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Cross will manage to save Ace's life during the War of the Best, but at a price.
  • Cross will nearly be immolated by Akainu's Devil Fruit powers.
    • Cross' future self -Wyvern- is covered in so many bandages, he looks like a mummy. His encounter with Eneru burned the flesh on his arms and legs so bad that he has the wear bandages to keep them stable and from hurting.

  • Blackbeard will manage to steal the Tremor-Tremor Fruit from Whitebeard and use it to destroy the home islands of the Straw Hats and their friends and loves ones.
    • This scenario was depicted in one of the non-canon omakes and the creators have been known to incorporate omakes into canon if they're interesting or well-written.
    • While Luffy is still the Captain and a major character, Cross is the protagonist and viewpoint character of the story. Having him be the one to suffer and breakdown after the War of the Best would make more sense from a narrative standpoint.
    Cross: It's all my fault...
    Soundbite: Huh?
    Cross: I tried to fix it. Make it better. And I just made everything worse...
    * Cross punches the ground*
    Cross: I never should've come here. I should've let the story go like it was supposed to!
    * tears stream down Cross' face*
    Cross: I should've kept my big mouth shut...
    * Soundbite just looks away sadly*
    Cross: Pfffffhahahaha...
    Soundbite: C-Cross?
    Cross: Pfffffhahahaha...hahahahahaha...
    Soundbite: Croooooss...
    Soundbite: H-Hey, Cross! Snap out of it! Cross! CROSS!
    Cross: HAAAAaaaaaaaaaa...
    * Cross looks up at the sky, a grief-stricken, deranged smile on his face.*
    Cross: Whitebeard's dead. All our friends may be dead. Most of Paradise and over half the East Blue have been destroyed. And Teach is even stronger than ever. It's official...
    * Cross looks down sorrowfully.*
    Cross: This. Bites...
    • Answer to this guess: Jossed on all counts. Ace lives, but Cross wasn't even there, physically at least, and Whitebeard's body was incinerated before Teach could steal his fruit.

If Ace ultimately survives after the War of the Best, he will join the Straw Hats.
  • After witnessing what Bleackbeard is capable of and surviving past where he should have died, Ace decides to join Luffy's crew to better improve his chances of defeating him next time, gratitude for Cross saving his life, and to spend some more time with his little brother.
    • With Ace surviving long enough to witness Whitebeard's death and final words, his brash, fiery temper will likely cool off some, making him wiser and more level-headed.
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    • Ace will likely serve as the crew's Haki-instructor and a fellow front-line fighter or maybe even Luffy's Co-Captain.
  • Due to the difference in power between Ace and the Straw Hats, he may need to be weakened to keep the crew from becoming too strong.
    • Solution: Ace will still take a blow from Akainu to protect Luffy during the War of the Best. But thanks to Cross' warning, things will be different and it won't be fatal, allowing him to be treated to Law. However, Ace will suffer extreme damage, requiring extensive physical therapy and even then, he won't be as strong as he used to be. This will bring him down to the Straw Hats' power level without seeming arbitrary.
  • Possible Post-Timeskip Enhancements
    • Better Flame Control
      • Ace starts compressing his flame attacks into focused bursts instead of letting them flare wildly. These bursts have greater range and can pierce through enemy defenses like bullets.
    • Hotter Flames
      • Ace learns how to increase the temperature of his flames using Haki, represented by them turning blue. Doing so rapidly drains his stamina, though. (Similar to Luffy's Gear Second).

Ace will survive the War of the Best because Sabo will rescue him and Luffy before Akainu can kill them.
  • Right as it looks like Ace is going to die like in canon, Sabo and some of the Revolutionaries will pull a Big Damn Heroes.
  • Since Sabo regained his memories early, there's no way he wouldn't be there.
  • Sabo pulling a Big Damn Heroes and stopping one of, if the not the most heartwrenching moment in the series' history would be the perfect way for him to reunite with his brothers. Bonus points if it looks like Cross' actions have made everything even worse.
  • This will be an expansion of the events depicted in the spin-off What If? story One Piece: Special Episode "Luff". ** Half-confirmed. He survives because several members of the Revolutionaries, including Sabo and Dragon himself, show up.

The Straw Hat's separation will be under different circumstances.
  • Due to the influence of the SBS, the other Supernovas will come to the Straw Hats aid when Kizaru, the Pacifistas, and Kuma come for them. They won't lose the fight, but they'll escape.
    • The Kuja Pirates are already near Sabaody, so sending Luffy there is unnecessary.
    • Instead of a newspaper, the Straw Hats will learn of Ace's capture and impending execution when Hancock receives orders from Marineford to aid the Marines when Whitebeard tries to rescue him. As a result, the whole crew will participate in the Impel Down and Marineford arcs.
  • Dragon will be the one to scatter the Straw Hats.
    • Since Kuma didn't scatter the crew before his full conversion, someone else would need to send the Straw Hats to their respective islands. Dragon is the only one with that kind of power.
    • After the War, the Straw Hats have one last victory party before splitting up, promising to see each other after getting stronger and have even more crazy adventures. What was once one of the series' most nightmarish moments will become one of its most touching.
    Soundbite: Call it a good change?
    Cross: No...*sniff* A great change.
  • Zigzagged. The base Wild Mass Guess is Confirmed, but these specific ideas are Jossed. Even with the other Supernovas actively helping, the Straw Hats still get their asses kicked by Kizaru alone, and it's only Rayleigh's Big Damn Heroes that keeps them alive. They also learn from Kizaru about Ace's impending execution. Afterward, Kuma shows up and bluntly informs Cross that the Straw Hats cannot hope to survive in the New World as they are, giving Cross until sunset to tell the Straw Hats about what's coming and get their things together before Kuma comes for them and sends them to where they're going to go.
  • During the arc, Cross' knowledge of their separation will be revealed, causing tensions between him and the others, especially Luffy.
    • Luffy will be furious with Cross, almost to the point of kicking him off the crew. But when he sees Cross' attempts to save him and Ace, and the realization that they aren't ready for the New World, the two will patch things up.
    • Also zigzagged. Luffy comes to the realization on his own that they're not ready for the New World, thanks to reasoning out Doflamingo's reasoning for not killing them when he had the chance. He also realizes that Cross already knows and already has a plan for it, and reasons almost immediately after that he wasn't going to tell them until it was too late to say no. When Cross, who had gone off on his own upon hearing the news, finally arrives, Luffy asks him the basic details and learns of the inevitable two-year separation. Cross is expecting fury and disappointment...but the fact that Cross cried over Ace's death was enough to cement Luffy's trust in him. So instead, Luffy gives Cross his straw hat and tells him to keep it safe until they meet again, a gesture of complete and utter trust. Cross bursts into tears of relief, and the rest of the crew lets go of their own tension in the face of Luffy's choice.

The Marines will undergo a schism after the War of the Best.
  • After the War, the Marines will split into two factions: one dedicated to Moral Justice and led by Aokiji and/or Sengoku (let's call them the "Blue Marines"), the other by Akainu and his Absolute Justice (the "Red Marines").
    • Sengoku will have the Marines secede from the World Government after Cross tears apart his "sins of the parent" philosophy.
      • Cross will use Donquixote Doflamingo and Rocinante as an example.

Future members of the New World Masons will include...


  • Aries — Sengoku, likely after the War of the Best. Sounding more likely after chapter 63, when Cross admits to Law that he's hoping to recruit Sengoku at some point.
    • Looks even more likely due to announcing his intention to quit after Ace's execution after hearing Cross & Rayleigh reveal to the world that Gol D Roger turned himself in and him being captured was a lie perpetrated by the World Government in chapter 72. Chapter 82 only increases the likelihood of him joining after Sengoku makes his resignation official at the end of the War of the Best.
  • Gemini — As with Ox, this will be two members sharing a codename.
    • Maybe Coby and Helmeppo
  • Leo — Magellan. He's outraged at how the WG and the Navy are disregarding the laws they themselves established, especially regarding Impel Down's sovereignty and their excessive cruelty regarding the treatment of their prisoners. This could drive him to join the Masons if he learns of them. He would likely join after learning the "stupid reason" Ace is being executed. He would be given Leo as a reference to the manticore, as well as how he rules Impel Down as a reasonable, but iron-fisted king (which lions are often associated with).
    • Jossed, Magellan is a member of the Damned as "Boar"
    • Perhaps Garp if Cross calls him out on putting his job before his family and breaking his promise to Roger by letting Ace's execution go through.
  • Libra — Issho/Fujitora
    • Looks to be more likely, as Cross specifically names him in Chapter 72 as someone to recruit over the time skip, even saying that he's certain that Issho will join.
  • Taurus — Z, who finally changes his mind and accepts the position.


  • Dog — ? (Edit: Answered in chapter 66, the Strong World aftermath chapter. Turns out it's Perona, though she insists on going by "Puppy" instead of Dog for the cuteness factor.
  • Horse — Cavendish and the Beautiful Pirates
  • Pig — ? (Edit: Answered in Marineford Misery, part 3. It's Magellan, warden of Impel Down.)
    • Probably Jewelry, given her appetite and hair color. It's a toss-up whether she'd be amused or pissed.
    • Likely a mix of both.
      • There's been speculation on the thread that Gild Tesoro of movie 13 will have a Heel Realization (courtesy of the SBS) and take up this spot, since the Pig represents wealth.
      • It will be 'Boar' and Whitebeard, a powerful, and good pirate in the new world, or his successor if he passes away. As for the choice of animal; that mustache of his looks like tusks, and what kind of animal has tusks?
  • Rat — Hawkins (a reference to Basil of Baker Street.)
    • For:
      • In the Eastern Zodiac, the Rat has good compatibility with the Monkey. In the original story, Basil was seen interacting with Apoo (who has the Mason codename Monkey), making him a possible recruit.
    • Against:
      • Hawkins is shown to be very cruel, apathetic, and ruthless. He uses his Devil Fruit powers to transfer damage against him to others.
      • He also is possibly serving Kaidou unwillingly and the people he used it that manner were not of his crew. Just Orochi lackeys to whom he has no emotional attachment and are likely there to keep an eye on him. In the original material, Hawkins is also shown as being literally Nice to the Waiter and enforcing the same on his men.
  • Tiger — Law and the Heart Pirates
    • Called it, as of chapter 61 (Road to Sabaody part 3).
  • Snake — currently offered to Boa Hancock; she'll accept eventually.

Others (no codename specified yet) for the Damned:

  • Worst Generation:
    • Capone Bege and the Fire Tank Pirates
    • Jewelry Bonney and the Bonney Pirates
    • (X. Drake, Basil Hawkins, and Urouge are also possibilities. Kid and Killer are highly unlikely.)
      • Though given the recent reveal with Drake being an undercover marine, it is a question whether he'll join the Divine or the Damned.
      • Drake could end up as Dragon, the one name previously declared persona non grata, if he does legitimately join them.
      • Given his declaration in Marineford Misery part 4, he's now a possible candidate again, seeing as how he's officially resigned from the Marines for real.
  • Straw Hat Grand Fleet:
    • Leo and the Tonta Corps
    • Orlumbus and the Yonta Maria Grand Fleet
    • Ideo and the XXX Gym Martial Arts Alliance/Ideo Pirates
    • Sai and the Happo Navy
  • Others:
    • Duval and the Flying Fish/Rosy Life Riders
      • Mostly confirmed at the end of the Sabaody Revolution arc; Duval is made a Mason under the Damned but not part of the Zodiac, given the codename Bison.
    • Jinbe / Aladine (possible new Captain if Jinbe chooses to leave his crew and join the Straw Hats) and the Sun Pirates
    • Magellan (Impel Down's warden may be cruel and strict, but he's also a decent man with unflinching morals and a strong belief in following the spirit of the law instead of the letter. He's also outraged at how the World Government and the Navy are disregarding the laws they themselves set. This could drive him to side with the New World Masons should they decide to recruit him. Because he's on the side of the law, he would likely join the Divine. But due to Impel Down's Hell motif, he could easily join the Damned.)

A third source for codenames will have to be chosen.
With the number of allies they're getting (especially pirates), they'll run out sooner or later, so they'll need a new source.
  • Divine can be expanded by adding other constellations in general (there's 88 in total), but Damned may need a non-Zodiac source.

On that note, here's a full list of the 88 constellations and who has or might get what (with confirmed identities in bold); each is sorted into one of three categories (human/mythological, animal, or inanimate object), and includes what it's based on:

    Zodiac of the Divine ( 13 main signs) 

  • Aquarius (human/mythological; water-bearer) — "Great Staff Officer" Tsuru
  • Aries (animal; ram) — Sengoku "The Buddha"
  • Cancer (animal; crab) — "White Hunter" Smoker
  • Capricornus/Capricorn (animal; sea goat) — "Black Cage" Hina
  • Gemini (human/mythological; twins) — Koby and Helmeppo
  • Leo (animal; lion) — Garp "The Fist"
  • Libra (inanimate object; balance) — Issho / Fujitora
  • Ophiuchus (human/mythological; serpent-bearer) — "Voice of Anarchy" Jeremiah Cross
  • Pisces (animal; fishes) — Tashigi
  • Sagittarius (human/mythological; archer) — "Chessmaster" Jonathan
  • Scorpius/Scorpio (animal; scorpion) — "Ship Cutter" T-Bone
  • Taurus (animal; bull) — "Black Arm" Zephyr
  • Virgo (human/mythological; virgin or maiden) — N/A (declared persona non grata on grounds of Vergo)

    Zodiac of the Divine ( 75 other signs) 

  • Andromeda (human/mythological; wife of Perseus)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Antlia (inanimate object; air pump)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Apus (animal; Bird-of-paradise/Exotic Bird/Extraordinary Bird)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Aquila (animal; eagle)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Ara (inanimate object; altar)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Auriga (human/mythological; charioteer)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Boötes (human/mythological; herdsman)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Caelum (inanimate object; chisel or graving tool)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Camelopardalis (animal; giraffe)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Canes Venatici (animal; hunting dogs)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Canis Major (animal; greater dog)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Canis Minor (animal; lesser dog)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Carina (inanimate object; keel — part of the former Argo constellation)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Cassiopeia (human/mythological; mother of Andromeda)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Centaurus (human/mythological; centaur)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Cepheus (human/mythological; father of Andromeda)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Cetus (animal; sea monster later interpreted as a whale)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Chamaeleon (animal; chameleon)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Circinus (inanimate object; compasses)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Columba (animal; dove)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Coma Berenices (inanimate object; hair of Queen Berenice II of Egypt)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Corona Australis (inanimate object; southern crown that honors Semele, mother of Dionysus)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Corona Borealis (inanimate object; northern crown that was worn by Ariadne, wife of Dionysus)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Corvus (animal; crow)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Crater (inanimate object; cup)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Crux (inanimate object; southern cross)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Cygnus (animal; swan or Northern Cross)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Delphinus (animal; dolphin)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Dorado (animal; dolphinfish — not a marlin or swordfish, as is popularly depicted)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Draco (animal; dragon)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Equuleus (animal; pony)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Eridanus (inanimate object; river Eridanus in Hades)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Fornax (inanimate object; chemical furnace)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Grus (animal; Crane)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Hercules (human/mythological; Hercules)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Horologium (inanimate object; pendulum clock)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Hydra (animal; Lernaean Hydra/many-headed serpent)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Hydrus (animal; lesser water snake)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Indus (human/mythological; Indian of unspecified type)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Lacerta (animal; lizard)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Leo Minor (animal; lesser lion)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Lepus (animal; hare)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Lupus (animal; wolf)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Lynx (animal; lynx)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Lyra (inanimate object; lyre / harp)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Mensa (inanimate object; Table Mountain in South Africa)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Microscopium (inanimate object; microscope)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Monoceros (animal; unicorn)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Musca (animal; fly)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Norma (inanimate object; carpenter's level)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Octans (inanimate object; octant or reflecting quadrant, a measuring instrument used primarily in navigation)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Orion (human/mythological; Orion the hunter)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Pavo (animal; peacock)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Pegasus (animal; Pegasus the winged horse)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Perseus (human/mythological; Perseus)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Phoenix (animal; phoenix)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Pictor (inanimate object; easel)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Piscis Austrinus (animal; southern fish)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Puppis (inanimate object; poop deck — part of the former Argo constellation)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Pyxis (inanimate object; mariner's compass)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Reticulum (inanimate object; eyepiece graticule)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Sagitta (inanimate object; arrow)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Sculptor (human/mythological; sculptor)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Scutum (inanimate object; shield of Sobieski, a Polish king)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Serpens (animal; snake)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Sextans (human/mythological; sextant)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Telescopium (inanimate object; telescope)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Triangulum (inanimate object; triangle)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Triangulum Australe (inanimate object; southern triangle)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Tucana (animal; toucan)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Ursa Major (animal; great bear)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Ursa Minor (animal; lesser bear)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Vela (inanimate object; sails — part of the former Argo constellation)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Volans (animal; flying fish)
    • Claimed by: ?
  • Vulpecula (animal; fox)
    • Claimed by: ?

      • Guess: Carina, Puppis and Vela (as parts of a ship) will be claimed by shipwrights.

Perona will start carrying a weapon.
While Soundbite has no limbs and thus can't use a weapon (outside of his Devil Fruit) and Su is looking for an upgrade period, Perona is the only other member of the Straw Hats who isn't using a weapon of some kind already, either as the focus of their fighting style or to augment their existing powers. She will remedy this at some point.

In a future arc, Cross will fight (either in battle or wits)...
  • Sabaody Archipelago: Saints Roswald, Shalulia, and Charloss
    • After Saint Jalmolomew was killed by a group of commoners during the aftermath of the Enies Lobby incident, Roswald and his children will be taking greater precautions. They'll bring more guards and be more on the lookout for any of Cross' tricks.
    • Roswald will personally attempt to deal with Cross for what happened to Jalmolomew (if only to reassert the Celestial Dragons' hold on the populace) and will show a level of scheming and craftiness unseen in canon.

  • Marineford: Admiral Akainu
    • To prevent Akainu from killing Ace, Cross gets his attention, sending the Mad Dog of the Marines after him.
      • Cross will mostly be distracting Akainu, keeping him busy while the others get Ace to safety.

  • Fishman Island: Vander Decken IX
    • When Decken was first mentioned, he sounded like he would be the arc's major villain, only to be replaced by Hody Jones and reduced to a creepy, perverted stalker.
    • Xomniac has a knack for taking weaker or underutilized villains and turning them into legitimate threats, especially if they're Devil Fruit users.
    • Decken's improved abilities can be easily explained as him practicing and experimenting with them after listening to the SBS.
    • Like Absalom, Decken's creepy, perverted, stalker tendencies will not be played for laughs.
    • Decken's backstory will be expanded.
      • Decken's status as a fishman who can't swim and the legend of his mad ancestor could be used to give him a tragic backstory, similar to Perona. While it wouldn't excuse or justify his actions, it would help explain how he became who he was.
      • Vander Decken's infamous ancestor wasn't originally a fishman. His species was never confirmed in canon, but there are hints suggesting he might not have been a fishman like his descendant.
      • Hody's empty hatred for humans has been a point of contention for many fans. By expanding on Decken's backstory, Xomniac could turn him into a villain that shows the consequences of ceaseless hatred and prejudice in ways better than Hody could.
      • In addition to his crazed infatuation, Decken's obsession with Princess Shirahoshi was to complete his ancestors' quest of finding the Mermaid Princess who could command Sea Kings. Based on this and his original plan to age her into a woman with the Tamatebako so he could marry her, it can argued that he mainly sees her as a treasure he wants to possess rather than a person. This is further supported by his love of treasure and his disapproval of his angler fish devouring ships he hasn't looted yet.

  • Totland: Streusen, Charlotte Anana, or Cracker
    • Cross' opponents tend to lean more toward the weaker or unexpected side (the Unluckies, Hattori, etc.) and these two fit the bill:
    • Streusen
      • Streusen is Big Mom's second-in-command and hasn't properly fought. His Cook-Cook Fruit also has a lot of untapped potential and Xomniac has shown to be excellent at taking an underused character and making them badass with nothing but their existing toolkit.
    • Anana
      • Cross stated that he "likes little kids as much as he likes writing essays" in Chapter 1 and Anana embodies that perfectly. This would give him the chance to vent out all the frustration Soundbite gave him.
      • Cross' finding out he's stuck fighting Anana would be hilarious, as is the image of a psychotic little girl chasing him around the castle trying to mutilate him with knives.
      • Anana will be given the Adaptational Badass treatment like Lola and Hattori. She may be young, but she's still a child of Big Mom.
    • Cracker
      • Both Cross and Cracker are cocky loudmouths who use unconventional powers and are incredibly squishy when it comes to injuries.
      • Cracker's Devil Fruit lets him create and control biscuits, Cross' one weakness.
      • Cracker will learn about Cross' biscuit allergy, capture him and use it torture him.
      • Cross won't be allergic to Cracker's biscuits due to them being hardtack biscuits, which are more like cookies.

Leo is going to get Shiki's legs.:
  • He said he wanted them, and he needs a better upgrade than Silvertooth's no-name blades.
    • Confirmed. Isaiah and Terry deliver them to him while at Skelter Bite.

Cross will give the Straw Hats a letter each on Sabaody.
  • He will explain the time skip, and warn certain crewmates about things. Such as "Don't eat those mushrooms Luffy" and "Don't push that big pirate button Franky". He will also stuff Sanji's with the photos he took at the fashion show in chapter 29.
    • Confirmed in Chapter 72, though it's unknown exactly how much he told them.

During the timeskip, Vivi will be trained in her new Devil Fruit by Crocodile
  • It would fit that Vivi would be trained to use her new Logia powers by one who has unparalleled mastery over his powers, especially one who has the other Alabatian Logia fruit. It would show just how serious Vivi would be about becoming stronger if she was willing to take training from the one man she couldn't stand. Also, Crocodile would likely agree to it to repay the rest of his debt to Luffy and Cross for freeing him from Impel Down.

Cross's Devil Fruit will be:
  • Something light-based, to go with Soundbite's sound powers.
    • Building on that, Cross will get a Devil Fruit that lets him create mirages/illusions.
  • Something that lets him regenerate, and Wyvern's bandages are for show (either to hide his powers or just to conceal it from his past self).
  • Cross will be the one who ends up eating Vivi's Gust-Gust fruit.
    • Jossed. Vivi ate the Gust-Gust fruit herself during Strong World.
  • The Cloth-Cloth Fruit that Vivi mentioned back in Water 7. Cross-Brain is most likely going to use Oda's pension for Chekhov's Gun.
    • That would make sense. Wyvern is wrapped up like a mummy, which fits the Egyptian theme of Alabasta, and gives him plenty of material to work with.
    • One the other hand, Goda at least is usually less obvious with his Guns. Cross building up injuries that require long term bandaging and a not infrequently mentioned Devil Fruit that controls cloth is hardly subtle.
  • Mythical Zoan Imp-Imp fruit. A type of demon (Cross is a member of the Demon trio), often the familiar of witches ("Weather Witch" Nami), and, like fairies, imps are often portrayed as pranksters, without the reputation modern fairies have, Cross is also frequently mentioned as "smiling impishly". They are also portrayed as short and ugly, with would make people's reaction to Cross's powers amusing.
    • Alternately the Fairy-Fairy Fruit, because Cross with butterfly wing would be hilarious. It would also come with plant-based abilities.
  • The Nagi-Nagi no Mi (Calm-Calm Fruit). Everyone wishes sometimes that Cross would shut up and not make a sound. With this fruit, Cross ends up becoming a soundless man.
  • When they reach Raftel, they find Roger's ultimate treasure, the Kami-Kami no Mi (God-God Fruit). Events will force Cross to eat it, at which point he will realize that he is B.R.O.B. and thus a literal self-insert character by means of a stable time loop.
    • Debunked by Word of God; CV12Hornet confirmed on SpaceBattles that this is not within the Cross-Brain's plans.
  • The Swamp-Swamp Fruit
    • Cross primarily fights with fists, feet & Gadgets, such his right palm's impact dial for example. This Fruit allows it's user to store weapons & gadgets internally for later use, such as the canon chain gun.
    • As stated when Vivi found out about the Hot-Hot Fruit, one of the problems with getting a Devil Fruit is that the prior user has to die first. Luckily, this particular Fruit belongs to a Slaving Piece of scum unlikely to survive Fishman Island, and since the Fishmen have no use for something that robs their ability to Swim, the executed slaver's DF will be gifted to their Hero, Cross.
    • Also, while it would be over-powered in paridise, a logia wouldn't guarantee a win, or even one minute's survival, in a New-World mook fight.
  • Cross might get an original Devil Fruit known as the Comic-Comic Fruit (or Manga-Manga no mi in Japanese)
    • The fruit's powers will give him the ability to manifest volumes of Manga and copy the powers represented in the pages.
    • Such powers might include:
      • Comi-Copy (Shadow Clone Jutsu — Naruto)
      • Comi-Cruise (Astro Boy's rocket feet — Astro Boy)
      • Comi-Create (Alchemy — Fullmetal Alchemist)
      • Cani-Comi Combo: Fire Dog-gun Howl (Fire Dragon Roar — Fairy Tail)
      • Pachy-Comi Combo: Bankaivory (Bankai — Bleach)
      • and of course, Comi-Hameha (KameHameha — Dragon Ball Z)

The Sabaody arc will reveal that Saint Roswald personally issued Vivi her bounty.
  • At some point or another during the Sabaody arc, Saint Roswald reveals that he himself put a price on Vivi's head, causing Cross and possibly even Vivi herself to attack the Celestial Dragon with a vengeance.
    • Jossed, but not far off; it was actually his daughter Shalria, and Vivi does end up attacking that person in retaliation shortly after Luffy punches out Charloss.

The final chapter before the hiatus/Time-skip will be The 1000th Review Spectacular, told from Wyvern's perspective.

Carrot will join the Straw Hat Pirates full-time.:
  • Cross-Brain have shown themselves to be quite fond of the ascended extra trope, and this would fit in with that.

When the Straw Hats reach Zou, Cross will completely no-sell Wanda's attempts at revenge.

If Wyvern is an accurate representation of how much stronger he'll be post-time skip, he should at least be able to match blows with her. He'll also (most likely) have Soundbite, Lassoo, AND Funkfreed backing him up.

After the time skip, Cross will incorporate new programs into the SBS in a similar vein as "Soundbite's Music Corner" and "Cooking with Sanji". A few potential programs:

  • Diplomacy and Etiquette with Vivi
(Vivi gives tips and lessons on proper decorum and conduct that royalty should exhibit, along with advice on diplomacy and negotiation tactics.)

  • Ship Care with Franky and Merry
(Franky and Merry speak on the finer and broader points of ship maintenance, care, and repair.)

  • Chopper's On-Air Clinic
(Viewers can call in and ask Chopper for advice and treatment for any ailments or maladies they might have.)

As the Straw Hats depart for Fishman Island, Cross will do a very special broadcast; :

Luffy: This is "Straw Hat" Monkey D. Luffy!

Zoro: "Pirate Hunter" Roronoa Zoro!

Nami: "Weather Witch" Nami!

Usopp: "Sniper King" Usopp!

Merry: "White Menace" Going Merry!

Sanji: "Black Leg" Sanji!

Cross: "Voice of Anarchy" Jeremiah Cross!

Soundbite: "Voice of Anarchy" Soundbite!

Chopper: "Spark of Genius" Tony Tony Chopper!

Vivi: "Corsair Princess" Nefertari Vivi!

Carue: Cawue the Duck!

Lassoo: Lassoo!

Boss: "Man of the Sea" Boss Dugong!

TDWS: "Disciples of the Sea!"

Mikey: Mikey!

Donny: Donny!

Raphey: Raphey!

Leo: And "Half-Shell Blade" Leo!

Robin: "Devil Child" Nico Robin.

Conis: "Angel of Destruction" Conis!

Su: "Cottontail" Su!

Franky: SUPER! "Cyborg" Franky!

Funkfreed: Funkfreed!

Brook: "Soul King" Brook!

Billy: And Billy!


The SBS will drastically change the Fishman Island arc:
  • Due to Cross's broadcasts about fishman, slavery, and tolerance, Hody Jones and the New Fishman Pirates will likely lose a lot of support. Their followers will realize how stupid and pointless their motives are and quit, bringing in even more support for Otohime's vision of equality.
  • Jinbe and Neptune will likely start keeping a closer eye on Hody as well, throwing an even bigger wrench in his plans. They may even be able to keep him from getting the Tamatebako and the Energy Steroids (or at least keep him from getting more than a few).
    • Because they won't be able to rely on the Energy Steroids, the New Fishman Pirates will be forced to revise their plan, become stronger, or find an alternate power-boosting drug.
  • This will give Hody a serious grudge against Cross and he'll make it his personal mission to destroy him for ruining his plan to take over Fishman Island and exterminate the human race.
  • While extremely unlikely, Cross' actions may be able to persuade some of Hody's officers to pull a Heel–Face Turn. After losing so much support, they may start to rethink their beliefs and have second thoughts about the plan. A possible tipping point could be when Hody attacks or even kills one of their own in a fit of rage, causing a schism.
    • Because their hatred had been drilled into their skulls for so long, the defectors would still be disdainful and distrusting of humans, just not to genocidal extremes.
    • After Hody is defeated and witnessing him suffer the rapid aging side-effects of the Energy Steroids, they would have a begrudging respect for Cross for ultimately saving them from sharing their former captain's fate.
  • Cross sent a letter to Princess Shirahoshi with a number for her brother, Fukaboshi, presumably with information about Hody Jones and Vander Decken's plans. The royal family would have solid proof to go after the New Fishman Pirates, especially after Cross proved to Jinbe that Hody murdered Otohime.
  • Chew and Kuroobi will participate in the battle against the New Fishman Pirates.
    • The two were horrified upon learning that they're responsible for twisting Hody and his friends, once little kids who looked up to them and Arlong as heroes, into bloodthirsty, xenocidal killers. Once they learn what's going on in Fishman Island, they'll race down there as soon as possible to stop him and see what he's become.
    • The two will try to reason with Hody and get him to stop, if only to stop him from hurting his own people and trampling Queen Otohime's legacy. Obviously, their pleas will fall on deaf ears, forcing them to fight.
  • Hody and Vander Decken will be joined by Arlong.
    • Arlong is ultimately responsible for everything that happened in this arc, so having him return seems appropriate.
    • While Arlong has yet to canonically appear post-Timeskip, it's highly unlikely that he will, making this the perfect opportunity for Cross-Brain to bring him back.
    • If Cross' letter to Shirahoshi does throw a wrench in Hody's plans, he might not be able to put them in motion anymore. Unless of course, he had some help. And who better to help the captain of the New Fishman Pirates' plan to destroy all humans than the fishman who set him on that path in the first place?
      • In the event Arlong does return, potential contradictions can be avoided by keeping his whereabouts as vague as possible. Alternatively, these contradictions could be chalked up the SBS causing some kind of Butterfly Effect, resulting in things happening differently.
      • With Nami becoming even stronger than she was in canon, it'd be a great chance to both show just how powerful she's become TB!post-Timeskip, as well as finally give her the chance to defeat the monster who murdered Bellemere and put her through hell with her own hands.
      • Alternately, Arlong will have found out about Hody's actions (maybe Jinbe visited and told him) and will return to Fishman Island to bring Hody to justice himself.

  • Due to working for the Masons as Jormungandr, Cipher Pol No. 9 will not go on to join Aegis 0.
    • Alternatively, they will join Aegis 0, but to spy on the World Nobles and the Elder Stars.
    • The original guess is looking more accurate, seeing as they've arrived at Marineford and sided with Luffy and his allies.

Ace's Fate:
  • The World Government will turn Ace into a human weapon much more dangerous than Kuma. It's why they have him drugged up and why the entire team of scientists have been captured for this.
    • Ace being converted into a Pacifista-type cyborg like Kuma seems even more likely when you look at who the scientists (besides Vegapunk) are: Ratchet is an engineer, Hogback is a surgeon, and Indigo is a chemist/biologist, all professions that would be useful in creating cyborgs. Heck, given his expertise in explosive and flammable gases, it wouldn't be surprising if they brought in Caesar Clown.
    • In Chapter 60, Cross notices that Ace's vivrecard showed he was going parallel to the Red Line, suggesting that he's on or near Sabaody. While he could just be being taken to Marineford for his execution, Tashigi revealed that the World Government has deployed a task force to find Cross' homeland and Buster Call it as punishment for the SBS. If Ace is being made into a human weapon like Kuma, this is likely what they're using him for.
    • In Chapter 64, it's revealed he's being kept in a prison ship and healthy in order to fool Vivre Cards (and the other two with him), and that they intend him to remain there until they've rebuilt their armies and thus would stand a chance against Whitebeard. Only then will he be executed.
    • Jossed. Ace is not augmented and does not die at Marineford.

Cross will get his own archenemy.
  • To keep things interesting and screw with Cross even more, BROB will drag another person from the real world to give Cross an evil counterpart. The "Anti-Cross" will be required to defeat/kill Cross or he'll never be allowed to return home.
  • Anti-Cross will have several advantages Cross won't:
    • A smartphone or tablet with unlimited battery life and Internet. This will allow him to look up information on the story whenever he wants.
    • BROB will give him all kinds of Mary Sue/Marty Stu-esque powers. Cross is a rare example of a self-insert character done right, so it would make sense for his Evil Counterpart to be everything wrong with these kinds of characters.
    • A Devil Fruit.
      • Calm-Calm Fruit: Cross and Soundbite's signature techniques are centered around weaponized sound and ventriloquism, so who better to serve as their nemesis than a Soundproof Human?
  • Anti-Cross' Personality
    • Anti-Cross will be polite, quiet, and cautious, since Cross is sarcastic, mouthy, and an adventurous.
      • While Cross loves getting into dangerous situations and intense thrills, they give Anti-Cross severe nausea or panic attacks.
    • While Cross is brave, loyal, and compassionate, Anti-Cross is cowardly, selfish, and ruthless.
      • Anti-Cross' nastiness will be mostly out of fear, desperation, and rage than malice.
    • Anti-Cross enjoys making out of series references, while Cross hates them.
    • Anti-Cross dislikes One Piece and possibly shonen manga/anime in general.
    • Anti-Cross will join an enemy faction, likely against his will:
      • Blackbeard Pirates: The Blackbeards are looking more and more like Evil Counterparts for the Straw Hats already, so it makes sense for them to have their own self-insert/real-worlder.
      • Marines/World Government: After Sakazuki becomes Fleet Admiral and learns of Anti-Cross, he'll immediately have him drafted into the Corps to make use of his impossible knowledge. Alternatively, the Cipher Pols will get him instead.

Charlotte Pudding will join the New World Masons as a "Cleaner".
  • Pudding ate the Mem-Mem Fruit, allowing her to erase and alter memories, making her an ideal ally.

Captain Shu (Mr. Rust-Rust Fruit) will fight Tashigi pre-timeskip.
  • Since Tashigi seems to have been set up to fight him for destroying priceless grade swords, and she is to be undercover as Straw Hat Cabin Girl T.A. Shigi, this is the only time she could fight another marine without risking her job.
    • Confirmed in Chapter 68.

Bege will marry Lola instead of Chiffon.
  • After making her stronger, more relevant to the story, and a personal motivation to deal with Big Mom, having Lola finally find a husband seems like the next logical step for Cross-Brain.
  • Bege is the most logical choice, as it would allow for him and the Firetank Pirates to still participate in the Totland Arc like in canon.
  • Having Cross inadvertently Retgone one of the series' sweetest married couples sounds like the kind of thing B.R.O.B. would find entertaining, especially if it hurts Chiffon.
    • Marrying Bege and having Pez gave Chiffon hope and happiness. If Bege marries Lola, she'll be alone and continue being abused by her mother with no hope of escape or any kind of solace. She may even grow to hate or resent Lola.
    • Assuming he isn't retconned as Lola's son, Pez will never be born. If Cross ever learned about how things went in canon, he would have erased someone out of existence, something B.R.O.B. would likely torment him with.
  • Alternatively, Bege will still marry Chiffon, but Lola will end up marrying one of his crew.

Joconde will be among the Charlotte children changing sides.
Since Macarron was her immediate older sister before being Unpersoned, Joconde will harbor a secret hatred of her mother over what happened to her sister. Like Chiffon (who remains fond of her twin Lola), she's secretly intending to rebel when she can get enough help to do so.
  • On a related note, Macarron will be identified as Joconde's older twin.

The Emperor's offers
Kaido's invitation was probably legitimate (and Whitebeard's offer of a friendly alliance was guaranteed to be). Big Mom, on the other hand, was probably trying to draw them into a trap, given her reaction to seeing Luffy as basically Roger reincarnate, and their friendship with Lola.

Gol D Roger will speak with Rayleigh when the Straw Hats meet him
Roger has already spoken twice through Soundbite to a single person. The first time was during Enies Lobby to help Luffy get up and fight Lucci. The second was to Shiki moments before Luffy defeated him, confirming the veteran's inevitable defeat by Roger's successor. When the Straw Hats meet with Rayleigh, Roger can say through Soundbite that he acknowledges Luffy as his successor and wants Rayleigh to train him. He could also thank Luffy for being there for his son, Ace.
  • Seemingly jossed; the Sabaody Revolution arc has come and gone and the Straw Hats were separated for the time skip training without any phone calls from beyond the grave. But could still happen post-skip.

Raijax from Ripples, Waves, Tsunamis will appear.
Nami asks Hachi whether or not they found someone from Arlong's crew. It's heavily implied that this someone is Raijax, an OC from one of Xomniac's older fanfics. Introducing him to the story would allow for some entertaining meta-fiction and give B.R.O.B. more ways to mess with Cross' head.

  • As for how this would be possible:
    Cross: But it doesn't make sense! Raijax was a character I created. How can he be here!?
    Chopper: Maybe you didn't actually create him.
    Cross: Wh-What do you mean?
    Chopper: It's possible that you — and by extension, all other fanfic writers — have a sub-conscious link to this world and it's different variations. What you thought was merely imagination was a psychic memory of our crew's adventures.
    Cross: *beat* Holy shit...

Cross will be transformed by Sugar in the Dressrosa arc
Cross being in the Straw Hats often meant taking the misfortune that his crewmates went through in canon (Eg: Nami's sickness from Little Garden, Enel's electric torture). Going by pattern, Cross would prevent Robin from being turned into a toy by sugar, but in the process get himself transformed. This will also show how much his presence has changed his crewmates when they forgot he ever existed.
  • This could also ironically be crucial in order to knock out Sugar as Usopp did in the arc. As shown, Sugar's fruit memory erasure is powerful, but it does not affect physical evidence of those transformed such as an inscribed name or an engraved statue, and highly perceptive individuals can pinpoint that something is amiss, even if they cannot acknowledge what it is. But what is overlooked - or never addressed - is the extent of how much Sugar is drained/affected in order to remove said individual from EVERYONES memories. Story-wise, the most important people she has ever removed from people's memories are Robin (important to the crew) and Kyros (important to the island nation). But Cross? He is too significant and crucial to the changes that occurred in the world in the last 2 years alone. To remove him would mean the fruit somehow justifying multiple nations going revolutionary, Marines rebelling, the Masons, the SBS, etc. Xomniac and crew have always shown talent in exploiting the smallest of Devil Fruit factoids and having Cross pull off this Ace-in-hole during the darkest hour of the arc just screams Xanatos Gambit.

Luffy will join the Sabaody New World Mason meeting, and learn about the Crew Split then
During the process when Cross was explaining that Hody killed Queen Otohime to Jimbe in Chapter 60, we see from Luffy's point of view that he decided he can no longer be ignorant about the decisions that Cross and the other Masons make due to the burden on them. While this was subverted in 62 while on Skelter Bite, the circumstances in chapter 70, with their near-death by Kizaru and learning that Ace is a prisoner of the marines, are direr, enough that Luffy will join to get answers on to protect both his crew and his brother. And while he initially won't be happy that his Officers, Soundbite, Vivi, and Merry knew that the split would happen, he would understand that it is necessary for all of them to get stronger and survive the New World.
  • Jossed. Despite what happened, Luffy had faith in his crewmates, and entrusts Cross with making the plans that will aid the Straw Hats.

Smiley, the giant, slime axolotl from Punk Hazard, will join the Straw Hats as the next animal companion.
When Brook asked Cross is he was collecting Zoan weapons, Cross thought back to Smiley, but dismissed the idea. When Punk Hazard happens, Smiley will join the Straw Hats; turning it into a classic case of Oda-style foreshadowing.

  • Smiley's original poison slime-gas form will be detroyed like in canon, but the Sala-Sala Fruit will end up in the Straw Hats' possession at the end; likely due to them raiding Caesar's lab for food, resources, and medicine. Chopper will attempt to study the fruit to aid in his Zoan research, and in the process, accidentally have the fruit eaten by an object or weapon, reviving Smiley.
    • Smiley will merge with a piece of Chopper's lab equipment, like Indigo's revolving syringe gun.

  • Personality and Voice Reference
    • Disney character.
      • Minnie Mouse or Daisy Duck if they decide to make Smiley female.
      • Alternatively, they could go with a Disney princess like Elsa or Rapunzel.
      • Or, as a more obscure reference, a character from Gravity Falls.

    • Other Ideas
      • Morty. Instead of Cross, Smiley becomes Chopper's animal companion, and is very insecure and nervous due to just being reborn. Chopper being a mad scientist doesn't help things.
      • Alternatively, Smiley acts like Rick and does things like constantly get into Zoro's booze stash or gets high/intoxicated on Chopper's chemicals.

  • Abilities
    • Going from the syringe gun theory, Smiley could inject people with different medicines and poisons by morphing part of his body into a syringe.
    • If Smiley is small, they could sneak up on an enemy and knock them out with sleep serum or paralysis toxins.

Sabaody Revolution will end with Sandersonia being captured and brought to Impel Down.

  • We know based on the preview for the finale that Hancock will not be happy with Luffy at Amazon Lily. As such, what better reason for her fury than the capture and imprisonment of her sister? How else would someone as pronounced as Sandersonia manage to escape the Marines unnoticed? She has been such a prominent part of this skirmish that it is hard to miss her and for her to return to Amazon Lily in time for Luffy to be sent there is highly unlikely. Odds are, she will end up sent to Impel Down, perhaps as a secondary objective to recover during the Impel Down escape.
    • Jossed; the anger was neither Hancock's nor along those lines. At the end of the Revolution, Sandersonia left the island with Koala and arrived back on Amazon Lily three days later.

Blackbeard will seemingly be killed in the Marineford War.

  • During the War, Ace will survive thanks to Cross' gambits and Whitebeard won't be stabbed by Squard, allowing him to be stronger during his final battle with Teach. Ultimately, Whitebeard will still die, but he'll take Teach with him. Teach won't die and will possibly still gain the Tremor-Tremor Fruit, but due to severe injuries he received, his plans will be delayed significantly so he can recover.
  • This lures Cross into another false sense of security, or at least have a gut feeling that Blackbeard's still out there due to his cockroach tenacity.
  • Jossed. He's confirmed as having been alive when he left.

Cross and his allies were sent to an island with no visible light.
While all of the new Straw Hats' locations have been revealed upon separation, Cross, Soundbite, Lassoo, and Funkfried's destination has not. But The Patient One gave us a hint: "Your hopes are doomed to the Darkness."

Naturally, the best way for Soundbite to grow is practice, so it's best to send him somewhere where sound and hearing are paramount. Therefore, the Voices of Anarchy were sent into a location where there's no visible light and only darkness. Soundbite would have to serve as the group's eyes twenty-four-seven via sonar.

  • Confirmed: Cross was sent to Serpent, the Seventh Hell of Darkness. It is a living parasite attached to the Red Line where those who threatened the World Government's stability are tossed in to go mad and be consumed.

Sanji's brothers will be given some Hidden Depths.
In canon, it's implied that Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji may not be completely heartless. They're terrified of Big Mom's people collection, find Nami attractive, and ultimately respect Sanji's abilities enough to give him his own Raid Suit. This has led to the theory that the drug Sora took that kept Sanji's genetic modifications from taking effect had a lesser effect on them and that they have the potential to regain some of their lost humanity. At the very least, they'll have a grudging respect for Sanji for how far he's come.

Examples and ideas:

  • Niji will apologize to the maid he attacked, even if he doesn't understand why he feels bad about it.
  • Ichiji secretly takes the Card-Carrying Villain motif seriously and relishes in all the Super Sentai/Kamen Rider tropes surrounding his family. During the battle with Big Mom, he'll even request that Sanji wear his Raid Suit into a battle with the Big Mom Pirates, just so they can have a full set of five fighters.
    Ichiji:"Alright. Given the circumstances, it seems we have no choice. Until Big Mom and her forces are defeated and we can get out of here, Germa 66 are officially allies of the Straw Hat Pirates."
    Luffy:"Fine by me."
    Ichiji:Mmm. That being said. *turns to Sanji* Sanji."
    Sanji:"What is it?"
    Ichiji:"If we're going up against an Emperor's crew, you're going to need this."
    *Ichiji holds out the Stealth Black Raid Suit cannister.*
    Yonji:"Is that the Stealth Black Raid Suit!?"
    Niji:"No effin' way!"
    Reiju:"Ichiji...are you serious?"
    Ichiji:Deadly serious. If we're going to stand any chance of getting out of here alive, we need the full power of Germa 66's elite attack unit."
    Niji:Are you out your damned mind!?"
    Yonji:This is Sanji we're talking about! His lineage mods don't work! He doesn't have any Devil Fruit powers! He's a pathetic piece of shit! Father even staged his own death just to—"
    Ichiji:This pathetic piece of shit pulverized your face into patte the second he saw you! And honestly, given the chance, he'd probably be able to do the same thing to me! Mods or no mods, Sanji has proven himself worthy of Germa 66 and the name of Vinsmoke, and I'll ash anyone who says otherwise! Got it!?"
  • Everyone stares in shock*
    Sanji:"The hell...?"
    Cross:"I'm guessing that's not normal?"
    Reiju:"It shouldn't even be possible."
    Ichiji:Ugh...That was weird. Anyway..."
    *Ichiji extends the Raid Suit cannister to Sanji*
    Ichiji:"My point is, unless you want to die out there Sanji, you're going to need Stealth Black. Hell, I'll even let you keep the damn thing when this is all over."
    Sanji:"Are out of your mind!? I'd rather eat my shoe leather than use any of your damn—"
    Ichiji:"Will you just shut up and take it already!? If you don't use it, you're going to die!"
    Sanji:"Why do you care!? After everything you did to me, why would you care about me now!?"
    Ichiji:"I don't know!"
    Ichiji:"I...I don't know! For the past year or so, I've been feeling...weird. My stomach aches and I feel like I'm going to throw up. My heart starts pounding like a machinegun, even when I'm not fighting. I break out in a cold sweat whenever I think about our previous jobs! And I can't stop thinking about everything we did to you!"
    *Ichiji grits his teeth.*
    Ichiji:"Then I saw you at the fortress, and everything started getting worse! I know I'm not sick, I can't get sick! All I know is that you're the source of all this! So just suck it up, shut up, and take the damned can so we can fight together as fa...aa...aa..."
    *Everyone looks on in shock, especially Sanji and his siblings. Ichiji's face goes blank for a second, but quickly returns to normal*
    Ichiji:" a...complete unit. One time, then we'll never see eachother again. Got it?"
    *Sanji looks at Ichiji in disbelief as a single tear streams down his otherwise, emotionless face.*
    Sanji (smiles):Yeah, I got it."
    *Sanji takes the Raid Suit cannister.*

  • Yonji, being the most ill-tempered and dickish of the trio, would likely have to be coerced into giving their "worthless, runt brother" some credit, but he would likely give Sanji at least back-handed compliment before he leaves.

Vivi's training grounds are a Secret Test of Character.
Kuma didn't send Vivi to her island in the Grand Line just to train her combat abilities. It's to force a choice on her she never had to make initially. Now that she's back in Alabasta, Vivi has to choose between friends and family. Does she stay in Alabasta, help now that they've separated from the World Government? Or does she train and return to the Straw Hats? She never had a choice when she initially joined the crew, branded as she was by the Celestial Dragons. Now she has to decide. And that's the real point of her training. Subconsciously, the yearning for home has been holding Vivi back, a doubt in the back of her mind of where her loyalties lie. Once she makes her decision, then that will unshackle her. Vivi will be able to devote herself entirely once she has closed off the other path of her own volition.

Su's New Power
It has been hinted that Su will find the Children of Inari in Eden's Cinder, granting her new abilities to aid Conis and the rest of the crew. Assuming her new abilities will be Kitsune-like, including shape-shifting akin to Onimaru from Wano.
  • Bonus points if her human form's voice matches the voice that Soundbite gave her.

Irian ate the Cloth-Cloth Fruit.
In chapter 75, Akainu is seen interracting with one of the fighters he recruited from the New World: a woman named Irian. There's some evidence that suggests that Irian ate the Cloth-Cloth Fruit, the Grace of Alabasta.

  • Both Irian and the Cloth-Cloth Fruit are completely original to This Bites.
  • Irian was shown gushing about the cloth her new outfit it made of, and says that she intends to buy all the cloth she can when the war is over.
    • Jossed: Irian ate the Chord-Chord Fruit, which lets her control people and objects by setting a rhythm for them to follow.

Cross will get access to the information of the new arcs (Zou, Totland, the Reverie, and Wano), but only right after Dressrosa.
This way B.R.O.B. can be entertained with Cross's despair and anger at failing to help the Minks in some way against Jack and Sanji being taken for the wedding.
  • Seemingly jossed; The Patient One stated in November of 2018 that whatever the boon B.R.O.B. would grant Cross once his future knowledge ran out, it would not be a liability any more than the transceiver is, and it would not be from the real world.

During the The Whole Cake Saga, Soundbite will somehow end up projecting some, or all, of the musical songs that happen through out the arc.
A result from either Soundbite's Time Skip training or maybe a weird resonance with Big Mom's Soul-Soul Fruit, the Strawhats (and potentially the World if the SBS happens during them) will end up hearing all the different musical like songs that happen in the arc.

How Blackbeard could have killed Magellan.
The second chapter of the War arc reveals that Blackbeard defeated Magellan, and may have even killed him offscreen. Here's how that could have happened:
  • Magellan underestimated how badly he was hurt. He admits outright that he's letting Luffy go because he's concerned that taking down the Straw Hat captain would leave him too weak to handle Blackbeard's invasion as well. But it's possible that he could have underestimated just how damaged he was, and/or just how badass that Blackbeard is, a potentially fatal error.
  • Blackbeard's Power Nullifier ability. Whilst Magellan isn't actually a Logia, and he does have Super Toughness, he's still very used to being all but impervious to attacks because nobody can normally hit him without being stopped by his poisonous slime armor. But Blackbeard's Dark-Dark Fruit lets him both suck away Magellan's armor as fast as Magellan secretes it, and then he can stop its formation entirely by grabbing hold of Magellan's exposed body. Once that happens, Blackbeard and his crew can just start pounding Magellan without fear. Of course, that raises the question of how the Dark-Dark Fruit and Venom-Venom Fruit interact...
    • Also, keep in mind, Luffy never told Magellan that the Dark-Dark Fruit has that power! Magellan knew that Blackbeard was dangerous, but not the specifics; Blackbeard being able to stop Magellan producing poison with a touch would have been a potentially fatal surprise for the Warden of Impel Down.
    • Jossed: Magellan survived.

Consuming the Venom-Venom Fruit's poison with the Dark-Dark Fruit renders it inert.
  • We know that, canonically, the downside of Blackbeard's Dark-Dark Fruit is that he lacks the Elemental Shapeshifter powers of standard Logias, and it actually intensifies the pain Blackbeard suffers from attacks. It's even been shown that things Blackbeard has absorbed can still hurt him, as noted when he swallows the people Aokiji froze. So, why wouldn't Magellan's poison just poison Blackbeard from inside? Because it's a physical substance, not energy. Heat and cold can harm Blackbeard from inside the void because that's how temperature works; it actively radiates. But poison is a chemical reaction; without actually interacting with Blackbeard's biology, it literally can't do anything to Blackbeard. So when Blackbeard swallows Magellan's poison in his darkness, it just sits in there until he lets it go, as harmless as water.

Cross' new allies and enemies during the Time Skip.
Aside from Benedia, the young cannibal he's taking under his wing to rehabilitate, several beings are shown reacting to Cross' Rousing Speech to the inhabitants of Serpent — a large being listening in confusion, a giant spider planning to eat him, and a man with glowing hands who feels hope for the first time. It's clear that they're all going to be important during Cross' time on Serpent, but the question is how?
  • The giant could go either way — if it's one of the island's guardians, it'll be an enemy (at least at the start, with a possibility of being talked into a Heel–Face Turn), and if not it'll become a friend right away.
  • The spider will probably be Cross' new Arch-Enemy, at least while on the island as it tries repeatedly to devour him, maybe even after as well if it manages to somehow escape and try to hunt him down.
  • The man with glowing hands will be a key ally and friend, and will probably keep hanging out with Cross after they escape Serpent.

Doflamingo's tournament will be for the Tremor-Tremor Fruit.
Obviously it can't be for the Flame-Flame Fruit, since Ace is still alive, and with Blackbeard prevented from stealing Whitebeard's power, it's very much still in play, and far too powerful to not show up again. And while it wouldn't be as direct as in canon, Doflamingo can still use the tournament as a trap for the Straw Hats by association, as Ace and the other Whitebeards would want to reclaim their father's fruit, and Luffy would want to support his brother.
  • While Teach himself probably won't show up for the tournament, he'll probably send one of his stronger subordinates like Shiki or World to retrieve the fruit for him. If so, this would give a chance either for Luffy to have a rematch with Shiki (and/or for Nami to get some personal payback for Strong World), or to confront World over what happened to his brother and crew.
  • Jossed; The Patient One confirmed on the SpaceBattles thread that this is not in their plans (top of page 1143):
    The Patient One: The Flame-Flame Fruit was a potent weapon that would make its user a threat. But it would not be a weapon that could effortlessly cause the end of the world. The Tremor-Tremor Fruit is not suitable as bait for attracting big fish; rather, it would draw the attention of leviathans. If the Government found out, they would do whatever it took to get it out of Doflamingo's hands and into their own, and use it for their own devices. Likewise for the Emperors, who may even try to retrieve it personally. Anyone and everyone loyal to Whitebeard would also vie for it, as would anyone in Blackbeard's crew. The list goes on, and while Doflamingo is a powerful and prideful man, he's not at the top of the food chain and he knows it, so he's not going to do something that would get the hostile attention of not only many people weaker than him, but everyone stronger than him. All of which is to say nothing of the consideration that he'd rather give it to Lao G or Dellinger and add that power to his own family, though that could cause a similar stir.

Vivi will awaken the Gust-Gust fruit in the Dressrosa arc in a similar manner that Moria did
The reason Moria awakens his fruit is him waking up to see his crew essentially annihilated by the Straw Hats, which is not only a huge shock in its own right, but also extremely reminiscent of Moria's former crew being horribly slaughtered by Kaido, with the two traumas correlating enough that the resultant Freak Out triggers the awakening.

Vivi has spent years trying to stop and/or kill Crocodile, a Warlord of the Sea, who's pretending to be a savior of the country while actually ruining it for his own gain via a dark organization he leads. And when she finally succeeded, she was framed as a criminal, forced to leave the island, and then that same island immediately went to war again, but for her sake.

While the situation with Dressrosa is different in many ways, the similarities are very clear. Doflamingo, a Warlord, ruining the country while pretending to be a savior and benevolent ruler. He's running a slave trade underground, not unlike Baroque Works. Viola is forced to work with someone she hates and wants dead to save her country. While not the princess, Rebecca is the daughter of the princess and is also forced to deal with the situation. The similarities are there, and Vivi will not miss them.

Factor in what Doflamingo pulled in Sabaody, and the many, many terrible things he has done, and Vivi will be baying for Doffy's blood more than anyone other than Luffy or Cross.

Of Course, even a Time Skip won't make Vivi strong enough to fight Doflamingo. At best, she could take out his Black Knight. But suppose Doflamingo tries to Kick the Dog in Vivi's presence. He could force any two people to fight to the death. He could use his Conqueror's Haki on Cross again. Even the Birdcage might be enough to send Vivi over the edge.

Granted, she's far saner than Moria, and has friends to calm her down, but the initial result will be horrifying and heartbreaking.

The imposter Straw Hats will be Adapted Out.
Thanks to the SBS, especially its visual component from Strong World onwards, everyone in the world knows what the Straw Hats look and act like. There's no way that Demalo and his crew will be successful in trying the same scam as in canon, least of all in Sabaody, where the Straw Hats were the driving force behind the revolution. If anything, there'll probably be mention of them trying and being run off by an angry mob for insulting the archipelago's heroes.

    Future References 

During a call from Tashigi, Cross or Soundbite will answer with...

Usopp's Animal Companion will be an eastern hercules beetle expy of Homer Simpson
  • Gluttonous, dumb, and yellow? Who else would it be? Bonus points if this exchange happens:
    Cross: Worst. Reference. Ever.
    Soundbite: Eat my shorts!

There will be a reference to Rick and Morty.
  • The Multiverse is a major element in Rick and Morty, so it only makes sense for it to receive a nod.
  • Expies of Rick and Morty will appear in the story as animals Soundbite will translate.
    • Ex. The Straw Hats encounter a pair of humandrills looking to claim their bounties named Mick and Rory.

Uzume from Sekirei will appear.
Who else could be the holder of the Grace of Alabasta?

The following character will become an expy of...
  • New Fishman Pirates
    • Zeo: Deadpool. Of the New Fishman Pirates, Zeo is the most popular (see his entry on the Ensemble Dark Horse page).
    • Zeo shares many design elements with the Merc With A Mouth: violent, white eyes, a belt with a round buckle, dual weapons, extreme overconfidence and arrogance, and a quirky personality trait (Deadpool's fourth wall breaks and Zeo claiming all of his screw-ups were intentional).
    • While their personalities are complete opposites, Zeo may slip into more manic fits as a side-effect of the energy steroids.

  • Charlotte Children
    • Perospero: Willy Wonka and Mark Hamill's Joker. Perospero both looks and acts like a mash-up of the two characters. He has Wonka's love of candy, similar outfit, and has signs of his artistic side (his Lick-Lick Fruit powers let him create elaborate candy constructs) and the Joker's cruelty, sadism, and (to an extent) insanity.
    Perospero: Just shoot him? Know this my sweet, little sister, the death of Jeremiah Cross, must be nothing less than a masterpiece! The triumph of my confectionery-artistic genius, against his ridiculous pets and gadgets!

    • Daifuku: Jotaro Kujo: Fans have often compared Daifuku's genie to a Stand due to its nature as a living manifestation of his power and design. Genies also originate from the Middle East, where a good portion of Stardust Crusaders took place. Daifuku also shares Jotaro's rude, abrasive, violent personality (even toward members of his own family). May use the Abridged version for humor.
    Daifuku: You're lucky I'm in a good mood Long-Nose. Because today is Tuesday, and everyone knows Tuesday is Donut Day.
    Usopp: (weakly) But it's... Thursday...
    Daifuku (darkly): Die.

    • Smoothie: Armondo Guitierrez from Freakazoid!. Smoothie shares Guitierrez's polite, Affably Evil personality, subtle, sinister method of intimidation, and has one eye covered at all times. She can also say Guitierrez's most memorable quote in complete context and seriousness:
    Smoothie: If I don't get that Vivrecard lickity-split, I shall squeeze you. And I shall keep on squeezing you until all your man-juices run dry!

Comedy references
As the story has already referenced two classic comedy groups, there will be references to two more: The Three Stooges and Laurel and Hardy.
  • Laurel and Hardy confirmed — Jinbe gives the misquote "Well, this is yet another fine mess you've gotten us into!" to Luffy in "Marineford Misery" part 2.

Marineford War (What is it good for)
Cross wanted to prevent the War of the Best by warning Ace about him being captured by Blackbeard. But because the War will happen thanks to Ace and his allies being blindsided by Aokiji, he'll make sure that people will know the war will only bring tragedy. And what better song to us than Edwin Starr's War.

Beware the Medic...
At some point — either of his own volition or manipulation — Chopper will betray the crew out of frustration with everyone overworking him because they refuse to take proper care of themselves and overtaxing their bodies despite his constant warnings. When he does, he will sing a version of MEDIC! THE MUSICAL.

Soundbite Quotes...
Just some random dialogue options for Soundbite to use.

Cross will eventually quote Elizabeth Swan's "Hoist the Colors" speech
It's been suggested that at some point in canon, there will be a massive battle of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet vs. another powerful fleet. When this inevitably also happens in This Bites, Cross will use Elizabeth's speech from before the final battle at the maelstrom, suitably modified for the setting, but still concluding it with "Hoist the colors."