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  • In the "Desert" episode, the Dinotrux are lost in the desert after D-Structs destroys the landmarks that they followed to find an oasis. As a result, Ty begins to overheat and act a bit loopy. Here are just a few of the things he does:
    • He acts like he's swimming in water, even "drinking" some, when it turns out he's actually eating sand.
    • Just as Revvit's about to end his Rousing Speech:
      Revvit: What do we do? We—
      Ty: SING! We'll do a quartet! I'll take the low end! (Cue horrible singing)
    • Ty calling Revvit "Ribbit".
      Ty: You look just like my friend, Ribbit.
      Revvit: Revvit.
      Ty: Ribbit!
  • The ending of the "Tortools" episode, where Ty has been painted purple with blue spots. Unfortunately for him, Revvit tells him that it takes 6 weeks for the Tortools' paint to refill. Ty expresses shock at this, before Revvit tells him that he was just kidding.
    Revvit: It's actually 9.
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  • In episode "Fake Ravine" there are few hilarious scenes while D-Structs is trying to force Click Clack to tell him where is the Reptool Ravine.
    D-Structs: Where is the Reptool Ravine!
    Click Clack: (screaming in terror) Waauu...waauu
    D-Structs: Tell me!
    Click Clack: Waauu...waauu
    D-Structs: Is waauu(deep voice) the name of the desert, a forest?
    Skrap-it: I think it's pronounced waauu (not so deep voice).
    D-Structs: That's what I said.
    Skrap-it: No, you said waauu (deep voice).
    D-Structs: No, I said waa...I don't care!
    Click Clack: (screaming in terror) Waauu...waauu
    D-Structs: Maybe it's some kind of Reptool speak. You're almost a Reptool, find out what it means.
    Skrap-it: Waauu, waauu, waauu
    Click Clack: Waauu, waauu, waauu
    D-Structs: So what does Waauu mean.
    Skrap-it: No idea.
    D-Structs: (furious, preparing to smash Click Clack)
    Skrap-it: Wait, if you smash him I'll have to *twitch* catch another one.
    D-Structs: (roars and smashes the cave wall with his tail) I'm taking a break.
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  • In the "New Tail" episode, Skrap It and D-Structs are stuck on the ledge and discuss whose guilt is their current position.
    D-Structs: This is all your fault.
    Skrap-it: My fault!? You're the one who stomped the ground from under us.
    D-Structs: But I wouldn't be here in a first place if you made me a new tail that worked!
    Skrap-it: I thought you said you didn't need a wrecking ball to do your wrecking. Ahh...Which, considering our predicament is technically true, but...
  • In the "Gluphosaurs" episode when all of Ty's friends got stuck to each others everyone started to complain until Ty said that it could be worse, in that exact moment D-Structs showed up - with a few really funny phrases (well, for D-Structs).
    Ty: Everybody, calm down. It could be worse.
    D-Structs: (roars and scares away all the Gluphosaurs)
    Ty: It's worse.
    D-Structs: I like how you all STICK together.
    Garby: This is going from bad to worse.
    Ty: Big mistake D-Structs, when we get out of this...
    Dozer:'re gonna answer to my blade...
    Skya: ...and my hook.
    Ton Ton: Dudes, what's happening, I can't see.
    Ty: I'm getting annoyed D-Structs, let us go.
    D-Structs: Be carefull what you ask for. (threw the Trux over the edge)
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  • Ty's reaction to D-Structs' new Grappling Claw tail in the "Battering Ram" episode:
    Ty: Love the new tail, D-Structs! Too bad it comes with you attached!
  • When Skrap-it gets the horns in the "Desert Scraptors" episode so he can control the titular characters, he tries to imagine the power going to his head until D-Structs snaps him out of it.
    Skrap-it: I sure hope this power doesn't go to my head. *CLANG* It won't!

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