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  • Accidentally Correct Writing:
    • Early on in the story, the Cross-Brain introduce the idea that the Nefertaris are looked down on by the Celestial Dragons for not 'ascending' with them, with it being the cause of Vivi joining the Straw Hats in this timeline. Come Chapter 908 of the manga, it's revealed that the Nefertaris really are considered traitors for choosing to remain in Alabasta. The Cross-Brain then admits they were relieved they got lucky with that detail.
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    • An incident where a genuine mistake turned out to be correct happened during Enies Lobby. During the chaos, Cavendish led Big Mom on course to Wano, which the Marines stated was Kaido's territory, the Cross-Brain forgetting that the Straw Hats didn't meet Momonosuke and his retainers until after the Time Skip, where it looked like Kaido's conquest of Wano was a recent thing. Then, it's revealed that Momo and his group were actually sent into the future from twenty years ago, meaning that Kaido was ruling over Wano during the Enies Lobby incident. Talk about fanfiction predicting canon.
    • Later on, Moria tries to use his Awakened Devil Fruit to transform himself into a dragon, and fails miserably. As Chapter 926 reveals, Kaido, the Emperor who murdered his crew, apparently has a Mythical Zoan that allows him to turn into a massive Eastern dragon.
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    • In chapter 40, after Sengoku speaks to Cross via Transponder Snail, Cross is pretty sure that Sengoku has Conquerer's Haki. Vivre Card - One Piece Visual Dictionary (Card #0265, released in the second starter set) confirms that he does.
      • Played with by Cross's guess that Garp also has Conquerer's (despite his not actually showing that variety in-story); his card, #0445, says he only has Armament and Observation.
  • Ascended Fanon: In celebration for reaching the top 10, CV12Hornet began publishing the Cross-Brain's fans' omakes that they had written as a side story to This Bites! One of the omake writers even got to write two canon omakes, which were published in the story itself.
  • Dueling Works: With DuncanIdaho2014's Peggy Sue fic New Game Plus. It began when Duncan gave Xomniac a Shout-Out, saying that his fic was the best SI he'd ever read. Xomniac initially intended to return the compliment...but the day before he published his next chapter, Duncan published his, thoroughly upstaging what Xomniac had done. Subsequently, Xomniac declared Duncan his rival in his author's notes, and Duncan's reaction was...nonchalant.
    Duncan: And as to our feud, it will most likely take the form of Guy's and Kakashi's, in that you will crow about one-upping me and I won't even care. That being said... ALLEZ, PEASANT!
    • And at first, Duncan seemed to be right; this is from the Author's Notes of NGP Chapter 12, published three days after Xomniac declared him his rival:
    Duncan: That's the Reverse Mountain arc done, and the second half of 'chapter' 11. Some patience and I could have put them together... though I do so love to mess with you all. Besides, were it not for my decision to split this in two, I would not have upstaged my so-called 'eternal rival' (you know who you are ;p).
    • But when Xomniac published Chapter 23...
    Duncan: Damn. You. Xomniac. You completely one-upped what I had planned for Arabasta. And it was going to be EPIC! Now i have to come up with something even more obscene and unexpected.

    ... Well done. The youth beat the hip this day.
    • And then Xomniac publishes Chapter 24, upon which Duncan deems Xomniac and his two cowriters definitively Worthy Opponents:
    Duncan: ...
    I feel like Lee Sedol going up against AlphaGo. You three make moves I could never have predicted.

    Excellent work, and a Happy Easter to you.
    • But does that mean Xomniac is winning their rivalry? Oh, no. Here's his reaction after Duncan publishes NGP Chapter 13:
    Xomniac: Only a true artiste and master can equal the content of 4 separate chapters written by 3 collaborating writers with a single one.

    Well done, sir. Well done indeed.
    • Then we have further proof that Duncan sees him as a Worthy Opponent. More than he sees himself, even:
    Duncan: I did NOT beat out the last four chapters of this with one of my filler chapters. I'm good, but not THAT good.
    • Much later, after the Cross-Brain's T-T-T-Triple Tap, Duncan left this review on Chapter 31:
    Duncan: ... A freaking novella, so funny and Well-written I didnt even make it all the way through, followed up within 24 hours... if you think I'm the better side in our 3-on-1 war, you're either clinically insane or I'm physically incapable of appreciating my reported "genius" . Probably a little of both. I just know my Whiskey Peak will seem like the Spin Doctors closing for Maroon 5 compared to your Skypeia.
    • Xomniac's response? Publishing Chapter 34, at the time by far the longest chapter in the story, and putting a massive spin on the Davy Back Fight. The last words of the author's note:
    Xomniac: Oh, and DuncanIdaho2014, you want me to take pride in my own work? Alright, here's some pride: top this.
    • Duncan's response:
    Duncan: I will be hard pressed to top this... thank you for the challenge. Amd don't think I missed you copying my Narrative Profanity Filter.

    Well, I'll be hard pressed to top the Back Fight. My fight with Aokiji will go down in fanfiction HISTORY, that I guarantee you. Though by the time I get there you'll probably be at Zou. Curse my aversion to sustained mental effort.
    • Of course, the Cross-Brain still considers him their rival, as evidenced clearly by the Author's Note at the top of Chapter 35, which they published shortly after Duncan posted Chapter 14:
    Cross-Brain: Ah, yes. And, to our rival, DuncanIdaho2014, author of New Game Plus, currently the third most popular One Piece fic in the fandom, we have a few words to say. Ahem…
    The Patient One: You put out a work that thoroughly upstages at least one aspect of our own ideas, and then that blasted cliffhanger…
    • Ultimately, however, the rivalry seems to have come to a conclusion. 17 days after the Cross-Brain published Chapter 39, Duncan said this in regards to This Bites!:
    Duncan:... I don't care what you say.

    I don't care what you three or anyone else says.

    I will ALWAYS consider THIS to be the best One Piece fanfiction ever written.

    Well done. Just... well done.
    • ...Or so it seemed, until the Cross-Brain called it back on with their publishing of Chapter 46, shortly after New Game Plus reached a most impressive milestone:
    Cross-Brain: To DuncanIdaho2014:

    Claim that we’re the greatest if you wish. But the fact remains that you have cemented your position as our rival by claiming the mantle of the most popular One Piece fan fiction. We offer you our heartfelt congratulations, and eagerly look forward to seeing what you come up with next.

    …And just as much? We look forward to when we finally clash to see who is most worthy of the title. May the best fan (or fans) win.
    • But with New Game Plus being put up for adoption due to DuncanIdaho2014 having several problems in real life and in his own words leaving NG+ it seems that the Cross-Brain trio has been made the winner by default. Shame that.
    Duncan: a fond farewell to Xomniac and the rest of the Cross Brain. Looks like you guys won our little showdown. Best of luck to you all!
  • Promoted Fanboy: Xomniac's second cowriter, The Patient One, was invited on due to being a dedicated fan.
    • To a lesser extent, 1Coltsguy, who wrote multiple 1st-person Omakes taking place in Water 7, received a cameo as one of Iceburg's workers during the Enies Lobby arc.
  • Trolling Creator: Xomniac, CV12Hornet, and The Patient One love to mess with their fans. The most common examples are their sadistic cliffhangers and their tendency to update in the wee hours of the morning. For example, this gem from Spacebattles when they published Chapter 42:
    The Patient One: Good heavens, look at the time! Four hours past midnight, everyone should be in bed.

    Perfect time for an update!
    • Of course, they're also gleefully willing to take advantage of the rope that their own readers give them. In the Spacebattles thread, one poster speculated that, as a troll job, the Cross-Brain could post the chapter offsite, then hide the link to it in one of the links in their signatures. Enter CV12Hornet, who agreed it was a good idea and mused on the logistics of it, then left. Oh, and also replaced all the links in his sig with a Rickroll.
    • After Kuma splits up the Straw Hats, we're shown where Boss, the TDWS, Merry, Vivi, Carue, Conis, and Su all end up, but the creators specifically go out of their way to avoid showing just where Cross and his companions ended up. At the end of the Amazon Treachery arc, they mention making a small breather chapter detailing the current status of all other Straw Hat Pirates... except for Cross. And the preview for the next chapters seems to reveal Cross ended up at Impel Down, only for it to be revealed as an April Fool's Day joke, and it was actually Bentham using his Clone-Clone fruit. The only hints so far is in the grand preview, in which what appears to be a conversation between Cross and Tashigi gives clues: the first is that the place has reception so bad Tashigi can barely make out what Cross is saying even with Soundbite's powers. Second is in what manages to squeak through; That things are worse than they thought, Seventh Hell, and Hell of Darkness. Evidence most likely points to a super-secret new level of Impel Down, but until it's decisively shown, this "seventh hell" could be virtually anywhere.

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