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Special Effect Failure / The Irate Gamer

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While we can't expect so much from a Web Video show, The Irate Gamer still has some pretty glaring mistakes with regards to his special effects.

  • The holes in his wall in the Kool-Aid review look like black fabric taped to the wall over all his posters. He didn't even iron out the fabric; you can clearly see the wrinkles and a hole in the center.
  • The second time the Kool-Aid man crashes through the wall, he passes through a desk and some other objects, kind of like a ghost.
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  • In the Aladdin review, when the snake wraps around him, it goes into his leg. The size of the snake is also inconsistent from when it attacks the Irate Gamer to when it crushes the Wise Sage.
  • The bar in the Monster Party review; outside it's an obvious Photoshop, inside it's an obvious bluescreen effect.
  • His overused explosion effect. He would use the same explosion every single time, with no variation to it. This put everyone in shock when they saw a new one in his RoboCop review. However, it became the new default.
  • The ending of his Back to the Future review where he murders the CEO of LJN. Who knew blood looked so much like grape jelly?
  • Cousin Joey. He's 6 years old, has the legs of a 27 year old, and if the chair is a good judge, is approximately 2 feet tall.
  • IG attempts a joke about God of War III's sex scenes by placing a censor bar over the TV. He failed to fully cover it and you can clearly see it's just Kratos and Pandora standing next to each other.
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  • When he rips off the Evil Gamer's moustache in the Cool Spot review, the Evil Gamer is actually ripping off his own moustache. The camera tries to hide this, but you can tell due to a) the hand doing the ripping changes from one shot to the other, and b) his shoulder moves.
  • The Jawa action figure in the Odyssey review.
  • Is that picture on the main page an actual DVD case, and not just a cheap MS Paint creation?
  • During the remastered Sonic Colors video, when Knuckles spin-dashes across the table and causes it to fall, you can tell that it's Chris just knocking the table over.
  • The "button" he pressed to "blow up" Ubisoft in the E3 2011 recap? It was clearly the camera's lens cap.
  • Whenever something is about to fall on him, it always switches to a wide angle shot, so you know it's coming.
  • The giant Kinnikuman action figure falling on him, it's really cheap looking.
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  • Some of his videos (such as the end of Cool Spot, the Robocop reviews) with multiple characters on screen, they sometimes don't actually walk on, just slide on while being bobbed up and down to make it look like they're moving. Sometimes noticeable because their legs don't move.
  • When the Giant HAL-bot punches the buildings in the city, they don't collapse, but fall down like stiff trees. Also the HAL-bot feet are dress shoes.
  • Goro. Canonically, he is well over 8' tall, yet in the 7-Up Games review, he only seems to stand around five-feet-something (or roughly Bores' own height.)
  • At the beginning of the Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Doom review, he goes through a "South American Jungle" (which is really somewhere in the Ohio countryside), goes inside of a temple (which is really his garage) and is apparently blasted by an explosion all the way from the continent back to his home...without being knocked through any debris and without a scratch on him. He doesn't even yell or fall convincingly once he returns and he inexplicably changes outfits between scenes.
  • Infamously, the beginning of the Irate Gamer's E.T. games review has him traveling out to the New Mexico desert to dig up the landfill where the Atari 2600 E.T. cartridges were buried. The "New Mexico desert" is represented by a sandless craggy area full of (deciduous) trees, which Bores makes no attempt to hide.
  • Apparently, the virtually indestructible suit that RoboCop wears consists of little more than tin foil and black duct tape.
  • At the end of a video reviewing a Minecraft LEGO set, a Creeper blows him up and he falls over from pain. Except he doesn't fall over naturally, he uses image rotation and it looks very stiff. You can even see he doesn't have a bottom half.
  • Similarly, when he is inhaled by Kirby at the end of the YouTube version of his Kirby's Epic Yarn review, you can again see that he is completely missing his lower body.
  • His costume for Ronnie falls into this as well. Rather than just have a skull mask over his own head, an actual plastic skull is taped onto his own face with a cloak over it, giving the skeleton an elongated head. Also in his He-Man action figure review, this costume returns when IG portrays Skeletor, only this time he has used computer graphics to color his skin blue and made the decision to go shirtless.
  • A couple videos (notably one about McDonald's Changeable toys) would have something blow up in his face, and then large chunks of styrofoam would fall out of his mouth. Apparently this is intended to be his teeth falling out of his mouth like a cartoon character, but at first glance you'd never know that.
  • In the beginning of the Yo, Noid! review, when IG shows off a pizza he just took out of the oven (as evidenced by the oven's mitt he's wearing), you can see that it's a piece of cardboard instead of an actual pizza. Also at the end of the review when the Evil Gamer sends out the lemmings, before they fall into a pit, when he tries to stop them, you can see the green outline around him of where the greenscreen effect ends.
  • At the beginning of his Predator video, when he's in "a jungle", it's obviously just him looking through a potted plant. Also, you can see one of his posters behind him in one shot.
  • At the end of the Duck Hunt review, he chases the dog through different games. He looks like he's jogging in place while magically being moved to the right. Bad green screen usage removes parts of his feet, which is obvious when he prepares to kill the dog in the final game, Mortal Kombat. When he approaches the dog, it looks like he's sliding as opposed to running.
  • In his Super Mario Bros. 2 review, in order to make the Starman seem so slow that he could literally take a dump faster than the star can show up, not only does he go to the highest point on the screen where he can make it appear, but he digitally slows down the footage so it looks like it's actually going slow. The point where it slows down isn't even hidden well; you can see where Peach starts slowing down just as the Starman shows up, and even more jarringly the animation of the nearby plant that slows down as well.
  • At the end of his Mission Impossible review, he takes the cartridge outside and throws it into the air, then pulls out a rocket launcher to fire a rocket at the cartridge and destroy it. Along with it being a really cheap special effect, you don't even see the rocket collide with the cartridge. The rocket just flies into the air and explodes against nothing.
  • In his Zombies Ate My Neighbors review when the Devil is talking to the Evil Gamer, although the latter is sitting in a chair, due to the greenscreen effects of the fire background the chair is removed, making it look like he's sitting in mid-air.


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