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"Why does Satan look like a 14-year-old girl?"


Hello. Here are eleven things about myself:

1. I really, really like Teletext.
2. I love tea: it's my favourite drink and favourite food.
3. The longest I've been awake is 201 hours. Don't Try This at Home.
4. The first three tropes I read about here was Adorkable, Captain Obvious and Carpet of Virility.
5. I study medicine, which is great.
6. I'm interested in football, which people usually find rather surprising. Understandably so.
7. I’ve realised I’m something of an Informed Loner: I’ve got plenty of friends, for some reason, and yes, they’re real. All of them. And, I might be quite shy and quiet, but I have no problem acting as if I’m not, my social skills are just fine and I can appear more extroverted and charismatic, if I want to.
8. I hate summer.
9. I am very calm, but not relaxed, nor lazy.
10. My foot type is Greek. I have no idea if that means anything.
11. I once owned a Finntroll album, but let’s not talk more about that.


Eh, tropes are more fun. (When you've finished the whole list - and I know you will - you're more than welcome to write something on my wall.)


... Actually, I owned two Finntroll albums.


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