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Due to a number of time-travelling shenanigans, the interference of immortals, and Sega's tendency to add in new timelines and plot at a later time and place some cutscenes in earlier chapters...let's just say that the timeline is somewhat of a mess. The date is (Start) to (End), from the first cutscene of the Matterboard to the last, and there are some cutscenes, especially in the earlier chapters, located in the same time frame.


Note: After the Omnibus, the timeline had once again been screwed over, with certain scenes and episodes being brought forward to Episode 2 from Episode 3, and a few tweaks here and there. Thus, if you are looking for the 'official' timeline before the advent of the Omnibus, this is your page. If not, back to Alma you go!

Light History (Photoners)

  • Before Light History
    • Photons are discovered. Research in converting Photons to energy begins.
    • Man makes contact with the planet "Xion" and succeed in making contact with Xion, and the universe itself.
  • 1
    • Xion converts Photons into energy. Space exploration and travel issues are resolved with the usage of Photons.
    • "Light History" era is established.
  • 20
    • Xion requests the Photoners to create the Mothership around Xion itself. The Mothership is created by an organization within the Photoners.
  • 50
    • 24 ARKS Ships are constructed. The space exploration organization "Oracle" is formed.
  • 200
    • Oracle's research on the universe begins. Extensive data on a variety of ecosystems, technology, and minerals is collected through their travels.
  • ???
    • Various planets, such as Planet Wopal, are subject to environmental remodeling by the Photoners.
  • 500
    • Photoners attempt to create a synthetic omniscience in the image of Xion to further their studies. The first synthetic omniscience is completed, but discarded after being uncontrollable.
    • During a research expedition near a strange black hole, an ARKS Ship suddenly vanished without a trace, alongside the black hole.
    • The ARKS Ship was later re-discovered, but attacked Oracle. Three Oracle ARKS Ships attempted to retreat. The hostile Ship then self-destructed, and its remains were swallowed by a black hole. No follow-up operation was commissioned.
  • 600
    • Oracle discovers a strange hostile species on a certain planet. They name this species "Darkers".
  • 700
    • Oracle scientists discover that the Darkers consume living and nonliving matter, but are unable to figure out how to combat them.
    • Darkers attack Oracle. Oracle's weaponry has no effect on the Darkers, and many scientists are killed in the attack. A Darker entity known as "Dark Falz" is held responsible for the attack.
    • It is discovered that Photons are effective against Darkers. Oracle quickly begins research on weaponizing Photons.
    • Darkers continue to attack and consume planets.
  • 1000
    • Oracle's focus shifts to the annihilation of Darkers. The entire organization is reformed.
    • A new calendar is designed to mark the war between Dark Falz and Oracle.

New Light History (ARKS)

Before Phantasy Star Online 2

  • AP 1
    • The New Light History calendar is created.
  • AP 40
    • Planet Naberius is discovered. Darker readings are confirmed on Naberius.
    • ARKS suffers from poor battle proficiency. Research into Darker tactics and behavior begins.
  • AP 90
    • Planet Lillipa is discovered. During expeditions, researchers are attacked by armored hostiles. Oracle concludes that Lillipa does not possess a native species. Research on Lillipa proves bountiful, allowing ARKS to improve technology.
    • Planet Amduscia is discovered. ARKS discovers that the planet is inhabited by an intelligent, sentient species known as "Dragonkin". Exchanges between ARKS and the Dragonkin manage to avoid a war, although tensions are still high.
  • AP 140
    • The Dragonkin language is translated. Communication with the Dragonkin is established. The Dragonkin understand ARKS' intentions.
  • AP 170
    • Darker attacks intensify.
    • ARKS with outstanding ability emerge. ARKS are able to defeat the Darkers on Naberius and confirm the planet free of Darker signs.
  • AP 190
    • Regius, Maria, Klariskrays I, and Casra I are noted for their outstanding battle prowess. Their names are passed down among ARKS.
    • With their battle proficiency strengthened, ARKS goes to war with Dark Falz.
  • AP 198
    • The final fight against Dark Falz Elder begins. ARKS is successful in sealing Elder, despite massive losses. Three influential ARKS in the battle later become known as the Three Heroes.
    • The Council of Six is established. Its members include:
      • #1: Regius
      • #2: Maria
      • #3: Casra I
      • #4: Atossa
      • #5: Klariskrays I
      • #6: Wolf
  • AP 207
    • Klariskrays I dies.
  • AP 210
    • 2nd Generation ARKS are born. Their increased proficiency allows ARKS to turn the tide against the Darkers and hold them back for some years.
  • AP 220
    • Casra I dies.
  • AP 225
    • Tensions rise between ARKS and the Dragonkin.
  • AP 226
    • The second Klariskrays is inaugurated into the Council of Six.
  • AP 227
    • Dark Falz Apprentice appears. Atossa and Wolf die from Apprentice's attack.
  • AP 228
    • Klariskrays II is presumed to have died.
    • Apprentice attacks an ARKS Ship. In the ensuing battle, Klariskrays II disappears.
  • AP 229
    • Darker activity rises on Lillipa and Amduscia.
  • AP 230
    • The second Casra is inaugurated into the Council of Six.
    • In the Earth dimension, a mysterious energy particle is discovered. It is named "Ether".
  • AP 234
    • The third Klariskrays is inaugurated into the Council of Six.
  • AP 235
    • Huey is inaugurated as the sixth member of the Council of Six.
  • AP 238
    • A mass-scale Darker outbreak on Naberius occurs.
    • The story of Phantasy Star Online 2 begins.

Episode 1, AP 238

  • 2/20 - 3/3, Prologue and Chapter 1
    • Partnered with Afin for the ARKS Final Exams, found a mysterious young girl in Naberius
  • 2/20 - 3/3, Chapter 2
    • A mysterious masked figure, Gettemhult and Melfonseana's first appearance and stand-off
  • 2/26 - 3/6, Chapter 3
    • Found a mysterious weapon fragment in the Tundra. A second meeting with the mysterious masked figure, who attacked the Player Character. Their fight were interfered by Zeno and Echo, who aided the Player Character to hold off the masked figure.
  • 3/2 - 3/12, Chapter 4
    • Meets Fourier, and aided her in finding the Lillipans.
  • 3/3 - 3/19, Chapter 5
    • Meets with Hi'En of Kashina, Amduscia, and saved the life of Hi'Loga of the Hi clan, with the help of Aki and Right.
  • 3/16 - 3/24, Chapter 6
    • Finds another weapon fragment in the Sub-Tunnels, aided by Afin, Fourier and a member of the Lillipan race.
  • 3/21 - 3/31
    • With the aid of Zeno and Echo, defeated Ko'Rela, and gained the respect of Lo'Kamitsu, receiving the last weapon fragment, and reopened communications between the Dragonkin and ARKS.
    • Darker Invasion in Ship 128, Themis. The theft of Clarissa, and Ulc's death.
    • Player Character travelled back in time and saved Ulc's life.
  • 3/25 - 4/1, Chapter 8
    • Meet with Casra II and Maria, the #3 and #2 of the Council of Six.
    • The resurrection of Dark Falz Elder, and Zeno's sacrifice.
    • Player Character returned back in time to save Zeno's life, together with Maria and Sarah.
  • 2/23 - 4/15, Chapter 9
    • Meets mysterious blue-haired girl, became involved in the Berserk Dragon Incident. Mysterious girl later revealed to be the ARKS's Idol Quna.
    • Fought with the Berserk Dragon, Hadred, and allowed him to get away.
  • 4/2 - 4/9, Chapter EX
    • ARKS Championship Tournament
  • 4/4 - 4/25, Chapter 10
    • Hadred's death by Quna's hand. The Reveal of Quna as the #0 of the Council of Six.

Episode 2

  • 5/1 - 5/10, Chapter 1
    • His Will Inherited/Her Will Not Inherited
  • 5/11 - 5/25, Chapter 2
    • The meeting with Xiao, and time-travelling back in time to save Zeno, with the help of Maria and Sarah.
  • 5/27 - 6/10, Chapter 3
    • Meeting with Dark Falz Apprentice
  • 6/12 - 6/28, Chapter 4 and Chapter EX
    • Seabed Exploration Story Quest, Theodor's slip into insanity
    • Darker Nest, Melfonseana's true identity as Melrandia.
  • 6/29 - 7/7, Chapter 5
    • Time-travelled back in time to save Ulc's life. Aided by Xiao who hacked into the support partner system.
    • The Reveal and Xion's death
  • 7/10 - 8/7, Chapter 6
    • The Events of Ten Years Ago

Episode 3, AP 239

  • 1/7 - 1/22, Chapter 1
    • Planet Harukotan
  • 1/23 - 1/31, Chapter 2
    • A request from Huey. Sara and Klariskrays III's relationship.
  • 2/4 - 2/18, Chapter 3
    • Dark Falz Apprentice's true identity
  • 2/22 - 3/4, Chapter 4
    • Ritual to seal away Magatsu
  • 3/7 - 3/17, Chapter 5
    • Double's Dimension, meeting with Luther within the Dimension, and the The Reveal of the truth behind the Profound Darkness
  • 3/17 - 3/24, Chapter 6
    • Double's Defeat, the revival of Profound Darkness
    • In a certain timeline, the Player Character fulfilled Matoi's wish to die by their hands, and became Dark Falz Persona.
  • 3/24 - 4/1, Chapter 7
    • Persona and Xion's sacrifice.
  • 5/1 - 5/15, Chapter EX
    • Aurora's appearance.

Episode 4, AP 241


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