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Comic Strip

Live-Action TV

  • Marc Brown appeared in an episode of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, and Arthur (a puppet of him, anyway) visited the Land of Make-Believe, with Michael Yarmush, his voice actor at the time, reprising his role for the visit.note 

Video Games

  • The Living Books adaptation of Stellaluna has an Easter Egg that allows the player to access a gallery of bat-inspired cartoons. One of these is of Arthur hanging upside down from a branch as Stellaluna tells him he's in the wrong book. This should come as no surprise, since Living Books also released five Arthur games.note 

Web Original

  • In his review of Barney's Great Adventure, The Nostalgia Critic plays a clip from "The Great MacGrady," when he compares characters with more emotions, like Arthur Read, to Barney.
  • PeanutButterGamer is a huge fan of Arthur, and has reviewed many Arthur PC games, as well as the Arthur's Perfect Christmas and Arthur's Missing Pal animated specials.

Western Animation

  • Disney's Doug: In the series' first episode, "Doug's Last Birthday", Judy tells Doug that he cancelled his eleventh birthday because he didn't want to move to Bluffington. She tells him that if he got his way, he would have stayed in Bloatsburg with his old friends, Arthur and Buster, and never met his new friends. To drive the point home, the expies of the characters resembled the real thing very eerily.
  • FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman: One of the phrases Ruff uses at the end of the Season 4 intro, after Chet the mouse destroys the set for the intro, is "You know, I bet Arthur doesn't have to deal with stuff like this". Both shows air on PBS Kids and are produced by WGBH Boston.
  • Mona the Vampire: In "The Bogeyman Cometh", an Arthur doll can be seen in Charley's toy box.
  • Robot Chicken: A sketch from "Scoot to the Gute" involves Arthur getting Lasik surgery, only for Buster to mishandle the machine and accidentally slice Arthur's face off.

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