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  • Awesome, but Impractical: The Sisquiede in Cross Rays, both the preorder bonus and the free DLC version. It looks cool, is extremely cheap given its stats, has a long range attack that partially ignores defense, has an I-field that drastically reduces damage from incoming ranged beam attacks for free, and is by far the most powerful unit you will be able to make at the start of the game. However, it is crippled by its extremely high energy usage that is only partially mitigated by putting it in a raid group (which gives innate energy regeneration) and said long range attack is the only one the MS has with more than 1 range until you raise its pilot's morale to "super high" (and it's a beam attack, making it useless in any stage with beam-resistant enemies such as the Iron-Blooded Orphans stages). It also is the only unit until the release of the (much more useful) DLC units that you cannot develop into something else, which gives players less incentive to use it over units that will develop into something more powerful. By the time you have and/or have trained pilots to fully utilize the Sisquiede's odd attacks, there will be suits that are far more flexible and outright better to use.
  • Awesome Music:
    • Most of the characters introduced from Spirits to World have excellent themes.
    • Mono-Eye/DS's characters had also some good arranged versions versions of their themes.
    • Many Crowning Gundam themes are here as well, but World's OST stands out for being the only SD Gundam game to not include ANY opening themes, breaking the pattern and instead giving us the best of the OST songs.
    • Code Phoenix's Theme, perhaps the most heroic Char Clone theme in Gundam history.
    • G Generation Genesis has "Cradle of Eternity" as its opening theme song and "Remains" as its ending theme song, both by Yuko Suzuhana, a lead vocalist of Wagakki Band.
    • G Generation Cross Rays has "SUCCESS STORY" by EMPiRE as its opening theme song.
  • "Blind Idiot" Translation: Cross Rays suffers from this, but only in data entries and dialogue related to After War Gundam X for unknown reasons, being markedly lower in quality and sometimes grammatically incorrect.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
  • Game-Breaker:
    • The Gundam Double X with G-Falcon is this starting in Wars. Not to mention it's easy to level it up fast: just attack the mooks using the Twin Satellite Cannon that can aim up to 3 of them, and the last one gets killed, allowing you to repeat the tactic again until you run out of MP or Chance Steps. The same can be said for any Mobile Armor which can do the same trick the Gundam Double X with G-Falcon can do (like the Divinidad), as well as the Psyco Haro.
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    • Some pilot skills count as this, such as "Cool-Headed" (reduces enemy suit defense when attacking without supports) and 0079 Amuro's exclusive White Devil skill (Boosts both attack and agility of any Gundam-type Mobile Suit...basically, all the good MS.)
    • Multi hitting physical attack in Spirits and Wars. Normally the damage scaling of an attack is proportional to the attacker attack and target defense stat. If your attack stat is twice as high as your opponent defense, you'll do double the expected damage and so on. This result in diminishing returns in the late game as the opponent defense rise and each attack point you get net you less damage. However, physical attacks instead have a flat 100 point of damage * the number of hits added instead which result in a absurd amount of damage if you keep leveling your attack stat, to the point that some people considered using Acguy because it had such an attack.
  • Game Mod: The community sparsely ventured into modifying the games, limited to texture packs for the post-Wars games or minor code edits to the handheld ones... Until Cross Rays came to the PC, its success boosting the interest in including custom content such as recoloring the M Ss or adding new pilots through replacement.
  • Heartwarming Moment:
    • Cross Rays:
      • Placing Mikazuki, Atra or Season 2 Kudelia in the Akatsuki Gundam. The former two will remark on how they adore the name, while the latter will mention how reassuring it feels to pilot the suit, all cases referencing Mikazuki's child that Atra and Kudelia raise in the epilogue of IBO Season 2.
      • Performing the Burning/God Finger (Or its Sekiha Tenkyoken Variant) attack with certain characters has them declaring their love for their canonical partners, especially during the "Heat End" segment: Shinn declares his love for Luna in the same way Domon did to Rain, while Luna responds to his declaration in a way typical of a tsundere. Any version of Garrod Ran loudly declares his love for Tifa.
  • Moment of Awesome:
    • Most of the crossover CG movies in Neo, including the Cyclops Team attacking Torrington, Usso battling both the Frost Brothers at the same time, and the Wing Team fighting Master Asia (complete with him countering the Twin Buster Rifle with a Darkness Finger).
    • In Mono-Eye Gundams, Kincaid Nau and Zabine Chareux shut down the Turn X (which had previously been curb stomping the heroes) with a single well-coordinated Combination Attack.
    • Combining this with Oh, Crap!, Turn X and God Gundam finally using their fingers on each other, something that has yet to occur in Super Robot Wars. Predictably, Turn X wins.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
  • Padding: Cross Rays does this to the unit roster by making all the Striker Pack options for the 105 Dagger, Dagger-L, and Windam, as well as the Wizard Pack options for the ZAKU Warrior, totally separate units, rather than simply allowing the base MS to switch between the different packs as it was in previous games featuring these MS.
  • Soundtrack Dissonance: This can be invoked in games that allow you to assign any of the in-game music to a character for their attacks, but special mention goes to a version of Quattre that's based on his Zero-System influenced self. This version, at least in Cross Rays, still uses the same theme as his other versions as default; it's jarring to hear optimistic and heroic music playing while this version of Quattre rambles on about how he has to kill people and laughs like a maniac.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: Basically any unit with limited operational environments. In the games, all units and warships have a set of environments that they can operate in. For example, the Trilobite can only operate in water while most warships are limited to either space or land use. This renders them extremely situational due to their limited versatility with most players opting for more multi-terrain capable vehicles instead.
  • Unexpected Character:
    • The Dark History Turn A Gundam was this for Spirits and Wars. Prior to these games, the unit had always been depicted in the protagonistic fashion of its Anime incarnation, usually piloted by Loran. Spirits was the first time the version that was only featured in flashbacks and through the novel adaptation had been adapted, and it established the unit's status as a hidden final boss and ultimate reward for the games going forward.
    • Gundam 00 Season 2's units for Wars, as by the time of that game's release the series had just wrapped up its first run on TV. Like with the Turn A above, it started a trend for Gundam 00 units carrying similar status going forward, starting with Adult Setsuna and his 00 Qan[T] in World and continuing, most recently, with the ELS Qan[T].
      • Speaking of, the ELS Qan[T] in Cross Rays is this for those who haven't had any experience with its appearances in the Asia-Exclusive Arcade and Mobile Gundam-related/featured games since Gundam 00's 10th Anniversary campaign. Before that time, the unit had only been featured in the card-based Try Age Arcade game, but carrying over its regular counterpart's GN Sword V and Sword Bits, and only recently have its weaponry and fighting capabilities been expanded on.
    • Belri Zenam and the G-Self Perfect Pack appear in G Generation Genesis as bonuses; this one isn't too far out there since Genesis focuses entirely on the Universal Centurynote  and G-Reco's Reguild Century comes immediately after the UC. More surprising is the inclusion of the Gundam Barbatos Lupus (though Mikazuki Augus is nowhere in sight).
    • Cross Rays features a total of five hidden units, none of them from the main four continuities in the game. Four of them are Gunpla from the Build series', including the Star Build Strike Gundam, the Gundam Fenice Rinascita, the Gundam 00 Sky and the Galbaldy Rebake, though there is some precedence with those four considering both Meijin Kawaguchi III and the Hot Scramble Gundam were featured as DLC in Genesis prior, not to mention each of them have some connection to the main four continuities due to being based off of mechs from them. But the fifth? None other than Knight Superior Dragon!!! Not only does he have nothing to do with the main four continuities, but the last time any actual SD Gundam characters were featured in a G Generation game was the BB Senshi Sangokuden characters in World, which was close to a decade prior to Cross Rays!