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Timeline / Pirates of the Caribbean

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  • 9 Pirates come together in the First Brethren Court to form the Pirate's Code.
  • Davy Jones falls in love with Cylpso (a sea goddess), and to see her more times than a natural life can allow, agrees to be given
  • Davy Jones is charged to ferry souls lost at sea, but after 10 years, abandon's his quest and tells the second court how to seal Cylpso in human form.
  • Jack Sparrow is branded as a pirate by Becket, for not transporting slaves.
    • His Ship is sank to the bottom of the ocean. Davy Jones revives it in an agreement with Jack, that he would get his soul in 13 years.
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  • 3 years later, Jack Sparrow is mutinied against by Barbarossa.
  • Barbarossa and crew get cursed
  • Bill Turner Sr. is sent to the bottom of the sea, unable to die due to the curse, but pinned there due to the cannon strapped to his bootstraps. He is "saved" by Davy Jones, in exchange for 100 years of servitude.

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