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Fanfic Recs / This Bites!

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Copycat Isn't a Compliment by NightFlowerLuv

  • Recommended by: xomniac
  • Status: Discontinued
  • Synopsis: In a world where fanfiction is relatively looked-down-upon and Self-Inserts may as well have targets on their backs, one young adult female overcomes her anxiety and Self-Inserts into another person's Self Insert. Because why be a part of a story if it isn't the best version of the story, right?
  • Tags: Self-Insert Fic

The Improvising Engineer by Cyberweasel89 and SpokenSoftly

  • Recommended by: Ash19256
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Upon their untimely demise, genderfluid Avery D. Case receives a new chance on life in a new world from a Benevolent Random Omnipotent Being. Avery D. Case begins their new life in a Loguetown orphanage as a brown bear mink empowered by the Craft-Craft Fruit, allowing them to mold their body parts into almost any tools they can imagine. With eleven years before canon begins, how will the adventure go?
  • Tags: Quest / Choose Your Own Adventure Fic, Self-Insert Fic, genderfluid protagonist, Jerk with a Heart of Gold protagonist.

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