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  • While it may seem counter-intuitive that the Kuronites are weak to darkness, the weakness makes more sense after Chapter 3, Episode 5. Why do the have this weakness? the Kuronites may not actually be evil. It's implied that the Kuronites you are fighting in Shironia and Kuron are actually clones created by Double. Maybe the Kuronites were Not So Different from the Shironians prior to Double's influence. And from a practical standpoint, Double could use some minions that lack a weakness to Light.
    • Alternatively, Sukuna-hime's powers suggest that the Kuronites can be banished. Meanwhile, some of the Dark Techniques (particularly Namegid and Ilmegid) look like occult magic (or products of it.) Therefore, using Dark Techniques against Kuronites somehow destabilizes their physical form.
  • After Chapter 3, Episode 5, the presence of various types of monsters in Chaotic Tranquility (as opposed to just a Darker swarm in Urban Recovery) makes more sense. Inside of Double, you can find all kinds of monsters, ranging from Naberius natives to machines. Thus, it's implied that Double can clone non-Darkers as well as Dark Falzes.
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  • If you discount the fact that -ON STAGE- is not canon, the fact that Milla and Dark Falz find their way out of PSO2 and into Earth makes much more sense after Episode 4 revealed that Oracle and ARKS exist in another dimension separate from Earth's, but are interconnected via PSO2, which functions as something of an interdimensional gateway.
  • Official concept art shows that all Dark Falzes have the same three-point pattern on the soles of their shoes, except for Matoi and Apprentice. While the former only stayed a Dark Falz for about one in-story hour, the latter makes sense later on when its revealed that Apprentice was never a Dark Falz to begin with.
  • A bit of fridge brilliance. The Monomate Kouta is given by Aika causes him terrible stomach problems. Aika is using her actual PSO 2 Avatar, so effectively gave Kouta one of her real Monomates, which are pretty much medicinal photons, not something that would agree with a normal person's digestive system...

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