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YMMV / SD Gundam G Generation

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  • Awesome Music:
    • Most of the characters introduced from Spirits to World have excellent themes.
    • Mono-Eye/DS's characters had also some good arranged versions versions of their themes.
    • Many Crowning Gundam themes are here as well, but World's OST stands out for being the only SD Gundam game to not include ANY opening themes, breaking the pattern and instead giving us the best of the OST songs.
    • Code Phoenix's Theme, perhaps the most heroic Char Clone theme in Gundam history.
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    • G Generation Genesis has "Remains" by Yuko Suzuhana.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Japanese fans are particularly fond of G Gen original Claire Heathrow, thanks to her penchant for Shout-Out Overdosed attack calls.
  • Game-Breaker: The Gundam Double X with G-Falcon is this starting in Wars. Not to mention it's easy to level it up fast: just attack the mooks using the Twin Satellite Cannon that can aim up to 3 of them, and the last one gets killed, allowing you to repeat the tactic again until you run out of MP or Chance Steps. The same can be said for any Mobile Armor which can do the same trick the Gundam Double X with G-Falcon can do (like the Divinidad), as well as the Psyco Haro.
    • Some pilot skills count as this, such as "Cool-Headed" (reduces enemy suit defense when attacking without supports) and 0079 Amuro's exclusive White Devil skill (Boosts both attack and agility of any Gundam-type Mobile Suit... basically, all the good MS.)
  • Moment of Awesome:
    • Most of the crossover CG movies in Neo, including the Cyclops Team attacking Torrington, Usso battling both the Frost Brothers at the same time, and the Wing Team fighting Master Asia (complete with him countering the Twin Buster Rifle with a Darkness Finger).
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    • In Mono-Eye Gundams, Kincaid Nau and Zabine Chareux shut down the Turn X (which had previously been curb stomping the heroes) with a single well-coordinated Combination Attack.
    • Combining this with Oh, Crap!, Turn X and God Gundam finally using their fingers on each other, something that has yet to occur in Super Robot Wars. Predictably, Turn X wins.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The banner for stage HELL-3 in Overworld has the Gundams of the heroes of each series featured in the game cloaked in crimson, staring down the viewer. Besides being the epitome of the dread instilled with what is known as the "Gundam rapeface" (see the general Nightmare Fuel page for the franchise as a whole), there's just something fundamentally wrong about the banner, mainly because those are the heroes' Gundams, ready to turn your team into scrap to destroy Earth, the direct antithesis to just about every single pilot of those suits. And unlike Balbadoro, which was running towards the Earth because Amelias was trying to seize control of the planet for her own ends, these Gundams are powered by the old Generation System and are thus pure, unadulterated malevolence.
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  • Unexpected Character: Belri Zenam and the G-Self Perfect Pack appear in G Generation Genesis as bonuses; this one isn't too far out there since Genesis focuses entirely on the Universal Centurynote  and G-Reco's Reguild Century comes immediately after the UC. More surprising is the inclusion of the Gundam Barbatos Lupus (though Mikazuki Augus is nowhere in sight).

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