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The official lyrics to the Five Who Fans theme

Five Who Fans is a Doctor Who themed YouTube channel.

It's current iteration was founded in 2012 by Jon Gransden, Benji 'La Bonj' Clifford, David Mc Laughlin, Richard B Brookes and Billy Treacy. Each member was assigned a color (for example, Billy is "yellow week") and they would upload videos on a rotating schedule.

Members have left 5WF due to other commitments and were subsequently replaced by other Doctor Who Youtubers; amongst those that joined later on are Livvy Douglas, Daniel Sherrat, Christel Dee, Phoenix Smith and Christopher Johnson (or possibly a Slitheen That Looks Suspiciously Like Actor, Youtuber And Television Presenter Christopher Johnson).

The current team consists of:

  • Billy Treacy
  • Jon Gransden
  • Daniel Sherrat
  • Phoenix Smith
  • Christopher Johnson

At the beginning of 2018, they announced that this would be their last year as a Youtube channel (for now), though they will continue to produce Big Finish Doctor Who-style audio dramas under the label "Aimless Wanderings" (which you can listen to here).


This Channel Provides Examples (And Drashigs) Of: