborate with all three of his bandmates which lends to the fact that he was the mediator and easygoing realist in the band.
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