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References to Avatar: The Last Airbender in other media.

Fan Works

  • Event Horizon: Storm of Magic: Emperor Karl Franz gets his mount to fly by saying "Deathclaw, yip yip!" which is how Aang gets Appa to fly.
  • Fairy Without Wings: During the final event of the Grand Magic Games, Mato asks the guilds to not destroy the cabbage carts, a reference to the oft-suffering cabbage cart owner.


  • A Very Potter Musical
    • Voldemort's speech before killing Harry is from the finale.
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    • Ginny tells Harry, "We kissed at the Yule Ball, and, well, I thought we were going to be together forever... but we're not." This is almost identical to what Aang says to Katara in "The Ember Island Players" (though he refers to the invasion of the Fire Nation).
    • The scene when Ron and Hermione first kiss is the scene between Aang and Katara before the fire nation invasion where Aang kisses Katara. The dialogue leading up to the kiss is almost identical.


  • Grrl Power: Sydney and Maxima were both hoping that one of her unknown orbs would give her "Katara"-like powers.

Web Video

Western Animation

  • The Dragon Prince, which has some of the same writers as Avatar, has several references to the series:
    • In the first episode Claudia reads a book called "Love Amongst the Dragons", which was the name of the play that Zuko and his family would watch when they were younger, and in which Ursa acted before she was wed to Ozai.
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    • In the the fourth episode of season three, Callum (who has the same voice actor as Sokka) is entranced by one of the boomerangs on Nyx's staff, saying that it feels strangely familiar. The episode's end credits also show Callum holding Sokka's boomerang.
    • The end credits of the next episode show Callum with some cactus juice. He even holds it in the same way Sokka did.
  • The Loud House: In "Linc Or Swim", Iroh makes a cameo appearance. He is seen in the first community pool, alongside Lou Pickles, Phil Shortman, Ms. Bitters, and Miss Fowl.

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