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  • Actor Allusion: Ophiel murdering Bethor by Human Pincushion'ing him with scalpels highly resembles the famous "knife throwing" scene from Stardust Crusaders. Both Ophiel and DIO are voiced by Takehito Koyasu.
  • Adaptation First: The anime was streamed worldwide while the game's global release was still in Development Hell.
  • All-Star Cast: The voice cast for PSO2 is known for being extremely prolific, with several famous Names to Know in Anime being represented to some degree; the cast of the English dub is also quite star-studded.
  • Bad Export for You:
    • This is the entirety of the Southeast Asia (SEA)/Taiwanese version. It contains numerous Dub Name Changes that conflict with Phantasy Star mythology and exploits Cut-and-Paste Translation in numerous areas. The way the combat system calculates damage is almost entirely wonky. ARKS Cash is ten times less valuable. A "Costume Affix" system and AC Rankings heavily enforce Pay To Win mechanics. Finally a rebalancing patch came too early, forcing the game to ramp up in difficulty far earlier than in the Japanese versions. These problems eventually led to the publisher letting the contract expire because few players were playing the game.
    • While the North American version mostly averts this — its gameplay is almost identical to the Japanese version, with some added Regional Bonus — the translation job is frequently derided for having several glaring inconsistencies and text parsing issues, and for missing the majority of the flavor text. Even so, the way the North American version handles Star Gems has proven a dealbreaker for some, as the increased requirements of Star Gems, the increased difficulty in obtaining them, and the decreased timeframe in which players can obtain certain items have led many players to quit the game or switch to the Japanese version.
  • Colbert Bump:
    • The price of Boots of Serafi went up for a brief period of time after they were used by a Force/Techer in an ARKS Grand Prix Exhibition. They used the boots quickly rack up Ilbarta chains while still dealing unimaginably high damagenote .
    • Gunslashes received a slight boost in popularity among newer players thanks to it being Itsuki's Weapon of Choice in the anime.
  • Contest Winner Cameo:
    • Sega holds an annual Item Design Contest to let the players create the next costumes, weapons, accessories, and even MAGs for the game. What makes the cut varies by the year, in which they get bundled together in one or two AC Scratches.
    • es also held its own Illustration Contest in late 2015/early 2016, with the winners receiving in-game rewards and both the winners and the runner-ups having their designs implemented into the game as actual Weaponoid Chips during a special Event.
  • Defictionalization:
    • The ARKS Dance Festival, an in-game concert event, also became a real thing as part of Phantasy Star Online's 15th anniversary project.
    • Aika Suzuki's Rappy Pet, previously exclusive to the anime, was made available to buyers of the EPISODE 4 Deluxe Package in the form of a 10★ Rappy Egg for the Summoner class.
    • In late February through until May 2016, completing the first branching portion of Episode 4's storyline unlocks a All Classes version of SORO's armour from the anime, including a video game exclusive gender flipped version.
      • The DVD and Bluray versions of each episode include item codes for avatar parts for almost every other character in the anime.
    • At the same time as the Playstation 4 version was released, a series of quests allowed Itsuki and both of Rina's characters to be added to your partner cards, and a mid-May update also adds Aika's partner card, allowing you to literally party with the main cast of Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation. Later updates also trickled in the side characters such as Koa, Lilika, Musashi, and so on.
  • Demand Overload:
    • During January 2019, SEGA happily announced on the game's main site that copies of the print release for the game's official webcomic, "Pusonicomi", had sold out of Japanese bookstores in mere days of release.
    • The Xbox One closed beta in 02/07/2020 was flooded to the point everyone was crashing left and right due to the massive amount of people logging in. It was bad enough that an emergency maintenance was issued just a few hours later. They later made up for it by announcing a extension to Feburary 9th.
  • Development Gag: The Omega Apprentice EQ, "The Underground Nightmare", is based loosely on a scrapped concept for a Mining Base Quest where the players would have to escort a cart.
  • Development Hell: For the US version. More than two years after the Japanese release, the official release date was still "TBA 2014." Notably, both the website and Facebook pages for the English version appear to be stuck in a time capsule from the time of E3 2014. As of June 9, 2019, Microsoft announced a North American release in 2020 for PC and Xbox One.
  • Executive Meddling: Due to Sony's isolationist policy concerning cross-play with other consoles (which they've been in hot water for numerous times), it is not possible for players on the PS4 and Vita versions to play with players on the Switch version. They cannot access each others' Blocks, they can't receive messages from each other, and while they can meet in Team Rooms, they can't see public messages if the other player is on a competing console (except for a loophole involving the Team Board). Amusingly, it is still possible to use the Breath of the Wild and Toro and Kuronote  cosmetics, the Polytannote  partner character, as well as the Toro and Kuro partner characters which can only be obtained on PSN, regardless of platform.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • The infamous account creation Captcha, which is required to pass to create a SEGA ID needed to play the game, is commonly known as the "Captcha Boss" due to being difficult to surmount for any player who doesn't have a basic grasp of hiragana.
    • The over-the-shoulder camera is called "Z-aim" (much like another series) due to being mapped to the Z key by default.
    • Random disconnects are commonly known as "630" due to its associated error code, to the point where fans use "630" like a noun and a verb.
    • "Super Shredder" Gigur Gunne-gam, the Kuronite boss of Shironia.
    • "Sugar Daddy" for Klotho, due to his lucrative client orders.
    • "Metal Gear" for Tranmizer, due to its resemblence to Metal Gear REX.
    • "Apples Doritos" for Apos Dorios, a Mondegreen of the boss' name.
    • "Mechguns" for Twin Machineguns, due to their resemblance to the Phantasy Star Online weapon of the same name.
    • "Waifu Simulator Online 2" for the game itself, due to sheer versatility of the character creator allowing you to create literally anyone you want, especially dream waifus, and the rampant amount of costumes that constantly grows tenfold with every new update.
    • Some players also call it "Phantasy Stone Online 2" for SEGA's bad habit of solving all complaints of needing more easily accessible Infinity Minus One Swords with "add more Stones".
    • "Lawnchairs" for Launchers, because it's an amusing Mondegreen.
    • Episode 4 introduced an option for the Character Creator that enables players to manipulate the body shape of humanoid characters. Many fans simply boiled this down to a "butt slider" because that's exactly what it did, among other things.
    • "10503" is shorthand for a fully-upgraded weapon: "10" referring to the Grind Level at +10, "50" referring to 50 Element, and "3" referring to a Lv. 3 Potential. The introduction of 13★ weapons upgraded it to "10603", since 13★s can have 60 Element instead of 50. The usage of this term is much more widespread among the Japanese players than the English-speaking ones. The term was largely retired with the addition of NT weapons, which phased out old weapons as a whole and use a different upgrade system.
    • "Player-chan" for the Player Character. It caught on with the fans after Bethor Zelazny calls him/her such in EP4 Chapter 4.
    • Dragon Slayer builds quickly took on the name of "Meme Slayer" due to absolutely dominating the Hunter meta after the advent of Sacrifice Bite Type-0. This name is typically used derisively.
    • The Weapon Camo "Blanc Noir" is referred to by some as the "Kirito blades" due to essentially being Serial Numbers Filed Off versions of two of the most well-known weapons from SAO, Elucidator and Lambent Light.
    • Similarly, the Lumiere Fonce Camo is sometimes called "Oathkeeper" since it's a Serial Numbers Filed Off Keyblade with several design similarities to the Oathkeeper.
    • Maron is referred to as a "pillow" and the Maron Strike PA is referred to as "pillow throwing" due to his inflated, pillow-like size when fully charged.
    • Deus ESCA is referred to as "God" due to him being a Phantom that takes on the appearance and mannerisms of a vengeful creator god.
    • Thanks to the Guides of Creation Quest, Deus is also sometimes called "Dad" to pair with Mother, the other raid boss in the Quest.
    • Erythron Dragon's name is occasionally substituted with "jamada" thanks to That One Attack.
    • "Dark Blast Den-O", with the upcoming release of Dark Blast [Loser] and also the fact that Gettemhart and Luther are now in Player Character's consciousness mirrors Ryotaro and his Imagins.
    • Quests that involve the players running laps around a map while killing enemies and clearing E-Trials for Quest Points have been given the nickname "Guruguru Quests". "guruguru" is a Japanese onomatopoeia for running in circles. This became an Ascended Meme in the official webcomic with fan subtitles of the webvideo adaptation referring to it as "MPA Circling".note 
    • Among the English-speaking playerbase, the act of using several Quest Triggers in succession, where each party member involved has a Quest Trigger to use of their own, is known as a "Trigger train" or "trig train" for short.
    • The clumsy pronunciation of "Circular Amphitrite Stone" leads many players to simply call it the "Armpit stone".
    • Most players aren't exactly sure what the "S" in "S Eggs" stands for, but since S Eggs are rarer than normal Eggs and are essentially Palette Swaps and have no functional difference from regular color Pets, they have taken the "S" to mean "Shiny", like Shiny Pokémon.
    • Devil Truck has occasionally been referred to as Optimus by the North American server's players. Bonus points if they also joke about him making a Face–Heel Turn.
    • Prior to its official reveal, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis was referred to as "Not EP7" since SEGA referred to it as not being an EPISODE 7 in terms of traditional updates.
    • Due to the Primordial Darkness having the same abbreviation as the Profound Darkness, most players call it "True PD" instead.
    • "Kusa" for Glass, since the katakana for "Glass" can also be read as "Grass". The name is also occasionally warped into "kuso" due to its Tier-Induced Scrappy status.
  • Fandom Nod: In the anime, several background tidbits are thrown in that reflect things real players have a tendency of doing.
    • In Episode 1, a random player can be seen idling while performing a "Dance" Lobby Action in the Gate Area.
    • In Episode 2, another player can be seen standing atop the Channel Teleporter, as there is a way up there.
    • During Quna's concert in Episode 2, many players are seen performing the "Glowsticks" Lobby Action.
    • Visiphones often have players idling around them.
    • The offical webcomic and its webvideo adaptation not only have funny background events but also straight up lampshade a lot of common player habbits.
  • I Knew It!:
    • Many fans called Rina becoming Dark Falz Apprentice several episodes in advance.
    • When the 7th opening was not released after the first major raid of EPISODE 6, players predicted that the 7th opening would be delayed until near the release of the next Successor Class in Winter 2019. Sure enough, the 7th opening prominently features Etoile, the third Successor Class, and was revealed a month before Etoile's release in December.
  • Late Export for You: PSO2’s localization was stuck in Development Hell for 7 years before finally being announced for a Western PC/Xbox One release in spring 2020 at E3 2019, with PC players having had to wait until June.
  • Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.": Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F features a music video set in PSO2, with Miku dressed up as a FOnewearlnote . It was released in North America in 2013. The North American localization of PSO2 would not be released until 2020. Ultimately the concert was recycled as a cross-promotion for the North American release of Project Diva Mega Mix instead as it also includes (a higher quality version of) the same music video, in spite of it being a Switch exclusive while the North American switch version of PSO2 had yet to be properly annouced in spite of Phil Spencer's claims that it will "eventually end up on all platforms".
  • Milestone Celebration:
    • The game was announced on the tenth anniversary of the original Phantasy Star Online.
    • The 25th anniversary of the Phantasy Star series brought on a concert, art books, and the release of Phantasy Star Online 2 for the PS Vita.
    • The 15th anniversary of the original Phantasy Star Online was celebrated with a variety of projects, including:
      • The Screen-to-Stage Adaptation Phantasy Star Online 2 -ON STAGE-.
      • The road show event "ARKS Caravan".
      • The release of Ragol Memories, which allow you to acquire special items from Phantasy Star Online.
      • The release of a special Team Room based on Pioneer 2, complete with functioning rooms.
      • Special appearances by Rico and Flowen, as well as a Legacy Boss Battle with Gal Gryphon.
      • A collaboration with the Japanese restaurant chain "Sweets Paradise" to host a special Phantasy Star-themed menu.
      • The Anime of the Game, Phantasy Star Online 2: The Animation.
      • The release of special Infinity Plus One Swords based on famous Phantasy Star Online weapons.
    • In May 2016, the game hit over 130,000 players logged in simultaneously on the day that the Yamato battle released, a new server record. The game held a +130% EXP and Rare Drop Rate boost in the following July as celebration.
    • 2016 also saw the 10th anniversary of Phantasy Star Universe, which brought about a series of "Gurhal Collection" Scratches that featured Universe outfits and special items, appearances by Ethan Waber, Karen Erra, Lumia Waber, and Vivienne alongside New Type versions of their weapons of choice, and even special bonus cutscenes between Lumia and Vivienne that expand on their characters.
    • In a rare instance of a collaboration revival, the NieR: Automata items were revived in April 2020 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the NieR franchise.
  • Network to the Rescue: Phantasy Star Online 2’s localization was stuck in limbo for a long time, despite being announced around the game’s Japanese release. Eventually, Microsoft decided to step in and help them localize it, by having the international version run on Microsoft’s Azure cloud servers. With that, the game was eventually announced for a Western release in Spring 2020.
  • No Export for You: The entire game became this for the South-East Asia region when all of Play Asia's tempering with the SEA version of the game came back and bite them hard. As a result, Play Asia screwed the game over, and those in the region do not get to experience Episode 3 onwards. And no, Microsoft's rescue is not helping as the International version release does not cover Asia. And not everyone is okay with going through all the hoops to play the Japanese version either.
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content: Since 2013, SEGA has held annual design contests where fans can submit designs for various cosmetics, and the winners of the contests will have their items added to the game through AC Scratches. Later years have also held Lobby Action contests where players can submit ideas for Lobby Actions to get implemented.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot:
    • As it goes, Bethor's voice actor, Ryusei Nakao had other obligations at the time preventing him from continuing his role as Bethor, resulting in Ophiel killing Bethor, making him the only member of Mother Cluster to die.
    • In 4-5, Hitsugi gets kidnapped rather abruptly for seemingly little reason other than to remove her from the plot. As it happens, Risa Taneda announced taking medical leave just before the Story update was released.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: Kana Asumi and Yuka Iguchi are teamed up once again, this time as twin sisters Patty and Tea.
  • Role Reprise: Many of the actors that were in the Screen-to-Stage Adaptation returned for The Anime of the Game, sometimes in similar capacities, such as Shouta Aoi, who played the protagonist in both. It helps that the plot of both adaptations are rather similar.
  • Saved from Development Hell: Seven years after the initial release date of 2012 and a long period of radio silence, Microsoft announced that they would finally bring PSO2 at E3 2019, with a release date of Spring 2020.
  • Shrug of God: In the EPISODE 1&2 Materials Collection, Word of God refuses to explain why Risa has a Vague Age.
  • Screwed by the Network: Both the Taiwanese and Southeast Asia versions. Due in part to multiple factors such as the EPISODE 3 update being postponed indefinitely, leaving the game stuck in EPISODE 2 for several years, several exclusive "features", and abysmally low player population due to many simply hopping over to the superior Japanese version instead, the respective host companies for both versions decided to let its licensing contract for the game expire and putting the subpar localizations out of their misery.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • A concept idea for Matoi would have put her in a wheelchair. Another would have given her a Magical Accessory MacGuffin in the form of a key-like necklace that connected her to Dark Falz.
    • Quna was originally projected to be the heroine. This was changed in development, and Quna's story was wrapped up in EPISODE 1 while Matoi became the heroine.
      • Elements of this original development concept are explored with the post-episode content of EPISODE 1.
    • The breakable flesh-spikes on Bal Rodos' body were planned to be capable of other attacks, such as homing lasers and light arrows. Its horn was also going to have the ability to slide down its head to form a speartip-like horn.
    • Katori was originally going to be Jean's daughter. This was scrapped, but is still referenced in a throwaway line, when Katori brings up her fathernote .
    • The Mining Base Defense: Despair EQ was originally going to have Dark Falz Elder show in up the final wave to storm the towers, but this ended up being too hard to properly implement, so the devs had to settle with Falz Hyunal and a pair of Falz Arms.
    • There were additional AIS models planned when the Magatsu EQ was in production. These ultimately never came to fruition, although EPISODE 6 did introduce an upgraded variant called AIS Vega.
    • A trailer for the Las Vegas area originally teased Vegas Illusia by showing its boss introduction cutscene like most other field bosses in the game. However, because of the format of the Vegas Free Field and no ARKS Quests being released for Vegas, Vegas Illusia ultimately does not have its own unique boss room, and thus the boss intro cutscene was never used.
    • Following a series of emergency maintenance sessions due to oversights regarding the affix Guidance Trainer shortly after it was implemented, it was originally announced that select players who met certain conditions (such as obtaining the bugged affix in question) would be receiving an Ability Affix Success +100% item as part of compensation. Backlash ensued due to such an item being an obvious Game-Breaker, and the idea was swiftly rescinded and replaced with Ability Affix Success +50% items and an Affix Protection (6s) instead.
    • There were originally meant to be many more Buster Quests with new elements, but thanks to mid-Episode development restructuring most of the Buster Quest ideas were canned in favor of focusing on Class balancing. Some of the Buster Quest ideas would later be incorporated into the Perpetual Madness EQ.
    • As mentioned in Development Gag, the Omega Falz Apprentice EQ is based on a scrapped idea for a Mining Base Defense EQ where players escort a cart. However, not all of the original concept was reused for the final EQ, and the Omega Apprentice portion of the Quest is completely original.
    • The entirety of the Enchanted Forest was originally going to be a Story Quest, but thanks to mid-Episode development restructuring the original story was condensed into a few lines of dialogue and Enchanted Forest was turned into a Limited Quest instead, and later a Free Field. The boss fight also would have been a Demon instead of Omega Hunar.
    • An Emergency Quest based on Gy-Laguiah from Phantasy Star IV (the boss that guards the Psycho Wand) was meant to be the first EQ instead of Erythron Dragon, but this was cut due to an idea for rideable mounts for players also being cut, resulting in Erythron Dragon replacing it.
    • Dark Falz Persona incorporates many scrapped ideas and has a few of its own scrapped ideas.
      • The bulk of Dark Falz Persona's moveset is based on Omega Falz battles for Elder, Loser, and Double that were ultimately cut due to time constraints. While Omega Loser did get a fight, it was originally conceptualized to be much different and was almost cut at one point.
      • One of Dark Falz Persona's attacks while wearing the Double Mask is inspired by a scrapped concept for a conceptualized Omega Falz Double fight where Omega Double would inflict a unique "Advanced Panic" status that flips the screen upside down and rearranges all of your PA/Tech binds.
      • Dark Falz Persona's Desperation Attack was originally going to be part of the Profound Darkness's moveset back in EPISODE 3, but was ultimately canned due to the stage being too small to fit the giant orb. The remnant of this idea is, of course, the giant mass of energy the Profound Darkness summons right before the fight against Persona.
      • Dark Falz Persona itself was originally conceptualized with a very similar appearance to the Profound Darkness's second form from Phantasy Star IV, but this was changed as the other Falzes were merged into its design, resulting in the final product.
      • One idea for the fight involved the players being forcefully Dark Blasted into the Dark Blast form corresponding to Persona's mask, although this never made it through either.
    • Many other characters from the tetralogy were originally supposed to make an appearance, but thanks to mid-Episode development restructuring the idea was cut, leaving Alis Landale and Lutz as the only two tetralogy chracters to return.
    • Elga Masquerade was originally designed to be much taller, equalling over four times the size of the average player character. This was scaled down to around double the average height in the final product.
  • The Wiki Rule: There have been some attempts at making a comprehensive wiki for the game, but only a few have been successful.
    • The Japanese PSO2 Wiki, commonly known as "Swiki" for its URL, is the most well-known Japanese wiki.
    • ARKS Visiphone is one of the only public English wikis for the game, and is also the only English language wiki left currently operating.
    • Other attempts at creating a database for the game include Cirnopedia note  and The Arkive note .
  • Word of God: In an interview with Polygon, localization director Yuji Nakazawa states that the real reason the localization never came to fruition in 2013 is that they did not have the proper infrastructure within the company at the time to make it work on a level that was on par with the game's Japanese version.


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