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Web originals with their own pages

  • In a combination of this trope and Revealing Cover-Up, in this video of a beer-bottle domino experiment, it's quite apparent that the π sign 40 seconds in is a CG coverup of a rather more infamous symbol in the original footage due to the jitter of the sign.
  • Atop the Fourth Wall: The King of Worms wears a reflective silver mask, similar to Corporate Commander which unfortunately reflects the cameraman (Lewis) and the equipment on hand (while Corporate Commander just tends to reflect the bright lighting kits). Lewis later confirmed that it's an unfortunate technical problem that he couldn't get around and at the end of the Arc, the King of Worms does meet the camera man who simply laughs in his face as part of the Mind Screw.
    • The Movie, despite its $60,000 price tag, clearly didn't put too much of it into its effects budget.
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    • Vyce's ship looks really fake compared to the show, which isn't helped by the constant panning shots of it. Ditto the space station.
    • The sets themselves also leave a lot to be desired. For instance, the bar at the beginning has a bookshelf off to the side; the bridge of Vyce's ship looks desolate and made of cardboard; and the space station's control room is clearly someone's basement. The last one being a Call-Back to To Boldly Flee.
    • The makeup used for Mechakara after part of his face is torn looks plastic-y and almost falling off.
      • And the endoskeleton itself is clearly a teaching skeleton painted silver with tin cans over its arms.
    • All the chroma keying throughout the film looks like it was done in the mid 1990s and not 2016.
  • The Ben Heck Show does this intentionally, the levitating soldering gun in the 2015 Halloween episode has the thread that's used to lift the gun fully visible, probably to ham up the scene. Also, the bedsheet ghost is obviously CGIed in.
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  • The "fight" against a possessed Star Whistle in Dusk's Dawn. The amount of wind physics failures goes beyond Artistic License.
  • The Game Overthinker was never known for its good effects. And it's visible whenever Bob tries to use splitscreens in order to interact with himself and his Evil Twin Antithinker.
  • Decker: Invoked. Despite having a promotional video claiming the series will feature top of the line special effects, The specific effects use throughout the series are very unrealistic with the use of low quality cgi and some scenes are certainly done on green screen.
  • Homestar Runner poked fun of these with the Dangeresque films, with such things as scaling a skyscraper that's really a piece of cardboard on the ground with the camera tipped to one side. And then Homestar drops his glasses on the cardboard.
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  • Lampshade hung in the puppet band segment of The Key of Awesome "Behind the Awesome" video for their Somebody That I Used To Know parody. The segment in question featured five puppets of various types playing a guitar...less than convincingly.
    Dog Puppet: No-one is in contact with the strings/Yet somehow I can hear everything.
  • Lampshaded in Kickassia when N. Bison begins to levitate using superconducting electromagnetism.
    Dr. Insano: do realize you're just standing on your tippy-toes, right?
  • This live-action RPG here. The cartoon graphics go with the live action ones in most horrible way known to man, but dear God the 'combat'. Cartoon enemies flying around randomly sometimes not even on the ground, animation that looks like puppets where used and the live action guy flailing a fake rubber sword around like a lunatic. Thankfully, the video links to the Retsupurae version, which at least has funny commentary.
  • Played for laughs in My Immortal: The Series, in which (among other things) the Slytherin common room is a suburban living room, Ebony's drink of human blood is cherryade and Draco's "666" numberplate is handwritten.
  • In this little number, you can tell pretty quickly that the interior shots are separate models that are either sunk separately, or just had a bucket of water dumped in, and in one shot it's clear that the model is sunk twice. Still, good effort for a $0 budget and a justification of "bordom."
  • Deliberately invoked in the machinima portions of Red vs. Blue, where things such as wrenches, cakes, and wedding dresses have extremely obviously been added after the fact. More serious uses of animation and the all-CG sections of later seasons look significantly better and are nearly seamless at times, to the point that some of the special effects had to be made worse in season 10 for the sake of comedy (in particular, the pile of stuff the Blues have collected as a result of beating Red Team so many times).
    • Season 14 parodied this when the FH 57 Red Team arrives in Blood Gulch during the events of Season 1. One of the members complains that everything there looks "blocky and pre-rendered."
  • The character models in RWBY tend to clip through each other rather frequently. Particularly when it comes to long-haired characters. This was eventually cut down when the series switched over to Maya from Poser, but it still happens from time to time.
    • One incident that was fixed in the YouTube and Japanese release but left in the website and American release is a scene in Volume 1 where Sun's model is actually over the much closer Blake.
    • Happens so often that the unofficial wiki has listed them all, episode by episode.
    • In the first "A Slip Through Time and Space" episode of the spinoff series, Nora's hair can be seen phasing though the floor as she wigs out on caffeine. A similar error can be seen in the "Cannonball!" episode.
  • This fantastically bad Slender Man Mythos video, ironically titled "BEST HOLLYWOOD SLENDER MAN MOVIE EVER!", features quite possibly the worst costume of the titular character in existence. Since they also managed to mess up video distortion effects, it's all the more obvious.note 
    • Made even more painful by the fact that the costume was apparently really expensive to make, according to Word of God.
    • The movie Windigo, also based on the Mythos, has rather decent effects throughout... until Slendy's final appearance, in which he is seen throwing a poorly rendered CGI truck across the screen and Slendy himself seems to be animated via Stop Motion. Especially blatant as other Mythos videos have special effects ranging from ok (Marble Hornets) to exceptional (Tribe Twelve).
    • The single most common Slender Man halloween costume is a simple black suit and a morphsuit mask, which looks convincing from a distance or at night, but not so much up close, in addition to the fact the masks - in some cases - shine in bright light. Similarly, a full-body morphsuit designed to resemble Tall, Thin and Faceless... would not look convincing from a distance, at night, to a man with bad eyesight.note 
    • And the examples go on too much to list, in no small part due to the fact Sturgeon's Law is very, very much in effect due to the ludicrous number of stories, side-stories, fan-films, games (special note should go to the original Slender, in which Slendy looks like a blowup-doll) and so on.
  • More of the Sonic The Hedgehog Fan Film's budget appears to have gone into hiring Jaleel White and various Internet celebrities for the cast than its special effects:
    • Robotnik's airships barely look any better than the Egg Carrier's original Dreamcast model.
    • His E-series robots are modeled pretty well, but move so slowly and clumsily as to seem weightless.
    • Whatever weapon the GUN troopers in the forest were using appears to have been made out of plastic.
    • When an explosion occurs, nine times out of ten it's a translucent 2D graphic overlaid on the screen.
    • Sonic himself lies firmly in the middle of the Uncanny Valley, and not only are his facial expressions basically limited to "eyes open/eyes closed, mouth open/mouth closed", he jumps out of the letterboxing at one point.
    • Sonic hijacks a missile launched at him by Robotnik... a missile with flat-color textures.
    • Towards the end, we're "treated" to an absolutely atrocious CGI rendition of Green Hill Zone.
    • When Knuckles appears, he is rendered with individual fingers, instead of his usual spiked boxing gloves.
  • One of the many complaints against the first episode of Steam Train was that the recording software made the game they were playing run about half as fast as it should be.
  • TedCrusty purposefully uses cheap effects to add to the humor of his videos. Like, just having a stuffed shirt on the ground being called a dead body.
  • The Third Rate Gamer parodies this endlessly, not attempting to make the special effects look real.
    • In his Little Nemo: The Dream Master "review", he escapes the police by bike. It's shown by showing obvious clip art of a kid on a bike (with his face plastered over it) that still has a white background moving in an obviously-fake manner over another picture of a house.
    • In his dual review of Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 2, a bomb explodes leaving his "house" intact, followed by a newspaper that reads "Third Rate Gamer Killed by Lame Special Effect".
    • At the end of his Home Improvement review, a dinosaur breathes a fireball at his computer, "destroying" it. The next shot has obvious fire clip art spread on the computer, which is working just fine.
  • Some of the page images from This Very Wiki, such as the ones on The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You and Paddleball Shot, appear to have elements that stick out of the frame and into the page caption. With the normal color scheme, the effects are very convincing, but on the "night vision" color scheme, the incorrect colors stick out.


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