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Fanfic Recs / This Bites!

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Copycat Isn't a Compliment by NightFlowerLuv

  • Recommended by: xomniac
  • Status: Discontinued
  • Synopsis: In a world where fanfiction is relatively looked-down-upon and Self-Inserts may as well have targets on their backs, one young adult female overcomes her anxiety and Self-Inserts into another person's Self Insert. Because why be a part of a story if it isn't the best version of the story, right?
  • Tags: Self-Insert Fic

The Improvising Engineer by Cyberweasel89 and SpokenSoftly

  • Recommended by: Ash19256
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Upon their untimely demise, genderfluid Avery D. Case receives a new chance on life in a new world from a Benevolent Random Omnipotent Being. Avery D. Case begins their new life in a Loguetown orphanage as a brown bear mink empowered by the Craft-Craft Fruit, allowing them to mold their body parts into almost any tools they can imagine. With eleven years before canon begins, how will the adventure go?
  • Tags: Quest / Gamebook Fic, Self-Insert Fic, genderfluid protagonist, Jerk with a Heart of Gold protagonist.

Chatroom by EXNativo

  • Recommended by: NXTangl
  • Status: Dead (poster last seen in 2018)
  • Synopsis: A fairly involved High School AU, told in chatrooms. It's set in a world where the internet exists and Cross is a hacktivist and Soundbite his AI assistant, where Grand Line University prepares students to enter New World...but also the standard One Piece setting elements like the World Government and the World Nobles are still present, and just as corrupt as in canon. What starts with Cross scoring some scholarships (via hacking) to ensure his friend group stays together in college, quickly spirals out of control when they get involved in Baroque Works and the revolution in Alabasta...
  • Tags: Humor, Chat fic