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Fanon / Pokémon

General Fanon

  • The names of Silver, Kris, Leaf, Barry, and Hugh may fall under this. The first three are named after their games (though "Kris" was used in official sources in North America), Barry is named after his anime counterpart, and Hugh is the character's default name. Prior to the anime, Barry's fanon name was "Damion".note 
  • Trainers all beginning their journeys at the age of ten. While this is canon to the anime, the games have made no such statement (and you can in fact battle trainers who are much younger, including preschoolers- though they usually aren't found in places that would indicate that they're out challenging Gym Leaders).
  • The main protagonists of each game being ten. The only protagonists to have a canon age are Red and Leaf, who are eleven. Hilbert, Hilda, Serena, and Calem are implied to be much older than previous protagonists while Nate and Rosa seem somewhat older.
  • Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness being canon to the handheld games.
  • That Pokémon Speak exists in the games. Pokémon Speak is more of an onomatopoeia in the games, and the Pokemon are supposed to cry like animals. It's more noticeable in Pokémon Origins and Pokémon Stadium, where their voices aren't as digital-sounding.
    • Zig-Zagged. In Yellow (and more recently in Generation VI), they did give Pikachu (and only Pikachu) its Pokémon Speak ("Pika!") instead of its original cry. However in Yellow, only your starter Pikachu would use Pokémon Speak; whereas all Pikachu have it in X and Y.
    • Spin-off games tend to take their cues from the anime, the most prominent being Super Smash Bros.. Pokkén Tournament has animalistic voices for everyone except, much like X and Y, the Pikachu.
  • Not once has someone said "Oh my Arceus" or otherwise used "Arceus" as a substitute for "God" in canon, but it pops up constantly in fan works.
  • Most legendary Pokémon have sexes. It's just technology cannot figure them out.
  • Pokémon and animals co-exist. It's highly ambiguous in the games, though the series seems to be differentiating itself more and more from the "real world" with each game.
  • 'Real world' countries exist and the regions are either part of countries (Unova is a state, Kanto is in Japan, etc), a few regions replace countries while others are left alone (ie Canada exists but Unova replaces America), or the regions are just similar to other countries.
  • The protagonists are literally Heroic Mimes. If you read the dialogue it's obvious the protagonist talks and is being replied to, it's just we're never shown it. It is possible that some protagonists are quieter or less talkative than others though.
  • A lot of Pokédex entries are myths. Alternatively, the protagonist themselves write the entries.
  • The series takes place After the End.
  • It's often stated that Tauros and Miltank are opposite gender-counterparts of the same mon like the Nidoran line(s) and Volbeat/Illumise, but this has never been stated in the games or the anime. It actually has some basis in gameplay — their stats total the same, they're always found in similar/the same locations outside of Safari Zones, etc. — but, nevertheless, the fact that you can't get Tauros by breeding Miltank holds. The same applies to the Vullaby (female) and Rufflet (male) lines.
  • All protagonists are True Companions. Red and Leaf live in the same town and are friends. Likewise with the Unova duos are all childhood friends.
  • It's never stated how Pokemon breed or even if they have genitals but most people assume they breed like animals and most have sexual organs.
  • There have been a few "related-Pokemon" theories, too.
    • The theory has persisted that Venomoth and Butterfree were accidentally switched, due to Butterfree's color and face matching Venonat, and Venomoth resembling Metapod's shape.
    • Some theorize that Voltorb are actually possessed by Haunter, due to their identical eyes.
    • Many believe that Genesect is a genetically-engineered Kabutops due to their similar body shape and age.
    • Many fans speculate that Gengar are the shadows of Clefable.
    • There is a common theory that the three Pokemon that died in the Burned Tower and were revived as Entei, Raikou, and Suicune were a Flareon, Jolteon and Vaporeon.
  • There's a very popular fan theory that reinterprets Giovanni as a benevolent Well-Intentioned Extremist devoted to defending the Pokémon universe from Mewtwo, but also proposes that all of the other villain teams are enemies of Team Rocket, as hinted at in their anime Expository Theme Tune. According to the theory, each line in Team Rocket's famous Villain Song alludes to their goal to stop another villain team and their future plans:
    • "To protect the world from devastation...": To stop Team Aqua and Team Magma from consuming the continents with floods and/or evaporating the oceans.
    • "To unite all peoples within our nation...": To rally the common people against the wealthy and elitist Team Flare and their plans for world domination.
    • "To denounce the evils of truth and love...": To oppose the well-intentioned extremists of Team Plasma, who justify their actions by claiming to expose the true barbarity of Pokémon battles and liberate oppressed Pokémon out of compassion.
    • "To extend our reach to the stars above": To fight Team Galactic, whose plans for world domination involve looking for legendary Pokémon in space.

Canonized/Jossed Theories

  • Professor Oak being the rival's paternal grandfather, and as such the rival's last name being Oak. Canonized in FireRed/LeafGreen.
  • The Pokémon that Bill was fused with being a Clefairy. Canonized in FireRed/LeafGreen.
  • Game!Silver being Giovanni's son. Canonized in HeartGold/SoulSilver.
  • Giovanni committing suicide at Tohjo Falls. Jossed in Black 2/White 2.
  • The Striaton Trio is the Shadow Triad. Jossed in Black 2/White 2, though this only created a new fanon that they were replaced by a new Triad after the initial games.
  • The Kanto and Hoenn games taking place simultaneously- similarly, the Johto and Sinnoh games. Canonized by a tweet from scenario writer Toshinobu Matsumiya regarding the official timeline of the games.
  • Gym Leaders having multiple teams of Pokémon, with which they can provide an appropriate level of challenge to trainers of different levels. Canonized in Black 2/White 2 by Cheren's mention that he's not allowed to use his old team against you in your Gym battle against him, and is also mentioned in Pokémon Origins.
  • Giovanni is Red's father. Jossed. Though you could say neither possibly know it, Red has a line clearly signifying he knows who his father is.
  • Red's eye color is red while Blue's is green, and sometimes being named due to their eye colors. Jossed in all official art and sprites, which have them both with brown eyes.
  • Brendan has white, or white and black hair. Jossed by Word of God that he's wearing a hat, and the remakes making it obvious (also they give him longer, brown hair.)
  • Either Anthea or Concordia are N's mother. Concordia is the more common choice due to Theme Naming with N, whose full name is Natural Harmonia Gropius; Concordia is the Roman goddess of harmony, Harmonia is her Greek counterpart. This has been jossed by B2/W2, as the two women reveal that all of three of them were orphans taken in by Ghetsis, thus making Anthea and Concordia N's adoptive/foster sisters.
  • The concept that the protagonists are all best friends is non-canon in both Unova games and the Kanto games. Leaf isn't present in any game thus far, and in Unova the opposite-gender protagonist first meets you after you begin your journey and doesn't otherwise interact with you.
  • "Pixiv!Red" isn't canon in any game. It's just a fan representation of Red.
  • Silver having red eyes is jossed as his official art and sprites have him with grey eyes. He only has red eyes in the intro.
  • Red as extremely quiet. Jossed by Blue calling the protagonist a "chatty gossip" and Copycat clearly mimicking Red.



  • The infamous "Red killed Blue's Raticate" theory. It's rarely played seriously nowadays outside of creepypasta and various Nuzlocke runs, especially the more story-oriented ones. While it's still not overly common, perhaps with the players' Pokémon dying being a core concept of the genre, the Raticate might provide a nice enough callback to allow the theory one last grasp at life.
  • There's one popular fanon that combines both the game's fanon with the anime's canon. Giovanni having to do with Mewtwo's creation (anime) and that all of the criminal activities that Team Rocket does were to try and stop Mewtwo once he broke free (games).
  • Blue's starter is either a Squirtle or an Eevee, with Red's being a Charmander or Pikachu.
  • There's a persistent piece of fanon that there was a war that ended a few years before the game, which killed Red's dad and Blue's parents. Like the Raticate theory it's rarely brought up too seriously. (There has been one during Lt. Surge's lifetime).
  • Red as a bishonen, stoic, red eyed Memetic Badass with straight black hair. It became so popular that at one point most fans seriously thought this interpretation - which is nicknamed "Pixiv Red" or "Uber Red" - was how Red seriously looked. Due to backlash, along with Super Smash Bros. and Pokémon Origins, the design is going out of style.
  • People call the modern, brunette Red "Fire" to distinguish him from the classic, and especially fanon, Red.
  • Red and Leaf are Half-Identical Twins.
  • Erika is a Lipstick Lesbian.
  • Erika as narcoleptic is a common interpretation due to her Sleepy Head qualities. Others see it as related to drugs.
  • It's unknown what happened to Blue's parents but it's typical for them to have died prior to the games. This is canon in Pokémon Zensho, where they got into a car crash when Blue was an infant, but never specified in other adaptations.
  • Red has red eyes, Blue has green eyes, and Leaf has green eyes (or rarer blue eyes.)
  • Red is stoic and quiet. Adaptation counterparts, official art, and in-game dialogue (particularly Copycat's dialogue and Blue mocking you as a "chatty gossip") imply Red is a normal, even Hot-Blooded, kid.
  • Red stayed on that mountain for three years. It's never stated that he wasn't traveling and you just met him while he was training.
  • Due to Mewtwo's somewhat-recent creation and the fact that most shouldn't know about it, it's often believed that whenever someone mentions there being 150 Pokémon in the Kanto region, Mew is regarded as the 150th Pokémon, and not the 151st. Pokémon Origins, however, changes the number to 149 known Pokémon until episode four, where both Mewtwo and Mew appear.


  • The three Pokemon that died in the Burned Tower and were revived as Entei, Raikou, and Suicune are believed to have been a Flareon, Jolteon and Vaporeon respectively. This is backed up by the three having the Eeveelutions normal abilities as their Dream World Abilities. Less commonly, they're believed to have been three Eevee, and their revival is thought to have acted as powered-up Water/Thunder/Fire Stones.
  • Silver having red eyes. The HGSS intro clearly portrays him with red eyes but his official art and sprites have grey, meaning the red eyes are likely an error.
  • Ariana and Giovanni are Silver's parents. Given her apparent age, the fact that she's arguably second in terms of authority out of the four Executives (behind Archer, though they may be Co-Dragons), her idolization of strength, her looks, her name (Ariana is Welsh for "silver"), and the fact that she's the only female Executive period, fan speculation places her as Silver's mother (though the nature of Giovanni and Ariana's relationship is left up to personal interpretation). Less common is that Mars is their child too, and thus is Silver's older sister. There's a fanon that she's Roark's sister as well but that's rarely used seriously.
  • Kris and Lyra are the same character, just redesigned like how Red got new clothes and a different hair color.
  • Giovanni commited suicide during his event in Heartgold and Soulsilver. Black 2 and White 2 seem to have jossed this but fans opt for Bungled Suicide.
  • Kris is an In-Series Nickname, short for "Crystal". It's canon in adaptations but ambiguous in the games.
  • Morty as being The Stoner.


  • Brendan is presented as Birch's kid most of the time, with May obviously as Norman's.
  • May will usually have a Torchic starter and Brendan a Mudkip in fanworks, especially if May is the protagonist.
  • While it's canon Brendan is wearing a hat, some fans who like the white haired fanon version of him make him wear a beanie but also have white and black hair.
  • Courtney in the remakes is on the autism spectrum.
  • Wally is asthmatic.


  • Dawn's starter is a Piplup.
  • Dawn as The Comically Serious or The Stoic pops up just as much as her being a Genki Girl does.
  • Dahlia is latina. Canon in Pokémon Adventures but ambiguous in the games.
  • Lucas canonically has Anime Hair. Most fanart ignores it and gives him a normal, short hairstyle.
  • Volkner is often associated as being a big brother figure for Meghan, the Pokekid who's in his gym.
  • It's ambiguous but some people think Gardenia has red hair and a headband instead of Multicolored Hair.
  • Daw is often depicted as a Badass Adorable, though not as often as Red.

White/Black/White 2/Black 2

  • Hilbert, Hilda, Cheren, and Bianca are given a fanon age of sixteen when they start their journey.
  • N is on the autism spectrum.
  • If Hilbert is the protagonist Rosa is the heroine, and if Hilda is the protagonist then Nate is. This is despite the fact some dialogue implies the two Heroes are the same sex.
  • Hilda and Hilbert are Fraternal Twins. In canon they've never apparently met until they became Subway partners, making this unlikely unless they're long-lost relatives.
  • Back when Rosa was introduced there was an error on the Japanese site that referred to her as a boy. Since then it created a boom where Rosa was presented as transsexual or a Wholesome Crossdresser.
  • Cheren is sometimes depicted as a trans man.
  • There are two Shadow Triad's. The first consisted of Cilan, Chili, and Cress. They disbanded after Pokémon Black and White and the new trio were sent to beat them. Jossed in Pokémon Adventures and by the Memory link event (though theories exist around that).
  • Due to their Strong Family Resemblance there's a small fanon that Ghetsis and N are related, just not biologically parent and child. Ghetsis being his uncle is most common.
  • Bianca's reason for being clumsy is due to poor eyesight. This is why she wears glasses in BW2
  • Elesa is bisexual.
  • Iris is either black or Pokemon's version of Native American (Native Unovian?)
  • Alder as Native American is a popular fan.
  • The games take place ten years after Platinum. There are some who take a five year gap so older characters can interact well with the characters in Black/White and Black 2/White 2.
  • Hilda is usually a badass Ladette-in-the-making and a boisterous tomboy in fanworks.


  • There are three common candidates for Ash's father. Pocket Monsters The Animation, a novelization written by Takeshi Shudo says Ash's dad was a random deadbeat, but it's only considered semi-canon as many things contradict the actual anime:
    • The Team Rocket leader, Giovanni. In the non-canon Pokémon Live! it's stated he and Delia dated but fanon claims he was Ash's dad. Whether Giovanni knows he is Ash's father or not differs from person to person, as does if Ash is related to Silver's anime counterpart
    • Alternatively Professor Oak is Ash's father.
    • Ash's dad is Silver from the episode "The Search for the Legend".
  • A lot of fanfic writers believe that Delia lied about Ash's father being on a journey, most commonly either to cover up that he's dead, he's a deadbeat, or he is the criminal Giovanni.
  • Delia and Professor Oak being romantically involved comes up a lot, or at least having mutual feelings.
  • There's a rampant amount of Ambiguous Gender for the anime's Pokemon. Due to this fans have to fill in the blanks. It's assumed most of Ash's Pokemon are male except for a few. Chikorita is all but confirmed but many people think Gligar is female due to similarities between it and Aipom. Chimchar was originally seen as female though once it evolved it became more common for fanon to make them male.
  • One Name Only is the standard for characters. Fanon has tried to give many surnames:
    • May and her brother Max have the last name "Maple".note 
    • "Ashton Ketchum" as Ash's full name. Eventually someone actually calls him this, but he corrects them, saying his name is "just Ash".
    • Dawn "Berlitz", named after her Pokémon Adventures counterpart.
    • Misty "Waterflower", due to a misunderstanding about her sisters title. Less common but "Williams" is also used often.
    • Drew "Hayden"
    • James "Morgan"
    • Giovanni's surname as "Rocketto", from the Japanese pronunciation of Team Rocket (Roketto-dan).
    • Brock tends to run with the Meaningful and Punny Name theme for Gym Leaders, as "Slate". However, Eric Stuart was quoted in 2006 as claiming Brock's last name was "Harrison" in K-Zone magazine.
  • Brendan is Birch's son. It makes sense considering the games but Professor Birch never mentions him and Brendan never speaks or meets Ash and co. (He only cameos in several of the movies during the Hoenn-Sinnoh era).
  • Brendan is May's Forgotten Childhood Friend.
  • Lucas is Barry's childhood friend and has a Chimchar starter.
  • Even with people who don't ship Ash/Misty it's common for people to think Misty has an unrequited crush on Ash.
  • James Trademark Favorite Food used to be donuts in the earlier days of the fandom but it has largely been forgotten.
  • Candice being a lesbian pops up a lot.
  • Cassidy really does remember Butch's name, she simply does that to annoy him.
  • Due to his gravely voice and stereotypes attributed with smoking, Butch being a smoker is surprisingly common.
  • This is a fanon brought on by misconceptions, however many assume Jessie's Missing Mom died in an avalanche. The Birth Of Mewtwo showed that Miyamoto somehow survived and is still looking for Mew. Why she never contacted Jessie is unknown though.

  • Pokémon Adventures:
    • Yellow has amber, yellow, brown, or yellowish-brown eyes depending on the fan-art.
    • Yellow is an incredibly Shrinking Violet.
    • Red is an orphan. He's the only Pokedex holder with no known family.
    • Many people call Platinum "Platina" because it sounds more feminine to them and less weird.
    • Silver and Blue are Like Brother and Sister. It's ambiguous if they are or if Silver has a crush on her.
    • The RS arc ends with Ruby and Sapphire being transported to an Alternate Universe, where all future arcs take place. In their 'real' universe there's still an apocalypse going on and they're presumed dead.

Common Fanfic Tropes and Occurrences