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The film:

  • Acclaimed Flop: Despite its niche appeal, the quirky story and humor went over extremely well with critics. Because of the niche appeal, however, it ended up a Box Office Bomb and didn't recover its budget until it was released on DVD.
  • Actor Allusion:
  • Actor-Shared Background: Alison Pill, Michael Cera, and Ellen Wong are all actual Canadians, while Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays an American expatriate. Pretty much everyone else are Americans pretending to be Canadians. Brie Larson is notable for being of French Canadian descent playing a character originally from Montreal.
  • Big Name Fan: Kevin Smith was shown an early cut of the film and praised it to the moon and back. He would borrow heavily from it when he made Yoga Hosers.
  • Box Office Bomb: Budget: $60 million. Worldwide gross: $47 million.
  • California Doubling: Averted. The studio originally wanted the film to be shot in New York, Edgar Wright had to insist on using Toronto. One of the producers mentioned that normally, anything that identifies Toronto as Toronto has to be avoided when normally shooting a movie in Toronto, but here they could go nuts in shooting these locales. And they did: the movie features scenes at the (former) Honest Ed's thrift store and Casa Loma (specifically the bottom of its famous staircase, the Baldwin Steps, at the intersection of Davenport and Spadina), among others.
  • The Cast Show Off
    • Edgar Wright deliberately choreographed the fight between Ramona and Roxie to show off Mary Elizabeth Winstead's gymnastic abilities and Mae Whitman's dancing.
    • Brie Larson, already established as a singer, got to further showcase her vocal talent as Envy with "Black Sheep".
    • Inverted with Michael Cera, who's an accomplished musician but had to learn how to play badly to be a more believable amateur.
  • Dawson Casting:
    • Knives Chau (17 years old) is played in the film by Ellen Wong (25 years old around the time of filming).
    • "Rated T for Teen" Stacey Pilgrim is 18 in the film and is explicitly Scott's younger sister. Anna Kendrick is three years older than Michael Cera.
    • Scott Pilgrim, by contrast, is 22 in the film, though Michael Cera was 20 at the beginning of filming, adding a bit of meta humor to the idea that Cera's character is dating someone significantly younger than him. Lampshaded by the 25-year-old Wong:
    Knives: He only likes her [Ramona] because she's really old! She's probably like 25!
    • Inverted with Brie Larson, who was only 18 at the start of filming, the youngest member of the cast, but playing Envy, the oldest character.
    • "Young Neil" was actually 23-year-old Johnny Simmons, older than Scott.
  • Development Hell: Probably due to the fact that only the first book was released when the project was green lit. Edgar Wright was dead set on casting Michael Cera as Scott from the beginning but he was around 16 at the time. He was a much more reasonable 20 by the time filming commenced.
  • Dyeing for Your Art: Michael Cera underwent martial arts training for the film's fight scenes and enjoyed it so much he started training for real, making him a real life example of Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: he still looks like a complete wimp, but now he's a complete wimp with a black belt.
  • Fake Nationality:
    • Matthew Patel is played in the film by British actor Satya Bhabha. Justified in that he moved from London to Chicago when he was 12 and is currently based in New York. Edgar Wright originally didn't plan on casting British actors in his first American film, but was fooled by Bhabha's accent and had no idea he was born in the UK.
    • Many American actors play fake Canadians, mostly notably Kieran Culkin and Anna Kendrick.
  • Name's the Same: Stephen Stills, named after the guitarist from Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. He even hangs out with a guy named (Young) Neil.
  • Orphaned Reference:
    • "Is that seriously the end of the story?" — Originally, this was Kim's response to Scott's flashback about how he met Knives on the bus (she dropped her books, he picked them up), later echoed by Ramona when she hears it from Knives. The flashback scene was cut in the final version.
    • In an early, discarded version of Scott and Ramona's first date, Ramona was seen lighting a cigarette, saying she smokes only on special occasions. Scott was supposed to be echoing her after his battle with Roxy, when he says he only drinks on special occasions.
  • Romance on the Set:
  • Throw It In!
    • According to the DVD trivia track, Comeau's line of how "the comic is better than the movie" wasn't in the script, but Comeau's actor threw it in because Bryan Lee O'Malley was visiting the set that day.
    • That light switch about ten feet up on the wall when Scott first talks to Ramona just happened to be in the house where the scene was filmed. The filmmakers made sure it get it in frame because it looked funny.
  • Vindicated by Video: The movie did much better once available on DVD, earning far more than it did in theaters.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Reshoots in early 2010 were held partially to film the theatrical ending. Originally, Scott and Knives ended up together. The ending screened to test audiences and was included as an extra on the DVD.
    • An idea for the same reshoots, which was never filmed due to time constraints, involved the film turning out to be All Just a Dream — and that Scott is actually a serial killer who murdered seven people. It is implied this ending would only appear on the DVD as an extra. Fans of this concept also whipped together a little tribute to it.
    • The DVD contains storyboards and concept art for a very different conclusion to the final battle. Two words: Mecha Gideon.
    • At one point in development, Envy Adams was considered to be Ramona's fourth ex, combining her character with Roxie Richter. In the final film, the two remained separate characters (as a possible artifact of this concept, Roxie is defeated the same way Envy is in the comics).
    • Roxie's line "Shut the [dial tone] up!" was originally going to be uncensored, abiding to the MPAA's "one f-bomb" rule for PG-13 movies. However, because Scott already had the line "You cocky cock!" it would have gotten the movie an R. Thankfully, the resulting joke is much funnier.
  • Word of God: Edgar Wright claims that the battle scenes are meant to feel like musical numbers, in that they only occur when the characters' emotions are too extreme for dialogue.
  • Word of Saint Paul: Bryan Lee O'Malley gave each of the principal cast a list of ten secrets about their characters not included in the original graphic novels. The actors have mostly been tight-lipped about these. Some secrets have come out:
    • Mary Elizabeth Winstead has revealed that Ramona's little brother died when she was younger, and she wears one of his shoelaces as a necklace in memory of him.
    • Aubrey Plaza mentioned in numerous places that Julie Powers had an unrequited crush on Scott in college, (one that possibly continues into the present,) which is why she's so hostile to him (especially if, like in the books, Scott's eventual girlfriend, Envy, was Julie's roommate). Bryan Lee O'Malley contests this as Plaza "making shit up", though Edgar Wright supported Plaza's claim when both were on Doug Loves Movies.
    • Mark Webber was told about Stephen Stills's homosexuality before it was revealed in Volume 6.note 

The game:

  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: In late 2014, the expiration of Ubisoft's license for the series resulted in the game and its DLC being delisted from digital storefronts. While those who had previously purchased the game can still redownload it, those who never bought the game must either resort to piracy or miss out altogether.

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