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  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment:
    • Two of these in Chapter 9, occurring during the crew's three week voyage to Little Garden. One has Luffy being trapped by some kind of monster with tentacles and everyone watching with amusement, and the other features the majority of the Straw Hats falling prey to various booby traps that the other two Baby Transponder Snails on the ship set up. The latter of the two is somewhat relevant to the story only because it explains how the snails got their names: Pinky and the Brain.
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    • Another occurs in Chapter 33, involving a horrific encounter with "Magical Girl Inferno Aniki". Actually becomes an Invoked Trope In-Universe, after Chopper, with the crew's permission, puts an memory suppressant into their dinner that night to help them forget.
    • The entire encounter with the Octopus Shogunate could be considered this if it weren’t for the handful of Call Backs to it.
  • Catharsis Factor: While Cross would greatly prefer to avoid the crew having to storm Enies Lobby, he freely admits that it would be very cathartic to watch it burn. Vivi agrees with him on both counts.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • Sanji wanting the Clear-Clear Fruit (allegedly to spy on women) becomes an outright Tear Jerker when he mentions how as a child he wanted the power to disappear. Given his childhood, it's hardly surprising.
    • In the Skypeia arc, Scratchmen Apoo reached out to Cross and became one of the first members of the Zodiac of the Damned. This makes canon events all the more brutal as it's revealed that Kaido's appearance on the Kid Pirates' base (which is likely the last Cross saw of Kid, Hawkins, and Apoo before being pulled into the OP world) was actually because Apoo was a subordinate of his, and he never intended to honor his alliance with Kid and Hawkins.
      • Even more, Cross mentions to Kid in Skelter Bite that pirates with esoteric effects like Apoo have a better chance against Luffy than straight-forward fighters like Kid. In chapter 980, we see Apoo keeping Luffy and Zoro on their toes without making hand contact until Kid sucker punches him in payback for betraying him.
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    • The non-canon 2019 Halloween Special omake has Merry having a living nightmare being stuck in a wrecked version of her ship form and within a Derelict Graveyard. Chapter 71 shows her Paw-Paw-assisted flight has stranded her in a real one. And not just ANY old Derelict Graveyard, but the biggest, most famous one: Davy Jones' Locker!
  • Heartwarming in Hindsight: On Skelter Bite, Whitebeard's commander Izo has set up a Wano-themed hotel called "Oden's Cottage". Naturally, it makes sense since Oden once sailed on Whitebeard's ship, but it also becomes even more heartwarming when it's revealed in canon that Izo was originally from Wano and was once a loyal follower of Oden.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • The first few chapters of the story establishes that Cross gets a bad case of diarrhea from eating biscuits. Months later, Oda introduces an antagonist that can create and manipulate biscuits as weapons. Their encounter should be quite amusing.
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    • In Chapter 24, in response to one of Cross's remarks on the SBS, Zoro asks if Cross knows where he can get an elephant. Elsewhere, Fukuro of CP9 is listening to the broadcast and says "Here," while gesturing to Funkfreed. Come chapters 42 and 43, Funkfreed does indeed wind up joining the crew, albeit as Cross's new partner (though he does team up with Zoro to temporarily take Yubashiri's place at one point while on Thriller Bark).
    • In Chapter 28, Soundbite gives Su the speaking voice of a Vulpix, as stated in the Shout-Out page. A few months later, the latest game of the franchise introduced "regional" variations and a certain fiery fox is given a ice-type relative with white fur and cloudy-like tails and hair tufts.
    • TB! resolves the Straw Hats' issue of needing an official helmsman by having the newly humanized Merry manning the Sunny's helm when the crew is leaving Water 7. Nearly a year later, Oda finally gives the crew a permanent canon helmsman (not to mention confirming fan theories) with Jinbe. A fierce but friendly rivalry is sure to abound in the fanfic's future.
    • TB!Nami receives a power boost in the form of a cloud generated by the Eisen Dial that responds to her subconscious. Come Chapter 903 of the manga, and Canon!Nami has a superpowerful cloud of her own!
    • During the Post-Enies Lobby Arc, the TB! crew is shocked at seeing Cross' obscenely large bounty (which is hinted to be over 1 Billion). In Chapter 903, the canon Straw Hats are flabbergasted that Luffy's bounty has been raised to 1.5 Billion. (coincidentally, it was later revealed that this is the exact bounty Cross has gotten)
    • During the Post-Enies Lobby arc, Cross finds himself taken to Baltigo to meet with the Revolutionaries and then returned to Water 7, all of which happens in the span of a couple hours, to give the impression that Dragon has scary resources. In Chapter 904, Oda introduces the revolutionary Karasu, who has a Devil Fruit ability to turn into a murder of crows, which would make transporting a person across the Red Line and back in a short time possible.
    • In Chapter 26, Vivi brings up the possibility of a time-based Devil Fruit, and Cross says he doesn't know of any. Nearly two and a half years later, it turns out there is one in canon: the Toki Toki no Mi/Time-Time Fruit, which is limited in that it only allows one-way travel into the future - it cannot send anyone into the past.
    • Doubling as Harsher in Hindsight, Awakened!Moria attempted to turn himself into a dragon with his Nidhogg transformation. Kaido is later seen able to turn into a dragon himself. Moria was basically emulating him.
    • Chapter 67 has Capone Bege rescue a child slave from a World Noble's ship. He tells Hawkins he's got a soft spot for kids and hopes one day to be a father himself. Cue a couple of years later in the canon storyline...
    • At the end of the Thriller Bark arc, in order to keep up with the rest of the crew, Su desires to seek out the Children of Inari in order to gain Kitsune-like powersnote . In the Wano Arc, we're shown that Kitsune-like foxes do exist as one disguised itself as a human. Basically, Su will fit in quite well in Wano.
    • Also during the Thriller Bark arc, Leo fights against the zombie of Captain Long John Silverteeth. While a troubling fight for the dugong, it was revealed in Chapter 957 that before leading his own crew, John was a member of the Rocks Pirates alongside Whitebeard, Kaido, and Big Mom. Meaning Leo defeated the reanimated corpse of a New World level pirate.
      • Following his defeat, John gave Leo his own blades after the latter's pair broke when using a Razor Wind slash they were not ready to perform. Some time later, Leo acquired the swords of another big name among the Rocks Pirates: The dual swords Oto and Kagarashi of Shiki the Golden Lion.
    • On the subject of Shiki, it's shown during the climax of Strong World that one of the Visual Transponder Snails he delivered went to Tottoland. Initially, it was to show that Shiki wanted even the Four Emperors to know of his achievement. However, with the revelation that he was once part of the Rocks Pirates alongside Whitebeard, Kaido, and Big Mom, it can now be seen as Shiki showing off to his old crewmates.
    • In Chapter 920 of the manga, when Perona leaves Mihawk's island, he comments that it's a good thing she's getting out of dodge, in regards to The Reveal in Chapter 956 that the Warlord system has been abolished. The hilarious part comes in that TB!Perona is one of the Seven Warlords, meaning that when the system is abolished in TB!, she'll be in the same boat as him.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Cross himself. So far, Cross/Robin, Cross/Conis, Cross/Nami, Cross/Vivi, and even Cross/Soundbite have been paired together by fans, with varying degrees of seriousness, despite the fact that the Cross-Brain has said that there won't be any pairings in This Bites!
    • The Engaging Conversation between Cross and Sandersonia during the Skelter Bite arc inspired a bit of Lemon Recursive Fanfiction on where Sandersonia wakes up and gently yet firmly insists on getting that sex she was after. Ironically, it ends with the revelation that it was All Just a Dream on Sandersonia's part. And another such fanfic on Archive Of Our Own, which features a Cross/Sandersonia/Koala threesome during the events of Skelter Bite.
  • Paranoia Fuel:
    • Merry confirms that just because a ship doesn't say anything, doesn't mean it isn't aware of everything you do on it, including top-secret snail calls to people on the other side of the law.
    • As Marigold puts it, she'll never be certain there's anything Cross doesn't know, including things that should be impossible for him to know.
  • The Scrappy: The Unluckies, Number 13 and Miss Friday. The two of them are effectively a Goldfish Poop Gang aiming for Cross and Soundbite’s heads after the Alabasta arc with little actual characterization, and they just keep coming back! And while the intent may be to make them into the Hate Sink, they just end up pissing said readers off because it gets repetitive and boring. And because of Cross's refusal to kill them, their repeated returning is all but assured, leaving many readers frustrated beyond belief. That said, they haven't been seen since the early parts of Enies Lobby, so this may yet change.
  • Unexpected Character:
    • Who would've guessed that Gin, Apis, her dragon Lindy, Mr. 5, Ms. Valentine, and Ms. Goldenweek would've ended up being part of the Barto Club?
    • Be honest. Did you really expect the CP9 opponent for Cross during the Enies Lobby Arc to be Hattori?
    • In an event that comes out of nowhere, the Skelter Bite arc reveals that Biera, Shuraiya Bascùd, and Adelle Bascùd are all part of Eustass "Captain" Kid's crew.
    • A similar event reveals that Basil Hawkins, another Supernova, is in possession of Shichiseiken.
    • The appearance of the World Pirates from the 3D2Y special was hinted at during the preview for the Summit War on Spacebattles, but Caribou and Coribou were a surprise.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not Symbolic?: Unintentional, but Merry's sibling relationship with the Thousand Sunny. Merry has a sheep motif while the Sunny is a lion. How often do you see a lion being friendly with a lamb?

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