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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

  • "That's really warm, what is that?" The scene following this showing them kissing and eventually making love in bed is sweet and even without getting sexual (courtesy of Ramona) still manages to be uplifting and intimate. Just seeing them lying in bed together is adorable and even better? Scott doesn't mind and sincerely thanks her for this moment. Ramona responds with your welcome after kissing his cheek. Purely heartwarming.
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  • Scott invites Ramona to see his band perform that night. She remarks "You have a band?" Cue Scott's smitten delivery of "Yeah, we're terrible. Please come."
  • In the Chaos Theatre, Scott apologizing to Kim for his everything that had happened between them. The growing smile on her face, and extra bonus points appearing behind her, seal the shot. Which is followed by her screaming, at the top of her lungs: "WE ARE SEX BOB-OMB AND WE ARE HERE TO WATCH SCOTT PILGRIM KICK YOUR TEETH IN!!!!! ..."
  • Scott calling Envy "Natalie". Envy responds with a touched "No-one calls me that anymore...", and Scott says "Well, maybe they should." This (and her following line to Julie) are the only times in the entire film where she completely drops the "sexed-up" tone from her voice. She really sounds like herself, like Natalie V. Adams rather than Envy Adams. It's melancholic, and sweet.
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  • "...You wanna come with me?"
  • When Stacey finds Scott sitting outside in the cold and has a talk with him.
    Stacey: Maybe next time, we don't fall in love with the girl who has eleven evil ex-boyfriends.
    Scott: Seven.
    Stacey: Oh, that's not so bad.
  • And when Wallace Wells is encouraging Scott to pursue love (albeit with the intention of getting their apartment to himself):
    Wallace: Step up your game, Scott. Break out the L-word.
    Scott: (thinking Wallace is talking about something else) Lesbian?
    Wallace: The other L-word.
    Scott: Lesbian..s???
    Wallace: (unfazed by Scott's stupidity) Love, Scott.
    • On top of that, the scene where Wallace reveals his boyfriend and that he wants the bed for sex, meaning Scott has nowhere to sleep. After Wallace learns Scott and Ramona are broken up, in a deleted segment of the same scene he provides Scott with the necessities for keeping warm even if he has to sleep on the floor of the apartment for now, with a: "See? I'm still taking care of you." D'aaaaw...
    • Really, all of Wallace's "tough love" moments for Scott. He really does care about his roomie/friend, and not only wants to help him but wants to help him be a better person, constantly urging Scott to do the right thing while giving him space to heal. One of his earliest moments is when Scott first dreams about Ramona, and Wallace's boyfriend ("Other Scott") asks if this was an Envy-related dream, Wallace immediately hushes him, stating "We don't use the E-word in this house." Anyone who's had a particularly bad break-up can relate to even hearing your exes' name being physically painful.
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    • Notice how Wallace is regularly the one in the Battle of the Bands audiences to cheer for Sex Bob-Bomb. Regardless of whether or not he actually cares about their ambitions, he's still gonna support Scott.
  • Frequently found in the trailers: when Scott and Ramona are on the bus after Scott's fight with Matthew Patel:
    Ramona: If we're going to date, you MAY have to defeat my seven evil exes.
    Scott: You have seven evil ex-boyfriends?
    Ramona: Seven evil exes, yes.
    Scott: Wait, does this mean we're officially dating?
    Ramona: Yeah.
    Scott: Does this mean we can make out now?
    Ramona: Sure. (cue the makeout)
  • And when Young Neil rushes to the defense of Knives Chau ("He punched the highlights out of her hair!!") even though anyone with eyes can see that she's only dating the poor nimrod in order to get back together with Scott.
  • And Scott's simplistic ballad for Ramona.
  • Stacey being really sweet to Scott after Gideon steals Ramona away, especially since she'd been so surly towards him throughout the film. She quickly ruins it though.
  • A sword called Power of Love (not even joking), plus the clever Power of Self Respect upgrade.
  • Scott and Nega-Scott seemingly go off together to fight... and end up getting on like a house on fire.
    Scott: Oh yeah, he's a great guy. We're gonna have brunch this week. We actually have a lot in common.
  • In the climax when both Ramona and Knives still love Scott but each tries to convince him to follow the other one. Even more awesome, they BOTH got their happy ending, since the filmmakers made BOTH a Ramona AND a Knives ending.
  • Scott: So....... so alone.
    Ramona: You're not alone!
  • Scott coming clean to Ramona and Knives on cheating on them and sincerely apologizing to both of them for what he did.
  • According to the DVD commentary, the actor who played Todd (Brandon Routh) would spontaneously bring food to set and take the cast out for meals.
  • For the film's 10th anniversary, Entertainment Weekly organized a (socially distanced) table read of the script. Almost everyone on the cast came back for it, despite the fact that many have had their breakouts in the intervening years (Anna Kendrick, Alison Pill, Chris Evans, Ellen Wong, Mae Whitman) and presumably had other places to be. It's also clear that all of them love the film; Brandon Routh shows up in-costume and with his electric bass, Chris Evans sticks around silently for half an hour just for his five-minute scene, Michael Cera breaks out a guitar and actually performs his ballad live, and Aubrey Plaza improvises a Real Life Censor Box so she can "do that thing with her mouth".


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