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Organizations with their own pages


    The Revolutionary Army 

The Revolutionary Army

An anti-World Government organization, devoted to bringing the World Government down. The Straw Hats first draw their attention with the SBS broadcast, and by Enies Lobby, Cross has made contact with them and has agreed to become allies.

  • Full-Circle Revolution: One reason why Cross rejects joining them outright; knowing how the Celestial Dragons originally overthrew their government to become the ruling party of the world and ended up corrupt due to generations of keeping themselves in power, he can easily see how the Revolutionaries could follow the same path. Dragon has foreseen this and has taken precautions, but accepts Cross's viewpoint.
    Cross: After all, at the end of the day, 'revolution' means to go around in a circle.
  • Offscreen Teleportation: However they got Cross from Water 7 to Baltigo and back in the space of a couple of hours.
  • Public Secret Message: In Chapter 23, Cross utilizes the SBS to send a coded message to Sabo, phrased so that nobody other than his brothers and the Revolutionaries could discern its recipient, to tell him about his brothers.
  • Side Bet: There was a big enough betting pool about Dragon's family that when Garp spills the beans over the SBS, Koala wins enough for a lobster vacation in Pucci after donating half her winnings to the cause.

Monkey D. Dragon, a.k.a. "Dragon the Revolutionary"

The enigmatic leader of the Revolutionaries and the Most Wanted Man in the World, as well as Luffy's biological father.

  • The Dreaded: As the World's Most Wanted Man he certainly is this to his enemies, and even to prospective allies. Best summed up by Cross in the Post-Enies Lobby arc.
    Cross: "Dragon is scary."
  • Like Father, Like Son: Dragon to a T. He laughs like his son, grins like his son, and even refuses Cross's spoilers like his son. In his words, "Where would the fun be in that?"
  • Like Father, Unlike Son: Inversely, he bears little resemblance to his own father, the boisterous Vice Admiral Garp.
  • Papa Wolf: His reaction to seeing the horror's Lily Carnation inflicted on both Luffy and the Straw hat Pirates on Omatsuri Island, definitely qualifies him as this.
    Dragon: (in his thoughts) I know you won't lose, Luffy...but if you don't kill that monster for this, then I will.
  • Parental Substitute: Dragon for Sabo.
  • Seen It All: Dragon hardly bats an eye when Cross tells him his origins. To him, once you've seen all six of the seas, nothing surprises you anymore...except, perhaps, for Garp's stupidity.


The Revolutionary Army's Fishman Karate assistant instructor and their contact with the New World Masons, and the only human member of the Sun Pirates.
  • Adaptational Badass: While she is very strong in canon (even though she hasn't fought much onscreen/paper), this story establishes her as having both Observation and Armament Haki, and was able to deliver a fight to Vice Admiral Strawberry that was for him at best a Curb Stomp Cushion.
  • And I Must Scream: Her fate as a child slave was definitely this.
  • And This Is for...: Gets this on Vice Admiral Strawberry after subjecting him to a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown.
  • Berserk Button: When Cross calls her 'cuddly,' she spends twenty chapters wanting to punch him in the face for it before actually doing so. But almost another twenty chapters later when they meet again and Koala brings it up, Cross forces her to drop the subject by predicting (correctly) that the first thing she did upon meeting Hachi again was to hug him.
    • A far bigger one, as it turns out, is Vice Admiral Strawberry. The second she sees him, she goes from not participating in the Dead End Race to flat out telling Dragon that she doesn't really care what happens afterward or even if he sends her to Karasu (the Revolutionaries' head of discipline), she is going to pound Strawberry flat.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: Lays a major one on Vice Admiral Strawberry for everything that happened with Fisher Tiger's death (Strawberry gave her parents the option of either her being Made a Slave again or them selling out Fisher Tiger).
  • That Man Is Dead: Not Koala herself, but she flatly tells Chew and Kuroobi that she was friends with "A white-smelting fishman and a ray fishman who were also named Kuroobi and Chew." And that those two died along with Fisher Tiger.
    • Subverted in the final chapter of the "Sabaody Revolution", where she sees their sincere remorse and is willing to consider renewing ties—if they continue down their path to redemption.
  • The Dreaded: Is almost certainly this to Strawberry, that is, if he survived the aforementioned beat-down.
  • We Used to Be Friends: Kuroobi and Chew are this to her thanks to the Arlong Pirates' actions.


Luffy and Ace's adoptive brother and the Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Army, he lost his memory as a boy but had it kick-started thanks to Cross not long before Enies Lobby. Though he hasn't seen them for a decade, Sabo remains fiercely protective of his two less sensible brothers.
  • Amnesiac Hero: Sabo, until Cross sparks his memory with the SBS.
  • Ship Tease: One-sided on his part, at least. He apparently once tried to put up mistletoe on Koala's favorite route to the sparring arena around Christmas - unfortunately for him, she caught him.


Commander of the Revolutionary Army's Southern Army. He also happens to be both an inventor and a cat Mink.
  • Berserk Button: He's this to his fellow Commander, Bello Betty. Namely, because he enjoys making her blood pressure rise until she tackles him.
  • Panthera Awesome: He's a cat Mink

Belo Betty

Commander of the Revolutionary Army's Eastern Army. Her Pump-Pump Fruit allows her to awaken the potential to fight in any individual.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: She is jealous that Cross can inspire so many to fight despite being a base human, using only his words to change the world. The fact her powers let her do the same but have never worked on the same scale leaves her envious of him, and implicitly sad that he can outdo her so much.
  • Personality Powers: She is a member of the Revolutionary Army, who encourage people to help themselves. Her Devil Fruit lets her physically empower people to fight: helping people help themselves.

    Water 7 
The city/island of Water 7, known as the home of the greatest shipwrights in the world, and the focus of several of CP9's agents for the last five years.

  • Hammerspace: Where Paulie keeps all his rope.
  • Not So Above It All: When he sees the Gaon Cannon about to be deployed on the SBS, Iceberg is pretty clearly overjoyed.
  • Screw This, I'm Out of Here!: Tilestone, Peeply Lulu, and the Square Sisters vacate the premises quickly when Cross tells them that his truth could make them go mad.
  • Secret Keeper: Iceburg, Paulie, and Zambai know Cross's secret about being from another world.


    Portgas D. Ace 

Portgas D. "Fire Fist" Ace

Second Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, biological son of Gol D. Roger, and Luffy's adopted elder brother.

  • Badass in Distress: He and his allies still get captured by Teach - courtesy of Aokiji's unplanned intervention and was kept drugged to the gills and imprisoned in a refrigerated cell by the Marines for four months, then transferred to Impel Down's Eternal Hell before the war.
  • Despair Event Horizon: Upon waking out of his Marine-induced coma, and realizes what fate is in store for him. He recalls Cross' warnings and words about what his pride and pursuit would cost him and put Luffy through, and breaks down crying.
  • Knight Templar Big Brother: He will burn anyone he thinks is trying to take advantage of Luffy. Punching Luffy in the face is fine, though; he knows how aggravating Luffy can be.
  • Playing with Fire: Courtesy of the Flame-Flame Fruit, he is fire itself.
  • Spit Take: Does this when the Straw Hats announce their assault on Enies Lobby.
  • Tears of Joy: When Cross convinces him Sabo's alive. He pulls himself together quickly.

    The Four Emperors 
The four most powerful pirates alive who rule the New World, the second half of the Grand Line.

"Red-Haired" Shanks - Bounty: ฿4,048,900,000

Youngest of the Emperors and the one with the least apparent manpower, a hard-drinking partygoer who lost his left arm many years ago to save Monkey D. Luffy’s life. None of the above has diminished how powerful he is.

  • Awesomeness by Analysis: By observing the telltale mouth position of a cigar smoker from his Transponder Snail and the mention of "an impressive Devil Fruit" and "wielding twin swords", he deduces the mystery guest to be Shiki, which immediately alarms him.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: He may appear to be a hard-drinking partygoer, and he is. But never forget that he's one of the four most powerful pirates in the whole world and he's earned his title, intending to teach Shiki that the hard way if he beats the Straw Hats.
    Shanks: We'll see if the Golden Lion has bitten off more than he can chew by challenging the Straw Hat Pirates. And if he hasn't? (Delivers a burst of Conqueror's Haki) Then he'll wish that he had.
  • Big Damn Heroes: He, Rayleigh, and Mihawk were potentially going to go to the East Blue to fight Shiki and his forces if the Straw Hats lost during Strong World.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Compared to the monstrous Kaido, the tyrannical Big Mom, and the venerable Whitebeard, Shanks is a drunkard who doesn't look like he should be standing on par with them and the World Government or even respected in the same breath, and yet he is. And he knows it, considering what he told Lucky Roux a few years back:
    'Every second someone like me is the worst nightmare of the World Government, the Elder Bastards die a little bit more inside'.
  • The Gadfly: The Christmas special has Shanks sending out drink bottles to a variety of people who are, at the very least, rivals if not outright enemies. Kaidou is getting sake, Big Mom is getting soda, Whitebeard is getting rum, Mihawk is getting wine, Garp is getting whiskey, and the Five Elder Stars... are getting nitroglycerin.
    Raleigh: ...excuse me?
    Shanks: Well, it's not Christmas without a good gag-gift, is it?
    Raleigh: *flat stare*
    Shanks: For the last time, Old Man, I'm 100% positive that I'm not a D!
    Raleigh: Psh. Could have fooled me.
  • Less Embarrassing Term: What his crew calls a "party," the World Government calls a "rampage."
  • Oh, Crap!: During the afore-mentioned Awesomeness by Analysis when he realizes just who the Straw Hats' guest is:
    Shanks: BUT IT LOOKS LIKE THIS ISN'T ONE OF THOSE TIMES!...Damn it damn it damn i—!
    Yasopp: How bad, Shanks?!
    Shanks: 'Raging bastard who gave Roger and Garp the fights of their lives' bad! The only cigar-smoking asshole I remember to wield both an impressive Devil Fruit and a matched pair of Graded Swords—!
    Benn: Shiki the Golden Lion?! Luffy, how could you possibly be that unluck—?
  • Papa Wolf: While he's usually content to leave Luffy alone on his journey, he won't hesitate to jump in every once in a while if he thinks his protege needs it. Part of his motivation for his rampage/party during the Enies Lobby incident was to draw away some heat from the Straw Hats (which succeeded, as it sufficiently distracted every Marine that was on that side of the Red Line). And when Shiki appears on the SBS, the very moment Shanks realizes who he is and his probable intentions, he doesn't hesitate to punch in the Den Den Mushi number as fast as he can so he can threaten the bastard.
  • Spit Take: Upon hearing that the Straw Hats are planning to invade an island and burn it to the ground, he is visibly stunned. At least, until it turns out that said island was Enies Lobby. Then, he decided it was time to rampage/throw a party due to them setting a "new threshold for insanity."

Edward "Whitebeard" Newgate - Bounty: ฿5,046,000,000

Captain of the Whitebeard Pirates and the strongest man in the world, he was once renowned as the only pirate equal to the late Pirate King. His old age and failing health do very little to reduce his threat level.

  • Cool Old Guy: Even in his old age, he holds the titles of Emperor and World's Strongest Man for a very good reason.
  • Mr. Exposition: When Cross muses to himself at the absurdity of the Davy Back Fights, Whitebeard calls in to the SBS to explain the origin and purpose of the games and how even the Four Emperors use them to build up their crews without bloodshed.
  • Papa Wolf: He calls his crew his sons and they call him "Pops" in return. His one ironclad rule is that nobody harms someone under his command. And if someone violates that rule? That someone just painted a bullseye on their back that the strongest man in the world and his massive crew are now relentlessly targeting.
  • Signature Laugh: ''"Gurararara!"'
  • World's Strongest Man: And don't anyone forget it.
  • You Got Guts: When he talks with Luffy over the SBS, and the latter says that he's going to be Pirate King, not Whitebeard, Whitebeard laughs and admits that the fact he's willing to say that straight to him means he may indeed have what it takes.

Kaido "of the Beasts" - Bounty: ฿4,611,100,000

Governor-General (not "Captain") of the Beast Pirates, one of the strongest, toughest, and most feared men in the New World. He rules over the region of Onigashima as his home base in Wano Country. His ultimate goal is finding the Ancient Weapons and One Piece in order to start the Final War with the World Government. He has also consumed a Mythical-Zoan Devil Fruit that allows him to turn into a blue-scaled Eastern Dragon.

  • The Juggernaut: He's this, and even Cross admits it when he, Conis, Soundbite, Robin, and Su are working to take out Oars's corpse before Moria can animate it, which had been reinforced heavily by Hogback.
    Cross: Other way around. He needed this to fight Kaido.
  • The Ghost: Has yet to appear in-story, even over the SBS.
  • Villain Respect: According to Sheepshead, the Straw Hats and Barto Club impressed him enough to send Sheepshead and Ginrummy to Skelter Bite to offer them a position in his crew (which they promptly decline).

Charlotte "Big Mom" Linlin - Bounty: ฿4,388,000,000

Captain of the Big Mom Pirates, wielder of the Soul-Soul Fruit, and the sole female Emperor. She rules over the Totland Archipelago with her countless children. Her dream is to build a paradise where all races can be any means necessary.
  • Abusive Parents: She has marked Lola for death for rejecting her Arranged Marriage. She also sent Prometheus to completely immolate her daughter Macarron when she tried to escape the Big Mom Pirates' influence.
  • From Bad to Worse: For the World Government, during the attack on Enies Lobby: "Pirate Prince" Cavendish hijacked a ship heading for Totland right as Big Mom got a craving for what was on said ship, goading her into a rampage.
  • Skyward Scream:
    • Upon hearing that Lola was inside the Florian Triangle, she unleashed a furious roar that immobilized the whole of Totland.
    • She does it again during Strong World when she sees that Luffy is Roger reincarnated.
  • Villain Respect: Like Kaido, she's impressed enough by the Straw Hats and Barto Club to send Pekoms and Baron Tamago to offer them a position in her crew. Ostensibly, anyway.

    The Seven Warlords of the Sea 

A select group of outlaws granted diplomatic immunity in exchange for a measure of service to the World Government. Though other pirates belittle them as 'Government dogs,' they are collectively a viable counterbalance to the World Government and the Four Emperors.

Sir Crocodile

The former leader of Baroque Works, and Arch-Enemy of Nefertari Vivi. Following his defeat in Alabasta, he was stripped of his rank and ultimately replaced by Marshall D. Teach, AKA "Blackbeard."
  • Ancestral Weapon: His Sand-Sand Fruit isn't one for him specifically, but it is one of the Devil Fruits traditionally held by the six Alabastan Royal Guardians. Heck, it's how he gained his "Sir" title before his true colors became known.
    • He was also pursuing knowledge of Pluton, which is also one of these.
  • Keystone Army: As Cross explains to Nami and Zoro, Crocodile's arrogance led him to build Baroque Works around himself. By defeating him, the entire operation would grind to a halt.
  • Pet the Dog: During the Holiday Special, not only did Crocodile let the Christmas Truce between the royals and rebels go unhindered, but he also got Robin a present. A book from Ohara he had to pay a small fortune to Joker for, all for the sake of the season.
  • Sand Blaster: His Sand-Sand Fruit grants him this as his primary power. Secondary powers include a Touch of Death.
  • Taking You with Me: When the Government found out that Vivi had been working with the Straw Hats and questioned Crocodile, he gave up everything that he knew on her, intent on dragging Vivi down with him. This information directly led to Vivi getting a bounty, forcing her to flee Alabasta with the Straw Hats.
  • Worthy Opponent: After hearing about all the things Luffy has pulled off over the SBS, he's pleased by this, admitting that he didn't lose to some "nobody" after all.

"Pirate Empress" Boa Hancock

Empress of Amazon Lily and captain of the Kuja Pirates.
  • Fangirl: For the Straw Hats, thanks to Cross's SBS broadcasts on slavery.
  • Heel Realization: After hearing Cross’s comments on how pointless it is to spread hate for the sake of hate itself over the SBS, she realizes to her horror that she and her sisters have taken on more than a few of the aspects of the World Nobles.
  • Noodle Incident: When Luffy arrives on the isle of Amazon Lily at the end of the Sabaody Revolution arc, instead of the relatively warm reception he was expecting due to the bonds Cross had forged with Hancock by way of the SBS and Sandersonia, he's greeted by angry Kuja warriors who accuse him of having attempted to assassinate Hancock. Turns out she fainted then was drugged by Stussy as part of an assassination attempt.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: The World Government has taken notice of Hancock's sudden change in behavior ever since the SBS began, such as letting Bartolomeo escape, and capturing Shiki when before she always gave the World Government the cold shoulder. Suspecting she might secretly be supportive of the Straw Hats, especially after they ransacked the slave trade at Sabaody, they send CP-Aigis 0 agent Stussy to try and assassinate her to avoid the worst-case scenario of a Warlord teaming up with the Straw Hat Pirates.
  • Signature Laugh: "Snahahaha!"
  • Took a Level in Kindness: Cross's speech about hate for hate's sake being pointless is what causes her to spare Marguerite after she correctly reasons that their powers come from Devil Fruits.
  • Trauma Button: Downplayed, but Marejois is this for her. She's just able to hide it very well.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: The World Government, knowing her past history as a slave, make plans to assassinate her before she could attempt to team up with the Straw Hats. After Luffy's intervention saves her, she's invited to the battle against Whitebeard, with Elder Nyon heavily suspecting they're using it as a cover to try again during the chaos of the war.

Dracule "Hawkeye" Mihawk

The greatest swordsman in the world, an ominous and no-nonsense man who often wanders in search of alleviating his constant boredom.
  • Big Damn Heroes: It's implied in Strong World that he, Shanks, and Rayleigh were going to fight Shiki and his forces together if the Straw Hats lost.
  • Odd Friendship:
    • During the events of Enies Lobby, he goes to find Whitebeard to ensure he doesn't also go on a rampage, thus necessitating him having to get involved. He not only succeeds but finds a new drinking partner.
    • Likewise, the one he has with Shanks as in canon.

"Heavenly Demon" Donquixote Doflamingo

The king of Dressrosa and captain of the Donquixote Pirates, a perpetually grinning man with a bottomless thirst for power, glory, cruelty, and destruction.
  • Bring It: He essentially does the same thing Mihawk did to Zoro, although in a much crueler and sadistic fashion. After sparing the Straw Hats after the attack on the Human Auction House, he leaves behind a message: "Don't leave me hanging", which Luffy realizes is a challenge for them to get strong enough to challenge him, since he could have easily killed the crew, and has now made painfully aware just how much more difficult the New World is going to be.
  • Evil Laugh: "Fufufufufu!"
  • Fate Worse than Death: He tells the members of his Famiglia currently with him in Chapter 69 that with the slave market all but finished, he will need to focus on SMILEs and fill the void of slaves with Dressrosa's Toys, dooming god-knows how many innocent people to Sugar's power and having their lives and memories wiped from everyone in the world.
  • Heads or Tails?: In the same conversation, he mentions his decision over what to do with the Straw Hats in the Auction House practically amounted to this. Heads, he would have ordered the attack on them. Tails, he leaves them alone. It came up tails. The crew members are shocked at this.
  • Jerkass: The nice thing he does for Christmas? Slightly better gruel for the Colosseum gladiators.
  • The Hyena: The SBS amuses him greatly, even after Cross publicly disrespects him during one broadcast. When Saint Charloss does a live interview during the Saboady Archipelago arc, Doflamingo is driven to literal tears because he's laughing so hard.
  • People Puppets: His String-String fruit allows him to control others like marionettes. He showed it, despite not being anywhere near the Auction House, by controlling the Auction's guards to fight beyond the point of exhaustion, and even the assembled Straw Hats and Supernovas until Rayleigh intervened.
  • Shut Up, Hannibal!: On the receiving end when he tries calling into the SBS, on account of Cross hanging up on him. Cross makes a point of never letting the guy get a word in edgewise because of his tendency to twist whatever he gets involved with.
  • Villain Respect: He greatly enjoys the SBS, stating that even though they’re upstarts, the Straw Hats are keeping the world too amusing for him to dislike them.
  • Xanatos Gambit: He set up a trap for the Straw Hats at Sabaody first by baiting the World Noble Charloss into a confrontation with some of their allies, forcing Cross to bail them out by guest-starring him on the SBS, which fortunately Charloss turns out to be a fan of. Unfortunately, the world-wide broadcast of the World Noble's complete disregard for anyone below them serves to be the final straw for the Five Elder Stars, who now fully expect a direct attack against a World Noble is not far off and dispatch a practical Buster Call's worth of Marines and Admiral Kizaru on standby to demolish them the moment it happens. Doflamingo then has his band kidnap Keimi at the same time the rest of the gang is tied up dealing with the World Noble, and leaving one of his crew members to deal with them at the Human Auction House once they take the bait, setting up the possibility of Luffy punching Charloss like in canon. Whatever he has planned, he sees two possible outcomes: Either the Straw Hats end up completely slaughtered, and the world falls to pieces at losing some of their greatest heroes, or the Straw Hats survive by the skin of their teeth and go on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge, tearing the world apart just to get to him. Either way, the world will be turned completely upside-down, just the way he wants it.

"The Tyrant" Bartholomew Kuma

A high-ranking member of the Revolutionary Army. In the past, he built a reputation of cruelty beyond measure. In the present, he is a powerful cyborg that serves the Government with ostensible loyalty.
  • Armor-Piercing Question: After he gives Cross a For Your Own Good speech in Chapter 70, he gives one of these that leaves Cross speechless.
    Kuma: Do you believe, fully and completely, that all of you as you are can survive a war between the most powerful forces in the world, and then proceed to the Emperors’ domain and successfully claim Roger’s throne?
  • Blow You Away: Kuma's powers allow him to push the air at incredible speeds to attack (or to send himself flying) and compress it into a bomb for his Ursa Shock attack.
  • Cybernetics Eat Your Soul: By the time he arrives in Thriller Bark, his conversion into the first Pacifista is already well underway, but he still keeps his conscience for now.
  • For Your Own Good: He appears before Cross alone in Chapter 70, tells him extremely bluntly that the Straw Hats will get scattered across the world by lampshading this trope, that they lucked out at Enies simply due to its lax security and only having CP9 as a challenger, whereas the other two main Marine strongholds are far better guarded and that Marineford itself is preparing itself for the inevitable arrival of the Whitebeard Pirates, surmises that whatever plan Cross will have in a misguided attempt to save Ace will result in at least one fatality and that it would all be on Cross's head for even suggesting such a plan of action. He ends it with the Armor-Piercing Question above, leaving Cross speechless and finishes with telling him to prepare the crew for their separation at sunset.
  • Implacable Man: As per canon, Cross fears the guy due to his skills and toughness. His only strategy against him? "Put our heads between our legs and kiss our asses goodbye."
  • Power Palms: The Paw-Paw Fruit gives him the power to repel, deflect, or otherwise 'push' anything that they touch. In this story, they allowed him to push out the sedative that was applied to Moria and into both Luffy and Cross to capture them. He then transfers both their combined pain into Zoro and Nami to test their resolve in sacrificing themselves for their crewmates. Cross also informs the crew that he can push himself or others any distance he wants with them.
  • Spanner in the Works: He was responsible for waking up Moria despite the heavy sedative, causing him to go ballistic and Awaken his Devil Fruit.

"Knight of the Sea" Jinbe

A whale shark fishman and captain of the Sun Pirates, a crew of fishman partially composed of former slaves of the World Nobles. Stern and ruthlessly powerful, but ultimately kind and just.
  • The Dreaded: All former Sun Pirates fear his wrath. Cases in point:
    • Arlong tolerated Nezumi since he could contact Jinbe at any time and his Empire would cease to exist.
    • Chew and Kuroobi must remain loyal employees in Takoyaki 8 or else he will re-incarcerate them.
    • The Macro Pirates prefer death over facing him.
    • The Sun Pirates are not the only ones Jinbe absolutely terrifies. Cross's reaction to Jinbe pulling his Right Behind Me moment? Sheer raw hot white terror at the notion of angering the Fishman due to the fact that even with all the levels of badass the Straw Hats have taken in advance, Cross is absolutely sure Jimbei is still powerful enough to casually beat the whole crew in a Curb-Stomp Battle.
    • And later on while on Level 6 in Impel Down itself the implied threat that he could free himself from his bonds at any moment proceeds to not only silence Shiki's Smug Snake bravado real quick but every other prisoner in Level 6 shuts their mouth and heckling out of sheer fear in record time. It only lasts a few seconds, but still.
  • Implied Death Threat: After hearing Cross's claim that Hody Jones was responsible for Queen Otohime's death, Jinbe demands to hear Cross's evidence while he considers just how high Cross's bounty is.
  • Punctuated! For! Emphasis!: While trying to meditate in Impel Down, Jinbe demands that Shiki be quiet before he goes over and shuts him up. When he boasts that Jinbe can't do anything for being chained as well, Jinbe jerks enough to wrench part of his restraints free and repeats himself.
    Jinbe: Be. Quiet. I'm trying to meditate.
  • Right Behind Me: Was in the water beside the Sunny listening in on Cross while he was berating Chew and Kuroobi and only reacted and came aboard once Cross inadvertently reveals Hody Jones was Queen Otohime's murderer.
  • Tears of Joy: After hearing a fishman girl, after listening to the SBS, ask if "hate for hate's sake" was stupid. He agrees with her with these in his eyes.
  • This Cannot Be!: Reacts this way to the "Hody Jones killed Otohime" revelation. It takes a careful explanation from Cross and his friends, along with Megalo's confession as a witness to the crime, to finally make him realize that what happened was true.

"Umbral Allfather" Gecko Moria

Master of Thriller Bark and the wielder of the Shadow-Shadow Fruit, a New World veteran who fled the sea after losing his crew to the Emperor Kaido. Following his defeat in Thriller Bark, he was stripped of his rank and ultimately replaced by his former subordinate, "Hellbeast Princess" Perona.
  • Adaptational Angst Upgrade: In canon, Gecko Moria's losing a previous crew to Kaido is mentioned only in passing and with very few details, especially from the perspective of the Straw Hats. Here, the impact of that horrible fate is given much more emphasis on how it shaped and continues to shape Moria's psychology, and the crew get a much clearer understanding of what happened to Moria.
  • Adaptational Badass: Moria was a pretty powerful fighter in canon, even after having gotten fat and lazy, but this Moria is far worse. For starters, he Awakens his Devil Fruit, and basically makes his canon self look weak as a kitten.
  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: Similar to how canon!Moria was able to use Shadow's Asgard to grow into a gargantuan, bloated version of himself, Moria uses his post-Awakening Shadow-Shadow Fruit powers to transform into a giant version of himself easily the same size as Oars.
  • Casting a Shadow: His Shadow-Shadow Fruit allows him to shape and manipulate shadows, including creating zombie slaves by implanting human shadows into corpses, and creating a shadowy doppelganger ("Doppelman") as an indestructible, super-fast, shapeshifting minion, with whom he can also trade places in an instant. After Awakening it, he gains even more manipulatory abilities, including creating illusions, producing multiple Doppelmen, and creating draugr, which are zombies that use the shadows of inanimate objects and so, whilst more Dumb Muscle than "ordinary" zombies, are also far more savage and destructive.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: His beloved crew were brutally killed by Kaido, a rival pirate who outclassed Moria and his friends so vastly that they never stood a chance—Moria only survived because Kaido decided to maim him and then let him live For the Lulz. For years, he's festered on the memories of that terrible day, sanity slowly degrading until all he's been left with is the memory of the sheer horror of that day; he doesn't even remember who his crew were anymore, only that they all died horribly.
  • Enlightenment Superpowers: After he wakes up, he finds out that while he was asleep, the Straw Hats snuck onto Thriller Bark, decimated his army and subordinates, and ruined all of his work from the last decade. He promptly Awakens his Devil Fruit. Cue Mass "Oh, Crap!".
  • Evil Laugh: "Kishishishi!"
  • Freudian Excuse: Invoked and Deconstructed. Whilst the Straw Hats are horrified and even kind of sympathetic when they learn that not only was Moria the only survivor of his crew when Kaido massacred them, but his mind has so warped by the horror of what he underwent that he can no longer even remember his crew by anything other than their last words and how they looked when he found them dead, they also call Moria out that his reaction to his trauma is far beyond the excuse he uses to justify it.
  • How the Mighty Have Fallen: Noted by the crew and lampshaded by Luffy during the end of their fight. It isn't just his strength that has degraded over the years — Moria himself has completely lost sight of why he's even sailing anymore. Losing his beloved crew to Kaido and failing for years to mourn them and move on from their deaths properly have left him little more than a husk whose mind has warped the worst memory of his life into a nightmare straight out of hell, and driven towards achieving one aim (revenge on Kaido), as if it will end the emotional torture he's been enduring for so long, not unlike what happened to Baron Omatsuri. Even the Straw Hats come to pity him when they realize what's happened to him over the years. When Luffy calls him a "shadow" of his former self, what defeats the Incredibly Lame Pun is the fact that it is painfully true.
  • Named by the Adaptation: A variant, rather: Nicknamed by the Adaptation. Canon!Moria is the only Warlord whose epithet has yet to be revealed. Here, he's given the title of "Umbral Allfather", referencing Odin the Allfather; fitting into his Norse mythology theming Post-Awakening.
  • Never Found the Body: In the aftermath of Thriller Bark, despite being beaten within an inch of his life, there's not a trace of Moria left on the island. There has been no indication yet of whether He's Just Hiding! or it's a case of Death by Adaptation.
  • One-Winged Angel: As in the canon, Moria uses his Shadow-Shadow Fruit to try and manipulate himself into a more powerful form. Whereas canon!Moria took on the form of a gargantuan, green-skinned and bloated version of himself called Shadow's Asgard, here Moria attempts to warp himself into the shape of a monstrous dragon named Nidhogg, in imitation of Kaido's own draconic alternate form. Emphasis on attempts.
  • Power Born of Madness: Two-fold:
    • Firstly, it's Moria's Sanity Slippage that causes him to Awaken his Devil Fruit, gaining access to its increased arsenal of abilities.
    • Secondly, as Soundbite points out, Moria is actually using way more power than somebody newly Awakened to their Devil Fruit's full potential should be able to, eventually deducing that Moria has gone so crazy he's able to temporarily push himself past his limits... though that state won't last for long.
  • Reality Ensues: Invoked in-universe; Moria's Sanity Slippage was able to help him push past the strain and fatigue of using his newly Awakened Devil Fruit to a high level initially, but the body can only be pushed so far for so long. Sure enough, even Moria's craziness-induced obliviousness to pain and fatigue ultimately fails to keep him fighting.
    • Additionally, the fact Moria is absolutely out of his mind with rage, despair and terror means he wastes a lot of his new power acting in a crazy manner, instead of using precisely controlled force to annihilate the Straw Hats.
  • Religious and Mythological Theme Naming: After his Devil Fruit Awakens, Moria's attacks are named and/or shaped after figures in Norse Mythology. His new zombies, filled with the shadows of inert objects, are draugr, the Draugr!Oars is called a Jotun, and Moria himself transforms into Nidhogg towards the end of the battle.
  • Sole Survivor: Moria's traumatic backstory involves being this after Kaido massacred his crew for laughs.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Moria manages to Awaken his Devil Fruit through sheer mental trauma, which results in a drastic in-universe upgrade to his powers.
  • Transformation Horror: Moria tries to turn himself into a dragon with "Nidhogg," feeding his shadow other shadows and then reshaping itself, thus him, with Shadow Revolution. The emphasis is on "tried." The sounds Moria's body makes when undergoing the transformation are nauseating. When Cross gets a peek at Moria, he nearly vomits on the spot noting that the result can't be called human or dragon. Chopper himself is horrified at the amount of physical trauma the Warlord put himself through.
  • Traumatic Superpower Awakening: The reason why Moria Awakens his Devil Fruit here when he didn't in canon; canon!Moria was awake and aware all throughout the Straw Hats' initial attack on Thriller Bark, so he (wrongfully) felt in-control during the whole situation. Here, Moria wakes up from an ordinary sleep to find his crew essentially annihilated, which is not only a huge shock in its own right, but also extremely reminiscent of Moria's greatest tragedy. This pushes him over the edge in a single massive rush of fear, despair and rage, and the resultant madness allows him to Awaken.
  • Trigger: In-universe, awakening to find his entire "crew" of zombie slaves and his few loyal living henchmen have been all wiped out is so much like when Kaido massacred his original crew that it forcibly draws Moria's memories back to that original massacre, causing him to snap.
  • Villainous Breakdown: At first, it looks like he's going down this route when he wakes up. Then he Awakens his Devil Fruit and goes Laughing Mad. The following fight shows that Moria has gone genuinely insane and too overcome with rage to fight properly, which is about the only thing allowing the crew any leeway in the battle.
  • Villainous BSoD: He wakes up from an artificially enhanced slumber (courtesy of Kuma) to find that the zombie army he has spent years building has been decimated, and the "Ultimate Zombie" superweapon he had pinned all of his hopes and dreams on for finally avenging himself against Kaido has been completely destroyed, to the point that not even Dr. Hogback has a hope of reconstructing it. These would be traumatic enough, but Moria also instinctively likens this situation to when he lost his original crew, with the two traumas correlating enough that he completely and utterly loses his mind!
  • Weak, but Skilled: While he's stated to be the weakest of the Seven Warlords in a direct battle, and has lost a lot of his former strength from his prime (he was once capable of fighting Kaido), he's stated to have tactical skills rivaling those of Crocodile. But after his Devil Fruit Awakens, he's suddenly a lot more dangerous.

"Blackbeard" Marshall D. Teach

Wielder of the Dark-Dark Fruit and traitor of the Whitebeard Pirates. Teach plans to rise as a Warlord of the Seas in a path to become King of the Pirates.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Teach explains to Aokiji that he's no stranger to pain. He compares the pain of nearly freezing to death with being burned alive, flayed by razor wire, and shot with a Colt .96 sniper rifle.
  • Determinator: No matter how much pain Teach has to go through, he swears he can and will take it all for the sake of his dream. He proves it after surviving Aokiji's ice, keeping his frozen crew and prisoners in his darkness which aggravated the cold in him.
  • The Dreaded: Of all the foes Cross knows the Straw Hats will end up fighting, he's openly terrified of Blackbeard and all that he can do.
  • Evil Laugh: "Zehahahaha!"
  • Fingore: According to Aokiji, his ship's doctor had to reattach twelve of Teach's digits due to severe frostbite.
  • I Owe You My Life: Teach would have lost and died to Ace and his alliance had Aokiji's Ice Age not intervened. He considers the admiral his friend for life now, despite Aokiji's blatant disgust at the idea.

"Hellbeast Princess" Perona

See "Puppy" here.



An Original Character, Conis's mother, and a former member of the Roger Pirates before their disbanding. She left Skypiea when Conis was much younger to sail the Blue Sea, inspiring her daughter Conis many years later to do the same with a different crew.

  • Berserk Button: Downplayed overall, but a good way to send her into a Tranquil Fury is to insult or disparage her love for Conis and Pagaya.
  • Cute Bruiser: Like Conis, her strength effectively quadrupled when she left the White Sea thanks to all the extra oxygen at sea level.
  • The Ghost: She has yet to appear in the main storyline, save in the "Crossing the Rainbow Mist" special.
  • Like Mother, Like Daughter: Conis is similar to her in many ways, judging by her reaction when the two met in the "Crossing the Rainbow Mists" chapter.
  • Odd Friendship: Develops this with Vivi's mother, Nefertari Titi.
  • Parasol of Pain: Instead of guns like Conis, her Weapon of Choice (from what we know) seems to be a parasol/umbrella.
  • Villain Respect: Shiki respects her on the way she fought alongside the Roger Pirates.



A term used for any rookie pirate whose bounty has exceeded ฿100,000,000. The current generation has produced an unprecedented thirteen Supernovas. (Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, and Nami are in their respective folders under "Straw Hat Pirates")

Eustass "Captain" Kid - Bounty: ฿400,000,000

An infamous punk-styled man from the South Blue.

  • Ax-Crazy: He achieved his bounty through sheer brutality, racking up a massive body count.
  • Butt-Monkey: Despite having the second-highest bounty of the Supernovas and his Ax-Crazy personality, the other Supernovas and their crews don't fear him, nor do they show him much respect. They even give him the And Zoidberg treatment when they're feeling cheeky. Though it may be because of his high standing, the better to show that they don't consider him more than an equal if that.
  • Everyone Has Standards: Kid is a complete Jerkass with very few redeeming qualities, but he harshly disagrees with Shiki's speech in the Strong World arc; more specifically, the notion that the weak should bow to the strong simply because they are strong. While Kid does agree with the idea of Might Makes Right, he believes the strong have to earn the respect of allies and enemies, and that those who demand respect without earning it only want mindless sheep.
  • Gory Discretion Shot: In-Universe example. During the Supernovas' assault on the marine blockade separating them from Sabaody, he and his crew get particularly...creative with their attacks on the hostile privateers, forcing Cross and Soundbite to blur their actions during the broadcast. For reference, whatever they were doing was apparently illegal to show in at least 153 of the nations that were part of the World Government at the start of the story. At one point, Cross had to go offscreen to vomit because he was so horrified and disgusted by what he saw.
  • Hypocrite: He insults Merry and other child members on the principle that 'little girls' shouldn't be part of a pirate crew, despite having a child on his crew. He justifies it by saying that Adelle is supposed to stay out of the action and he only keeps her around because of her engineering skills and her Badass Normal brother.
  • Hero of Another Story: For a given measure of "hero" anyway: His crew, instead of the Straw Hats, were the ones involved in Dead End Adventure.
  • Magnetism Manipulation: The power of his Devil Fruit.
  • Might Makes Right: Genuinely believes this, but also played with in that he doesn't think the weak should just roll over and take it either. In his eyes, everything gained through strength is earned. Spoils, allies, and enemies alike.
  • My Friends... and Zoidberg: Cross gives him this treatment thanks to his Jerkass attitude during Skelter Bite. Especially when setting up the Bar Brawl.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: Again with the term "hero" used lightly: if it wasn't for him and his crew attacking Blackarm Island and reaffirming the head instructor's hatred of pirates, the New World Masons could've gotten another executive.
  • Noodle Implements: He did something involving a potato peeler and a corkscrew that jumped his bounty to ฿110,000,000 shortly before the Straw Hats left Little Garden.
  • Noodle Incident: He was involved in the Dead End Adventure and has Biera & the Bascùd siblings Shuraiya and Adelle as part of his crew.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: On one side, he doesn't like the idea of working alongside Cross or other pirate crews, but does so thanks to Cross's plan on how easy and profitable robbing slavers can be. On the other side, Cross considers him a literal monster and would like nothing more than to see him dead but realizes even a violent jerk like him can still be useful if properly directed and motivated. He even acknowledges that he sees Kid the same way the World Government sees Akainu: Someone they would like nothing more than to put away for their rampant destructiveness, but also someone with strength too important to get rid of.
  • Villain Respect: Has nothing but respect for Luffy and his crew, calling the Straw Hat Pirates the gold standard of their generation.

"Surgeon of Death" Trafalgar D. Water Law - Bounty: ฿375,000,000

See "Tiger" here

"Black Bart" Bartolomeo - Bounty: ฿350,000,000

See "Rooster" here.

Capone "Gang" Bege - Bounty: ฿277,000,000

A Mafia boss turned pirate from the West Blue. He consumed the Castle-Castle Fruit, which gives him the ability to turn his body into a living fortress.

  • Refuge in Audacity: After finding out Nami attempted to pickpocket him, he compliments her moxie and invites her inside himself to see the Fort Lumose horde and his other trophies, confident that stealing anything will be impossible. When Nami says that that sounds like a challenge, he confirms that it was.
  • Signature Laugh: "Gehgehgehgeh!"
  • Villain Respect:
    • Thanks to the SBS of the invasion of Enies Lobby inspiring him to rob the in-universe version of Fort Knox and getting away with a quarter of the Marine's liquid assets, he admits that he owes a debt to the Straw Hat Pirates.
    • He later tips his hat to Nami who, against all odds, managed to steal a single Beri from him while inside his body.

"Red Flag" X Drake - Bounty: ฿266,000,000

A stoic "former" Marine Rear Admiral empowered by an ancient Zoan fruit that turns him into an Allosaurus. Beyond that, not much is known about this powerful pirate.

  • Enemy Mine: He allied with Basil Hawkins to fight Gecko Moria.
  • Everything's Better with Dinosaurs: His Ancient Zoan Fruit power allows him to turn into an Allosaurus (though Cross misidentifies it as a tyrannosaurus), which he uses to stand equally with Funkfreed and Urouge in the bar brawl.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: After getting fed up with allying with the Straw Hats from suffering the wrong end of a Curb Stomp from Kizaru, he vehemently declares he's done helping them, and is looking fit to tear them a new one, until he's met with a mass Death Glare from the Straw Hat crew, who have just learned that Ace has been captured and set to be executed. Realizing they were in the same murderous mood they were in when they faced Shiki, he just quietly walks away.
  • Side Bet: Won one amongst his fellow Supernovas in that Cross and Apoo's rivalry over the SBS was all an act since as a former Marine, he figured that Vegapunk's creations couldn't be hacked that easily.
  • Villain Respect: When the Straw Hats are broadcasting their performance of Bink's Brew, Drake grumbles to himself that they're just more pirates... who are making it very hard for him not to respect them.

"Roar of the Sea" Scratchman Apoo - Bounty: ฿250,000,000

See "Monkey" here.

"The Glutton" Jewelry Bonney - ฿235,000,000

A mysterious woman with an unnamed Devil Fruit ability to change the age of anyone she touches. Also known as a Big Eater.

  • Big Eater: It's all in her epithet, and Cross explicitly says that her appetite rivals Luffy's.
  • Did You Just Flip Off Cthulhu?: After taking over said Marine base, it should be repeated, she uses a Transponder Snail to mock an already-enraged Sengoku.
  • Enemy Mine: She raids a Marine Base alongside Trafalgar Law. They then play Jenga using Marines in place of sticks.
  • Evil Gloating: After taking over a Marine Base, she calls Sengoku on one of its snails just to rub it in his face. And, as shown by the following quote she was also planning on doing the same to Admiral Akainu, had he not been already deployed by the Five Elder Stars to hunt down Bartolomeo.
    "I've wanted to tell that golden bastard [Sengoku] to fuck off for ye-e-eaaars, hahaha! The only way that could have been better, the only way, would have been if that damn volcanic mutt had been there too, because then my year would be utterly made!"
  • Kick Chick: If her fighting during the Bar Brawl on Skelter Bite is any indication, and she's able to use it to match Franky's boxing.
  • Signature Laugh: "Zazazaza!"

"Mad Monk" Urouge - Bounty: ฿186,000,000

A fallen monk from a Sky Island, possibly Bilka, who still holds to his former teachings despite turning pirate.

  • Animal Companion: Confides in Nami and Conis that, having been inspired by the Straw Hats, he's been looking for one of these to add to his crew, but hasn't found one that can keep up with him yet.
  • Manchild: Nami and Conis meet him in Skelter Bite and realize much to their exasperation that he is an overgrown kid.
  • Noodle Incident: What he did at Kyuka Island managed to give shivers to the entire Navy.
  • Nun Too Holy: For a supposed fallen monk, whatever he got up to at Kyuka Island gave the Marines the shivers and Vivi a Nosebleed. note 

"Massacre Soldier" Killer - Bounty: ฿100,000,000

Eustass Kid's level-headed first mate. Outside the Straw Hats, he is the only Supernova to serve under another Supernova and to not show any signs of having a Devil Fruit.
  • Blade Below the Shoulder: Has two arm-scythes as his Weapon of Choice.
  • Chairman of the Brawl: He is the recipient of a chair across the face courtesy of Cross to begin the Supernova Bar Brawl. Naturally, during said brawl, he guns for the third mate's hide.
  • Not So Different: Has a moment like this with Gin in Skelter Bite.
  • This Is Gonna Suck: A preemptive one during "Strong World," when he contemplates the inevitable meeting of his captain and Cross and "the fallout that would come of it" and lets out a miserable groan of "Oh, God help me…"

"The Magician" Basil Hawkins - Bounty: ฿288,000,000

A stoic man from West Blue who ate the Straw-Straw Fruit and wields what seems to be real magic.


Shiki "The Golden Lion" - Bounty: Unknown

Captain of the Golden Lion Pirates and one of Gol D. Roger's contemporaries/rivals. He once amassed a large navy with the purpose of world domination. His dreams were dashed as he ended up defeated by Roger, captured by Sengoku and Garp, and sent to Impel Down. Two years after the Great Pirate era began, he cut off his legs to escape the jail and spent the next 20 years planning his ultimate revenge.

  • An Arm and a Leg: Severed both his legs to break out of Impel Down and replaced them with his two Graded Swords, Oto and Kogarashi.
    • Then, during his final clash with Luffy and Bartolomeo, he tears his swords from his legs to wield them with his hands once again.
  • Arch-Enemy:
    • Gold Roger. All of Shiki's actions during Strong World, including the very plan he had been crafting together for the last twenty years, is driven by his lingering grudge against the Pirate King. During his final battle with Luffy, he even starts ranting about how he can't lose to Roger again.
    • The Straw Hat Pirates, especially Luffy and Nami. The latter for her constant betrayals and outwitting him time and again, and the former for his many, many similarities to Roger (Shiki even started hallucinating Luffy as Roger towards the end of their final fight, helped by the actual Roger's voice taunting him through Soundbite). When he wakes up after his defeat, he even starts planning his revenge on Luffy before getting knocked out by Hancock.
  • Beyond the Impossible: However the hell he managed to get a box containing a Visual Transponder Snail delivered to Level 6 of Impel Down and bolted to the floor so it couldn't be removed.
  • Cigar Chomper: Always seen with one in his mouth.
  • Critical Research Failure: In-Universe example. He recruited Bartolomeo as the 51st division commander in his army, ostensibly on reputation alone. (Un)fortunately, Bartolomeo is also from East Blue, still has friends, family, and territory there, and is thus completely unwilling to aid Shiki in his plan. Instead, he uses the invitation as an opportunity to infiltrate Shiki's operation to both aid the Straw Hats and feed information back to the New World Masons. When Bartolomeo inevitably reveals himself to Shiki in the climax of the arc, he makes sure to rub that little tidbit into the bastard's face.
  • Dehumanizing Insult: When he appears at the end of Chapter 56, he calls both Nami and Billy his property and demands the Straw Hats give them back. Naturally, their reaction is murderous rage.
  • Dishing Out Dirt: His Lion's Threat attacks involve breaking pieces of the ground, suspending them in the air, and lobbing them at his targets. His Earth's Bind variation involves crushing the pieces to rain debris on the target, sucking in said debris and targets in a vortex, and finally compacting the crushed ground into a single pillar that traps and suffocates the enemy.
  • Evil Gloating: First shows up at Marineford to grandstand before Sengoku and Garp before going after the Straw Hats.
    • Later on, he delivers Visual Transponder Snails to nearly every island in the world (or at least a great deal of them) so that he can make everyone watch him destroying the East Blue and defeating the Straw Hat Pirates. It backfires.
  • Fantastic Racism: Hates everything about the East Blue, from being Roger's birthplace (as he stopped his plans of world domination) to his place of execution (Shiki considers it an insult for Roger to executed in a peaceful area like Loguetown), hence why he wants to annihilate it before he conquers the world. It's also a big reason why he deliberately targeted the Straw Hats — he can't stand the fact that the most famous pirate crew in the world originated from the object of his hatred.
  • History Repeats: Over twenty years ago, his plans for world domination were ruined at the hands of a man from East Blue: the Pirate King Gold Roger. Strong World sees it happen again, with Roger's fated successor, Monkey D. Luffy, and this time, the entire world gets to see it.
  • Hopeless Boss Fight: He utterly defeats the Straw Hats with his Lion's Threat: Earth's Bind when he recaptures Nami.
  • Honor Before Reason: The only reason why he doesn't use Haki against Luffy and Barto in their final battle. He missed his chance to use it against them when he first met them and then again during the Hopeless Boss Fight above. To end up using it in the middle of the battle when he's losing is conceding, in his mind, that the two Rookies from "the weakest sea" are too strong for him to defeat, which goes against everything he stands for.
  • Laughably Evil: Despite all the despicable things he does, he sometimes comes off as eccentric, ranging from his dance routines to random moments of senility (shown with Perona and Scarlet).
  • Man Behind the Man: He was responsible for giving the Amigo Pirates Booster IQ and was the reason why Largo risked everything to fight the Straw Hats in Little East Blue.
  • Manipulative Bastard: Shows up on the Sunny and befriends the crew, only to later kidnap Nami for her navigational skills and steal the Snail Transceiver to get better use of it.
  • Mask of Sanity: According to Silvers Rayleigh, Shiki went insane when Roger died by a hand that wasn't his. He's just been able to hide it over the last twenty years, aided by him going completely underground during that time. Going Laughing Mad while the entire world is watching isn't Shiki snapping so much as his mask coming off for everyone to see.
  • Mass "Oh, Crap!": He's the cause of it when anyone realizes that he's the guest the Straw Hats are with and from no less than one of the Yonko (Shanks), two Legendary Marines (Tsuru and Garp), and the Fleet Admiral himself (Sengoku).
  • Might Makes Right: Deconstructed in the opinion of Eustass Kid while listening to his publicized Motive Rant. While he agrees that the strong survive and have the right to rule, that does not mean that the weak should just roll over and serve the strong like Shiki does; allies and enemies are earned, not given.
  • Noodle Incident: He mentions the last time he used his Lion's Threat: Earth Bind attack was against one of Big Mom's children, though he didn't give a name.
  • Power Floats: His Float-Float Fruit gives him the power to make any non-living object float in the air, no matter how large or heavy it is.
  • Playing with Syringes: With Dr. Indigo's assistance, he builds an army of genetically enhanced mutant animals to be used as superweapons against the World Government and the world itself at large.
  • Rage Breaking Point: Played with as he is the source for the Straw Hat Pirates after kidnapping Nami twice, forcing them to fight against mutant beasts for a straight week and wiping the floor with them. By then, they are not only wishing for his defeat but also his death. Played straight when Shiki sees his 20-year plan crumble by the hands of two Rookie crews from the East Blue and goes all out to destroy them.
  • Red Right Hand: Aside from his twin sword Artificial Limbs, he has a steering wheel lodged in his head which came from his fight with Roger.
  • Sadistic Choice: During the final half of the battle, Shiki forms four lions of different elements from the floating islands and lobs them directly at the Thousand Sunny, forcing Luffy to decide whether to continue fighting Shiki or save his crew. Fortunately for him, the crew is strong enough to stop the lions, freeing Luffy to continue the fight.
  • Seppuku: In an author's note at the end of the first chapter after the Strong World arc, the Cross-Brain states that they believe Shiki hasn't reappeared in the anime since his movie because he finally lost all will to live after being beaten by yet another East Blue denizen and so he killed himself with his own swords off-screen. In the This Bites! universe, however, Luffy knocked Shiki's swords away with his sea prism stone-infused pipe before defeating him, so this Shiki is still alive and has been imprisoned in Impel Down. With notes that he not only can but will return in the future...
  • Take Over the World: His goal 22 years ago until he fought and lost to Roger. In the present, he still intends to do this, only after wiping the East Blue clean of everything first.
  • The Only One Allowed to Defeat You: To Roger. Shiki has never gotten over his defeat at Roger's hands, or even the fact that Roger was killed by someone that wasn't him; all of which is the driving force of Strong World.
  • Villainous Breakdown: During the climax of Strong World, after the Straw Hats destroy his palace and defeat his army, rendering everything he's worked towards for the last twenty years pointless. It reaches its absolute apex, however, when Luffy is about to attack him with Giant Thor Axe and he realizes that he's about to lose to a man from the East Blue again.
  • Yank the Dog's Chain: His reason for freeing the captured villagers and allowing them to return home? So he can kill everyone in the village in one single strike with his animal bioweapons to serve as a public demonstration of force to the world.

    Shakuyaku and Silvers Rayleigh 

Shakuyaku and "Dark King" Silvers Rayleigh - Bounties: Unknown

A pair of retired pirates who live on the Sabaody Archipelago, with Shakuyaku's past as a pirate being unclear, and Rayleigh being the former Number Two of Gold Roger, the first Pirate King.

  • Big Damn Heroes: Rayleigh was apparently getting ready to do this during Strong World, along with Mihawk and Shanks, if the Straw Hats lost to Shiki.
    • Slightly subverted in Chapter 69 when he cuts Doflamingo's strings that were controlling everyone in the Auction House to prevent any more damage, although some had already been done.
    • Played straight the next chapter when he finally stops Kizaru when he intends to kill everyone that is opposing him.
  • Let's Get Dangerous!: Apparently, the only reason Rayleigh fought Kizaru to a stalemate in canon was because Kizaru was just trying to capture the Straw Hats (and here, the Supernovas). When Kizaru decides he's going to kill them, Rayleigh doesn't hold back and chucks Kizaru all the way to the Five Star Elders' chambers in Mariejois.
  • Retired Badass: Both of them haven't been active pirates in the last 20 years or so, but this doesn't seem to pose a problem for them.

    Buggy The Clown 

Buggy "the Clown" – Bounty: ฿15,000,000

Wielder of the Chop-Chop Fruit and one of the first adversaries of the Straw Hats, who they met even before the story's beginning. Laughable, looking like a joke, and seemingly harmless due to his bounty, his exterior hides a great many secrets.
  • An Axe to Grind: While he's normally a Knife Nut, he makes do with an axe appropriated from a Blugori while in Impel Down.
  • Berserk Button: Hypersensitive about his large red nose. Even mishearing that you said something about his nose will have him try to kill you.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: As much as he hates Luffy and the Straw Hats, even he wouldn't wish them getting caught and consumed by Lily Carnation, and tries to get ahold of the SBS to warn them.
  • I Take Offense to That Last One!: After Luffy wins his surfing contest against Shogun Octavio live on the SBS, he and Alvida express their thoughts at how ridiculous it all was. The Slim-Slim woman makes subtle jabs at the clown over how ridiculous it was a freak lightning storm saved Luffy from his execution in Loguetown, how losing a few freckles make a difference in perceiving beauty, and how a no-name clown-themed pirate from the East Blue managed to survive in the Grand Line for so long. Buggy is immediately peeved at what she called him.
  • Mr. Exposition: Tells Luffy that after Cross revealed the interior of Impel Down to everyone, the jailors decided the facility was due for an... upgrade.
  • No-Sell: Any damage involving blades is automatically negated due to his Chop-Chop's power.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: It's revealed in Chapter 76 (Impel Downfall part 2) that Buggy has Observation Haki. Luffy and Mr. 3, keenly watching Buggy, notice he's moving just slightly before an attack is launched. Buggy explains to 3 that he doesn't want to draw the attention of stronger pirates itching for a fight if he reveals he's above his "weight class".
  • Tempting Fate: He decides to deliberately invoke this and Up to Eleven just to piss off Luffy. Not only does that cause him and the others to be discovered by Impel Down's staff, but it also ends with Impel Down being invaded by the World Pirates, screwing everyone over. One can't really blame Saldeath for declaring a Kill on Sight order on him.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Seems to be gearing up for this.

    Byojack World 
Brother of the infamous pirate Byrrndi World and acting captain of the World Pirates, he broke into Impel Down with the help of an unknown patron to rescue his brother.
  • Badass Boast: "No matter what happens, no matter how much this hellish prison throws at me, I won't stop. Not until I save my brother! Or my name isn't Byojack World!"
  • Canon Immigrant: Originally from the OVA 3D2Y, here he's getting involved in the Impel Down arc.
  • Cool Old Guy: He's an old man and has always been a midget in height and frail in stature. He has negligible strength and stamina. And he's still the captain of a formidable crew and is determined to literally go to hell and back to rescue his brother.

    Minor Crews 

Bleeding Heart Bounty Hunters

A group of compassionate but foolishly stubborn bounty hunters who have an apparent inability to believe that they’re wrong, they distrust the Government and pirates alike.

  • Condescending Compassion: They're very compassionate towards Vivi's "circumstances" and waste no time assuring her of rescue. She's having none of it and mauls their captain.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: On the receiving end from Wyvern, Cross's future self.
  • Human Cannonball: Their signature weapon is firing their crew members onto enemy ships.
  • Insane Troll Logic: Due to them not trusting the World Government, as well as believing that all pirates are scum, they think that because Vivi's bounty is fake and she's too nice to ally with pirates, she's been brainwashed and kidnapped by the Straw Hats.

Amigo Pirates

A pirate crew the Straw Hats encounter on Little East Blue, searching for Boss Kabuto. Their captain is Largo, whose brother Corto serves as vice-captain.

  • Bad Boss: Largo shoots a Mook who asks not to fight the Straw Hat Pirates.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: On the receiving end from Cross, Soundbite, Lassoo, and Funkfreed, who defeat them with tactics, luck, and sheer audacity.
  • Don't Wake the Sleeper: Largo is willing to shoot anyone who interrupts his siesta.
  • Gratuitous Spanish: Largo and Corto pepper their speech with Spanish.
  • Inescapable Net: Largo's Net-Net Fruit allows him to create nets out of any substance that he ingests, from mucus to iron to roses to fire. Cross calls it a knock-off of the Munch-Munch Fruit.
  • Mundane Made Awesome: Largo makes strumming a guitar menacing.
  • Oh, Crap!: The reaction of Corto and the fodder when they realize they've docked next to the Thousand Sunny.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Largo, the captain, elects to pick a fight with the Straw Hats, who openly attacked Enies Lobby and got away with it, after Cross gave his vice-captain and crew a chance to walk away without conflict.
  • Underestimating Badassery: Thanks to the "gift" that Indigo gave them, they thought they could beat the Straw Hats. They lose to Cross and his partners.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Used as such by Shiki and Indigo. They thought they were being considered to be Shiki's 51st Division, with a Super Serum given to them as a sign of brotherhood, when in actuality all they were doing was acting as Indigo's guinea pigs for his new iteration of BIQ.

The Marines

The members of the Navy, the international police force of this world. Though not inherently evil, the corruption of certain officers, the fanaticism of many others, and their subordination to the World Government means that Justice is variable from one high-ranking Marine to the next.

  • 0% Approval Rating: Gradually over the course of the story, faith in the Marines continues on a downward slope, with the Enies Lobby Incident permanently tarnishing their reputation and the subsequent Thriller Bark and Sabaody Archipelago Incidents destroying any hopes of recovery. The final nail in the coffin, however, is Silvers Rayleigh's confession on the SBS about the truth of Gold Roger's capture and execution, which destroys their last shred of credibility. Notably, it was that confession that finally drove Sengoku to turn in his resignation.
  • Ascended Extra:
    • Many Marines have more screen time than their canon selves courtesy of the SBS.
    • Most notably, the members of the Zodiac of the Divine, G-8, Admiral Akainu, and Garp.
  • Badass Army: That they are.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: The Marines stationed on Enies Lobby, courtesy of the Straw Hats and their allies.
  • Defector from Decadence:
    • Beyond the Zodiac of the Divine and their subordinates, many Marines defected from the organization altogether in the wake of the Enies Lobby debacle; Sengoku says that there were more resignations in the 24 hours after Enies Lobby then there were in the two years before it.
    • The Giant Squad (excluding John Giant) leave after they realize the Accino family tricked them into letting the family into Alabasta, unwilling to endure more scrutiny.
    • Several more left after the Straw Hats freed their shadows from Gecko Moria's control, and are now serving Lola in Skelter Bite.
  • Enemy Civil War: Besides the Zodiac of the Divine...
    • The Navy turns into this during the Enies Lobby arc, with most of their giants going on a rampage after finding out about Saul and Ohara. And in the aftermath, mass defections of Marines resign and a good number of Marine bases outright rebel.
  • Evil vs. Evil: Sometimes comes across as just as bad, if not worse than the very pirates they fight. Most notably Akainu and Onigumo.
  • Everyone Has Standards: Though all the Marines are tough on pirates, there's still a variety of lines they don't cross. In terms of standards, we have the moral and relatively merciful (Aokiji, Momonga, and Smoker), the more ruthless but ultimately neutral, if well-meaning (Sengoku and Strawberry), and the ones who are driven to utterly exterminate anything they perceive as "evil" (Akainu and Onigumo).
  • Fallen Hero: The Navy has become this in public opinion after the Straw Hat Broadcast Station reveals their worst acts of corruption, abuse of power, and plain old dickery to the world at large. It's bad enough that apparently, a large portion of their members defect or quit in disgust.
  • From Bad to Worse: The Straw Hats' assault on Enies Lobby, for the Marines and the World Government. Sengoku is so enraged that he plans on attacking the island with all available government forces. Unfortunately, fate is working against him.
    • The Straw Hats turned Oimo, Kashi, and the Watchdogs against all of the men stationed at Enies Lobby. Not only that, but it was broadcasted live on the SBS, for the entire world to hear, indelibly humiliating the Marines by making them look every bit as incompetent as Cross makes them out to be. And then Robin finally tells the truth about Ohara, with the entire world as her audience.
    • Not only that, but the Straw Hats' assault incited the other Super Rookies to commit dangerous acts, and it even caused some of the Emperors to act out, either to one-up the Straw Hats and/or to draw Marine attention away from them. In brief:
      • Shanks goes on a rampage in the New World, tying up every Marine on that side of the Grand Line. A later chapter reveals that what the World Government called a "rampage", his crew called an extremely rambunctious party. But then again, they did destroy a city as part of said party.
      • Cavendish decides he's getting overshadowed, so he raids a supply ship headed for Totland... just as Big Mom starts craving for the specific thing he stole, sending her on a rampage and deliberately leading her into Kaido's territory, thereby escalating the conflict. This forces the World Government to send half of their Warlords against her in hopes of calming her down.
      • X. Drake and Basil Hawkins attacked Thriller Bark and subsequently sent Moria on a wild goose chase all around the Florian Triangle after them. And with Crocodile in prison, Mihawk incommunicado, and Hancock ignoring any orders that don't threaten her title, that means that the Marines have no Warlords left to help with Enies Lobby.
      • Bartolomeo attacks a Celestial Dragon's yacht and then insults the Five Elder Stars, who send Akainu and five battleships after him.
      • Capone Bege raided Fort Lumose, stealing a fourth of the Marines' liquid assets.
      • Eustass Kid attacked Blackarm Island (implied to be the island where Z trains his recruits), drawing out a conflict in need of a speedy resolution for the Marines to have high-quality recruits to replace all their incoming losses.
      • Scratchman Apoo and Captain Dugong attack Task Force Cerberus, capsizing all their ships in the process.
      • Jewelry Bonney and Trafalgar Law teamed up and attacked Marine Base G-76, with the former even procuring a direct line to Marineford just to rub it in Sengoku's face.
      • And finally, Urouge did something at Kyuka Island that left several high-ranking Marine officers shivering in horror, including men like Garp and even Onigumo, of all people.
    • If that weren't enough, Robin's tell-all on Ohara causes Water 7 to finally cut off the World Government, and several Marines (mainly giants) mutiny after hearing of how Saul (who was popular among other giants) died and that they had been hunting his ward for over twenty years. This forces Aokiji to be left behind so he can quell the mutiny non-lethally.
    • The final straw is the crew outright disintegrating the World Government's flag during the SBS. Sengoku is so overwhelmed and enraged that he can't even go into his Buddha form anymore and instead suffers a heart attack. It is, as he puts it, by far and away the most embarrassing incident for the Marines and the World Government since Roger's execution. And it only became worse from there.
    • By the time the Straw Hats finally escape, the butcher's bill in the immediate area alone is as follows:
    Sengoku: Let me see if I have this straight. We have lost Enies Lobby. We have lost CP9. We have lost a dozen battleships. We have lost thousands of soldiers. We are still trying to locate where Kizaru landed. And we have months' worth of repair work to perform on the Gates of Justice. And meanwhile, the Straw Hat Pirates and their sixty allies all left the island alive?
    • The SBS broadcast of the World Government's crimes does even more damage. Water 7 canceled all contracts with the WG, and now refuses to do business with either them or anyone who doesn't follow suit. A full fifth of the World Government's member nations erupted in rebellion: mere hours after the broadcast, eight percent had outright declared their independence or overthrown the rulership, with another twelve percent struggling to hold off revolutionaries and uprisings, and a later chapter revealing that the final tally stood at a full 15% of the WG nations seceding. They've lost contact with dozens of Marine bases and vessels, and pirate activity is ramping up in a big way. In short, the day the Straw Hats hit Enies Lobby is, without a doubt, the worst day in the entire history of the World Government.
    • Or, rather, it was... until Cross gave Saint Charloss a live interview on the SBS, broadcasting to the entire world what kind of sociopathic, utterly corrupt monsters are sitting at the top of the World Government and profiting by the blood and sweat of the peoples of the world.
    • And then Cross topped that with a one-two punch; Rayleigh revealing to the world via the SBS that the Navy never captured Gol. D. Roger, but instead he turned himself in because he preferred to be executed rather than succumb to his terminal illness, and arranging for the new Free Feather Report to reveal that Saint Charloss and his sister were beaten up by Doflamingo and the World Government instead blamed it on the Straw Hats.
  • General Ripper: The ones following "Absolute Justice" are this, most notably Admiral Akainu and Vice Admiral Onigumo.
  • Mass "Oh, Crap!":
    • The Marines stationed on Enies Lobby are on the receiving end while facing the Straw Hats.
    • Even those Marines not on Enies Lobby get in on it due to Cross's broadcast.
      • Due to the fallout of Enies Lobby, Marines all over the world fall under this due to Cross's reading of the CP9 blackbook, which causes countries all over the world to turn on the Marines and government officials. Made even worse by the fact that a significant portion of new rebels had been loyal Marines until that very day.
  • Reassigned to Antarctica: After the PR nightmare that was Enies Lobby, Sengoku reassigns practically every Marine that follows "Absolute Justice" to the New World to wage war against the Four Emperors so they are out of the public eye and cannot makes things worse than they already have. This includes Admiral Akainu and Vice-Admiral Onigumo.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: During the attack on Enies Lobby, roughly half the Marines run away yelling things like, "I didn't sign up for this."
    • During the events of Enies Lobby, a large number of Marines (roughly 40%) in at least one kingdom that was rebelling against them quit and help the revolutionaries.
    • Apparently, roughly 15% of the World Government's nations have attempted or succeeded in launching a revolution.
  • Slave to PR: After Enies Lobby, the public opinion of the Marines is at an all-time low, with Sengoku stating there have been more resignations requested in twenty-four hours then there have been in the last two years. Meaning that on top of trying to recover from that fiasco, the Marines have become PR's bitch for the foreseeable future.
  • The Dreaded: The higher-ranking Marines are walking death to the average pirate.
  • The Dog Bites Back: In the wake of Enies Lobby, Marines all over the world outright joined the revolts against the World Government that had been started by the Straw Hats' assault.
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Evil: The personalities of those in the Navy range from the just (Smoker and T-Bone) to ones in the middle (Sengoku) to the Knight Templar (Akainu and Onigumo). And then there's Vergo, who only pretends to be a Knight Templar.


Fleet Admiral Sengoku "The Buddha"

The highest-ranking Marine, in charge of the entire organization. At 77 years old, he is a veteran from the days of Gol D. Roger and one of the most powerful men in the world in both authority and strength, backed up with his Human-Human Fruit, Model: Buddha. His good heart rarely shows beneath the stern, uncompromising supporter of Reigning Justice.

  • Arch-Enemy: CROSS. Cross has made Sengoku's already stressful job into a complete nightmare, culminating in a non-fatal heart attack. It's one-sided though, as Cross holds no personal animosity towards him (and in fact is hoping to recruit him to his side).
  • Badass Boast: When one of the Marine’s doctors tries to get him to stay behind at Marineford due to his heart attack, Sengoku informs him that he will be doing no such thing in a very impressive way.
    Sengoku: You seem to have failed to take something into account during your diagnosis, Doctor. I am no mere human being. I am Sengoku, Fleet Admiral of the World Government's Navy. I might be older than Whitebeard by five years, but the fact remains that it will take far more than one measly heart attack caused by one measly pirate to incapacitate me and keep me from popping his head from his scrawny neck. Do. I. Make. Myself. Clear?
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: Fleet Admiral Sengoku wishes for the Straw Hats to engage in 'traditional piracy' over the SBS and even plans on saying prayers for those who'll end up losing their homes. When he gets his wish, he's happy... then he recognizes the voices/names on the broadcast and realizes exactly which island they're destroying: Enies Lobby.
  • Berserk Button:
    • Do not insult Sengoku's choice of goats as a pet. Not even if you're Akainu.
    • As of Enies Lobby, the Straw Hats (Cross in particular) are this to him.
    • The subject of his deceased son in all but name is taboo. Even for Kong. Double if there's even a hint of it being used as emotional blackmail.
  • Big "SHUT UP!": His reaction to Onigumo responding to Cross's taunts after the former murdered a battleship load of Marines just because Luffy landed on it.
  • Butt-Monkey: Though the status didn't really cement itself until the Enies Lobby arc; during and after that, his job as Fleet Admiral has been literally one crisis after another. The SBS has made such a mess of things that when the Cipher Pols start disappearing, he's beginning to seriously regret his life choices.
    Sengoku: Why did I want this job again?
  • Calling the Old Man Out: Sengoku is on the receiving end by Tsuru when the full story of Ohara is broadcast, especially regarding why Sakazuki was never court-martialed for genocide. When she brings up the consideration that Cross might have a point, Sengoku responds with the weight the Fleet Admiral has and the lengths that he believes has to be taken to win the war on piracy, and as a result, the bond the two veterans used to share is severely damaged.
  • Can't Kill You, Still Need You: He hates Akainu's methods, and he fully admits it, both to Tsuru and Akainu himself. However, he also says that thanks to the ever-increasing number of pirates, the Marines simply can't afford to throw away an Admiral-level fighter.
  • The Chains of Commanding: Suffers under this a great deal. When Cross airs the World Government's dirty laundry to the world, including a number of incidents he personally signed off on, they get heavier and heavier. It gets to the point that he honestly hopes for death during the upcoming war with Whitebeard.
  • *Crack!* "Oh, My Back!": His heart attack when he got too angry at the Straw Hats' antics is a result of his age catching up with him. Though he recovers, he has to keep a careful lid on his temper lest it happens again. Even restrained though, he's still fully capable of cowing Akainu.
  • Death Seeker: Downplayed, but he's honestly not all that bothered by the idea of dying during the war with Whitebeard by the time he's decided to resign.
  • Dramatic Irony: Sengoku used to have "screaming nightmares" of Akainu being Fleet Admiral. Considering what happened after the War of the Best, he had every reason to worry, and he may still if canon hasn't been warped enough to prevent that travesty.
    • He's convinced that Tsuru hates him by the time war is declared. While she is (understandably) upset with him over his actions, she doesn't seem to hate him.
  • Everyone Has Standards: Sengoku fully admits that he despises Akainu and his methods and would've gotten rid of him years ago if the Navy didn't need his strength, and says as much to the man's face when reassigning him to the New World.
    • After the events of Omatsuri Island, Sengoku grants pardons to the Toothbrush Mustache Pirates and the Tearoom Pirates for their deeds in ending Lily Carnation's threat and gives the Straw Hats a head start to bug out of the island before he sends a Buster Call to raze the island to the ground and ensure nothing like Lily Carnation can ever happen again.
  • Flat "What"/Big "WHAT?!": When he realizes that the Straw Hats are storming Enies Lobby to get Nico Robin back, he starts out with a Flat "What" and, as it becomes more apparent, ends up with him screaming out "WHAT?!?!?!" in his Golden Buddha form.
  • Game Face: Can and has cowed many a lesser individual with a mere flash of his Buddha Zoan form. Whether this is due to Conqueror's Haki or raw killing intent remains to be confirmed.
  • Give Me a Reason: When Akainu is in his office after the events of Enies Lobby, Sengoku explicitly states that while he knows Akainu is too useful to discharge, the Admiral has caused so much negative press that if he gives Sengoku any reason at all to declare that You Have Outlived Your Usefulness and throw him into Impel Down, he will take it, consequences be damned. And even when Akainu restrains himself from protesting his new orders, Sengoku makes it extremely clear that as far as he is concerned, Akainu is on his last warning.
  • Good Is Not Soft: He is the head of the Navy. He's neither evil nor corrupt, but he's ruthless whenever he feels he needs to be. Unfortunately, whether or not his ruthless actions have been justified has so far been a crap shoot, leaning towards no.
  • Heel Realization: He seems to have at least a bit of one at the end of a side story that's named after him during the Sabaody Revolution (found here) that also details his career as a Marine—and how he went from a good man to being unintentionally corrupted by the Government due to all the horrible choices he had to make, and times when he was faced with only being able to choose the Lesser of Two Evils—and times when he did things that were undoubtedly evil.
    Sengoku had only one thing to say.
    “When... did I begin to accept
    He can no longer truly remember.
    And that scares him like nothing’s ever scared him before.
  • I Did What I Had to Do: Deconstructed, maybe unintentionally, maybe not. Does he have to make hard choices to keep the world safe? Yes, it should be in the job description as Fleet Admiral. Does he exploit all other venues BEFORE resorting to extreme measures? He has never been shown, even in canon, to employ anything that isn't the most extreme measure available, PERIOD.
  • Large Ham: After realizing that the Straw Hats are invading Enies Lobby, he starts Chewing the Scenery.
    Unlucky Vice Admiral: E-everyone-!?
  • Moral Event Horizon: In-Universe example. Reached this in the eyes of Tsuru (and many other Marines' eyes) due to the destruction of Ohara, and most notably the lack of actions taken against Admiral Akainu for the aforementioned genocide.
  • Mercy Lead: As thanks for killing Lily Carnation, Sengoku informs the Straw Hats that the Marines are on their way to the island.
  • Necessarily Evil: As the leader of the Marines, he is basically overseeing the war on piracy, and he's had to make a lot of unsavory decisions since then to keep the world safe from pirates. And considering that his signature of approval is on a full third of the clandestine missions of CP9, that's a lot of unsavory decisions. Unfortunately, as the Marines are essentially supporting and ruled by an insanely corrupt system that is all but out of a dystopian setting, it makes him look, at best, incredibly naïve regarding the long-reaching consequences of his choices. This leads directly to the next trope on the list.
  • Never My Fault: The SBS sparks his ire for many reasons, but on several occasions that spark was caused by Cross airing out the Marines' and World Government's dirty laundry for the world to see. Maybe it's because of the burdens of command, the belief that some things were Dirty Business which nonetheless had to be done for the greater good, that what had been done was due to Morton's Fork and taking the best option available at the time, or simply being blinded by Pride. Whatever the reasons, he is very good at working himself up over how Cross is saying things that will damage the standing of the Marines and the World Government while conveniently ignoring how everything broadcast over the SBS is the unvarnished truth, and that none of it would be anywhere nearly as damaging to the World Government if it were anything other than an utterly reprehensible, thoroughly corrupt system that is responsible for Goda-only-knows how many atrocities, crimes against sapience, and general vileness.
  • Not Me This Time: Despite the man being the bane of his existence (or at least his health) and the very incriminating signature on the bounty request form, Sengoku was not responsible for Cross's insanely high bounty (he ordered him to be given a still very high, but understandable, bounty of 500,000,000). That would be Garp, who forged Sengoku's signature to give him that bounty to get back at him for what happened during his appearance on the SBS. And as it turns out, the Five Elder Stars were also planning to give him said bounty, and just took advantage of Garp doing it.
  • Odd Friendship: Has this with Garp.
  • Old Soldier: He's 77 (five years older than Whitebeard) and the highest-ranking Marine in the world.
  • One Degree of Separation: He's technically Law's adoptive grandfather, as indicated in Law's own character entry. Law, of course, will one day ally himself with the Straw Hat Pirates. Sengoku is currently unaware of the relation, while Law knows of Sengoku's connection to Corazon/Rocinante but not how deep it actually runs... at least, until Cross fills him in.
  • Reality Ensues: He's even older than Whitebeard, and it's made clear that the stress he's been having to deal with is causing serious health issues for him (even more so than in canon).
  • Sanity Slippage: From the moment the Straw Hats start invading Enies Lobby, he's furious. And the fury keeps growing with every passing hour until by the time he's on his way to Enies himself, he seems to have cracked.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: In Chapter 71, he finally reaches his limit after Rayleigh reveals the truth behind Roger's execution.
    Sengoku: I. Am. Done. The exact instant that Fire-Fist's execution is over and done with, I resign. Find someone else stupid enough to put up with this PR death sentence, because I don't intend to. To put it as politely as possible, I quit, deal with it.
  • Slasher Smile: Gets an outright demented grin when he talks to Spandam after the latter accidentally broadcasts his plans to use Pluton and overthrow the WG.
  • Slave to PR: Has been this since the Enies Lobby debacle, and gives it as the main reason he allows Perona's ascension as a Warlord. Apparently, there is an outcry from certain women's rights groups over there being only one female Warlord (Hancock) and says Perona's inclusion will be sure to placate them.
  • Superpower Meltdown: It's the Straw Hats' fault, of course. By broadcasting their assault on Enies Lobby, they caused him to literally blow his top and shift into full-on Golden Buddha Mode. If that wasn't bad enough, they ended up inspiring several other pirates, from their fellow "Super Rookies" to the Yonko themselves, to go on a crime spree simultaneously. The broadcast also ended up causing a spontaneous uprising of almost every Giant in Marineford after they heard the truth about Jaguar D. Saul's death and Ohara. Eventually, the stress from all of the above became too much, and he suffered a (non-fatal) heart attack as a result.
  • Super Mode: His Golden Buddha Zoan form, which possesses enough raw power to leave island-sized dents in the gargantuan Gates of Justice.
  • Take This Job and Shove It: At the end of the Sabaody Archipelago arc, he calls Kong and bluntly declares that he's going to quit the Marines the instant Ace has been executed, declaring that it's not worth having to deal with the constant PR nightmares anymore.
  • Tautological Templar: Subverted. He is honestly a good man that thinks he must do the things he's done for the sake of peace, but in practice, his own actions paint him as someone that merely believes themselves to be good without actually being good.
  • Tempting Fate: He told Vice Admiral Yamakaji that "Nothing can make me angrier than I am now." He promptly regretted it when Yamakaji told him that Admiral Kizaru, in his 'eagerness' to join the fight, ended up getting himself warped away to parts unknown. Sengoku's reaction is to slam his Buddha head into the Gates of Justice in exasperation.
    • While he's angry that there will be pirates listening in to it, even he can't argue with the contents of the SBS where Cross goes over how to avoid Tempting Fate.
  • Tranquil Fury: According to Cross, the tone of voice he uses when addressing him via Soundbite is best compared to "the void between the stars."
    Ah, yes. Jeremiah Cross. The biggest fucking aggravation in my career, if not my life. I have only one thing to say to you.
    I'm coming for you.
    • After the events of Enies Lobby, due to his heart condition, this is apparently the only type of full-out fury he can express without straining his heart. This does not make him any less terrifying when he's angry.
  • Unstoppable Rage: What the Straw Hats have driven him to by Enies Lobby. By the time Cross starts reading CP9's blackbook of morally questionable assassinations aloud on the SBS, for the entire world to hear, Sengoku doesn't even bother being surprised anymore, just angry.
  • Villain Respect: Begins to respect Luffy after the events with Lily Carnation for destroying such a deadly threat.


Vice Admiral "The Hero" Monkey D. Garp

Grandfather of Monkey D. Luffy and a veteran from the days of Gol D. Roger. At 75 years old, he was the Pirate King's greatest Marine rival and backed it up with raw strength.

  • Berserk Button: Do not call his son Dragon a hero. As far as he's concerned, the Revolutionary is just a jobless bum using his "hobby" of changing the world as an excuse to get out of "real" work.
  • Butt-Monkey: Even though he's acknowledged as one of the strongest men in the world, he receives a lot of comical abuse, usually at the hands of his best friend Sengoku (who uses him as his personal chew toy when stressed, especially when Garp is somehow connected and/or responsible for it), and is just as much a target for mockery for stupidity.
  • Charles Atlas Superpower: He is a perfectly ordinary human by blood, but can punch hard enough to leave mountain-sized dents in the gargantuan Gates of Justice.
  • The Dreaded: To his grandsons and even to his fellow Marines. Aokiji outright shivers in terror when thanking his lucky stars that he wasn't trained by him, while Akainu gulps in fear when he finds out Sengoku has tasked Garp with "convincing" him to accept his reassignment.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: To get back at Merry and Cross, he pulls strings so the former gets a bounty, and forges Sengoku's signature to triple Cross's proposed bounty, giving him the highest starting bounty in history.
  • I'll Never Tell You What I'm Telling You!: Is idiotic enough to do this post-Enies Lobby, both with regards to Luffy's parentage (broadcasted on the SBS, no less!) and Vivi's Sovereign's Will, though he assumed that Cross already knew the latter with everything else he knew.
  • Laugh Themselves Sick: Busts an earth-shaking gut whenever the SBS comes on. Much to Sengoku's irritation.
  • One Degree of Separation: Spars with Boss's teacher Sifu Dugong on a regular basis.
  • Papa Wolf: As much as his grandson is a pirate, do not lay a hand on him if you have any interest at all in living. Seeing Luffy in the middle of Baron Omatsuri's Rain of Arrows had him so furious that it left all of the Admirals shaking and him fully determined to rip the monster apart with his own two hands.
  • Secret Keeper: He accurately assumes that after two months on the Thousand Sunny, Perona had developed loyalty to the Straw Hats despite her claim that she had parted ways with them, but promises to keep her secret.
  • So Proud of You: Says as much to Luffy after the Straw Hat defeats Lily Carnation.
  • The Fettered: When Tsuru asked him how he could accept the Marines' justice, he said that the varieties of justice that the Marines follow are all just opinion, and the only thing he follows and trusts to do what's right is his own gut.
  • This Is Gonna Suck: Garp's reaction to seeing Sengoku's golden hand crashing through his roof and grabbing him while he's listening to his grandson utterly demolish Enies Lobby over the SBS.
    Garp: Shit.
  • Up to Eleven: Cross outright calls his existence a divide-by-zero paradox after he proves to be dumber than his grandson — the same grandson whose idiocy transcends space and time.



The Blue Pheasant of the Marines, and the only Admiral with a true moral compass (although even he has noticed that, due to his orders, he's not sticking to it as much as he'd like). His real name is Kuzan.

  • Adaptational Badass: While he was already terrifying in canon, it's stated that he can actually create ice that is cold enough to replicate dry ice with his powers. For reference, dry ice is -70 C/-100 F below normal zero temperatures.
  • Break Them by Talking: He's subjected to this by Cross, and it's enough to make him actually want to kill him.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Even when they're much-expanded, he still subjects the Straw Hats to this.
  • If I Wanted You Dead...: Cross and Robin do this on behalf of Aokiji, stating that if he was there to kill them, he'd have sunk their ship from miles away.
  • Spanner in the Works: He's torpedoed two of Cross's long-running plans due to his actions. First, he ends up destroying all the work Cross had put into trying to get Robin to trust and believe in them by making her cave into the fear that they're not strong enough to fight the World Government, resulting in the events of Enies Lobby going on largely unchanged. He also inadvertently saved Blackbeard and caused Ace to be captured, setting up the War of the Best that Cross had been desperately trying to prevent. As a result, Cross developed a seething hatred for the man, and refused to consider a Defeat Means Friendship possible with him even before he learned that Ace had been captured after all.
  • Villainous Friendship: A one-sided variation with Blackbeard; while the latter calls him "friend" for saving his life accidentally (due to Aokiji freezing Banaro Island and giving him the opportunity to absorb Ace, Whitey Bay, and Squardo), Aokiji is utterly disgusted by both Blackbeard and himself.


The Red Dog of the World Government, and one of the most infamous Marines in the entire world for his tendencies to murder anyone and everyone who he views as having betrayed Absolute Justice. His real name is Sakazuki.

  • Can't Kill You, Still Need You: Sengoku outright says to his face that if Akainu weren't so unbelievably strong he would have dishonorably discharged him and/or tossed him into Level Six of Impel Down years ago.
  • Dehumanizing Insult: By people who don't really like him - Tsuru, Sengoku, Bonney, etc. -, they almost always called him 'mutt'. They also used dog metaphors like keeping on a leash but even then, they couldn't stop Akainu's You Have Failed Me ultimatum in Enies Lobby.
  • The Dreaded: Akainu is feared by pirates and lower-ranked Marines for his willingness to kill anyone who violates his "Absolute Justice."
  • Engineered Public Confession: Technically he did this to himself when he called in to the SBS to do the You Have Failed Me threat. Either way, the world heard it and combined that with the true story of Ohara, he was negatively received by the public enough that Sengoku knows he has to send him away from the limelight.
  • Pragmatic Villainy: He has serious doubts about challenging Whitebeard because he knows that even if the Marines win, the lack of manpower that will result is going to be a serious issue in ensuring Justice throughout the world. He finds it more pragmatic to just silently execute Ace without a public display or wait until their forces are better reinforced for a public execution, but questions why the Elder Stars are so determined to pull this stunt now.
  • Reassigned to Antarctica: After the PR nightmare that was Enies Lobby, Sengoku reassigns him, and every other Marine that follows "Absolute Justice," to the New World to wage war against the Four Emperors so they are out of the public eye and cannot makes things worse than they already have.
    • Reassignment Backfire: From the point of view of the non-Absolute Justice believers, at least. The Five Elder Stars ordered him to start recruiting new Marines from the New World while he's assigned there to start replenishing the forces they've lost.
  • You Have Failed Me: Tells the recruit-level Marines (through the SBS no less) fighting the Straw Hats on the Bridge of Hesitation (who are considering retreating after Onigumo murdering a battleship with hundreds of their comrades on board was broadcast to them thanks to Cross and Soundbite) that anyone who runs away will be subject to this. Cross tells them that he's well aware why they're doing this and he forgives them for it.


The Yellow Monkey, and the most morally unclear of the Admirals, Kizaru is somewhat oxymoronic in that despite having the power to move at the speed of light, he's very lazy. His real name is Borsalino.

  • Bearer of Bad News: During his Curbstomp Battle at Sabaody, he informs everyone over Ace's upcoming execution. Cross is not happy to learn this. At All. We later learn this was part of the Five Elder Star's plan to try and lure the Straw Hats to Marineford so they could publicly broadcast not only Ace's execution, but the destruction of the Straw Hat pirates.
  • Blinded by Rage: When he's about to kill the Straw Hats and the Supernovas, he lets his Observation Haki drop for a second due to his fury... which lets Rayleigh intervene and get a hand on his leg.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: When he arrives at Enies Lobby, he initially doesn't see any reason to join in fighting the Straw Hats himself until Yamakiji points out that him fighting them means he wouldn't have to explain why he didn't fight to the currently enraged Sengoku.
  • Butt-Monkey: While he's no less competent or dangerous as in canon, he's been on the receiving end of quite a lot of abuse, with the aftermath played for laughs.
    • He's refracted by Nami into the Red Line during the Enies Lobby battle, leaving him in a full body cast.
    • The previous example leaves Sengoku furious with him, likely on his getting taken out by a sheer coincidence.
    • Rayleigh scares him him shitless, breaks his leg like a twig, and hurls him all the way to the Elder Stars room, leaving him paralyzed for the immediate future and humiliated again.
  • Curb-Stomp Cushion: He utterly destroys the Supernovas and the entirety of the Straw Hats, at the same time. The Straw Hats got trounced, but the rest of the Supernovas and Luffy managed to land some blows that he notices could have genuinely killed him.
  • Deus Exit Machina: During the battle at Enies Lobby, he was accidentally reflected into the Red Line by Nami throwing up a mirage, and the resulting injuries incapacitated him for the next few weeks.
  • It Only Works Once: Use a reflective surface to counter his light abilities? He's not gonna fall for it a second time. During the Sabaody battle, he immediately shoots Nami first so that she's put out of the battle and can't nail him again. Kid entraps him in a metal reflective sphere? He'll use the friction from his speed to melt through it.
  • Oh, Crap!: When he realizes that Silvers Rayleigh has a firm grip on his leg, and that he isn't letting go.
  • The Gloves Come Off: When the Supernovas and the Straw Hats finally get a few hits in and actually make him bleed, his entire demeanor changes, and he decides he'll kill them all right there and then.
  • Watch Out for That Tree!: Kizaru in his light beam form ends up flying into a mirage, gets refracted out the other side and out of the fight... and right into the Red Line.

    Other Marines 
  • Engineered Public Confession: Cross pulls one on Vice Admiral Onigumo, and his broadcasted response to murdering a shipload of Marines in an attempt to kill Luffy causes several Marines to look at their uniform in naked terror. If it weren't for Akainu calling in to promise execution to any Marines who didn't fight, they may well have surrendered.
  • Proud Warrior Race Guy: The Giants are this, and they did not take kindly to finding out the truth of what happened to Saul.
  • Tautological Templar: Vice Admiral Strawberry correctly assumes Koala wants revenge against him for having wronged her in some way, then insists that due to being a Marine and justice embodied, whatever action she blames him for were just and his victim(s) got what they deserved. Bad move.
  • This Is Unforgivable!: The Giants in the Navy basically form a lynch mob due to the dual actions of hearing about the destruction of Ohara, with John Giant being unable to refrain from disrespecting the deceased Saul, and the Marines hunting his (Saul's) ward for the past 20 years. Tsuru summed it up best:
    Tsuru: They want John Giant dead for his disrespect, they want Aokiji dead for freezing Saul, they want Akainu dead for bombarding him, they want you [Sengoku] dead for being in charge… basically, they want blood.
  • This Is Gonna Suck: Vice-Admiral Yamakaji's reaction when he realizes that he's got to inform Sengoku that Admiral Kizaru managed to get himself warped out off the battlefield and thus won't be able to participate against the Straw Hats.
    Yamakaji: "Well, Shit."
  • Too Dumb to Live:
    • John Giant found out the hard way that saying Jaguar D. Saul was Rewarded as a Traitor Deserves was not a good idea. Especially not in earshot of a lot of other giants who greatly respected him.
    • Vice Admiral Onigumo should have thought more before he responded to Cross's taunts about murdering a boatload of his fellow Marines just because Luffy landed on it, especially since Spandam had fallen for it less than an hour earlier.
  • Villain Respect: Instructor Zephyr almost had his mind changed by the SBS, but Kid's attack on his students reaffirmed his stance that all pirates are scum. At least until he watches Luffy's declaration of freedom on the SBS.


Ensign "Nailing" Isuka

A character from the Ace's Story light novel, one of the earliest Marine opponents that Ace faced when he was captain of the Spade Pirates. She makes her appearance to be Ace's executioner at Marineford.
  • The Only One Allowed to Defeat You: After Ace's capture was announced, she handed the request to Fleet Admiral Sengoku to be his executioner.
  • Took a Level in Badass: She's a Commodore by the time she shows up, and demonstrates casually the ability to perform both aerial slashes and cut through Sea King bone.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: When she shows up, she has become considerably more jaded than she was when she was when she was going after Ace.

World Government

    Five Elder Stars 

Five Elder Stars

Five aged men who bear the highest authority of the World Government. Everyone in the Marines and Government, save only for the World Nobles, answer to them.

  • Adaptational Badass: At least one of the five Elder Stars (potentially all of them) is capable of using Conqueror's Haki, and possesses it to a sufficient degree to affect (not knock out, but affect) Admiral Aokiji.
  • Ascended Extra: In the original story, they've shown up maybe half a dozen times over the course of twenty years. Here, they're mentioned... still not too much, but more frequently, and are shown truly making decisions that affect the world.
  • The Evils of Free Will: Implied, with their overall distaste towards the idea of freedom that Cross is spreading via the SBS at the start of chapter 64.
  • Genocide Backfire: Their first solution to any potential problem tend to be mass-murder, and it just keeps blowing up in their faces.
    • They launched a Buster Call against Ohara to stop research on the Void Century. Twenty years later, Nico Robin blows the whistle on this day's events, which contributes to making the world grow unstable.
    • In spite of all their efforts, they were unable to find Gold Roger's child before he was born and safely hidden.
    • Since they couldn't properly identify the D. bloodline hiding in Flevance, they outright quarantined and razed the entire country as soon as they had an excuse. It left young Law a ginormous grudge against the World Government and it gets stronger after Funkfreed tells him and Cross the Awful Truth.
  • Godzilla Threshold: When they hear Saint Charloss's interview on the SBS basically airing out all the horrible things that happen in Mariejois (and basically driving faith in the WG, rather than the Marines, to an even more all-time low), they're initially just as angry as with any other SBS. But when Dragon calls Cross's bluff and acknowledges that he'll owe him for the rest of his life for continuing said interview, the Stars decide to pull all the stops to finally get rid of Cross, from sending an Admiral to Sabaody to recalling Akainu from the New World to even contacting the Scientists to unleash their latest projects.
  • Make an Example of Them: The core of their Godzilla Threshold option. With their reputation irreparably damaged and the Revolutionary Army's leader owing Cross more than he'll ever repay, they will embrace the WG's now corrupt look and use excessive force to kill and destroy the Straw Hats to show the entire world what will happen if the WG is ever in danger. They also intend to capture Cross alive just so that they can publicly execute him alongside Ace to make their message clear. This worries Cross since he believes executing anyone alongside Ace, no matter who they were, would ultimately dilute the message they're trying to send, which implies it's more about messaging a drastic change in methodology for their goals, shifting away from simply extinguishing Roger's bloodline to something even more drastic.
  • The Man Behind the Man: They actually wanted to give Cross his colossal bounty on purpose, unlike Sengoku (and Garp, before he was embarrassed on the SBS), and just exploited Garp doing it before they did in the hopes (that even they admit are unlikely) that someone with more "bullets than brains" would get rid of him for them.
  • Tautological Templar: Sengoku plays with this trope, but is honestly a mostly decent man. The Five Elder Stars, in the end, have never really given any indication that they're as sympathetic and well-meaning as Sengoku is.
  • This Is Gonna Suck: In Chapter 68, when they learn that Cross has somehow managed to get Saint Charloss of the World Nobles to make a live interview on the SBS, after establishing just which of the World Nobles Charloss is, all of them are resigned that this is going to make their already crippled publicity go straight down the toilet.

    World Nobles 

World Nobles

The descendants of the kings who founded the World Government, and the epitome of the government's corruption. They are above all law and punishment and abuse this to enslave and/or kill anyone that strikes their fancy.

  • Achievements in Ignorance: Charloss accidentally kills the modeling industry after his live interview on the SBS reveals that the World Nobles use fashion magazines to find spouses and kill models for being too good-looking, equating it to trying to match the "radiance" of the Celestial Dragons.
  • Arch-Enemy: The D, of course, but also the Nefertari Royal Family of Alabasta as well. They have never forgiven the Nefertaris for refusing to ascend to Mariejois with them, and retaliated with many minor offenses over the years until the Alabasta arc happened and they placed a bounty on Vivi, forcing her to go on the run with the Straw Hats. After that, said grudge match was no longer one-sided, and Alabasta retaliated by seceding from the World Government.
  • Defiant to the End: Any World Noble worthy of the prejudice directed at them would never even conceive the idea of saying 'please', let alone begging, even if they were in the middle of a lynch mob.
  • Jerkass: With a handful of exceptions, most of which are dead, all of them are rotten to the core.
  • The Hedonist: An entire city full of them, with each generation worse than the last. As hedonism is the cornerstone of their Blue-and-Orange Morality, they have absolutely no idea how horrifying their actions are to the rest of the world, instead dismissing the difference in ideals as one between "gods" and "mortals".
  • Open Mouth, Insert Foot: Due to their social upbringing, they say the most offensive things without so much as a thought. This comes back to bite the Elder Stars hard when Cross gets Charloss on the SBS and the Noble practically airs out all the sickening and immoral dirty laundry of what goes on in Mariejois, torpedoing any chance of the WG ever getting back to the status quo to such an extent that Dragon acknowledges Cross's claim that he owes Cross more than he can pay back, driving the Elder Stars to their Godzilla Threshold option.
  • Pre-Mortem One-Liner: Given by a random guard who has finally had enough of a Celestial Dragon's cruelty and he, his fellows, and all the bystanders decide to take matters into their hands, "fulfilling the dream of every single civilian alive with the misfortune to have crossed [the Celestial Dragons'] path."
    Guard: What this is... is Justice.
  • Psychopathic Manchild: Charloss is most definitely one as he gleefully tells everyone live on the SBS about what goes on in Mariejois and doesn't even consider it to be something horrifying.
  • The Dog Bites Back: When Saint Jamolomew was about to shoot a clerk for listening to the SBS, he is stopped by one of his own guards. When the other guards move to subdue him, he stops them dead by simply pointing out with the Marines dealing with all the fallout from Enies Lobby, they simply have no-one to spare to stop them. All the bystanders promptly get up and start eyeing him as well. The woman who was about to be killed locks the door and puts out the 'Closed' sign.
    Guard: He's all alone. So the question isn't really what he will do to us. Rather... I'd say it's what we're going to do to him.



The corrupt-to-the-core leader of Cipher Pol No. 9. Described as a sub-human degenerate and the textbook definition of a malignant narcissist, there is seemingly no depth he won't sink to in order to achieve his ambitions.

  • Berserk Button: The only remotely admirable quality he has is how much he respects his father; anyone who insults Spandine in front of him gets a summary execution, even if they're someone his own life depends on. Of course, his father was ALSO a corrupt jerk like he was...
  • Butt-Monkey: Enies Lobby had Cross (deservedly) make him into this, and life has just been one misfortune after another for Spandam ever since.
  • Deer in the Headlights: Twice within minutes. First, when Cross has the mortars fire on his location. Second, when Luffy launches Jabra at him. Both times, he has to be yanked out of the way.
  • Dirty Coward: One of his primary traits. So long as he has his agents doing his bidding, he feels invincible. When things start going out of control, he panics.
  • Engineered Public Confession: Cross engineers this, letting the Marines listen to Spandam's broadcast that he activated the Buster Call and that he doesn't mind if they all die. They are NOT thrilled. Spandam also let out that he plans to use Pluton to oust the Elder Stars and take over the world himself, which led to Sengoku calling on the SBS to enthusiastically tell him to return to HQ and receive everything he had coming to him.
  • Fate Worse than Death: Twice before the Straw Hats reached Enies Lobby, Cross specifically stated that the only way he would allow Spandam to survive their invasion was if he could make Spandam face one of these instead. He ensures it first by finding and broadcasting CP9's black book, and second by broadcasting the aforementioned Engineered Public Confession to the world. When the Straw Hats caught up to him, Robin and Franky took their well-deserved revenge—brutally torturing him—before leaving him to the Marines, who sent him to Impel Down, where the Newkamas abducted him, leading him to be tortured for information by Ivankov.
  • Hate Sink: There is absolutely no redeeming quality about him beyond the aforementioned Berserk Button; he started his career being an arrogant asshole, he framed Franky and Iceburg's mentor and father figure Tom for the sake of his personal ambitions rather than because of duty, he enjoys torturing and abusing prisoners under the flimsiest of pretenses, etc. Even Lassoo though it was okay to eat Spandam in revenge for what he did to Robin because he was horrible enough that he didn't count as human. In the aftermath of Enies Lobby, Sengoku's first action in trying to redeem the reputation of the Marines and the World Government was to record and publish every single detail of the punishment they were about to level on him, noting that not even Cross could call it anything but "justice."
  • It's All About Me: Cross calls him a textbook example of a malignant narcissist, and he more than lives up to it, caring only about advancing his career while paying shallow lip service to his duty.
  • Jerkass: All the way.
  • Like Father, Like Son: About the only difference between father and son are a few details that are different about their appearances.
  • Obviously Evil: He looked like a villain even before he got the leather brace after Franky broke his face with a pistol whip, has a tendency to monologue and laugh like a cut-rate villain when it seems things are going his ways, exploits any justification he can to be a sadist...they couldn't make it any more obvious that the only reason he had his position was because of his father's connections.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: To the point of delusion. He doesn't understand that the assassins at his command merely tolerate him rather than respecting him, and he overstates his importance while being nothing more than their over-glorified secretary.
  • Unwitting Pawn: He's this to Admiral Aokiji. He didn't have a clue that he was set up against the Straw Hats in order for the Admiral to do away with his own doubts and pretend to himself that his way was right, choosing to revel instead in having the power of the Buster Call at his fingertips, without ever considering the reasons WHY it was given to him.

    The Scientists 

Dr. Hogback and Dr. Indigo

One of the former Co-Dragons of Gecko Moria who was in charge of "outfitting" his zombie army, and The Dragon of Shiki, respectively, who have been forced into working for the World Government after the Straw Hats defeated their masters.

  • Arch-Enemy: Both of them are this to Chopper, due to their complete disregard for the medical field's code of conduct, and the feeling is mutual for Indigo, who hates Chopper for constantly upstaging him in scientific feats.
  • Evil Genius: Obviously, both of them. Hogback is a master surgeon, while Indigo is a master of chemical and genetic enhancement.
  • Mad Scientist: Both of them are this. Hogback actually gets into a rant on it.
    Hogback: I am not crazy! I am not and have never been anything less than the absolute picture of mental health! It is a legitimate fact proven, by a symposium of scientists the world over that I myself was a part of, that doctors are incapable of suffering from the pedestrian affliction recognized as 'going mad'! The word you're looking for in my field is 'medical genius'!
  • Put on a Bus: Both of them, like their captains, are masters of the long game; they know that the World Government can't contain them forever... but they can still contain them for a very long time.
  • Trapped in Villainy: Played with. While both of them are evil already, neither of them wants to work for the World Government.


A former enemy of the Straw Hats, Ratchet is now a fellow scientist developing weapons for the World Government.
  • Do Not Taunt Cthulhu: He was responsible for releasing the prototype BioMEGA on Amazon Lily, and through Double Speak, he mocks Hancock with this after she arrives in Impel Down. He gets literally trodden on by her and then blasted with Conqueror's Haki, and nobody nearby bothers to pretend they care in the slightest.
  • Evil Laugh: Mekakakakaka!
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: After the aforementioned Conqueror's Haki, nobody in the room with Hancock cares much about his state (besides that he's still alive, as they have orders to keep him that way).
  • Got Volunteered: He believed that he was part of the group because he volunteered, hence his better living conditions compared to Hogback and Indigo. However, Stussy revealed that his mother volunteered him so the World Government wouldn't arrest him when his ambitions would put him against them.
  • Noodle Incident: The events of The Giant Mechanical Soldier of Karakuri Castle have occurred in the past, although the particulars haven't been revealed. Needless to say, Ratchet holds a grudge against the Straw Hats, particularly Luffy.
  • Take Over the World: Still his main goal - but the fact everyone knows about it now, plus his imprisonment/"volunteer work" for the World Government, makes his chances pretty bad.

Impel Down



The Warden of Impel Down and the most powerful combatant in it (who isn't locked up).

  • Affably Evil: Magellan meets Luffy coming up with a dining table and a last meal, and allows Luffy to sit and eat while they talk before fighting. After his ultimate attack misfires due to a rubber band and a sucker punch, he lets Luffy and co leave without further incident.
  • Anti-Villain: As far as Luffy is concerned, Magellan's a good guy who just happens to work on the other side.
  • Berserk Button: Magellan explodes with anger when he's told to break the law and ship Ace to his execution before the appointed date.
  • By-the-Book Cop: The man's devotion to upholding the law is absolute, and not even a direct order from the Five Elder Stars will get him to break it. In his own words:
    Magellan: Every law we have followed to the letter, and every law we enforce. None may break them and none may bend them. Not even ourselves. Especially not ourselves. And on this matter, you may be certain: there is no question or compromise.
  • Can't Kill You, Still Need You: His temper is worn so thin in recent times that he admits the only reason he keeps Hannyabal around is because he has his uses.
  • Dangerous Forbidden Technique: His Poison Goetia, which involves manifesting animal shapes made of distilled venoms from his meals and then eating them in order to mix together every single possible poison in his system into a new ultimate attack, the Typhon Genesis. His mental narration as he chows down makes it very clear that this move is pushing his body's resistance to poison to its limit, and could kill him.
    But as simple as such a concept sounded, it was far easier conceived than accomplished. Each of Magellan's poisons was more than a deadly liquid, it was a curse given physical form, hazardous to be in the mere presence of. Mixing even two of the poisons promised disaster, and the dangers only escalated exponentially from there. The foremost issue was that in order to recombine the poisons, a vessel was inevitably required for the unholy fusion to take place in. And yet, the combined poisons were too corrosive, too destructive for any such vessel to take place in. Any vessel, save one.
    To use his own stomach as a crucible for the mother of all poisons was a daring feat, but also a double-edged one. Even with his powers, Magellan could only just withstand the blowback of his meals on a good day. To experience them all at once wasn't just risky. This technique presented a very real, very present danger to Magellan. In fact, one bad combination and it could outright kill him.
  • Death Glare: He starts the arc in a bad mood, thanks to the World Government using Impel Down as a testing ground for the BioMEGA project.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Magellan runs potentially the most despicable prison in all of fiction, but the man has standards. The BioMEGA project gets a lot of his ire due to how mindless and indiscriminate they are about inflicting cruelty. He also point-blank refuses to advance Ace's execution ahead of schedule and threatens to kill any Marine who tries to withdraw him before then. And on a more humorous note, even he frowns on the usage of puns to torture prisoners.
  • Exact Words: Well, the World Government did insist that Luffy arrive at Marineford alive...
  • Eye Scream: Twice by Luffy in both their battles to stun him and set up a counterattack.
    • In their fight in Level 4, Luffy uses his gift from Franky, a heavy-duty laser pointer, and blasts it into his eyes to stun him and go on the offensive.
    • During their final battle just as Magellan is about to unleash his Typhon Genesis final attack after setting it up with his Poison Goetia technique, Luffy uses Usopp's Rubber Band of Doom—sorry, Elastic Wonder of Doom—and flicks it into Magellan's eye to stun him once again and land a solid punch into his stomach, causing the Warden to literally puke the attack out involuntarily, saving him and the rest of the prison break party.
  • The Fettered: When Luffy surrenders, it is abundantly clear that Magellan would like nothing more than to ignore it and beat seven kinds of crap out of him. But that would be against the rules he has sworn to uphold, and Magellan will never break the rules.
  • Gasshole: Thanks to eating breakfast burritos on Tuesday. The rest of the Impel Down staff (mostly) remember to wear gas masks since his farts are affected by his Venom-Venom Fruit.
  • Genre Savvy: Once he has Luffy defeated, he orders Hannyabal to take him to level 5, isolate him, not leave until Luffy draws his last breath, and then take the body straight to the incinerator.
    Magellan (to Hannyabal): I am letting him out of my sight only because you can still keep him in yours.
  • Implacable Man: Nobody in the entire Impel Down arc was able to do much more than inconvenience him, and the response in canon for everyone fighting him was typically Run or Die.
  • Know When to Fold 'Em: After his second fight with Luffy, Magellan ultimately decides to let Luffy and his band leave under the logic that since Luffy is going straight to Marineford, he's basically walking to his death, and trying to take the fight to a logical conclusion would only leave him too exhausted to clean up the rest of Impel Down, or to deal with Blackbeard... to say nothing off the grim possibility that he might actually lose.
  • Loophole Abuse: Magellan is not happy with the BioMEGA presence in his prison. So, when the one stationed on Level 4 appears during his first fight with Luffy...
    Luffy: Oh, look, I'm standing in front of your big bad weapon. You can't attack me or you might kill it too.
    Magellan: Hydra.
    Magellan: Oh, no. I missed. Now I have to report that because of you, Straw Hat, we lost two of the Government's prototypes. Maybe even three, if the one above us interferes in the clean-up of the mess you caused and has to be put down. How very... tragic.
  • No, Mr. Bond, I Expect You to Dine: Before he fights Luffy, Magellan insists on sharing a meal with the pirate.
  • Noble Demon: He runs a prison explicitly modeled after hell and will do horrific things to the prisoners without an instant's hesitation, but he does these things for the sake of protecting the world from the criminals held within Impel Down and will never compromise his principles for any reason.
  • Poisonous Person: He's the wielder of the Venom-Venom Fruit, and he uses it to terrifying effect.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Surprisingly so given Impel Down's well deserved reputation.
  • Rousing Speech: After he realizes Luffy will be attempting to break out with backup, Magellan gives a very effective speech to the staff of Impel Down, one he later admits he stole from the SBS.
  • Technicolor Toxin: Magellan's poisons are noted as coming in a variety of vibrant colors based on which specific poison he's projecting, though they tend to default to a noxious purple hue. Taken Up to Eleven when he vomits up a misaimed Typhon Genesis attack, which is supposed to be based on all his poisons at once: it looks as if he's puking up rainbows, much to the shock of the onlookers, who comment on how weird that is.
  • This Is Gonna Suck: This is his rather understandable reaction when he gets ready to go after the invading Blackbeard Pirates and Luffy warns him that Blackbeard is also a D.
    Magellan: ...Damn today to Tartarus...
  • Threat Backfire: After being warned to remember which flag he serves, Magellan thinks that he knows full well which flag that is, and it's not the World Government's.
  • Villain Respect: He notably shows some respect towards Luffy for refusing to surrender (initially) or sell out his comrades.
  • Vomit Indiscretion Shot: He upchucks the entire Typhon Genesis attack after Luffy lands a solid punch to his stomach. It is caustic enough to go through the floor and likely several more.



The Vice Warden of Impel Down, whose life goal is to remove the "Vice" part of that title. Smug and overconfident (and a bit of a Butt-Monkey), he nevertheless is dedicated to keeping the prisoners of Impel Down inside the walls, so that none of them can threaten the outside world.
  • Butt-Monkey: He tends to be getting punched in the face by life whenever we see him.
    • Iron Butt Monkey: It all comes to a head when he faces Luffy during the prison break and takes hit after hit as he says he will fight on, even as he is finally knocked unconscious.
  • The Starscream: He still blatantly seeks to overthrow Magellan and become the Warden, even if he's half-hearted in the declaration due to the World Government's involvement with Impel Down.
  • Taken for Granite: He is, of course, turned to stone by Hancock so Luffy can sneak into Impel Down. She further uses his petrification as an excuse to buy them more time by claiming she did it because he got grabby during her search.



The Vice Head Jailer, and probably the most level-headed member of Impel Down's staff, Domino is one of the top subordinates to Magellan.
  • Miss Exposition: Explains that Impel Down is actually a sovereign nation, not a direct agency of the World Government.
    • Later on, she also explains the retrial and appeal system of Impel Down.
    Then as I was saying, it is rare but possible for prisoners to appeal to us. If they make a sufficiently convincing case, we submit a report to issue them a retrial. [...] A process that has done nothing to help the Government's case. Nobody in living memory has ever had their case overturned… that is, until we had almost a dozen successful appeals during the last four months. A time period that just happens to be the exact length of time those very retrials have ceased being conducted upon Enies Lobby. But even then, with any failed retrial our job has always been to assume that they're very skilled liars and punish them accordingly. And that the World Government bears incontrovertible proof of their guilt, justifying whatever happens to them as a result.
  • Stealth Expert: She was able to sneak up on Vice Admiral Momonga without him noticing.



The head of the Blugori, whose size does not correlate to his level of authority within Impel Down's walls.
  • Abhorrent Admirer: In Impel Downfall 4, he declares the one thing that truly scares him is the idea that Sadie might start trying to flirt with him if he has a growth spurt.
  • Ain't Too Proud to Beg: Faced with the possibility that Straw Hat might actually escape Impel Down, he pleads for Luffy to agree to spare Magellan's life if he manages to defeat the warden
  • It's Personal: Buggy deciding to invoke Tempting Fate and then turn it Up to Eleven put him on Saldeath's personal "kill painfully and, if possible, slowly." list.
  • Villain Respect: He is impressed by Cross after listening to his To the Pain speech he gives Spandam, and claims that if he wasn't an enemy, he'd be scouting Cross for a position at Impel Down.



One of the head torturers of Impel Down, and the boss of the four Demon Guards.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: In a twisted way, but it's clear she's broken up about the BioMEGAs putting most of the Demon Guards in the infirmary.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: As she puts it...
    Obviously, I'm not going to intentionally inflict mind-warping aaaagony~ upon innocent people, mmmm~ but even you must understand how effectively a wolf can make itself look like the most innocent lamb that ever sailed the seas. We wouldn't make any attempt to stop someone who we knew to be innocent from leaving, but that kind of certainty could only come if someone had been born here.
  • I Gave My Word: After Luffy beats and later subdues Minotaurus with Conqueror's Haki, she keeps her promise that she will let the prison break party go without further incident. Mind you, she did it with the knowledge that Magellan is the final obstacle.
  • Sadist: It's how she got her name.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: She is very clearly not happy about the Marines who have been assigned to Impel Down in preparation for the upcoming war.
  • Villain Respect: She too is listening to the To the Pain speech Cross gives Spandam, actually takes notes on future torturing ideas from that speech, and tells Saldeath Cross would become an executive in Impel Down in six months rather than a year as said by Saldeath.

    The Demon Guards 

The Demon Guards

The four Awakened Zoan guards of Impel Down, some of the most dangerous fighters within its walls after the likes of Magellan and Hannyabal. Their forms are a cow, a zebra, a koala, and a rhinoceros.
  • The Determinator: All of them in theory, but the Minotaurus in his duel with Luffy. Luffy has to use Conqueror's Haki to end it.
  • Enemy Mine: The Minotaurus, when given a chance to target either Luffy, Buggy, and Mr 3, or the BioMEGA on Level 2, completely ignores the former.
  • Put on a Bus: All of them but the Minotaurus were sent to the infirmary after a run-in with a BioMEGA, and even their Healing Factor will apparently need weeks or even months before they are fully recovered.



Bastard Random Omnipotent Being

The Bastard Random Omnipotent Being responsible for sending Cross to the world of One Piece, an ambiguous entity that only cares about its own amusement.

  • All-Powerful Bystander: It has a handful of significant appearances/roles, and several cameos purely or mostly for comedic purposes, but for the most part, it stays Out of Focus, just watching the story unfold for its entertainment.
  • Ambiguous Gender: Appearances thus far hint toward it being female, but there's no way to be sure.
  • Deal with the Devil: A somewhat downplayed version. In Chapter 38, Cross resorts to appealing to B.R.O.B., having exhausted all other options for keeping his promise to save Merry's life. It agreed to give Cross a chance if he provided enough amusement in Enies Lobby. But if he didn't, it would only give him the intervention to keep his promise at the cost of a Gender Bender.
  • Did You Just Flip Off Cthulhu?: On the receiving end. Luffy was NOT happy to learn it ripped Cross to his world for kicks and considers the Straw Hats as a source of fun.
  • Dramatic Irony: During the Accino wedding, Cross expresses his doubt that the Straw Hats will ever have to deal with a politically arranged wedding again, causing B.R.O.B to hijack Soundbite and voice its laughter knowing that Cross is in for a surprise, come the Whole Cake Island arc.
  • Everyone Has Standards: After the Alabasta Rebellion ends, and Cross's Rage Against the Heavens, B.R.O.B. concedes that it might have gone a little too far, and gifts him with the Snail Transceiver, though it warns him not to expect any more favors until after his future knowledge expires.
  • Flipping the Bird: When Soundbite tries to goad B.R.O.B. into taking direct action, it causes a tree branch to fall on top of Soundbite's shell, with several of the twigs in his field of vision suspiciously looking like they're all giving him the finger.
  • Jerkass God: It's in its title.
  • It Amused Me: Pretty much its entire personality.
  • People Puppets: Downplayed; when Soundbite says some out-of-universe thing he doesn't remember saying, it's usually B.R.O.B. hijacking his feed for a second or two.
  • The Faceless: No name, no face, even the voice that it used in its second appearance was borrowed. Only the personality is clear.

    The Unluckies 

Mr. 13 and Miss Friday

The Otter and Vulture pair of Baroque Works who served as sketch artists and internal affairs for the organization. They have a very unhealthy fixation on Cross.

  • Clip Its Wings: The Franky Family offers this as an alternative to killing them while still reducing their overall threat level.
  • Cold-Blooded Torture: After all Cross put them through, they are determined to take him alive so that they can do this to him.
  • Cool and Unusual Punishment: Pretty much the reason why they hate Cross's (and Soundbite's) guts. After they were captured in Alabasta, Cross and Soundbite visited them every day before leaving so Soundbite could recite Vogon poetry to them.
  • Cool Shades: They both sport pairs.
  • Cycle of Revenge: While they technically started the antagonism by virtue of being part of Baroque Works, Cross and Soundbite definitely escalated things, causing them to fixate on him.
  • Didn't Think This Through: During the ride to Enies Lobby, they break out of wherever the Franky Family was keeping them and storm into the train car of Rocket Man to attack Cross... and realize too late that most of the Straw Hats are also in there with him.
  • Exit, Pursued By A Raptor: In Little Garden, Cross gets rid of them by tricking them into a cave of troodons.
  • Feathered Fiend: Miss Friday.
  • For Want of a Nail: The whole reason they were able to become recurring antagonists in the first place? Cross changed the events of Little Garden to the point that Sanji didn't take them out like in canon.
  • Guys Smash, Girls Shoot: Played with. While Mr. 13 is more melee-focused and Miss Friday is more range-focused, they have no trouble at all mixing it up.
  • Hyperspace Arsenal: Mr. 13 at least seems to keep weapons on him that are too big for him to carry discreetly given his attire.
  • Made of Iron: Par for the course given that this is the world of One Piece, but the amount of punishment they can take is more than their relatively small sizes would imply and is arguably more than Cross or Soundbite could live through.
  • Not Worth Killing: An interesting variant. In Water 7, Cross freely admits that killing them would save him future headaches, and he knows he can't get away with not killing forever, but he refuses to let these two be the ones to drive him to it and certainly not in cold blood.
  • Playful Otter: Terrifyingly inverted with Mr. 13.
  • Professional Killer: Started out as this. Now it's just personal for them.
  • Recurring Boss: Cross faces them multiple times.
  • The Voiceless: Subverted. They don't speak much, but they're perfectly capable of it (provided Soundbite is translating of course). Once they catch up to him at the Franky House, they become a lot more talkative.
    Miss Friday: Suffer.

    Sifu Dugong 

Sifu Dugong

The most powerful Kung Fu Dugong in history, the former sensei of Boss Dugong, and the former bearer of the name 'Boss.' A nomadic warrior of New World-grade strength, surpassing him is Boss's ultimate goal.

  • Eccentric Mentor: He's the guy who Boss learned his teaching methods from, after all.
  • Genius Bruiser: He's seemingly learned how to speak the human language without Soundbite's aid, though it's very uncomfortable for his throat.
  • Walking the Earth: His hobby.
  • World's Strongest Man: He's the strongest Kung Fu Dugong in the world, and is capable of going seemingly toe-to-toe, or at least very close, with Garp.

     Lovely Land 

Accino Family

A family of bounty hunters who inhabit an icy labyrinth, they treat pirates so that they are docile when they hand them over to the Marines and keep their flags as trophies. Following an encounter with the Straw Hat Pirates, Don Accino accepted an offer from Vivi to become one of Alabasta's royal guardians, leading his family to relocate there.Members: Don Accino, Campacino, Brindo, Arbell, Salchow, Hockera, Lil, Burrato Hiruno
  • Affably Evil: In the original filler, Accino is this. In this story, the 'evil' part is mostly absent.
  • Arch-Enemy: Hiuo Hiruno enrages him just by existing.
  • Arranged Marriage: One of these between Lil and Burrato Hiruno is the driving force of the arc's plot in this fic.
  • Badass Normal: Aside from their patriarch, none of them rely on Devil Fruits or overwhelming brute strength, and they still manage to win the first round with the Straw Hats without said patriarch's help.
  • Happily Married: Arbell and Salchow.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Burrato Hiruno turns against his family and joins the Accinos thanks to the Straw Hats.
  • Kryptonite Is Everywhere: Thanks to being favored by the Marines, they have sea prism stone in abundance.
  • Magnetism Manipulation: Campacino and Brindo's Combination Play—which is not Devil Fruit-based—allows them to magnetically attract or repel each other no matter how far away they are.
  • Offscreen Moment of Awesome: Even if they were ready to escape soon after and the Accinos had prepared specifically for their crew, they captured every last one of the Straw Hats without outside help. Considering what they've pulled off by this point and the Adaptational Badass nature of the crew, that is one hell of a feat.
  • One Degree of Separation: Don Accino's Hot-Hot Fruit is also known as the Rage of Alabasta, one of the Kingdom's Royal Guardian Devil Fruits.
  • Playing with Fire: The Hot-Hot Fruit that Don Accino ate allows him to manipulate heat energy, to the point that they could build a tropical paradise in the middle of an icy labyrinth.
  • The Patriarch: Don Accino.
  • Sadistic Choice: Don Accino finds himself in one when dealing with the Hiruno Famiglia; either he marries his daughter to a family he absolutely despises, or let his family's bounty-hunting lifestyle disintegrate when the pirate crews around get too strong to capture. Luckily, Vivi gives him a third way out: his Devil Fruit is an Ancestral Weapon of Alabasta, and if he becomes a Royal Guardian of the seceded kingdom, his family would be set for life.
  • Suddenly Sober: Thanks to his powers, Don Accino can enact this by flaring his temperature and boiling all the alcohol from his body, as demonstrated when he went to meet the Hirunos on their arrival, with the mechanics explained by Vivi a little while later.
  • Underestimating Badassery: Perhaps they grew overconfident when they caught the Straw Hat Crew the first time, but after Accino makes his deal, Cross has no trouble turning the tables when he reveals the crew broke out and is ready to rumble right under their noses.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: Like in canon, the Don doesn't wear a shirt. Vivi explains this is because his base level temperature is so high, the sweat would evaporate and be caught in his shirt, making him very uncomfortable.

Hiruno Famiglia

Original characters, a family of bounty hunters known for extreme sadism. The Accino Family is regularly at odds with them.
  • Abhorrent Admirer: Pavarotto Hiruno lavishes attention on Arbell, who is already Happily Married. While her husband is present.
  • Abusive Parents: Hiuo is not kind to her younger grandson.
  • Arch-Enemy: Don Accino.
  • Arranged Marriage: Between Burrato and Lil Accino.
  • Asshole Victim: In Chapter 77, it's revealed Madame Hiruno is now jailed in a brand new cell on a tower in Impel Down's Freezing Hell in order to use her Cold-Cold powers to make the level even more punishing. Then in chapter 78, Whitey Bay kills her and claims the Cold-Cold Fruit for herself.
  • Big Brother Bully: Pavarotto hits his brother openly.
  • Cowardly Lion: Burrato may be a stuttering mess, but there's a reason the Hirunos keep him around: the final brawl has him laying out everyone who comes near him or Lil with one punch (and apologizing with each hit).
  • Establishing Character Moment:
    • Hiuo mocks Don Accino, kicks her grandson for stuttering, and nearly freezes Vivi's arm off while noting her bounty. This all happens within minutes of arriving.
    • Pavarotto comes in acting as a total sleaze to Arbell, in complete defiance to Salchow.
    • Burrato is introduced trembling and stuttering in fear before getting hit by his grandmother.
  • Evil Matriarch: Hiuo Hiruno.
  • Foil: Hiuo is literally built from the ground up as Don Accino's polar opposite. They're both bounty hunters, but whereas Don Accino is Affably Evil and prefers to subdue his prey with relative gentleness, Hiuo is a spiteful old bag who sadistically relishes the suffering she can inflict on others. Despite his fearsome temper, Don Accino loves his family unreservedly, and they love him back, whereas Hiuo treats her offspring with contempt and they loathe her back. Don Accino is a towering bear of a man, whereas Hiuo is a tiny little lady. Even their Devil Fruits are literally polar opposites; both have consumed temperature-manipulating Paramecias, with Don Accino eating the temperature-raising Hot-Hot Fruit and Hiuo consuming the temperature-lowering Cold-C Old Fruit.
  • How the Mighty Have Fallen=/=Humiliation Conga: Hiuo Hiruno has had a rough time during and after the failed Arranged Marriage. Being completely humiliated by her grandson Burrato's calling her out as well as abandoning the Famiglia, one side of her is completely melted due to having a bubbling cauldron of caustic punch dropped on her, her ship and livelihood destroyed in the aftermath of the wedding. That much, we see onscreen; offscreen, however, when it became clear that she was no longer capable of bounty hunting, Pavarotto turned her in for her bounty, and she wound up in Impel Down's Level 5. Even though she is treated slightly better than other prisoners in exchange for using her abilities to intensify the cold of the floor, it's a foregone conclusion she won't have much to live due to her half-melted condition and age. And then Whitey kills her to steal and eat her Cold-Cold Fruit.
  • Hunter of His Own Kind: In Chapter 77, it's revealed that Madame Hiruno has a bounty for unknown reasons. Due to bringing in other bounties, however, she was excused and allowed to remain hunting them. Until the Straw Hats came around in Lovely Land...
  • An Ice Person: Similarly to Aokiji, thanks to the Cold-Cold Fruit, Hiuo can freeze things just by touching them, and uses this ability to nearly rot off Vivi's arm via frostbite. The difference is that her fruit is a Paramecia, like Don Accino's Hot-Hot Fruit, so she lacks the Elemental Shapeshifter powers granted by Aokiji's Chilly-Chilly Fruit.
  • Instrument of Murder: Pavarotto has a string quartet retinue that owns instruments made of metal (with sharpened violin bows to boot).
  • Miniature Senior Citizens: To provide more contrast to Don Accino, Hiuo Hiruno is a three-foot-midget.
  • Nervous Wreck: Burrato, justified given his grandmother.
  • Nightmare Face: Let's just call Hiuo Hiruno's expression when the final brawl breaks out "ghastly" and leave it at that.
  • Stutter Stop: Burrato drops his stutter when Lil prompts him to take a stand and refuse to get married.
  • Token Good Teammate: Burrato, who in the end abandons his family for the Accinos.

    The Obelisks of the Florian 

The Obelisks of the Florian

The Florian Triangle itself, its consciousness manifested into three titanic yet featureless entities. They absorb and reflect the emotions displayed within their domain, menacing to menaces but friendly to friends; thanks to Soundbite conveying this, they become allies and protectors of Skelter Bite.
  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: Cross describes Thriller Bark as being "the size of a gnat" compared to them at full size, and the people on it "gnats on a gnat's ass".
  • Dark Is Not Evil: They are scary and powerful, but they're only seen as scary because of the Eldritch Location nature of the Florian Triangle causing a feedback loop, especially after Moria brought Thriller Bark there. They're happy to help keep Skelter Bite safe after its founding in exchange for all the positive feelings created in the process.
  • Domain Holder: They rule the Triangle absolutely, and the already strained physics in the Grand Line seem to have given up entirely where they are involved and want it that way.
  • The Dreaded: The Emperors, for all their power and influence, fear stepping foot into the Triangle (even without knowing about the Obelisks) and are the only reason Charlotte Linlin hasn't gone all-out in recapturing and killing Lola.
  • Eldritch Abomination: They have Voluntary Shapeshifting (one grew an arm and waved at Vivi) and judging by how two of them somehow "shrunk" to follow Lola around on Skelter Bite, they don't seem to obey the conventional laws of physics (even more than usual on the Grand Line, that is).
  • Eldritch Location: They're the embodiments of the Florian Triangle, so they both rule it and are it.
  • Glowing Eyes of Doom: The only noteworthy feature that they have, though how much they're actually 'of doom' depends on their emotional state at the time.

    Takoyaki 8 

Takoyaki 8

A restaurant founded by Hachi, one of Arlong's former Co-Dragons, Keimi the mermaid, and Pappug the starfish. Later on, Chew and Kuroobi, Arlong's other two Co-Dragons, were also released by Jimbei on Hachi's request and joined as chefs.
  • The Atoner: Hachi is making every attempt to make up for what he did, and facilitated Kuroobi and Chew's parole in hopes that they'd see the light too. He outright prostrates himself to Nami in Chapter 63, but it isn't until after she witnesses him take a bullet meant for Cross that she's finally convinced he's genuine.
  • Beware the Nice Ones:
    • Keimi, the kindhearted, ditzy mermaid, gets an instance of Tranquil Fury when she confronts the Macro Pirates. With the confirmation that they would have sold her into slavery, which they did to other merfolk and fishpeople before her, she shows no hesitation in personally condemning them to a Fate Worse than Death.
    • Hachi himself counts; it's easy to overlook that he was the one who fought Zoro back in Arlong Park, which is pretty conclusive evidence that he was second only to Arlong. It's made clear by the fact that he keeps Kuroobi and Chew under control single...or, well, six-handedly.
  • Chef of Iron: Hachi, Kuroobi, and Chew, naturally. Keimi may count as well; she's no fighter, but she still has the natural physical superiority of merfolk.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Kuroobi and Chew were both horrified when they learned that their "preaching" to Hody Jones and the other New Fishman Pirates indirectly led to the death of Queen Otohime.
  • In Spite of a Nail: Despite everything Cross did to prevent certain things to happen, two things still occurred.
    • Keimi still gets kidnapped and sent to the Human Auction House. However, because the kidnappers left Hachi, Chew, and Kuroobi alone (with them being fishmen and prized slave material), Cross realizes this wasn't normal and that she was kidnapped as bait for the Straw Hats.
    • Hachi still gets shot in the Auction House, but it was due to Taking the Bullet for Cross who got in the way of Charloss's gun to prevent him from killing the Voice of Anarchy. Thankfully, the fishman is still alive.
  • Senseless Sacrifice: Subverted. Whereas Hachi Taking the Bullet in canon was pointless, since Luffy's Rubber Man powers make him Immune to Bullets, here he does it to save the much squishier Jeremiah Cross. The Heroic Sacrifice nature of it this time around is lampshaded in the final chapter of the "Sabaody Revolution" arc, where Chopper confirms that if Hachi hadn't taken the bullet for Cross, Charloss could have killed Cross with that shot.


Biological Mechanically Enhanced Genocide Armaments

The World Government's response to all the anarchy and chaos caused by Cross's SBS transmissions and the Straw Hat Pirates' actions. A series of creatures created in a joint effort between Ratchet, Hogback, and Indigo (with fine-tuning from Vegapunk) to be used to enforce the World Government's will and destroy its enemies, reflecting their new corrupt stance of leadership of the world.
  • 0% Approval Rating: As stated above, everyone in Impel Down, guard or prisoner, despises the BioMEGAs, and would like nothing more than to see them go. The fact that they have attacked the guards, the prisoners, and even the creatures inside regardless of who they are makes it very easy to understand why. When the Minotaurus managed to cripple the BioMEGA on Level 2, the beasts and the prisoners actually teamed up briefly in order to make sure it was Killed Off for Real.
  • Animalistic Abomination: All BioMEGAs are these since they are Mix-and-Match Critters sewn together (courtesy of Hogback) with cybernetic enhancements (Ratchet's contribution) and running on unnatural stamina levels (Indigo's involvement).
  • Attack Its Weak Point: All of them share the same weakness of a central organ that is a mix of metal and flesh with writhing tendrils. Destroying that will kill the BioMEGA. Of course, complete immersion in boiling blood or an exact strike to the organ while unexposed do the trick as well.
  • Mix-and-Match Critters: Each of them are composed of more than one animal used in its creation, adding to their nightmarish appearance.
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: BioMEGA is short for Biological Mechanically Enhanced Genocide Armament. Extra emphasis on the Genocide.
  • Omnicidal Maniac: All of them have nothing but wanton destruction and slaughter in their programming. The first prototype, Snake-Eater, was used in an attempt to wipe out the Kuja in Amazon Lily. Other seen BioMEGAs are in Impel Down where they indiscriminately kill prisoners and Guard creatures alike, making it the reason nobody in the prison likes them.
  • Original Character: These monsters were specifically created for the fic since they are the response of a Spanner in the Works like Cross and the Straw Hat Pirates' actions now known worldwide due to the SBS transmissions.
  • Unfriendly Fire: Most of the BioMEGA in Impel Down get destroyed by the prison's forces: Luffy weakens the one on the second floor and Minotaurus leads all of the remaining beasts and prisoners to literally tear it apart, while Momonga and Magellan kill the ones on the third and fourth floors, using excuses like "I was aiming for Straw Hat Luffy and missed" (Magellan) and "I thought it was going to attack us" (Momonga).

    Family & Friends 
A general group consisting of the civilian and non-pirate families of the Straw Hats (and the Barto Club) themselves, in both the East Blue and the Grand Line (and in Sanji's case, the Germa Kingdom and his sister Reiju).
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Makino bought a shotgun after the incident with Higuma, and is willing to use it to keep order in her bar.
  • Defiant to the End: While many of them had faith that the Straw Hats would be able to defeat Shiki, every one of them immediately started to arm themselves after the "Strong World" broadcast started and the revelation that Shiki's beasts were going to be released on the East Blue.
  • Laugh Themselves Sick:
    • After hearing about Afro Luffy over the SBS, Makino promptly cracks up. Hard.
    • Mayor Woop Slap of Foosha Village (Luffy's hometown) spends most of the story, up through Enies Lobby, disparaging anything to do with pirates. But then this trope ensues when he hears Garp get zinged over the SBS, and he officially changes his opinion about the program.
  • Papa Wolf: All of the parental figures are protective, but special mention must go to Cobra, who seceded his entire country from the World Government in retaliation for the World Nobles putting a bounty on his daughter and forcing her to go on the run.
  • Ship Tease:
    • Just like in canon, Usopp and Kaya are implied to have feelings for each other. Usopp's familiarity with economics and other high-class topics is credited to Kaya's tutelage (which Dorry and Broggy soundly tease him for), and Kaya is shown cheering him on several times while listening to the SBS.
    • Kohza and Vivi. It's remarked that the main reason why no one has any interest in Vivi romantically (except for Sanji, for obvious reasons) is that they know she's already (unknowingly) spoken for.


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