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Heartwarming / Avatar: The Last Airbender

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Heartwarming moments in Avatar: The Last Airbender.

"I was never angry with you. I was sad, because I was afraid you had lost your way."

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    In General 
  • Whenever Katara brings Aang out of the Avatar State. Particularly in "The Desert". While everyone else runs to get out of the way, she struggles over to him and pulls him down into her famous Cooldown Hug. It takes a couple seconds, but he calms down. If that's not love...
  • Any time the Gaang share a Group Hug, especially Zuko's first group hug officially marking his acceptance in the True Companions!
  • Iroh's interactions with Toph and Aang. While Toph and Aang were initially his enemies, they were still kids who needed some guidance in their lives. He was able to provide some wisdom and give some advice for their situation.
  • Iroh’s entire relationship with Zuko. Unlike his brother who saw Zuko as a political tool and a disappointment, Iroh saw Zuko as a son and wanted him to enjoy life. There have been times where Iroh encouraged Zuko to relax and enjoy the simplicities of the world. Once it’s established in the second season that both are considered traitors to the Fire Nation, Iroh does his best to help him and Zuko get by. He’s even willing to flee to Ba Sing Se where they can both start a new life. While it wasn’t ideal in Zuko’s perspective, Iroh wanted Zuko to live a normal life, to hang out with teens his age and maybe settle down and have a family. In the season finale, it seemed like Zuko was finally enjoying himself and may have been on his way to living a new life. It’s not until the middle of Book 3 where Zuko realizes that Iroh was more of a father to him than Ozai could ever be.
  • While they clash a lot over things like pragmatism vs. ethics, it's very clear throughout the series that Sokka and Katara love each other dearly. In "The Painted Lady", Sokka makes it clear that he's perfectly aware of who the "Painted Lady" is via pointed jokes, but he doesn't stop Katara from doing her thing until he has actual proof that she lied about Appa being sick. When she tells him point blank she won't turn her back on people who need her, Sokka drops his protests and says "I won't ever turn my back on you." And at the end of the episode, when the citizens begin vilifying Katara for impersonating the Painted Lady, Sokka jumps in and tells them they should be down on their knees thanking Katara for everything she's done for them. Things Sokka criticized her for doing!
  • Sokka's relationship with Aang over the series. In the first two episodes Sokka is distrustful of Aang and even forces him out of the village. He soon drops this, however, and they form a brotherly bond, with the two of them constantly acting like goofy buffoons around each other while praising each other's abilities and mental prowess. Sokka even says during his Motor Mouth at the invasion in season 3 that he's grown to love Aang.

  • On Free Comic Day for 2015, an issue was released that centered around Ty Lee reuniting with her sisters, who adopted the same circus life that she had. Initially, this makes Ty Lee uneasy, as it seems to defeat the point of her attempt to set an identity independent from her six identical sisters, until they show her that being a part of a matched set can be a good thing after all.
  • The 2013 "Rebound" comic, in which the New Ozai Society is introduced. Mai is furious to find that her father intends to raise her little brother Tom-Tom, to whom she was aloof before, into Ozai's ideology. She ultimately snatches Tom-Tom away to a safe haven with her aunt Mura. A sneak peek of the next upcoming comic trilogy would show that Mai's mother eventually joined her children there when she became disgruntled by her husband's dangerous ideology.
  • The comic "Suki, Alone", where after Suki cries in her cell in despair after finding herself alone in the Boiling Rock, she's visited by Avatar Kyoshi's spirit who comforts her reminding Suki she's not alone.
    Avatar Kyoshi: Suki, your friends love you, they haven't abandoned you, you're not alone.
    • Which makes it better is that after that, Sokka and Zuko are seen arriving to the prison.
  • Unaired Pilot
    • Aang shows Kya how to improve her stance, advising her to work with her legs. When he reminds her before she attempts to rescue Sokka, she smiles and gives him thanks.
    • Kya keeps insisting that Aang is too important to risk his life getting food or rescuing Sokka. Aang eventually protests, "You're important too! To me."
  • Zuko wasn't banished in this pilot, and the Fire Nation command treats him with respect. The outpost General immediately summons him when his retinue captures Sokka.
    • Aang talks to Momo about how Kya and Sokka are his only family, besides the lemur and Appa. He decides to storm the outpost to rescue his friends, thanking Momo for the advice.
    • Kya goes immediately to rescue Sokka, and shouts at Zuko Leave Him Alone. Even though they don't agree, they are a Brother–Sister Team.