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  • Alternate Character Interpretation:
    • Are the Rollodons 'afraid' of Reptools or did they just see Revvit in their way and turn because they didn't want to crush him?
    • Was D-Stroy ever planning on betraying D-Structs, or was he content to share with his little brother?
  • Awesome Music / Ear Worm: The opening theme song! It's rather on the short and simple side, but darn if it isn't awesomely catchy!
    • The extended/remix is arguably even better!
  • Family-Unfriendly Aesop: The Season 2 finale lets us know that no one can ever change, and if a former enemy expresses their regret, they're just trying to manipulate you, with Revvit set up as the Only Sane Man who sees right through Skrap-It's act when the others actually come off as quite reasonable in wanting to at least give him a chance (especially since the season started out with them saving both him and D-Structs, and the whole show was originally built around this group overcoming their assumptions about each other).
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • One of Ashleigh Ball's most famous roles is Rainbow Dash, who would be horrified at having the same voice as someone afraid of heights.
    • This is doubled in Season 3 as Skya learns to recognize when she needs help, just like Ball's other Friendship is Magic character Applejack. Even better, she learns it from Ty, voiced by Andrew Francis, who on Friendship is Magic voices the brother of the character she learned it from.
    • And even further in Season 4, where she starts out very clumsy in the snow but grows to be a graceful skier, bringing up memories of "Rainbow Crash" and her development past that.
    • Skrap-Itt and Lloyd's relationship becomes funnier in the Mexican Spanish dub where they're voiced by real-life brothers Emmanuel and Julio Bernal.
  • Ho Yay: Skrap-It is such a Sycophantic Servant to D-Structs that at times it seems like he might straight up be infatuated with him.
    D-Structs: I feel a draft.
    Skrap-It: We could cuddle?
  • Most Wonderful Sound: Whenever the theme song's instrumental plays. When it does, you know the Dinotrux are about to get some serious practical building done. Season 2 ups the ante with several variations on it depending on who's doing the building.
    Skrap-It: I love it when he says ["Let's Trux it Up!"]. It makes me want to get up and do something!
    • And hilariously subverted in the Season 3 finale, where the music abruptly shuts off as everyone remembers they're still stuck to the wall.


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