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Honestly, if Phantasy Star Online 2 isn't famous for its plethora of Fanservice Costumes, it's famous for this. Every square inch and meter of this game's soundtrack is filled to the brim with fantastic music, and, well, let's just say we'd be here all day if we were to talk about all of them.


  • The "ARKS Ship Inferno" Emergency Quest plays the theme song of Burning Rangers to get you in the mood to put out fires and save lives.
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  • Seabed's theme, both the tense yet beautiful Battle variant and the soothing Calm variant.
  • For being such an underused gameplay mode, Challenge Quests have an absolutely spectacular sound lineup.
  • The field music for Tokyo has a feeling of mystery and surrealism, perfect as you duel the Phantoms in the streets.
  • The Riding Quest themes, "Neon Days" and "Neon Nights", performed by Runblebee, which just rocks.
  • The theme for Mother Cluster's moonbase, in a rather cunning move, is built with elements of various sections of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. Using the linked video as reference...
    • The piano fill at 5:07 is taken nearly verbatim from the beginning of the third movement...
    • ...while the vocal linesnote  follow the right-hand chords for the beginning of the first movement. And it just carries on from there.



Mining Base

  • "Resonant Defensive", the extended version of "Resonant Nation" from Mining Base Defense: Despair. There's even MORE beyond Dark Vibrace's theme and the build up is intensely well done.
  • "Resonant Catastrophe", the theme to Mining Base Defense: Demise, starts off familiar enough... then the new OST hits partway through Wave 1, which brings the awesome from Despair and cranks it up to TWELVE. Wave 4 in particular is regarded as absolutely godly.


  • The one and only Takenobu Mitsuyoshi brings his star power to PSO2 with "We're ARKS", and it is glorious.
  • The PSO2 Live Broadcast crew proves that Quna isn't the only one who can rock the ARKS stage with their own infectiously catchy hit, "Rare Drop KOI Koi!".


  • Xion's theme has a very ethereal feel to it, accompanied by a soothing violin that gives it an air of mystery.
  • Luther's theme. Elegant, mysterious and sinister.
  • Mother's theme is an eerie yet calm electronic tune. It's also a remix of the original Xion's theme.
  • The Screen-to-Stage Adaptation is no slouch in the music department: just have a listen to "Phantasista"!
  • Although reception to the anime has been rather cold, "Rare Drop KOI Koi! One More!" has been very well received by those who bothered to tune in.

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