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These are recommendations made by Tropers for Avatar: The Last Airbender fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Feel free to add a fanfic to the list, but remember to use the template found here.

You can also add to the current recommendations if you want. Refrain from posting Conversation in the Main Page though; that goes in the discussion page.


Fics for the sequel, The Legend of Korra, should go here.

Status guide:

  • Complete: Exactly What It Says on the Tin.
  • Ongoing: The fic is being updated on a regular basisnote , or has received an update after a significant absence.
  • Dormant: The fic has not been updated in a fairly long time (several months to a year or more) but the author has not pronounced it dead.
  • Dead: The fic has not been updated in several years, or the author has specifically said that it will not be updated.

Note: Fics listed as Dormant or Dead will be changed to Ongoing if/when they receive updates. If you see a rec with a blank status, and you're familiar with the fanfic, please add the correct status.

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    Authors and Websites 
  • Recommended by Ixmythot, Somariel, Red-Dead-Redeemer
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: A Fanfiction.Net author, Alabaster has the rare gift of both hammer and anvil, turning out quality completed stories in months, when most of the same quality would take years. Almost all her works are openly of the Mai/Zuko pairing, which, while more popular than it was originally, is still a pairing that some in the fandom can't say two nice things about. Because of this, or in spite of this, all her works have a natural feel to them, flowing as if they were written as part of the series itself. Furthermore, there's something for just about everyone, romance, drama, politics, even action, despite her claims that she cannot write action scenes to save her life.

Gaang Jr. by Various Contributors

  • Recommended by Figment Jedi
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: The Spin-Offspring of the Gaang run away from home to travel the world going on adventures, with Toph and an adult Tom-Tom being charged with bringing them back home.
  • Additional info: The wiki contains information about the project and characters, and links to the discussion threads, while the stories can be found here. There's no set canon for this story, and the contributions are a free-for-all; it's a good idea to read the threads discussing the project, to be up to date, but anyone can write stories about any character and any moment of the story.

Inspector Iroh by Various Artists (AU, Round Robin)

  • Recommended by Hasone
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: A fan-comic, featuring the Avatar characters, with their relationships and personalities mostly intact, in an modern-day-like AU. The main storyline follows Zuko and Iroh as detectives in a noir heavy setting.
  • Additional info: To participate in the Round Robin, go here. Requires an account, though.

Lady Azar de Tameran

  • Recommended by Somariel
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: Another Fanfiction.Net author, Azar has an amazing talent for characterization. Although most of her stories are oneshots, she manages to capture the essence of the characters in each and every story.

Loopy777 is a fanfic author famed for the series Mai's Ramblings.

  • Recommended by Agogobell, Somariel
  • Additional Info: An excellent fanfiction writer with a rather caustic sense of humor, he mainly writes stories for ATLA and Korra, though many are AU-ish. Heavily recommended are "Retroactive", "Lady on Fire", and "The Ember Island Lighthouse". Read any and all of his stuff!


  • Recommended by Lady Of Termina
  • Additional Info: Writes mainly for Kataang, although quite a few of her stories include other couples as well. Most of her works are WAFF, but she pulls off angst with finesse. Definitely, definitely read.
    • According to her profile, Lyralocke is deceased, so any unfinished stories will not be completed.

The Melon Lord Approves

  • Recommended by Kalaong
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: "I like deep character development, A-plot emphasis, and moments of stark power, both tiny and tremendous. I have a Dickensian tendency to cram as many words into a single sentence as I possibly can. I am fascinated by generational stories, seeing how the past influences the present, and how the people who influenced us as children shape who we become, and how that in turn shapes the turn of the world. I am a complete sucker for a pure spirit and a noble heart, but find that throwing in a variety of contrasting (and occasionally extremely dark) characters surrounding this point of light makes for a much more fascinating story. Does it surprise you now that I love ATLA?"

Singer of Time

  • Recommended by Kalaong, Somariel
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Yet another Fanfiction.Net author, Singer of Time not only has an amazing talent for characterization and humor, but is able to tell entertaining stories without inventing new threats to throw at the Gaang, instead focusing on high-quality Slice of Life pieces that give the characters the chance to interact without clocks ticking over their heads. The result are some easygoing character examinations without angsty torment. But be forewarned - if you're looking for anything beyond canon couples, look elsewhere.

Wren Sharpbeak

  • Recommended by hillraiser2011, Somariel
  • Status: Dormant.
  • Synopsis: The series essentially starts off with what Zuko would have done if he had found out Azula was only tricking him with regaining his honor before leaving Ba Sing Se. He initially resigns himself to his true fate in the Fire Nation, only to be unintentionally rescued by the Gaang, who rescue Iroh to be Aang's fire-bending teacher. Zuko and Iroh end up joining them, and it goes from there, spanning over several "chapters" (read: fics).
  • Additional Info: Writer of a compelling "Chapter 3: Fire" AU series, Wren originally based it on speculation of what she expected in the then-upcoming Season 3, but officially changed it to an AU once the real season started. What sets the series apart from most "Zuko joins the group" fics is that the eventual joining up with the Gaang isn't a seamless transition for anyone; it takes several "chapters" for Zuko, even with Iroh's guidance, to really settle in among the group, and for the Gaang to realize that Zuko isn't trying to capture Aang anymore...and never really wanted to for his sake.
  • Also has a page, currently under construction.

Like A Dove

  • Recommended by foxkindle
  • Additional Info: One of the best Zutara writers in the fandom. If you're looking for a quality well-written fic with a good plot, check out her fics.


    General Fics 
Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.

A viper-lizard's tales by Yumi Take

  • Recommended by Orchidperson 969
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: The desert sun burns and Zuko probably shouldn't touch the moving cloth, but he does anyway.
  • Tags: Angst, Family
  • Very long, at 121 chapters as of April 2020, this fic is nevertheless a great read, featuring Zuko as the reluctant adopted father of a half-Earth Kingdom, half-Fire Nation firebending baby. It's heavily canon-divergent, beginning halfway through Book 2, with (aside from the baby) such major changes as Zuko's much earlier Heel–Face Turn, Jet surviving and even joining the group alongside Zuko, and Zuko and Jet's Unlikely Friendship. However, much of the first half of Season 3 still remains intact.

100 Years by Assault Sloth

  • Recommended by: Potman, Lavanya Six, Colonel_Brian
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: The imprisoned King Bumi, while not annoying his guards, reminisces his century-long life.
  • Tags: Adventure, Humor

Adaptation by wildgoosery

  • Recommended by: Joysweeper, Somariel
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: "In which young Zuko disapproves of "Love Amongst the Dragons" (the tale of Princess Soza, Avatar Kuro, and a love that was never meant to be)."

Alloys by DrunkenGrognard

  • Recommended by: Somariel
  • Status: Dead; last updated August 2011
  • Synopsis: To foster a child is to have a hostage; but while it can lead to troubled times it can also lead to peace... and the difference can be as thin and sharp as a knife's edge.
  • Tags: Drama, Adventure

Avatar Aang: An Annotated Bibliography by The Big Rocky Eye

AVATAR: The Children of Fire By Red Eyes Black Dragon Master

  • Recommended by The Dark Trex
  • Status: Dead; last updated January 2013
  • Synopsis: Zuko and Toph travel about the Earth Kingdom searching for his mother while in the Fire Nation Azula has escaped from prison thanks to the help of Ozai loyalists called the Children of Fire. Some of Aang's powers have copied over to Ozai and the Fire Nation is in threat of being overtaken.

Avatar: The Children of War by Master Ghandalf

  • Recommended by Ryan Lohner, Colonel_Brian
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: Ursa is betrothed to Ozai, but soon learns Azulon has hidden motives for agreeing to the match. Meanwhile, recently promoted General Iroh begins to make a name for himself as The Dragon of the West.

Drinking Buddy by Marbles G

  • Recommended by Ninja Marshwiggle
  • Status: Dead; last updated January 2015
  • Synopsis: Oneshots based around Aang and Tophs friendship after the war- specifically them becoming Drinking Buddies. Cannon Couples plus one-sided Tokka.
  • Warnings: discussions of the impacts of trauma on children, the nasty side of Airbending, and questionable parenting.

Avatar: The Last Airbender Book 4: Aftermath by Adrenaline Rush 1996

  • Recommended by Alternative Cola
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Exactly what it says on the tin. The war's over, Azula redeems herself, but Team Avatar battle against ex-Firelord Ozai for the final time. Ignores the events of the post-finale graphic novels.
  • Pairings: Aang/Katara, Zuko/Mai, Sokka/Suki, later Sokka/Azula, Ty Lee/Haru, Toph/Teo, Suki/Hahn

Avatar Book 4: Air by Bizmarck

  • Recommended by Ryan Lohner, Red-Dead-Redeemer
  • Status: Complete
    • Subverted. Half of the story is complete, while the second half is comprised entirely of (still detailed) episode summaries, as the author stated he lost interest in writing out full episodes the rest of the way.
  • Synopsis: Exactly what it says on the tin. The war may be over, but there's still a lot of work to do in getting the world back the way it was and healing old wounds.

Chasing The Dragon by Kyrie Vali

  • Recommended by Prince Kaen
  • Status: Dead; last updated August 2017
  • Pairings: Azula/Ty Lee
  • Synopsis: Two years after the end of the Hundred Year War, and the Fire Nation has fallen into chaos and disorder. With Ozai's trial on the horizon, Fire Lord Zuko stands at what could be the defining moment of his political career…but first, he needs all the help he can get.
  • Comments: This fic ties with Opheliac for best characterization of Azula. All the characters' dialogue and thoughts are so well done it's easy to forget it's not actually canon.

Daughters of Kyoshi by Elisabeth-elicits

  • Recommended by Marrin
  • Status: Completed
  • Synopsis: Five years ago, all the Kyoshi warriors disappeared, except for one. Five years later, a young Suki finds the last warrior practicing in the woods. Thus starts the long, hard journey for Suki as she becomes a daughter of Kyoshi. A pre-series origin story. Now COMPLETE.

Dominion by Aurelia le

  • Recommended by Allie Montgomery
  • Status: On-going (last updated in early 2020)
  • Synopsis: For the Fire Nation royal siblings, love has always warred with hate. But neither the outward accomplishment of peace nor Azula's defeat have brought the respite Zuko expected. Will his sister's plans answer this, or only destroy them both?
  • Comments: An extremely well-written, engaging, novel-length story with over 200.000 words. It's a very, very dark story that, in the author's own words, is a 'deconstruction of Azula cliches'. Zuko and Azula-centric, but the Gaang and other characters are fleshed out as well.

The Escapades of the Blind Bandit and Meathead by Artemis-rae

  • Recommended by Mcnickel
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A series of one-shots featuring Toph and Sokka as they get drunk, raise havoc, and irritate Zuko. Post-war.

Fire and Lightning by Faulty L0gic

  • Recommended by: New Orbit
  • Status: Dead; last updated July 2015
  • Synopsis: Four days after the comet, Azula negotiates with her brother to get out of prison, and works with the Gaang and her friends to restore balance after a century of war, working against well-earned distrust, echoes of her loss of control, and a new threat.
  • Additional info: page under construction.

Forgotten Ones: Lieutenant Jee by Evilnor

  • Recommended by Veloren, Somariel, Red-Dead-Redeemer
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: After the siege of the North Pole, Lieutenant Jee was branded a traitor and thrown in prison. The war is over now, so what could the Firelord have in mind for him?

From Mori to Smellerbee by Deep Azula Eyes

Fyre's Guide to Creativity by Forever Fyre

  • Recommended by The Rich Sheik, Somariel
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: The Avatar characters are actors, sick of playing the badly thought out, disturbing, and cliche fan fiction. Join Forever Fyre and friends on their quest to promote originality and fresh ideas into the dying fandom.

Fyre's Guide to the Ultimate Story by Forever Fyre

  • Recommended by Somariel
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: That's right, folks! FFN's favorite fangirls are back! I know it sounds like pure insanity, because it is. But seriously, if you have questions about your first story, CLICK! A Save-the-Fandom story. Sequel to Fyre's Guide to Creativity.

Guide Me Home by Qwi-Xux

  • Recommended by Caellach Tiger Eye, Progeny Ex Machina, Blue Hospitality, Lightninging, Somariel, Red-Dead-Redeemer, Kiomori
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Ursa/Hakoda is the main one; Canon Pairings all compliant.
  • Synopsis: This is a story which looks at Ursa and Hakoda, who meet offscreen during the events of Book One, and their incredible journey as they grow to understand one another and fall in love.
  • Additional info: Now has its own page. It could use some love.

Heart of Fire, Path of Fire, Soul of Fire by Master Ghandalf

  • Recommended by Ryan Lohner, Ack Sed, Jacob Greyson, Somariel
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis:
    • Heart of Fire: A year after the end of the war, the renegade general Azun tries to use Azula in his mad quest to return the Fire Nation to its evil ways. However, the amnesiac Azula escapes his men and falls in with a pair of peasant siblings who travel with her as she tries to regain her memories. Zuko and Mai are doing all they can to stop Azun, but it may be only Azula who is capable of doing it. Part one of a trilogy.
    • Path of Fire: Azula has regained her memory, but remains haunted by hallucinations. Her latest desperate attempt to get rid of them results in her learning the whereabouts of her mother, sending her on a quest to find her that sees her teaming back up with Ty Lee and meeting more familiar faces. But a mysterious new enemy with incredible powers is also setting her own plans for revenge into motion. Part two of a trilogy.
    • Soul of Fire: Azula has completely redeemed herself after rescuing her mother and now stands as a true hero. And none too soon, as now she has to join forces with the whole Gaang to defeat the spirit of war itself. Part three of a trilogy.
  • Additional info: Now has its own page.

Hide and Seek, Our Own Walls and Over My Dignity by Swiss Army Knife

  • Recommended by Black Charizard, Blue Hospitality, Somariel, yellowukulele
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Three Zuko and Sokka friendship fics. Hide and Seek features the Gaang playing hide and seek as a training exercise, in Our Own Walls Zuko and Sokka infiltrate a Fire Nation village to get some information, and in Over My Dignity the Gaang (but mostly Zuko with the help of Sokka) deal with post-war negotiations. They aren't sequels, but there is the occasional Shout-Out between them.
    • Seems to have been removed from
      • SAK took them all down, but is now re-upping them chapter by chapter. Links updated :-). — yellowukulele

I Love Bad Fanfiction by Jiao-Jie

  • Recommended by Somariel
  • Status: Dead; last updated September 2011
  • Synopsis: Do YOU get tired of seeing the same stories over and over again? Sick of Mary Sues? Strange cross-overs? Do you like parties? Yes? Then come inside! This is my I Love Bad Fanfiction party and everyone is invited! An Inspired by Fyre story!

In His Shoes by Avocado Love

  • Recommended by Acacia, Black Charizard, Tangent128, Shay Guy and Fish Called Waldo, Vifetoile, Joysweeper, Jacob Greyson, Blue Hospitality, boonerunner, darksecret
  • Status: Completed
  • Synopsis: Fairly basic Freaky Friday premise: Zuko and Sokka are forced to live each other's lives, and the subsequent plot diverges from that of canon in all the right places to reflect their different approaches to problem-solving.

The Legacy of the Headband by Golden Solidus

  • Recommended by cocoalover1956, Somariel, Red-Dead-Redeemer
  • Status: Dead; last updated December 2015
  • Synopsis: When Aang masqueraded as Kuzon for a few days and mysteriously disappeared after throwing a secret dance party, his actions changed the small Fire Nation school. Societal messages abound. Includes On Ji, Shoji, Hide, and others. Reviews always appreciated.

Love, Family, and Treachery by Amanda 91

  • Recommended by Somariel
  • Status: Dead
  • Pairings: Mai/Zuko
  • Synopsis: Mai and Zuko thought they had enough to deal with in the three years following the war. They didn't count on a shotgun wedding, parenthood, and a deadly conspiracy from within their own inner circle. Written for the Maiko Big Bang on Livejournal.

My Own Savior by Dragon of The West

  • Recommended by Killing Joke
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: The tale of a troubled earthbender's life and his pursuit of redeeming for his misdeeds under the tutelage of Avatar Aang.

Of All Time by Daughter of Atlas

  • Recommended by jarell88, Jonn
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: A series of well-done one-shots about the greatest Earthbender of all time, Toph.

Opheliac by cupid-painted-blind

  • Recommended by J Blaze
  • Status: Dead; last updated March 2011
  • Synopsis: Ozai may not be able to bend, but he's hardly powerless. Desperate to stop his father before civil war breaks out, Zuko is forced to turn to the only person who can possibly outsmart him: Azula.

Pen Pals by Decidedly Odd

  • Recommended by Veloren, Somariel, Mcnickel
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: The correspondence of Firelord Zuko and Her Royal Majesty, Toph Bei Fong, Queen of Omashu. Features weddings, assassinations, tea, and other silly things.

Reassembled by artemisrae (Also on FanFiction.Net)

  • Recommended by Lavanya Six, flamewolf, Somariel
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: When they all come together again. Seven reunions in the immediate aftermath of Sozin's Comet.

Prince Iroh by Acastus

  • Recommended by Colonel_Brian
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: After narrowly escaping capture by Azula in "The Avatar State", Iroh and Zuko travel the Earth Kingdom in disguise. On the road, they save a scatologically obsessed merchant from a group of bandits and are invited to a feast as a reward. At dinner, a storyteller relates the tale of the rise and fall of Prince Iroh. Much older and wiser, Iroh is forced to relive his past in front of an audience of the enemy, and Prince Zuko learns the answers to many questions he never bothered to ask about his guardian.
    • This is a story of Iroh's youth at a time when the Fire Nation was losing the war against a resurgent Earth Kingdom. Fire Lord Azulon, fearing both defeat abroad and rebellion at home, sends Prince Iroh to the Earth Kingdom under the leadership of his elder cousin, Prince Xian. The new army boasts terrifying new weaponry, but they face the greatest general in Earth Kingdom history and his mighty Army of the Granite Mountains.

Sacrifices by Kimberly T

  • Recommended by Somariel
  • Status: Dead; last updated August 2015
  • Pairings: Katara/Zuko, Sokka/Suki, Katara/Aang, Mai/Zuko
  • Synopsis: Takes place post-series. The war is over, and everyone's doing just fine… Until tragedy strikes, it is revealed that in fact things are far from fine, and people have to make hard choices. Starts with canon relationships, but will slowly evolve to Zutara.

Shadow of the Dragon King by Lunatique

  • Recommended by Amanda 91
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: In the months before Zuko's exile, he and Azula are locked in a battle of wills for the soul of a nation. Lives are caught in the crossfire, and the Fire Nation will be changed forever. An in-depth look behind Zuko's exile.

Shattered and Erosion by magnusrae

  • Status: Complete
  • Recommended by GM_ace
  • Synopsis: Two fics starring magnusrae's original Earth Kingdom character, Anko, alongside the usual cast. Shattered focuses on Zuko, and then others, falling in with Anko when Aang is captured by Zhao. Erosion is a prequel fic set during the war between the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom that expands on Anko's backstory, showing her history up until the days of Shattered.

Shrouded in Darkness by RoMaHazz

  • Recommended by Black Charizard, Somariel, Agogobell, Telcontar
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Toph's life as a blind girl, beginning with her birth and ending with her joining the Avatar.

Silent by Aleina Reigning

  • Recommended by Caellach Tiger Eye
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: "Azula didn't always loathe her brother- instead she took her parents' words to heart and believed herself a monster. This story addresses a question I often think about- How loud does a cry for help have to be before it is answered?"

Snow by Last of the Loneliness

  • Status: Dead (last updated June 2016)
  • Recommended by unmissingpiece
  • Synopsis: Children raised by misfortune grow into monsters. For Azula, perfection comes at a price. The childhood of the girl who would master lightning and lose herself along the way.

Swim by sodomquake

  • Recommended by Joysweeper, Aromli
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: "Zuko, gen, about a PG-13, a little bit navel-gazing from time to time, spoilers up through the start of Book 3, warnings for some gross injury talk and for not making all that much sense all the time and for anyone who is, like my girlfriend, afraid of hypothermia."

Teaching Toph by blankdreamer-13

  • Recommended by Black Charizard
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Features Aang teaching Toph the philosophies of the other elements, starting with Airbending, then Waterbending and Firebending. Aang and Toph's relationship grows closer, so if you like to pair them up you can read some subtext between them if you want. It stands better as friendship, though.

Three Years At Sea by amanda91

  • Recommended by The Evil Oboist , Lotuschan, Somariel
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: "Zuko adjusts to his new situation, Iroh tries to guide him, and the Universe seems content to make the prince's life as miserable as possible. A series of short fics detailing Zuko's banishment."

Til Death Do us Part by Vivki So

  • Recommended by Kereea
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: The Avatar and company face their greatest challenge: planning and getting through Zuko and Katara's wedding day! Why oh why couldn't they have just eloped? Comedic drabbles and randomness for everyone who hates weddings!
    • This is not so much a Zutara fic as a massive crack fic with every "this can funny thing can happen at a wedding" cliche ever. In fact, despite the premise, it's not a pairing fic at all besides having multiple crack pairs hinted at, most people getting happy endings, and Toph making fun of Azula's bridesmaid's dress with the line "I may be blind, but I can sense fugly a mile away". And did I mention that there's an open bar...?

Unbreakable: Eyes Open Wide and Unbreakable: Wordless Goodbye by The Quiller

  • Recommended by Hekateras
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: On a fateful night six years after the end of the war, Zuko is ambushed in a forest, and won't dare firebend for fear of endangering a nearby village. As the fight goes on, he is forced to come to terms with the consequences of that choice.

Better Nature by sodomquake

  • Rec'd by Joysweeper.
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: "Meant to be something that would happen in the show, only dumber." In Ba Sing Se, Zuko gets a baby out of harm's way and has to take care of it for a bit.

Weary Sovereigns by Wribro

  • Recommended by: Kalaong, USA Bobcat
  • Status: Dead; last updated April 2015
  • Synopsis: For them, the whole world is empty. The sands of time howl in a storm that deafens them to the sounds of all else. They have gone mad... and have, since then, gone sane. So unshakably, brutally sane that, at times, they wish that madness would come again if only to take away the sheer cold of the certainty. The certainty that their story will never... ever... end.
  • Comments: The Gaang are trapped in a never-ending "Groundhog Day" Loop. Some seek inner perfection. Some Contemplate Our Navels. And some are just in it to use the world as a jungle gym. Any true fan of the series can guess who does which. The fun part is seeing five people who have been friends for an eternity travel through a familiar world, giving each other something to think about, and time in which to do it. After all, there's all the time in the world.

What SHOULD have Happened in AtLA by daveshan

  • Recommended by Gigle, Animenutcase, Ranubis
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Okay, it's not quite a fanfic. It's actually the Avatar characters going through each episode of the show and either choosing to instead do what any reasonable person would do or pointing out how ridiculous what they are actually doing is. Jokes tend to include Zuko's inconsistent fighting capabilities, Appa's apparent unwillingness to ever help in fights and Toph's inconsistent super senses.
    • YMMV on this one. This troper found it rather nitpicky, though the author seems to think they're being funny.
    • While it can be a bit caustic at times, it does a good job tying together plotholes, and the end has some of the finest interpretations of character actions this troper has ever seen.

Yes I Am An Animal and Eat The Weak by Slim James

  • Recommended by KugiGel
  • Status: Complete, sequel Dead (last updated November 2011)
  • Synopsis: "Iroh is dead; Zuko is now truly alone. How will the Fire Prince manage to survive without his Uncle to guide him?"

Kaze no Uta by Against.The.Current

  • Recommended by littlekaijuu
  • Status: Dormant; last updated April 2019
  • Synopsis: "Femininity is not weakness. Courage does not exist without fear. Hope is lost the moment you stop fighting. A grittier take on the 'girl falls into another world' trope. Basically a girl falls into the Avatar world and lives in the Southern Air Temple alone for over a year in complete isolation. Some light survival aspects, nice world-building, well written, and a bit slice of life-y. She finds out she's an Airbender and it would be mary-sueish if it weren't done so WELL. It's recently updated (12/2018)and looks like the plot is really starting to kick off now. Author says that romance, if any, will be in the background."

The First Bloodbender by Ramens

  • Recommended by Bright Light
  • Status: Complete / Dormant
  • Synopsis: Hama's life during, and after her imprisonment by the Fire Nation.
  • Notes: Similar to Blood Moon, another story that I recommended, this fanfic isn't complete in the sense that the author planned it, but rather it ends on a rather bittersweet note that perfectly leads into the events of the canon.
  • Additional info: Now has it's own page.

     General Oneshots 

The Bison Diaries by Webdog177

  • Recommended by J Briskin
  • Status: Dormant/Possibly Dead
  • Synopsis: Inner monologues of a flying bison. Inspired by the "Sperm Whale and Petunias" bit from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
  • Comments: Manages to capture the same dry, yet still very sharp, wit that Douglas Adams was known for; also probably a very accurate description of how all non-human animals view us (speaking as someone who believes that our fellow species are inherently superior to our own).

a nation, held by snowdarkred

  • Recommended by Orchidperson 969
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: It doesn’t take long for the rumors to start. The Fire Nation prides itself on its civilization. It isn’t like the other, lesser, nations who throw their children away by sending them into war. Those uncultured and unfeeling savages who are destroying their own future faster than the Fire Nation can save them from themselves. Every Fire Nation child goes to school. They learn reading and writing, the illustrious history of their country, and what will be expected of them as proper, upstanding Fire Nation citizens. They are to be protected, because children are the future glory of the nation. The crown prince is thirteen when his father burns his face in front of an audience of hundreds.
  • Told from the POV of several OCs living in the Fire Nation, it's sometimes difficult to keep track of all of them, but this canon-compliant fic is both heartbreaking and realistic as it details the ripple effects of Ozai and Zuko's disastrous Agni Kai, and how it impacts the lives of ordinary citizens.

Compass Lost by Zetjintsu

  • Recommended by Koop
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Ursa tries to reconnect with Azula during an important firebending rite of passage.

Horoscopes by Originalavatarnerdling

  • Recommended by Crimson Shogun
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A day in the life of the adult Team Avatar. A new craze has hit Republic City, "Horoscopes" from the fortuneteller Aunt Wu. Ironically enough, Katara sets out to disprove them, leading to revelations and an epic argument amongst the old Gaang.

Thirty Avatar Short Stories by Sophia Prester

  • Recommended by Black Charizard, The Evil Oboist
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A collection of oneshots about several characters, from the main to the minor ones. There's even one for the Cabbage Merchant!

Azula Always Lies by Brownish

  • Recommended by Gracie Geek
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Azula always lies, even to herself. Azula is escaping the country, followed by the persistent hallucination of Ursa. Set after the show finale.

A Long And Lonely Night by Coeus

  • Recommended by Gemmifer
  • Status: Completed
  • Synopsis: Takes place during one night shortly after Azula seized Ba Sing Se; describes the thoughts and feelings of nearly the entire cast, as they all seem to lie awake that night.

Sleeping Close by Swiss Army Knife

  • Recommended by Mew24ever, Somariel, yellowukulele
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A Sokka-centric fic examining the role Sokka plays in the Gaang, told through the eyes of Hakoda.

Male Bonding by Rawles and Ali Wildgoose

  • Recommended by The Lobster, Fire Lizard In A Bottle, Somariel
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: As much as she intensely dislikes it, Katara understands why Zuko had to join them. What she doesn't understand is why he and Sokka have to spend every waking moment in each other's company.

Tenzin Talk With Toph by yerachael (fluffy)

  • Recommended by Agogobell
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing: Lin Beifong / Tenzin
  • Synopsis: Lin has a crush on Tenzin: will Toph find out?

Never Look at the Sun by May Flyer

  • Recommended by Rebecca Hb.
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: There is no war in Ba Sing Se. Ask Jet. He can tell you.

Tools and Masterminds by Master Ghandalf

  • Recommended by Ryan Lohner
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: There was a bit more to Azulon's death than revealed in the show. Ozai gives Azula a lesson in being a Magnificent Bastard.

Season One Remix: Shirtless Zuko Style by Jakia

  • Recommended by Marlee Cross
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Zuko/Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE!!)
  • Synopsis: Basically, an episode by episode look at how the series would have been different if Zuko had spent the entire time shirtless. Also check out the sequel: Season Two Remix: Shirtless Zuko Style

Theft Absolute by Vathara

  • Recommended by Squealing Sandry
  • Status: Complete, with a Sequel.
  • Pairings: None
  • Synopsis: Because anybody who could break into the North Pole has to have thought theft through better than that... AU bit of "The Cave of Two Lovers".

Since You Asked by Mistress of Sarcasm

  • Recommended by loracarol, Somariel
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: None
  • Synopsis: While at the Western Air Temple, Zuko and Sokka bond over swords, sisters, meat and girlfriends.

The Innocence of Youth by Omoni

Slumber My Darling by auri mynonys

  • Reccommended by Fat Rat, Ronka87, The Evil Oboist
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Toph has spent years trying to reconcile herself with her family, but when that fails, she withdraws to Ba Sing Se – and Iroh's teashop. There she tries to recover from old wounds with Iroh's help.

Combustion Countdown by snappleducated

  • Recommended by Candelabra, Andrzej
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: When Zuko's burned, branded, scarred, Azula smiles because it's the expression most familiar to her, and she doesn't want to think about what she should be doing instead. — Azula, Zuko

The Alchemy of Fire Arc I and Arc II by Shadowhawke.

  • Recommended by Candelabra
  • Status: Complete, Dormant
  • Synopsis: Arc I of a series: The nature of Fire is that it transforms, and so after their victory, the Gaang must deal with the aftermath of 'peace' amidst battle, growth, self-discovery, and the startling changes and beauty of love. Based on a slightly AU finale.

His Fathers Son by Marvel26.

  • Recommended by Dommie 222, Taxima
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Power is not given. It must be taken - The Godfather III.

No One Cares About this Story (Or the Stuff That Happened to Xin Fu and Master Yu After They Got Written Out of All the Important Parts of History) by "peroxidepest"

  • Recommended by monster_lover13
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Slight hint of Xin Fu
  • Synopsis: Xin Fu and Master Yu do many pointless and idiotic things while the world moves on. Exactly What It Says on the Tin
  • Warnings: Spoilers for the 2nd season finale and onwards. OCs because Xin Fu and Master Yu didn't really interact with the known characters in the time of this story. Also, above mentioned Xin Fu.

Book One: Water by aliwildgoose

  • Recommended by The Evil Oboist
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A "deleted scenes"-style drabble for each of the episodes of Book One.
  • Pairings: Mostly gen, but Aang/Katara, Jet/Katara, Jet/Sokka, Bato/Hakoda, Zuko/Mai, and Sokka/Suki are hinted at or discussed.

Baak by trascendenza

  • Recommended by Lavanya Six
  • Note on the Title: 'Baak' is the romanization of this fic's actual title, as the original characters cannot be rendered in standard HTML.
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Azula, post-canon, picking up the pieces.

Imakaimaka by Gingeh

  • Recommended by Yami Vizzini
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: The one to kill the Avatar would have to be brilliant, powerful, stealthy, ruthless – and unexpected.

Crossing by Ingrid

  • Recommended by Lavanya Six
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Three years after the war, four old friends reunite on Kyoshi Island. A Toph, Suki, Katara, and Ty Lee friendship fic.

Saving Face by meltinglacier

Dreams by Simply Christian

  • Recommended by Somariel
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: "Do not judge a man until you have walked a month in his shoes," says a Native American proverb. The spirits are satisfied with Katara walking only one night.

Operational Risk Management by Kimberly T.

  • Recommended by Somariel, MAI 742
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: How could the warriors of the Southern Water Tribe have dared to leave their own people utterly defenseless, to answer the Earth Kingdom's call for aid? Well, as it turned out, Hakoda had a plan... Warning: NOT a cute-n-fluffy fic.

Arnaaluk: The Woman Under The Ice by plumbloom

  • Recommended by Leradny
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: On the morning that Katara turned thirteen, she awoke to the smell of blood.

Conversations by Georgia Peaches

  • Recommended by Veloren
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: "Zuko… you should grow a mustache." Aang and Zuko were stuck in that green stuff for a long time before the Sun Warriors found them. Silly, perfectly in-character crack.

Breaking Point by Kryal

  • Recommended by Veloren, Somariel
  • Status: Complete, possible sequel on the way.
  • Synopsis: Ozai sent Zuko to serve in the Home Guard, rather than risk Iroh's influence with Zuko roaming the world looking for the Avatar. When love for family comes to be at odds with love for people, however, one or the other must break.

The Fun and Perky Warriors Wolf Tail by Lavanya Six

Children of War by ohsoxalive

  • Recommended by Risaga 54
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Katara is the mother of these people. Of these children of war. And Zuko just doesn't understand. Technically Zutara, but it's more about them understanding each other.

Accepting Toph by FaithInHim4ever

  • Recommended by darksecret
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: (As given by author) When Toph comes down with the flu, Katara tends to her, and in doing so, finally accepts her as one of the family. Takes place before "The Library".

Legacies by tofsla

  • Recommended by beyondthesea
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Toph/Sokka/Suki, slight Lin/Tenzin, Katara/Aang, Azula/Ty Lee
  • Synopsis: Toph raises Lin, with a little help. A story about families.
  • Comments: Despite all the pairings involved (nature of the beast when telling a story spanning fifteen years, really), this story is definitely driven by the relationship between Toph and Lin. Shipping any of the secondary pairings probably isn't necessary to enjoy it. Other moderately important characters from Legend of Korra include Tenzin and Kya.

Multiplication by Martinet Atom

  • Recommended by Kalaong
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Canon.
  • Synopsis: Producing more Airbenders is not a problem. At least, it's not Aang's problem.
  • Comments: Obviously non-canonical little piece on the resurrection of the Air Nomads. Silly as the demigod himself. Origin of the indisputably best term for Tophspawn. And Sokka is a troll.

Looking Like Daddy by DracoMaleficium

  • Recommended by Iowafoever
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Zuko's daughter experiments with art and Zuko doesn't quite know what to do about it.
  • Comments: Just a short, cute fic about Zuko, his daughter, and face paint. Has a bit of underlying sadness, but Ziyi's innocence more than makes up for it.

thicker than blood by Ford_Ye_Fiji

  • Recommended by ladyofthelibrary
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Aang discovers who Roku is to Zuko.

And he takes full advantage of it.

  • Comments: Aang's adorably earnest in his desire to act as Zuko's grandfather even if he gets entirely ridiculous and Zuko is the perfect blend of exasperated and touched.

    Alternate Universe Fics 
Stories where one fundamental aspect of the series is completely overhauled from its point of origin.

ab igne ignem capere by Sangi (Alternate Universe Fic)

  • Recommended by K 9 The First 1, Lavanya Six
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: "In another world, Azula was born first. In another world, Azula wasn't the favorite."

Airbender's Child: Water, Airbender's Child: Earth, Airbender's Child: Fire and Airbender's Child: Other Perspectives by SCWLC

  • Recommended by Somariel
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Zuko/Katara
  • Synopsis:
    • Water: Zuko's father was always disappointed his son wasn't a good enough firebender. His mother was disappointed he was a firebender at all.
    • Earth: Zuko's friends know and trust him. Do they know him well enough, though? Does he know himself well enough?
    • Fire: Life can be very hard when you don't know who you can trust, and you have to include yourself as untrustworthy.
    • Other Perspectives: As promised, other PoVs from the AC series. These will vary in length a lot.

Alternate History by rufftoon (webcomic)

  • Recommended by Joysweeper, Oberoniss
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: "This is a "What if"...20 some years later, and still no Avatar."

Another Brother by Avocado Love (Alternate Reality)

As the Sun by dandeliondreams

  • Reccomended by Aegnorosto
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: For a hundred years, the Fire Nation has harried its enemy across lives, deaths, and nations. In the chaos, the Avatar Spirit misses a step, yet not all hope is lost. Being born as the Spirit of the World can't change who you are, but maybe things will work out for the Balance ... Avatar Azula.

Ashes, Ashes by dragonsinparis

  • Recommended by Candelabra, Progeny Ex Machina, flamewolf
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Things go a little differently at the Boiling Rock. As it turns out, sometimes one choice can change everything. Then again, sometimes a different one can change it back again.

Assimilation by Rebecca Hb

  • Recommended by Fire Lizard In A Bottle, Progeny Ex Machina, Lavanya Six
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Mai's father argues to the Firelord that the Water Tribesmen can be educated and made into proper sorts of people. So Azulon sees he gets a boy to prove this on.

Avatar: The Fall of the Fire Empire and Legacy of the Fire Empire by Master Ghandalf (Alternate Reality)

  • Recommended by Ryan Lohner
  • Status: Complete, Sequel Dormant
  • Synopsis: It is a hundred years after Aang failed to defeat Ozai, and the Fire Nation rules the world under the control of the ancient but still very powerful and canny Azula. But various people throughout the world are starting to make moves towards finally ending the empire's reign.
  • Additional info: Now has its own page.

Avatar: The Last Firebender by clockworkchaos (Alternate Reality)

  • Recommended by Ryan Lohner
  • Status: Completed/Dead (the author posted a summary in July 2020)
  • Synopsis: Aang didn't run away, and with the Avatar's help Fire Lord Sozin was subdued. However, in his place, the Air Nomads became power hungry and attacked the rest of the world. A hundred years later the Fire Nation capital is finally destroyed and only Azula escapes. Circumstances lead her to the South Pole where she picks up Katara and Sokka, and the three of them need to find a way to defeat the Air Nomads, including the Avatar.

Avatar: Legend of Katara By Kelev

  • Recommended by Hello 101
  • Status: Dead (last updated November 2016)
  • Synopsis: The Avatar State was not enough to support Aang indefinitely. As the Avatar Spirit moves on, Aang is informed of the state of the world and given a task: teach the newest incarnation airbending in return for a second chance at life. A slightly darker, grittier rewrite of the series as Avatar Katara comes into her own on her quest to defeat the Fire Nation.
  • Notes: Aang is found shortly before Katara's birth, and serves as a guide of sorts for her.
  • Now has its own page at [1]

The Azulon by Azard Brazul

  • Recommended by Abdesius Dark
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: A dark take on what goes on in the Four Nations and their plots. Starts with the mysterious death and return of Princess Azula after 70 years. An examination of how even the noblest of us can turn into monsters in the face of ambition or desperation.

Battling For the Sun by white_knuckle

  • Recommended by Mcnickel
  • Status: probably dead. Posted on a LiveJournal thread, with 63 entries of varying lengths.
  • Synopsis: AU in which Jet doesn't die. Instead, when Katara got rid of the brainwashing, she shook loose some other memories, and when Long Feng tries to kill him, Jet defends himself...with firebending. The aftermath is stressful for all involved, including the Gaang, the Freedom Fights, and Zuko and Iroh.
  • Note: This story is actually untitled. I took the name I'm calling it from one of the entries. I'm a bit new and don't know how untitled fics are usually added, so if anyone knows, I'd like it if you would fix it for me.

Big Damn Heroes by Damkianna

  • Recommended by Somariel
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Katara pushes past the curtains that block off the bridge - they have got to get a new door fitted - and stops behind Toph's chair. "I take it we didn't drop out of hyperspace on purpose," she says. (Aka THE GAANG IN SPACE.)

Blood Moon by WerewolvesAreReal (Alternate Universe)

  • Recommended by Bright Light
  • Status: Complete / Dormant
  • Synopsis: At the age of eight, Katara is taken from the Southern Water Tribe and locked away in a Fire Nation prison, where she learns bloodbending under the tutelage of a woman named Hama. Three years later, she discovers the Avatar and starts to tutor him in secret.
  • Notes: This AU story was supposed to have spanned the whole show, exploring how events would've gone down if Katara had been taken by the Southern Raiders and locked away with the other Southern waterbenders - well, those who have survived the many decades in the waterbender prison. Hama obviously hasn't escaped in this AU, and teaches Katara all about bloodbending. Long story short, the first - and only - chapter is about how the waterbenders break out of the prison and return to the South Pole. The story may not be "complete" in the sense of how the author planned things to go, but the first and only chapter feels standalone enough to be a satisfying oneshot.
  • Additional info: Now has its own page.

Blood, Silk, and Steel by Lost In A Dark Wood (Alternate Reality)

  • Recommended by Nine of Eight
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: Features a world where Hakoda died instead of Kya, turning Sokka into something between an Anti-Hero and a Villain Protagonist with shades of Magnificent Bastard. Instead of teaming up with Aang, as he does in the show, Sokka cast his lot with Zuko, helping him capture the Avatar and hitching a ride with Zuko to the Fire Nation, where he eventually hooks up with none other than Princess Azula.

Book 3: Fire by xcgirl08 (Alternate Continuity)

  • Recommended by The Otaku Ninja
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Picks up where Season Two leaves us hanging... enjoy.

Bringing Out The Blue by maguena1

  • Recomended by Felinesquids, Somariel, USA Bobcat, Aromli
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: The arrow injured the Blue Spirit instead of knocking him out, and Aang never found out his identity. Zuko made a Plan. He didn't expect so many truths to come from the lies. As Zuko struggles with the way that the Avatar and his companions are nothing like he expected, all their destinies begin to change subtly.
  • Pairings: All canon pairings, the most obvious being Maiko
  • Additional info: Now has its own page. It could use some Wiki Magic Love.

Brothers In Arms by fuzzytomato (Alternate Reality)

  • Recommended by Fire Lizard In A Bottle
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: In a palace in Ba Sing Se, one man awaits his death, one boy his torture, and another his destiny. An Iroh, Sokka and Zuko adventure.

Burn My Dread Complete by Miles Edgeworth (Alternate Universe)

  • Recommended by Zero Sennin
  • Status: Complete - the sequel is Dormant
  • Synopsis: Avatar meets Persona 3. Aang is a new student at the illustrious Phoenix High School in Ba Sing Se, run by the powerful Phoenix Group. As he meets up with various students, he learns that he is tied to the fate of not only his world, but also another... and that not all of his new friends are as ordinary as they look.

Cabin Fever by Southern Hearts (Alternate Universe)

  • Recommended by Bright Light
  • Status: Dead; last updated March 2016
  • Synopsis: Aang was never frozen, but disappeared after the war broke out. Ten years later, Katara, cold and bitter from years of imprisonment, joins an underground resistance led by her brother and is given the task of teaching a cynical and world weary Avatar how to waterbend.
  • Notes: This AU story mashes up Aang's generation with Katara's. This results in Azulon's generation not existing, Iroh and Ozai being the sons of Sozin, Aang never having been frozen and interacting with the Gaang despite this, Hama being older than Sozin, etc.
  • Additional info: Now has its own page.

Chigai by Shinji Shazaki (Alternate Reality)

  • Recommended by beeftony
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Takes place in a universe where Aang wasn't found until several years after Sozin's comet. Focuses on two characters of the author's creation, Kailas Arav and Hova, and their role in staging the revolution that marks the Avatar's triumphant return.

Children of the War, Book 1: Water,Book 2: Earth,Book 3: Fire,AndThe War of Flamesby James Golen (Alternate Universe Fic)

  • Recommended by Jacob Greyson
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A rewrite of the entire series, essentially starting from the second season onward, based around the fundamental changes which result from Jeong Jeong throwing in his lot with Azulon thirty years ago. Ty Lee joins the Gaang, instead of Suki, and there's a deeper focus on the psychology of the characters, especially the villains. The War of Flames is its sequel, focusing on Azula, which according to Word of God, is going to be her redemption story. The whole series is now, per the author, finished.

The Chosen by Loopy 777 (Also on

Damascus by drakensis (Alternate Reality)

  • Recommended by SAMAS, Jetfire, and Lavanya Six
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: Avatar Aang disappeared a long time ago. Avatar Kanna died at Serpent's Pass, taking Azulon and Iroh down with her. With the Fire Nation almost completely in control of the world, Toph Bei Fong is sent to Omashu where she gains a friend in Mai, and displays an aptitude for Firebending. But Toph, of course, has a secret: She's an Earthbender. Her learning Firebending can mean only one thing...

Darkest Before Dawn by Sifu Toph (Alternate Continuity)

  • Recommended by Deadpool Fan
  • Status: Possibly dead
  • Synopsis: Based in a semi-alternate universe, as it was written before and during the third season. Surprising though one can also see a lot of canon in it too, just by sheer luck. In the story, things didn't end as happily for Zuko as they did and in the end he became increasingly insane especially after Iroh's death. Now his former friends are trying to stop him. Toph and Sokka are sent on a mission to save an important person that's rotting away in a Fire Nation prison, but they're deep behind enemy lines and their chances of success are slim.

Destinies Rewritten by Master Ghandalf

  • Recommend by Eegah
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: Lu Ten was not killed during the siege of Ba Sing Se, allowing Iroh to continue and win the battle, before becoming Fire Lord a year later. Now with Omashu the only free Earth Kingdom city (and Bumi the de facto Earth King), Hakoda has negotiated a new alliance between the Northern and Southern Water Tribes, leading to some northern soldiers being stationed to protect the Southern tribe. Meanwhile, Prince Ozai is chafing under his brother's thumb and sends Zuko and Azula to find the Avatar so he'll be able to swing popular opinion toward him becoming the new Fire Lord. Enter Katara, Sokka, and an iceberg...
  • Now has a page.

Distorted Reality by Ogro (Alternate Reality)

  • Recommended by Ryan Lohner, Progeny Ex Machina, Grand Prince Paul II
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Two years after failing to defeat Ozai, a bitter and cynical Aang is told by the previous Avatars that to fix things he'll have to have a completely new experience. With all his memories but not his abilities intact, Aang suddenly finds himself in a world where the Water Tribe attacked the other nations, as he travels with Zuko and Azula while being pursued by the exiled Prince Sokka and Kanna.
  • Additional Info: Now has it's own page

Dragon at Heart by Identical Gemini

  • Recommended by prefixsuffixnoun
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: An AU where Prince Zuko quits his hunt for Aang to find his mother instead, but when the reunion with Ursa doesn't go well, Zuko goes through a metamorphosis to find a new destiny. Meanwhile, Gaang are forced to realize world isn't black 'n white. Dragons, friendships, and major changes to plot.

Dragons in the Sun by donahermurphy

  • Recommended by Meteor, Somariel, Kiomori
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: Fire Lord Ozai favors a more permanent solution to the problem of Zuko, and the spirits disagree. By allowing him to befriend an orphaned nest of dragons.

Embers by Vathara (Alternate Continuity)

Enemies and Traitors by Manzai

  • Recommended by Rodolphus_Lestrange
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A story about two brothers, opposite in personality: Sozin and Kuzon. Once Fire Lord Sozin intends to kill the Airbenders, his brother Kuzon betrays him by freeing as many as he can. Kuzon spends the first half of the war fighting alongside a small group of surviving Air Nomads against Sozin and his army, however can Kuzon escape the guilt from betraying his brother and his country?
  • Notes: When this was originally written, the author only used canonical information that was known at the time. As such Fire Lord Sozin is much younger here than he is in canon.

Enslaved by sharkflip

  • Recommended by Jetfire, Fire Lizard In A Bottle, Somariel
  • Status: Dormant
  • Pairings: Zuko/Katara
  • Synopsis: A triumphant war party returns with an exotic slave, a gift for the ruling house. Katara and Zuko AU.
  • Addtional info: Has its own tropes page.

Fractures by good_eviening (Alternate Universe)

  • Recommended by Bright Light
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Zuko realizes his destiny much earlier. As in, as soon as he wakes up in the palace after his Agni Kai and is told he is banished. Unfortunately, he's never been a patient one. So he storms right up to Ozai and tells him what he's going to do. And gets locked up for over three years. Then, one day, he's being pulled out and told he's the new Fire Lord.
  • Additional info: Now has its own page.

Fleeing Ozai by Gd2go 2 (Alternate Timeline)

  • Recommended by Aacorn Soup
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Instead of leaving Zuko and Azula behind, Ursa grabs the children and runs when she assassinates Fire Lord Azulon. Intending to run for Kyoshi Island, their ship is pushed off-course by the currents, and they are rescued and taken in by the Southern Water Tribe after explaining why they left the fire nation, much to Hakoda's shock and horror. Ursa ends up becoming Sokka and Katara's de facto Stepmother and Zuko and Azula become their step-siblings. Ozai, for once actually caring (somewhat) about the welfare of his children, sends Colonel Mongke and the Rough Rhinos after them, to retrieve the children and capture Ursa. Mongke ends up chasing after the Avatar when Zuko and Azula join Aang, Sokka, and Katara.
  • Notes: This story manages to perfectly convey how screwed up the Fire Nation royal family's behavior is by the standards of the Earth Kingdom and the Water Tribes by showing their reactions to why Ursa grabbed the children and ran (both Hakoda and Suki are visibly disturbed by Azulon's willingness to kill of his own grandson and Ozai's willingness to carry out the order).
  • Pairings: Hakoda/Ursa

Avatar: The Last Airbender Revised by Lovelyb0nes

  • Recommended by Doc Quinzel
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Join sixteen-year-old Ain, who was recently freed from self-exile, as he stokes the fires of rebellion and fights the Fire Nation, all with the coming solar flare looming overhead. Aiding him on his quest are nineteen-year-old chieftess Kyasin Jai, her sibling, the seventeen-year-old warrior Sakodi, and seventeen-year-old con artist Sai - but perhaps his friends are not what they seem.
  • Pairings: Sakodi/Suki,

The Gentlemanof Weapons by Menamebephil (Alternate Universe)

  • Recommended by Lavanya Six and Grand Prince Paul II.
  • Status: Dormant; last updated April 2019
  • Synopsis: In a world where things went just a little differently, Grand Lotus Piandao leads the Order of the White Lotus against the ruthless Fire Lord Iroh.

Gold Eyed Monster by Sugary Cookie (Alternate Reality)

  • Recommended by Extraintrovert
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: Aang failed to defeat Ozai, and the Fire Nation has won the war. Ba Sing Se has rebelled, however, requiring Azula to conquer the city once again.

Gradual Changes by Kasamari (Alternate Reality/Ship Fic)

  • Recommended by Mr Mallard
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Taang, Zutara, Azula X OC and Ty Lee X OC.
  • Synopsis: A fic set in the modern day where Aang, as a 12 year old, sneaks into the Bei Fong place to get a ball and winds up meeting Toph who befriends him. A while later he has to leave town. Roughly 6 years later, he comes back and he and Toph become friends again. But something has changed between them, and they don't even know it...

Happy Endings Book 1: The Drifter” By Distant-Moon

  • Recommended by Kthe Cloud
  • Status: Dead (last updated January 2016)
  • Synopsis: “Julie is unexpectedly thrown into the Avatar universe, and must help prince Zuko find the Avatar. But destiny is a funny thing- its never set in stone-, and soon history begins to rewrite its self.”
  • Comments: The O.C is quite well written, the story is very funny, the plot is quite surprising and keeps its self well in universe, with the characters quite in-character. Don’t pass it up!

His Dream of Skyland by Rasputin Zero (Alternate Universe)

  • Recommended by calantian
  • Status: Probably dead
  • Synopsis: Set during WWII, two Mongolian teenagers find a Tibetan monk wandering in the mountains... and the last date he remembers is fifty years ago. Very quickly, they find themselves on the run from an obsessive young Japanese officer...

Imagine the Ocean by Damkianna

Irreplaceable by stanlylovesyou

  • Recommended by Veloren
  • Vanished from the internet. Please post a link if found.
  • Synopsis: In which "Prince Zuko" isn't Zuko at all, and Azula feels threatened by her father's regime.
  • Comments: Azula-centric. Removed from

"Journey" by "TezTra"

  • Recommended by templar627
  • "Status": Dead
  • "Synopsis": Avatar Zuko was banished from the Fire Nation and now lives in hiding, just wanting to stay low in the shadows. Dai Li Agent Toph was assigned to find the Avatar before the Fire Nation Princess, Azula, does. All is chaotic, but it is just the beginning...

Knives in the Dark by Menamebephil (Alternate Reality)

  • Recommended by Meklor
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: What if Sokka had been taken by the fire nation during the raid where Kya was killed, and eventually became an assassin for Azula? Starts off at the beginning of season 2, and includes relationships between the captive/Ty Lee and Mai/Zuko.

Life Bound by clockworkchaos

  • Recommended by Much Ado About Nonny
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Toph is a properly raised earth kingdom lady. With properly bound feet.
  • Pairings: Toph/OC, if you squint. He's a suitably awesome OC, too.

Looking Glass Wars by Lady Azar de Tameran

  • Recommended by Veloren, Somariel, Kiomori
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: His mother is gone. His uncle is missing. And Zuko runs for his very life. An AU one-shot in which a very young Zuko flees the Fire Nation to avoid assassination, and ends up working for the White Lotus Society.

Lotus Resiliens by Misora

  • Recommended by peachychan
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: Season 3 Alternate Reality, past 310-311. Following the failed attempt to confront the Fire Lord during the Eclipse, Aang and his friends, accompanied by Zuko, must discover a new path towards ending the war - and unraveling the course of their shared destinies.

Mandate of Heaven by resonance_and_d

  • Recommended by Somariel
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: The night Ozai tries to take the throne goes much differently. With Ozai and Ursa dead, and Azulon mortally wounded, Iroh is forced to take the throne- and to adopt his orphaned niece and nephew. Years later, Zuko is the heir to the throne, and Azula is not happy about it. Short of outright assassination (which she hasn't entirely ruled out), there's only one way to take the throne from Zuko- find and capture the Avatar, to show that she is the worthier heir. Of course, things are never that simple.

Morality Chain by Pureauthor (Alternate Reality)

  • Recommended by Sal Fish Fin, Lavanya Six, boonerunner, Completenerd
  • Status: Dormant; last updated September 2018
  • Synopsis: In short, Zuko and Azula love each other. No, not like that.

Object Lesson by Second Harrier (Alternate Reality)

  • Recommended by Extraintrovert
  • Status: Dormant/Dead
  • Synopsis: A series of connected but isolated narratives following an alternate timeline after the second season finale, with Aang prematurely acquiring a firebending instructor: Azula.

Our Large White Rock by guyw1tn0nam3

  • Recommended by ryuclockwork
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: They were all naive, young, but most importantly friends. A collection of short dialogues between a group of children, who create a story to convey their grief, despair, and dreams. That story is called Avatar.
  • Broken ffn link. Found another link to a Russian translation of the same story that becomes pretty readable in English after using Google Translate.

Parlor Tricks by Lyralocke (Alternate Universe)

  • Recommended by Ryan Lohner
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: In the era of US Prohibition, the city of Omashu is a cesspool of rival bootlegging gangs. After Boss Ozai of the Dragons wipes out the Aces, the gang's only survivor is taken in by the beleaguered Riversiders and quickly revealed to be the Avatar.

The Problem With Zuko By Avocado Love

  • Recommended by Aryashi, Elemental Fire, Wheretheducksgo, Oberoniss
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis:When Prince Lu Ten returns with the Avatar and his Water Tribe companions in chains, Zuko is put in charge of their imprisonment. But things are not what they seem, both with the child Avatar and his own family. And soon, he will have a decision to make.

Promises to Keep by Kimberly T

  • Recommended by Stratagemini
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: One pirate gets impulsive, and an event starting in 'The Waterbending Scroll' sends ripples throughout the rest of Seasons 1, 2 and 3. Basically, a bad end in The Water Bending scroll leads to Katara being held prisoner by Zuko for much longer than either of them expected.

Reconstructed Destinies by DJNS (Alternate Reality)

  • Recommended by Ryan Lohner, Trooper 1023, Kalaong
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Prince Aang, the lighthearted son of Fire Lord Ozai, decides to prove his honor by tracking down the Avatar on his own. Meanwhile, the sullen Avatar Zuko is discovered at the South Pole.

Reluctant Hero by P.A.W.07

  • Recommended by Caellach Tiger Eye, Somariel, Kiomori
  • Status: Dormant (last updated June 2017)
  • Synopsis: It had been an accident. That was what Zuko had said to his crew when he bended an element he hadn't been meant to. He wasn't the Avatar. The newest Avatar was in the Earth kingdom, hidden by its walls. Unless that Avatar had died long ago. So... how had he done it? AU
    • YMMV on this one. The pacing is terribly slow—it's a good twenty chapters long and only a few things of note have happened.

The Requiem of Seasons: Book One - Spring by Radiant Requiem (Alternate Reality)

  • Recommended by Shining Amaterasu, Sykan
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: Set in an Alternate Universe where the canon storyline and characters from the series never existed, T Ro S follows the story of Hayate, a boy from the Southern Water Tribe city of Sakuramura. Hayate stands out for being completely devoid of any waterbending talent, which is commonplace in the Water Tribes. The day starts out fairly normally, if not a little annoying, for him, until things take a turn for the worse. During a ceremony, the city is attacked by the Earth Kingdom, falling rather quickly. Most of the population is killed or taken prisoner, and by sheer chance Hayate, joined by resident jerkass Kiro and child prodigy Sukai, manages to escape the captured city. With nowhere to go back to, the three kids set on a journey to find out who was behind the attack on Sakuramura and what was the reason for it.

Rink Rats by hoshizora

  • Recommended by J Blaze
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: Sokka Amaruq is just an ordinary guy in the large East Asian city of Ba Sing Se, but when roller derby girl Suki Tachibana shows up in his skate shop one day, he's plunged into the world of roller derby. Now he has to team up with the Kyoshi Warriors against the Dangerous ladies to save Ba Sing Se's last roller rink from being closed down—but can the underdogs prevail against Azula's cunning? Will Sokka ever get a date with Suki? Will Aang be able to get time off from the Olympics to skate for the team? And what IS Zuko's secret job, anyway? Find out... in RINKRATS.

Roku's Comet by Glyndwr

  • Recommended by Progeny Ex Machina
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: In his journeys, a naive Roku learns of the horrors of war, and becomes determined to someday put a stop to it.

Scarlet and Black by Vathara (Alternate Continuity)

  • Recommended by Caellach Tiger Eye, Aromli, MAI 742
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: "Zuko lost much more than an Agni Kai... AU tag to episode 2." Basically, Zuko was blinded in the Agni Kai against Ozai, and uses Firebending to detect heat and body signatures, similar to how Toph 'sees' using Earthbending.

Second Nature by Lazy Artisan.

  • Recommended by Robert, Somariel, Doodleniks, Aromli, Kiomori
  • Status: Probably dead
  • Synopsis: Zuko is captured by the Northern Water Tribe at the end of season one, but eventually escapes, and makes his own way across the Earth Kingdom.

The Siege of the South by Lavanya Six (Alternate Reality)

  • Recommended by Ryan Lohner, Blue Hospitality
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Aang is freed from the iceberg after just 35 years by the teenaged Hama. The two of them soon team up with Kanna, and become good friends as Aang begins his training. He soon needs it when the Fire Nation attacks in force.

Speech Acts by ferricent

  • Recommended by Lavanya Six
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: What if bending was like sign language?

Ten Years of Difference by Jeremy

  • Recommended by Classic Car Man
  • Pairings: Sokka/Suki, Sokka/Ty Lee, Zuko/Toph, Smellerbee/Longshot, Kataang; mostly canon influenced with some digression
  • Status: Dormant, probably Dead. Hasn't been updated in 3 years
  • Synopsis: "The sands of time did not allow the Avatar to stop the Second Comet. Now, a decade later, the Avatar awakens to a world where the balance is broken, but where hope has not yet been extinguished." Aang was never found by Sokka and his sister on that fateful day one year before Sozin's Comet. Now, ten years later, the world is a broken place, and Aang must restore balance to a world ravaged not only by the Fire Nation, but also by an increased convergence between the Physical and Spiritual worlds caused by his extended absence. Good action, suspense, and intrigue, along with a little horror.

The End Of Hope and The End Of Mercy by Tonight's The Night

  • Recommended by Loekman 3
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Zuko/Katara
  • Sypnosis: "Taking place shortly after Zuko and Katara speak in the Crystal Catacombs, this story opens with Zuko choosing to side with the Avatar against his sister." In this story, Zuko chose to side with Katara against the Fire Nation instead of the other way around resulting in a direct change of tone of the storyline such as multiple non-mook character deaths which surprisingly includes Ozai himself courtsey of his daughter, romance between the fan favourite pairings, an original and interesting OCs that appear throughout the story.

The Masks We Wear by NiceThorn

  • Recommended by Admiral Valerian
  • Status: Dormant, possibly dead.
  • Pairing is Azula and Zuko.
  • Synopsis
    • Zuko snaps at Ba Sing Se when he discovers Iroh wants him to choose for other words, to betray his nation. As a result, he becomes just like Azula, so much so that his father fully accepts him, and he actually bonds with his sister.
  • Now with its own page!

Three Families by James Golen

  • Recommended by Nerdman 3000, Aegnorosto
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: "Three Families seek the Avatar. Three Families find the Avatar. Three Families use the Avatar. The story of how three sets of siblings are changed by the Avatar, amidst an endless war. AU, Want of A Nail."
  • Additional info: Azula and Aang Centric story that deals with an alternate take on the series. A couple of well written OC's and a plot that you can invest in. Currently at over one million words. The beginning moves a little slow, but the story picks up once the OC and canon character plot lines converge (just be aware that it will take a while).

''Heals all Wounds series starting with Touch and Go by Cadence

  • Recommended by Ninja Marshwiggle
  • Status : All four fics are complete
  • Pairings: Zutara
  • Synopsis: An alternate universe where Katara heals Iroh at the end of The Chase- which results in changes that cause Zuko to defect to the Avatars group in the Crossroads of Destiny.

Transference by Scuttlebutt Inc

  • Recommended by Eona
  • Pairings: Sokka/Zuko, past Jet/Zuko
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A high school AU that is absolutely amazing. The authors have done a great job making the characters believable. There is a prequel fic on Scuttlebutt Inc's profile that is also worth checking out.

Traitor's Face by Loopy 777

  • Recommended by Colonel_Brian
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: In this altered world, Lady Mai of the Fire Nation is the one on hand when Avatar Aang emerges from an iceberg after 100 years. Mai's loyalties are to her nation and the people in it who would probably kill her for disloyalty, but Aang's puppy love for her presents some interesting opportunities. Adventure ensues. This one is going to be a long one, and WILL NOT rehash the cartoon

A Twist Of Fate by Akatsuki Leader 13

  • Recommended by Ryan Lohner
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: Aang is killed in Sozin's purge of the Air Nomads, so that by the time a hundred years have passed, the current Avatar is none other than Azula. She's branded an automatic traitor and outlaw as soon as this becomes apparent and is forced to travel with Katara and Sokka as she struggles to come to terms with her new life.

The Undying Fire by Boogum

  • Recommended by Somariel
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: It all started when an arrow hit the wrong target. Now Zuko must struggle to come to terms with this new and confusing vision of the world; a world where Avatars offer friendship, good and evil is just a blurred line of grey, and ... he can heal?

Water Tribe by Rufftoon (Alternate Reality/Continuation)

  • Recommended by Liffguard, Black Charizard, Ack Sed, Karalora, Joysweeper, The Evil Oboist
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A fan comic with the premise that Zhao is spared by the Ocean Spirit, losing his memories and identity but not his basic personality. He's just as much of a Smug Snake as he always was.

The Way It Was Meant To Be by Eilonnwy

  • Recommended by Somariel
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: AU based on the premise that Zuko and Iroh go back to the Fire Nation with Azula in the beginning of Season 2 and Zuko gets sent to the Boiling Rock prison. Fic is Zuko centric and very dark and angsty. This story is rated M.

What I Learned at SRU by Destiny Smasher

  • Recommended by thebrignad, goldendragon326
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A version of the story where the characters are students at a college called Saint Roku University. This takes place on Earth (specifically the East Cost) and there is no bending or fantastical elements or anything like that, just alternate versions of the Gaang and their lives at college, dealing with friendship, drama, and all of that stuff.
  • These are not my reviews, but since I don't have the right words to do this story justice, I will have to relay these words from others (from deviantart). (Though seriously, even if A Us aren't your cup of tea, check out the story. It has a lot of homages to the series that hard-core fans will smile at.)
    • "You've taken these amazing characters and made them completely your own. It's not "fanfiction," it's a great show getting a new showrunner. Just a different writer making the characters....more."
    • "Your story is incredible. You have an amazing way of taking what happened in the animated series and conforming it to college life. Your twist on the characters are phenomenal and their development is well-thought out. An over-all awesome story. Plus it doesn't have many of the cliches of most other AU stories."
  • Pairings: Taang, Sukka, Maiko, Smellerbee/Longshot, and later Kataang, Tokka, Borra, etc. Quite a few pairings, and dynamic ones at that.

What It Is To Burn by Sky Warrior 108 (Alternate Reality)

  • Recommended by Chad
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: Due to Ursa's Death by Childbirth, Zuko is Ozai's favorite instead of Azula. Some of Azula's character is still there, like her ability to assess situations and her being firebending prodigy, but she's nice. And she gets sent off on what should have been Zuko's quest, complete with half a face courtesy of Dear old Dad, but with Ty Lee, because Iroh's dead. Did I mention Azula was a life-long victim of parental abuse? And Zhao's out to bone her? Azula-Centric, and obviously, the meetings with the Gaang are different.

When All Your Dreams Come True by Atiaran (Alternate Reality)

  • Recommended by Darth Saturnina, Progeny Ex Machina, MAI 742
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: When Zuko captures the Gaang and his honor is restored, he couldn't be happier... but he quickly learns that the 'return' to his old life is nothing like what he had imagined. AU, obviously.

The World without the War by S-Michael

  • Recommended by: shaun, Somariel
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: The world of Avatar as it would have been without the century-long war.
  • Additional Info: Now has its own page.

The Worst Prisoner by emletish

  • AO3 link here
  • Recommended by Spectacular Troper
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Pairings: Zuko/Katara
  • Synopsis:
    • The Worst Prisoner: The Element of Change: What if Zuko had been the one to save Sokka in the storm? What if crazy fate and a series of poor life choices threw four kids together? Can enemies ever become friends? A Zuko joins the Gaang accidentally in season1 story. A shenanigan-filled fic about unlikely friendship, stupidity and sarcasm. Also Zutara romance and drama! AU, canon divergent from season 1. (Complete)
    • The Worst Prisoner: The illusion of separation (Book 2): Four friends separately make their way to Ba Sing Se, learning wisdom along the way. Will our two lovers, forbidden from one another, find each other again? Will Aang find the courage to be the avatar the world needs? Will Sokka be condemned to more conversations about feelings? A shenanagin filled romp through the Earth Kingdom. Zutara yes, but this is primarily a friendship fic (Complete)
    • Worst Prisoner Book 3: Fire is life: Aang tries to fix everything wrong with the world. Zuko tries to fix everything wrong with the Fire Nation. Azula tries to control everything. There are mixed results. In book 3: Zuko leaves the Fire Nation Palace to meet up with the Gaang a lot earlier than planned. Gaang focus, Zutara happy ending. (Ongoing)

lessons in tea making by aloneintherain

  • Recommended by ladyofthelibrary
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: AU where Zuko realises early into his banishment that Ozai is an abusive bastard who sent him on a wild goose chase. Iroh turns their decommissioned warship into a floating tea shop, and Zuko settles down as a tea server onboard the Jasmine Dragon.

And then, years later, the Avatar emerges from the iceberg.

And then Aang decides that he wants Zuko, the first good firebender he’s met this century, to be his firebending teacher - even though Zuko wants nothing to do with him.

heart of a dragon by discordiansamba

  • Recommended by ladyofthelibrary
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Fate turns a little differently, and Zuko ends up being raised far away from the royal palace- and with dragons. But no matter how things change, one thing remains the same- that it's his destiny to teach the Avatar firebending, and to fight against the Fire Lord. That's the easy part. The hard part? Literally everything else.

(or, local feral firebender does his best)

     Elsewhere Fics 
Stories that take place in-universe, but have little to do with actual canon, canon characters, etc. Almost always involve a cast of Original Characters, with possible cameos by canon ones. Any characters from actual canon are most likely one-shot characters or those with no given back-story.

The Canals are Burning by Cuofeng

  • Recommended by Temujin
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Race, class, politics, and belief. Two decades after the end of the Hundred Year War the city of Ba Sing Se is changing. At the river harbor Fire Nation ships unload their cargo. In the inner rings professors and ministers debate the fate of the nation. In the shadows new magic emerges. Ayika is a servant but soon she will be at the heart of a crisis that will rock this ancient capital.
  • Comments: The author explores the political and cultural aftermath after the end of the Legend of Aang through the lens of one sliver of Ba Sing Se. No canon characters make appearances but it is still very interesting to see these very enjoyable new people living in the new world Aang and his friends created. For a genre description I would say Urban Adventure with a little Mystery and a lot of Political Drama simmering just outside the view of the main characters.

Final Exam by Magnusrae

  • Recommended by Ninja Marshwiggle
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis:A young archer wants to prove she is worthy of being the best of the best. But while her technical skills are great, she lacks the proper yu-yan attitude. Will traveling with a banished Prince help her find her true path? Season one; NO romance.

Avatar: The Legend of Keana by mramirez1991

  • Recommended by Ryan Lohner
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: After Aang's death, the next Avatar is a girl from the Southern Water Tribe named Keana. But there's a mysterious new evil power rising, and her quest to master the bending arts has enough danger to rival Aang's.

Darling by Dark Puck

  • Recommended by Rebecca Hb.
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: During the Occupation of Ba Sing Se, the Dai Li discover that one of their treasures has been stolen and abused. Dai Li-centric, Original Character.

Roses of the Valley by Funk Oni

  • Recommended by dreamshell
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: The journey of a Fire Nation woman as she attempts to spread peace over conflict. Her actions bring her to the Kun valley, filled with adventure, conflict, friendship and a man known only as The Demon of War. Mostly OCs, canon character cameos.

Scorched Earth by J.Idanian

  • Recommended by Red Cedar, Lavanya Six
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: An earthbender from a village conquered by the Fire Nation travels through a war-torn world seeking freedom for his people, picking up some interesting companions and learning more than he really wanted to along the way, about them, himself, and the world.
  • Additional info: Has its own page here: Scorched Earth

Spiral's Beginning by Shadow Wasserson

  • Recommended by Potman, Ack Sed, Blue Hospitality, trekie140
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: The story of the very first Avatar, fixing a big war between all the four nations.
  • "Comments": An excellent short tale that reads like it's been ripped straight from the mythology of the world of Avatar.

Where Words Fail By T Ei of Radio

  • Recommended by vp21ct, truthofthesignal
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: The Story of Longshot and Smellerbee after they stay behind with their leader Jet.
  • Additional info: Currently in 6 parts. Illustrations for the first 4 parts here

Plight of the Freedom Fighters by Sioute

  • Recommended by Aerodactylus, Sal Fish Fin
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Smellerbee and Longshot escape from from the Dai Li headquarters with the mostly dead Jet, determined to save him.

Ultimate Avatar by Ella Hay Boyz 1234

  • Reccommended by Lightning Knight
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: Possibly a trollfic, this So Bad, It's Good story crosses Avatar: The Last Airbender, Maximum ride, and a teenaged girl's fantasies. Rainbow Tracey Midnite Patterson Cullen (no relation to Edward), is given wings and a family in the flock. Eventually she goes through a portal (or protal) and discoveres she's an avatar! (Yes, 'an').

Mara The First Avatar by vifetoile89

  • Recommended by marikunin
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: The story of the very first Avatar, a Water Tribe woman named Mara. Told like a traditional folktale. All OCs.

Gilded Green by Caelum Blue

  • Recommended by Feline Squids
  • Status: Complete since 2011, but the promised sequel was never posted.
  • Synopsis: "At the end of Iroh's Siege, the Dai Li decide to test their brainwashing abilities on a Fire Nation soldier. They don't know that their guinea pig-rat happens to be a supposedly-dead prince. First in a series."
  • Additional Info: The series will eventually span the six years Lu Ten spends thinking he's a Dai Li agent(and that everybody else spends thinking he died horribly). The OCs in the fic are spectacular, by the way.

Kyoshi - The Undiscovered Avatar by Amirai

  • Recommended by Veloren
  • Status: Dead (last updated October 2015)
  • Synopsis: A story chronicling Avatar Kyoshi's early life.
  • Comments: A webcomic. Great humor, though the story hasn't gotten too far yet.

     Shipping Fics 
Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

A Million Ways To Say I Love You by Mystic Katt (slash, femmeslash, het, animal pairings)

  • Recommended by The Affable Paranoiac
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing(s): Virtually all of them. From the Canon to the Crack Pairings.
  • Synopsis: A compilation of short fics based on just about every ship you would expect and many you wouldn't.

Cog In The Machine by ardy1 (femmeslash)

  • Recommended by Extraintrovert
  • Status: Dormant
  • Pairing(s): Sokka/Azula, Sokka/Ty Lee, Ty Lee/Anything that moves, insinuated Azula/Zhao
  • Synopsis: A Sokka-capture fic, originally intended as a parody of IKEA Erotica Sokka-capture fics, but rapidly evolved into a contemplative, loquacious, heavily character-driven four-way mental battle between Sokka, Azula, Ty Lee and Mai bordering on a Gambit Pileup while still keeping the characters believable.

Tempest in a Teacup by Aka Vertigo (AU)

  • Recommended by Universalperson
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing(s): Zuko/Katara
  • Synopsis: A counterpoint to Another Brother. Iroh finds a little Katara after a Fire Nation raid.

"Memories" by urzailove

  • Recommended by Toa Matau 95
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing(s): Ozai/Ursa
  • Synopsis: A tale of Ozai and Ursa's childhood together, their respective troubles, their eventual romance and the things that come between them, and Ozai's increasingly dark perspective on life. Told from the viewpoint of both Ozai and Ursa, and makes sure to show their views on their past bliss. Ignores The Search entirely.

Lanterns by A-Terrible-Anonymess

  • Recommended by Revlid, Progeny Ex Machina
  • Status: Complete/Possibly dead
  • Pairing(s): Aang/Azula, with moments of Aang/Katara
  • Synopsis: The Avatar giving the deposed princess a bit of therapy, simple as that. Well, it would be, if his friends would just stay out of the way for one night...

He's Only A Child by sablefalls

  • Recommended by saltin
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing: Aang/Azula
    • Synopsis: A companion piece to "Of Gods and Men." A look at how Aang and Azula's oldest son tries to make sense of his family, especially his parents.

The Sapphire Flame by TintedS

  • Recommended by Takareer
  • Status: Dead
  • Pairing(s): Aang/Azula, with moments of Aang/Katara
  • Synopsis: To quote the author: "The war with the fire nation is over. The Avatar has won. Balance slowly begins to return to the world, but somewhere turmoil remains. A young woman's sorrow consumes her. Can the Avatar help piece a broken soul back together?" A believable Aang/Azula fanfic with both serious plotlines and utterly hilarious moments.

Preternatural, Throne of the Soul, and Just Desserts by JoJoDancer

  • Recommended by Aerodactylus
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings(s): Katara/Aang, Sokka/Toph
  • Synopses: Respectively
    • Sokka does thing differently when he's drunk, and the effects carry over to Toph. Giftfic for Shinjae.
    • No one ever said the Avatar was a good house guest. When it rains, it pours. Kataang. Possible Sokka Toph, Toph Zuko if you squint really hard.
    • Because the best part of the cake is making it. Kataang smut. Mentions of sex. Deal with it.

Just Another Morning by Maizeandbluekid

  • Recommended by Bright Light
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing(s): Aang/Katara
  • Synopsis: On the morning of another postwar meeting with Zuko and the Gaang, Katara just wants to sleep in. But a certain Airbender won't allow it. What can he do to wake her up?
  • Now has its own page.

Reign Within by Rawles

  • Recommended by The Lobster
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing(s): Mai/Ozai, implied Mai/Zuko
  • Synopsis: She knows that she was not the reason. Not nearly. Her mother has merely ensured that she is one of the benefits.

Mai Rants about Zutara by keylee

  • Recommended by Potman
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing(s): Mai/Zuko, Katara/Aang
  • Synopsis: Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Her rant uses high amounts of sarcasm, so beware.

Release by Superbleh 11

  • Recommended by Deadpool Fan
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Suki/Sokka/Toph Love Triangle
  • Synopsis: Its four years after Ozai is defeated and the Gaang is trying save Suki from a prison. But the rebels in the Fire Nation have other plans.

An Auspicious Beginning by DJNS

Memories from the Western Air Temple by Darth Animus (Eventual slash) (Also on FanFiction.Net)

  • Recommended by Lua, Somariel
  • Status: Dormant
  • Pairings: Zuko/Aang. Eventually. Really, most of it is gen.
  • Synopsis: The amazing thing about openly caring about the people around you, is that you learn to care about yourself as well. Zuko had never truly known companionship before he joined the Avatar.

Okay, We're In Trouble by Suzukiblu (explicit slashy smut)

  • Recommended by Rebecca Hb, MAI 742
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Sokka/Jet, Sokka/Zuko, Sokka/Zuko/Jet
  • Synopsis: During season one, Zuko, Jet, and Sokka get captured and thrown in a metal box together by Earth Kingdom soldiers. Zuko's been drugged but the company's medic is new at the job, and Zuko's horny rather than spilling everything to any questions put to him. Sokka, naturally, wants to get out of the box however possible. Jet is, well, Jet.

Sexual Dimorphism, or Five Times Sokka Acceded Victory by Juxtaposie

  • Recommended by Lavanya Six, Joysweeper, Somariel
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Sokka/Suki
  • Synopsis: Five moments every couple must face. Sokka wants to stick to tradition. Unfortunately, so does Suki.

As It Should Be by xcgirl08

  • Recommended by Marlee Cross, Selryam, Progeny Ex Machina.
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Aang/Toph, Aang/Katara.
  • Synopsis: Aang and Toph are married, and Toph asks him one night if he ever wishes she were Katara.

Dancing in the Dark by DamageCtrl

  • Recommended by Langelette
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Zuko/Katara. Wait, don't go yet...
  • Synopsis: Having heard a rumor about two tea servers in the lower tiers of Ba Sing Se, Katara and Toph sneak away go to investigate only to have their suspicions confirmed. Zutara, Blutara.

The Hunter and the Prey by RedNovember

  • Recommended by Rabid Rainbow
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Zuko/Katara
  • Synopsis: The Prince of the Fire Nation will do anything to find the legendary Avatar, but what if the bait he captures to lure the Avatar decides to fight back and gains his attention in more ways than one?

A Man's Drink by Fandomme

  • Recommended by Clandestine Clear
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Zuko/Katara
  • Synopsis: Upon meeting Hakoda for the first time, Zuko discovers that Water Tribesmen have a unique way of determining manhood.

Things Fall Apart by MoonClaimed

  • Recommended by Jetfire, Somariel, Red-Dead-Redeemer
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Zuko/Katara
  • Synopsis: Each chapter is a facet of the Zutara fandom that has a serious flaw in logic, whether its purpose is to bring them together or keep them apart. No character bashing.

Mai's Ramblings by LoopyAlso on Fanfiction

  • Recommended by Badwolfwho, Somariel
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Most of them
  • Synopsis: Mai's secret thoughts on all the Avatar ships - you know the funny is coming when the driest, most critical personality in the show decides to let it all out! Everything Avatar is analyzed and described in the most ridiculous way possible! A fan favorite!
  • Additional info: Now has its own page. Should be fun cataloging all the tropes this one uses.

Without a Fight and its sequel Never Give Up by suzukiblu

  • Recommended by Lavanya Six, Lotuschan
  • Status: Complete, Complete
  • Pairing: Zuko/Song
  • Synopsis: Thirteen years old and alone in the Earth Kingdom, thrown out of his life and family and destiny with the burn on his face still raw and new, Zuko does not want to go on.

Crossing and Float by Sodom Quake

  • Recommended by J Blaze, Firelizardinabottle, Ailey, Somariel
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing: Jet/Zuko
  • Synopsis: Crossing: 1. The act by which anything is crossed; as, the crossing of the ocean. [...] 4. Intersection, as of two paths or roads. [...] 6. Contradiction; thwarting; obstruction.

Infected by The Plaid Hatter (animal slash)

  • Recommended by Sara Jaye
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing(s): Momo/Appa
  • Synopsis: Momo thinks about his feelings towards Appa. Fluff ensues.

Stare by RazzyPop

  • Recommended by Sara Jaye
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing(s): Longshot/Smellerbee
  • Synopsis: A few years after the series' end, Smellerbee reflects and Longshot announces his feelings towards her in typical Longshot fashion.

Uncle Muscles by Archilochus

  • Recommended by Sara Jaye
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing(s): Jun/Iroh
  • Synopsis: Post-series. Iroh turns down his nephew's offer of a room in the palace for a more enticing option.

Inspirations by MorganEnjoysFanfiction

  • Recommended by Sara Jaye
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing(s): Aang/Katara
  • Synopsis: A series of drabbles in no particular order.

48th by Otabe Yatsuhashi

  • Recommended by Marlee Cross
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing: Zuko/Katara
  • Synopsis: It had been Katara's 48th capture by Zuko. She wonders when Aang and Sokka will finally get the picture.

A Little Murder by Squidward Cullen

  • Recommended by Marlee Cross
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Zuko/Katara.
  • Synopsis: Set in season 1. Katara breaks into Zuko's ship with the intent to kill him in his sleep. It doesn't work out...well not really.

Stormbenders by Fandomme

  • Recommended by beeftony
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Zuko/Katara
  • Synopsis: S3 AU from FBM. Deep in the Fire Nation jungle, the Gaang discovers a rogue tribe of exiled water ninja who send Zuko and Katara on a mission to recover the Fire Nation's secret battle plans.

The Tall Ships by alligatorade

  • Recommended by Lavanya Six, flamewolf
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing(s): Suki/Sokka
  • Synopsis: Sometimes the tides turn, and former lovers have to move on with their lives. But then again, sometimes we can learn to use the turning tides to our own advantage.

The Usual Reasons by Ali Wildgoose

  • Recommended by lettergirl, Joysweeper, The Evil Oboist, Jader, Firelizardinabottle, Lotuschan, Somariel, Dipindott
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing(s): Sokka/Zuko
  • Synopsis: Sokka would swear, later on, that it was completely innocent when it started.

Spilled In Beside Her by Rawles.

  • Recommended by The Evil Oboist, Somariel
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing: Mai/Zuko
  • Synopsis: One-shot following the fall of Ba Sing Se. Mai decides to get drunk because she hates life in the Earth Kingdom and she thinks that Zuko doesn't like her the way she likes him. Zuko joins her, and they get smashed. One Thing Led to Another...

Something to Hold Onto by Ali Wildgoose (AU)

  • Recommended by lettergirl, Somariel
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing: Jet/Zuko
  • Synopsis: Since the day the walls of Ba Sing Se fell, the Freedom Fighters have struggled to protect what remains of the city and its people. Jet and his second command, a mysterious boy named Li, have spent the summer piecing together an army, hoping for a chance to take the city back for good. But Li is also Zuko, and the time for that secret is quickly running out. Soon, he'll have to decide exactly who he is, what cause he's going to fight for and where his heart lies. Note: This is an AU that takes place during Season Three, and is built on the conceit that Jet never saw Iroh Firebending his tea.

Captive and Captor by theunknownvoice

  • Status: Complete
  • Recommended by Fat Rat
  • Aang/Azula
  • Synopsis: AU Azula manages to capture the Avatar. Now she is in desperate need of an heir.

Love Amongst the Embers by Misora

  • Recommended by peachychan
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing(s): Zuko/Katara
  • Synopsis: After the Ember Island Players' performance, and with the help of a little rice wine, Zuko and Katara decide to rewrite an alternate ending to their story. Oneshot, Zuko/Katara.

Avatar: Ladies in Love by The West Driver

  • Recommended by Progeny Ex Machina
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing(s): Almost every female character/almost every other female character
  • Synopsis: A series of one-shots about a multitude of pairings, from the borderline-canon to the utterly nonsensical, and how they might pan out.

In Our Bedroom After The War by aliwildgoose

  • Recommended by The Evil Oboist, Somariel
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing(s): Mai/Zuko
  • Synopsis: In the months following the war, Zuko is feeling overwhelmed and Mai worries about him. She goes after him one night and tries to help him see that he's doing just fine as Fire Lord.

A Matter of Honor by Adridere

  • Recommended by Zaptech
  • Status: Complete
  • Now it has its own page: [2]
  • Pairing(s): Toph/Aang, Zuko/Katara, Sokka/Suki
  • Synopsis: Five years after Sozin's Comet, the Gaang is gathering at the South Pole to take part in a peace conference between the surviving nations. While there, they begin to do some serious soul-searching, with the members of the Gaang questioning their relationships with one another. But as the peace summit progresses, Toph finds herself stuck in the middle of a portentious plot that will either destroy her or the entire Southern Water Tribe.

A Danger, Deceit by The Narrator (Illustrated version available here on deviantArt)

  • Recommended by Lavanya Six
  • Status: Dormant
  • Pairing(s): Mai/Zuko, eventual Mai/Jet
  • Synopsis: Two years after the Century War, Avatar Aang and Fire Lord Zuko attempt to win the peace. Behind the scenes in the Fire Nation's Royal Palace, a young noblewoman wages her own war, where the battlefield is the Court and words & alliances are the weapons.

Half Asleep by The Crushinator

  • Recommended by andromeda, Somariel, Risaga 54
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing(s): Zuko/Katara, Sokka/Suki, Toph/Aang, Mai/Ty Lee
  • Synopsis: Five years after the end of the Hundred Year War, Fire Lord Zuko is hit with an assassin's dart while walking in the marketplace with Mai. It sends him into a coma from which he cannot wake. Nothing can revive him; not antidotes, not rest, not even Katara's healing. But Katara has begun to suspect that there is something else she can do. For all she hears when she closes her eyes is his voice calling out to her from the Spirit World. To save Zuko, Katara must seek out Aang, who is the only person alive who can act as a bridge to the Spirit World. There's a problem, though, and it's not just what Toph calls 'Aang's Law.' Katara and Aang haven't spoken in over a year.

Road to Hell by skrybble

  • Recommended by Sammi J
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing(s): Zuko/Katara, Katara/Aang, Sokka/Suki, Sokka/Toph
  • Synopsis: ...When your sister's dating your angsty ex-enemy, her relatively preferable ex isn't over her, and you and your best friend have the plan of a lifetime, it's paved with good intentions. Sokka and Toph team up to break up Zuko and Katara so that she and Aang will get back together. Hilarity Ensues.

Comedy of Errors by Snoopy

  • Recommended by Blue Hospitality, Somariel
  • Status: Complete
  • ''Pairing(s): Aang/Katara, Mai/Zuko, Suki/Sokka, Toph/Iroh
  • Synopsis: Takes place five years after The Avatar and the Firelord. On the eve of Sokka and Suki's wedding, the Gaang finds out that 18-year old Toph has a crush on the Dragon of the West.

Sozin's Bay by blue-lacquer

  • Recommended by The Evil Oboist, Lavanya Six, Somariel
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing: Zuko/Mai
  • Synopsis: Mai and Zuko run into each other in the colonies. She's accompanying her father on a business trip. He's having his ship outfitted for a voyage to the South Pole in search of the Avatar. This chance encounter stirs up long dormant feelings and leaves both of them wondering if they'll ever see each other again. Takes place shortly before Season 1.

Broken Dragon by Nikipinz

  • Recommended by Iceeh
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Ty Lee/Azula, Mai/Zuko
  • Synopsis: Ty Lee visits Azula in prison, and subsequent action. Post-war. Its sequel, Firelight, is also complete.

People in the Mirror Are Closer than They Appear by Nele

  • Recommended by Amanda 91, Somariel, Oberoniss
  • Status: Dead (last updated December 2015)
  • Pairings: Jee/Zuko
  • Synopsis: Takes place almost a year before season one. Prince Zuko is growing up and discovering new ways to make Lieutenant Jee's life miserable. Just when Jee has had a bad, bad week of Captain Zhao popping in, an invisible thief stealing his things, his crew acting up, and an enemy bird invading his ship, Zuko brings matters to a head in a bad, bad way.

Stalking Zuko, Not Stalking Zuko, and Not Stalking Firelord Zuko by Emletish

  • Recommended by: Iceheart 123, Somariel, Risaga 54
  • Status: Stalking Zuko, Not Stalking Zukoand Not Stalking Firelord Zuko are all complete
  • Pairings: Zuko/Katara, Sokka/Suki
  • Synopsis: Katara starts stalking Zuko at the Western Air Temple in "Stalking Zuko." In "Not Stalking Zuko," Katara has (presumably) left her stalking days behind her, but still has some stalkerish relapses. In both, the Gaang get into trouble, shenanigans happen and Katara and Zuko get into some...awkward moments.
    • Comments: This story is technically canon-compliant, as all scenes from 'The Western Air Temple' onwards appear though narrated by Katara and with a lot of background material about what went on in between. Stalking Zuko ends after 'The Southern Raiders' 'Not Stalking Zuko' includes Ember Island and all except the ending of Sozin's Comet, which finishes off in the last piece. It's funny, cute and includes long, interesting author notes at the end of each chapter. Overall good read, though Not Stalking Zuko has a lot of boring and skippable filler before Sozin's Comet finally starts.
  • Additional info: Now has its own page. It could use some Wiki Magic Love.

Twist of Fate by jazzpha

  • Recommended by Namacub 95
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Zutara, Lu Ten/June, Azula/OC
  • Synopsis: An AU where Lu Ten survives the Siege of Ba Sing Se and Iroh is crowned Fire Lord. The Avatar has been discovered in the South Pole and it's Katara. Zuko is sent on a mission to the South Pole to propose to Katara so that the fragile peace that Iroh has built up isn't compromised. Meanwhile, in the Fire Nation, Ozai schemes to kill Iroh and take the throne for himself threatening to plunge the Fire Nation royal family into civil war. It mainly focuses on Zutara with a variety of side plots.

I'll walk you home by Justthisguyyouknow

  • Recommended by Edokage
  • Status: Dormant
  • Pairings: Sokka/Suki in the beginning, Toph/Sokka eventually
  • Synopsis: After the war, Toph decides to leave for Gaoling on foot to see her family. Sokka, being the nice guy he is, decides to accompany her and a lot of adventures occur as they travel halfway across the world.

Hooked by TGP

  • Recommended by Eona, Somariel
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Jet/Zuko
  • Synopsis: When Jet sees the scar on another refugee's face, he is both appalled and drawn. This fic is rated for sexual content, but the author does a good job keeping Jet and Zuko in character and on developing their relationship.

Vivisection by Kelsey L Leigh

  • Recommended by Super Yuuki
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Zuko/OC
  • Synopsis: A story of two very messed-up people meeting each other in a very messed-up world...because the Avatar world is just as flawed as ours. Has some MA content. The author does an amazing job of integrating a character from our world into the Avatar world, and said character has very believable flaws.

Of Tea, Rebellions, and Becoming a Dragon by Airplane

  • Recommended by throwaawy
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Zuko/Jin
  • Synopsis: Zuko and Jin are strong enough to attempt to lead normal lives in Ba Sing Se, and strong enough to fight when the time comes.

Sun and Earth by Carpe Omnius

  • Recommended by Kalaong
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Zuko/Mai, Zuko/Toph
  • Synopsis: The world is still struggling for peace, and now Toph is missing and Zuko may know why. A story about men, women and babies.

Of Air and Fire by DracoMaleficium

  • Recommended by Somariel
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Aang/Zuko
  • Synopsis: Dragons are creatures of air and fire and for a moment, so, too, are they. Seven stories, seven stages of falling - and being - in love. My attempt to portray a realistic Zukaang... with everything that comes with it.

Love Which is True by Stardust of Orion

  • Recommended by Somariel
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Aang/Katara/Zuko
  • Synopsis: Aang and Katara are deeply in love, but Aang realizes that Katara and Zuko are also in love, though they would never act on that love. What is an Avatar to do? Zutaraang (A/K/Z)

Arranging Marriages by SCWLC

  • Recommended by Somariel
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Zuko/Katara, Yue/Lu Ten, Yue/Sokka
  • Synopsis: A contracted marriage to seal a treaty brings about a few changes for a few important people.

Pawns by Rhiannon B

  • Recommended by whimsyful
  • Status: Dead
  • Pairings: Zuko/Mai
  • Synopsis: AU starting from 3.14 and 3.15. In the months following the end of the war, Mai is forced to deal with a missing princess, a string of grisly murders, Firelord Zuko, and soiled diapers. At least it's not boring.

Kataang-Island-Adventure by AvatarCat13

  • Recommended by Jade's One Of A Kind
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Aang/Katara, slight Aang/OC/Katara
  • Now has its own tropes page.
  • Synopsis: Aang and Katara decide to have a vacation five years after the war ended. So they decide to go to an uncharted deserted island in the middle of the ocean and have some fun. But is this place really deserted of humans? And how will they survive with a predator around? This Fan Fic is rated M.

The Little Mermaid: Avatar Style! by eframTrabbit

  • Recommended by fruitstripegum
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Katara/Zuko, Sokka/Toph.
  • Synopsis: What happens when a pretty young waterbender falls for the prince of the fire nation? DISNEY CROSSOVER IS WHAT! Based off the wonderful movie/musical featuring your favorites from Avatar: Zutara w/ sum Tokka.

The Rebuilding by Kore Anesidora

  • Recommended by beyondthesea
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Azula/Ty Lee
  • Synopsis: Azula has been released from prison after two years and sent to the secure and secluded Kyoshi Island for the final stages of her rehabilitation. Will she be able to fight the internal madness, or will it consume her once and for all?
  • Comments: Solid characterization, especially for the characters who usually take a hit in Tyzula stories, namely Zuko and Suki. Azula is also kept believable throughout her recovery, and her mental illness is dealt with probably as well as I've seen.

Bloom by resonance_and_d

  • Recommended by beyondthesea
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Suki/Ty Lee
  • Synopsis: Azula frightened her. Suki makes her brave.

Names by TGP

  • Recommended by Asleep In The Books
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Jet/Zuko, background Longshot/Smellerbee and Aang/Katara
  • Synopsis: His name is Li. At least, that’s what the villagers call him and when they die in a Fire Nation attack, he carries that name with him to the Freedom Fighters and a war that will test every fiber of his being. Where Zuko ends and Li begins is a muddled thing indeed.

"The Sparrowkeet Series" by audreyii-fic

  • Recommended by foxkindle
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing(s): Zuko/Katara
  • Synopsis: Ba Sing Se has fallen and Katara has been captured by the Fire Nation; a more adult take on the potential progression of S3. AU series of interconnected one-shots. Zutara. Rated for lemons and general darkness.
  • Comments: This is a very good fic — it's written beautifully, the format is interesting and the relationship between Zuko and Katara developes very nicely. Other characters that make appearances are Azula, Ty-Lee and Mai, and the rest of the Gaang later on. Truely a great read for any Zutara lover.

"Closet Negotiations" by Rashaka

  • Recommended by foxkindle
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing(s): Zuko/Katara
  • Synopsis: Empty closets are good for lots of things. As Katara is going to find out, hiding is just one of them.
  • Comments: This is a nice T-rated three-part fic that takes place sometime in season 2 when everyone is in Ba Sing Se. Not a lot of plot - in the author's words: "This is basically cotton candy fic. High sugar and high sarcasm, with little educational value". Great read nonetheless if you're looking for some pure shipping.

you make a really good girl (as girls go) “ by suzukiblu

  • Recommended by mergirl007
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Azula/Yue, minor Mai/Zuko
  • Synopsis: ‘Oh spirits,’ Azula says, grinning widely. The Water Tribe is full of idiots. ‘You don’t want to marry Zuko, he’s useless. Also, he’s already engaged.’

‘He is?’ Yue blinks at her.

‘Of course he is, he’s going to be the Fire Lord, he’s been engaged since he was twelve,’ Azula says. A useless Fire Lord who she’s going to have to prop up, if not outright usurp, but Fire Lord all the same.

The things she does for this family, she swears.

  • Comments: Early in season 1, Azula arrives at the Northern Water Tribe to negotiate a treaty barring the Avatar from receiving training there. When she finds out that the Northern Water Tribe seals treaties with arranged marriages, she offers herself as a spouse for Princess Yue.

"In the Same Candlelight" by Like A Dove

  • Recommended by foxkindle
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing(s): Zuko/Katara
  • Synopsis: In a world where there is no war, Zuko and Katara spend their summers together. Growing up is messy, embarrassing, and at times sad, but they think it might be okay because they have each other.
    • This is a complete AU. Basic information:
      • There was no war, so all four nations are at peace and have been for the past century.
      • Aang IS the Avatar. But he's fairly old. Yes, he'll be making appearances.
      • Royal families often visit each other for political and personal reasons. It is important for the established peace for everyone to be acquainted with one another.
      • In the case of this story, Hakoda and Ozai knew each other growing up. They aren't exactly friends, but they agree upon keeping with tradition and letting their children visit with each other once a year.
  • Comments: This is a great fic about what could have been if Zuko and Katara grew up together. It has a lot of adorable everyone-as-kids and it's a really nice exploration of how their personalities would have evolved. It incorporates some elements from canon very well in a way that makes sense in the context of the story even though it's very AU. Beautifully written and a great read all-around.


The Avatar Strikes Back by MegaBob452

  • Recommended by: rockysavannah
  • Crossover with: Star Wars
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A contaminated world, a menaced empire, brought together by mutual interference. A year has passed since the saiyans departed, their actions still leaving their mark on the galaxy at large and one little blue marble in particular. Earth is unprepared for the nightmares ahead, while the Empire finds wonders in an unexpected place.

Is There a Doctor In The House? by firephonixe (Crossover)

  • Recommended by Chad
  • Status: Dead
  • Crossover With: House
  • Synopsis: A House / Avatar Crossover. Aang gets sick, and the Gaang plus Zuko and Iroh are transported to "Our" universe, where House tries to discover the problem.

Elements of War by Bico (Crossover with Naruto)

  • Recommended by Danel
  • Status: Dormant
  • Crossover With:
  • Synopsis: Crossover/Fusion of the Naruto and Avatar series that intertwines the two stories in a clever and original way. Sasuke and his team hunt Aang for his power, while Zuko in turn chases them for revenge. More twists in the familiar stories follow.

Duality, Beneath Between Beyond by Avocado Love

  • Recommended by Blue Hospitality
  • Crossover With:
  • Status: Complete and Dead, respectively
  • Fandoms: Harry Potter, Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Synopsis: An accident with two linked vanishing cabinets transports Prince Zuko and Draco Malfoy into a place between their two worlds. To escape they need to learn to work together, and it may turn out that the two aren't very different after all...

Avatar: Bender's Tale by Metropolis Kid

Synopsis: Bender crash lands in the world of Avatar and joins the Gaang. Warning for Crack Fic tendencies and Drunk!Katara/Zuko pairing.

Fury and Flame by JMIII

  • Recommended by Sensfan 90
  • Crossover with A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Princess Azula finds herself arriving outside of Storm’s End during Robert’s Rebellion. Twenty years later Lady Azula Baratheon of Dragonstone is now a player in the Game of Thrones. And she plans to win
  • Now has a Trope Page

"The Clash of Worlds Saga"

  • Recommended by Killing Joke
  • Crossover With:
  • Status: Three Completed series, the fourth is yet to begin.
  • Synopsis: The original Clash was conceived as a comedic, non-canonical Negative Continuity crossover between five well-known Avatar Wiki Fanon stories, with one chapter being written by each author. The second had four of the series from the first being used, with one (Legacy of Fire) being replaced by Guardian. The third had the five series from the second, with two new series that had been created after the first two Clashes. A fourth Clash was recently conceived, following the departures/inactivity of five of the authors from Clash 3. This new Clash will consist of 8 series, with three of the series from the original trilogy (Wanted, Guardian and Child of Destiny) and their authors (Twilitlink, The Bos and Mightybrit) returning, as well as five "next-generation" series and their respective authors joining in.

Solar Winds by Morkhan

  • Recommended by caelae
  • Crossover With: Glee
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: “Kurt Hummel, the current Avatar, finds a Firebending teacher in the young Prince Blaine. But is that all he finds? Or will circumstances conspire to push them into becoming more, to the world, and each other? Fusion Fic!” (author synopsis)

You Can't Take the Sky From Me by cupid-painted-blind

  • Recommended by Progeny Ex Machina
  • Crossover With: Firefly
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: Six years after the end of the war, the Gaang somehow winds up on a planet called Persephone, where a cheerful mechanic offers them passage on a certain Firefly-class transport to try and find a way home. In the meantime, they find themselves not only adapting to life on Serenity and bonding with its crew, but becoming deeply involved with the workings of this strange new 'verse.

The Black Games, The Rise of One and "The Phoenix Queen" by Mrs Pettyfer.

  • Recommended by adelz2, foxkindle
  • Crossover With: The Hunger Games
  • Pairings: Zuko/Katara
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Once bound by ice, now bound by fire. 12 provinces. 24 tributes. 1 winner. Let the games begin.
  • Comments: I recommend this because it really is an amazing piece of work. The ending ruined it for me, but 35 1/2 out of 37 chapters are fantastic. Watch out for the deaths of major characters—they will make you cry.
    • foxkindle: I second the recommendation, but I'll have to disagree with the comment about the ending — I thought it was pretty good. If you're reading this fic you should definitely read it until the end, you might just have to continue over to the sequels right away!

Avatar Aang And The Sorcerers Stone by AvatarCat12

  • Recommended by Kyuubi No Tenshi
  • Crossover With: Harry Potter
  • Status: Complete, working on the sequel
  • Synopsis: Avatar Aang and Team Avatar are invited to Hogwarts for a mission from Albus Dumbledore and to have some fun! Will Team Avatar and the Golden Trio solve this year's puzzle to stop Voldemort from getting the Sorcerer's Stone?

The Dragon King's Temple by Kryal

  • Recommended by DP Innocent, necrolectric, Kalaong, Somariel, USA Bobcat
  • Crossover With: Stargate SG-1
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: An amazing crossover between A:TLA and Stargate SG1 staring Toph, Zuko, Carter and Janet Fraiser. Everyone is amazingly in character and the two shows are blended marvelously. Author is excellent at writing action, which is good because there are major fight scenes throughout. Kryal also brainstormed the story with the Crossover Queen herself, Vathara.
    • Seconded by Kalaong. Kryal actually blows Vathara clear out of the water with this one, giving every character a chance to be amazing without bashing anyone. Even Aang, the fandom's designated Butt-Monkey, manages to pull off a series of amazing acts of thoughtfulness, wisdom, and badassery. Aang does get a mild tap, but it is immediately followed by some hard thinking on his part that is perfectly in character. The Tok'Ra get a nasty slap, but again, the characterization is spot-on, making repeated references to canonical responses. Also, Kryal spends a lot of time developing a Platonic Life Partnership between Toph and Zuko that the series hinted at but never got a chance to develop.
    • And a third by LentilSandEater. a great read for any Avatar fan, Stargate knowledge helps too but you can get by without it. The writing alone is pleasurable to read.

Rest for the Wicked by Avocado Love

  • Recommended by Queenbri
  • Crossover With: Dexter
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Ostensibly takes place... um... actually I have almost no idea when this story takes place. Basically it takes place in the Dexter-verse and it involves everybody's favorite serial killer doing what he does best to everyone's favorite Evil Overlord. Amazingly enough, both Dexter and Ozai manage to stay in character.

Avatar of Victory by James Golen

  • Recommended by Tikigod784
  • Crossover With: Mass Effect
  • Status: Dead (last updated January 2016)
  • Synopsis: A blend of the Avatar and Mass Effect universes in that the Earth of A:TLA replaces our Earth. What this means for the universe besides Shepard being the Avatar is that Bending is a present and practiced phenomenon among all the races of the Citadel as well as the presence of spirits and certain other aspects of the Avatar universe. Interesting not just because of the crossover itself but because it shows an Avatar who is fundamentally broken and has spent most of her life (including parts of this story) making things worse for herself rather than the spiritual growth that we've seen the other Avatars go through. Fight scenes are excellent and detailed, with most enemies that Shepard faces being competent, and not just because some of them are better at bending then she is. Canon names being included in regard to humans actually does get explained so don't let that throw you off.
  • Now with tropes!

The Final Summoning, by cupid-painted-blind

  • Recommended by: Sapphire Blue
  • Status: Complete
  • Crossover With: Final Fantasy X
  • Synopsis: A one-shot Fusion Fic with Final Fantasy X, set before the game begins. Katara is a summoner, and Sokka (still her brother) is one of her guardians. It seems like an odd combination, but it works, and it's heartbreaking. It's written beautifully, with a lot of focus on the emotions of the characters.
  • Pairing(s): Canon ones, although in this setting most are one-sided.

Objects in Space, by andromeda3116

  • Recommended by: Risaga 54
  • Status: Complete
  • Crossover With: Firefly
  • Synopsis: Aang never woke up from the iceberg, and the world went on without him. Over the next three thousand years, technology advanced astronomically, and the people of the overcrowded world took to the stars. Now, the Avatar is an obscure myth, bending is regarded as a relic of a dead past, and only two of the original countries still exist: the Fire Nation, one of the most powerful forces in the Union of Allied Planets, and the Water Tribe, clinging to life on the Outer Rim, still fighting for the dream of independence. The latest civil war ended seven years ago, in a landslide victory for the Alliance.
  • Pairing(s): Katara/Zuko, Sokka/Suki, Mai/Jet, Smellerbee/Longshot, Toph/Haru

Tears of Revelry and its supplemental material, Tales From Gundam Island

  • Recommended by: Miranda Shadowind
  • Crossover With: Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
  • Status: Complete (for now)
  • Synopsis: (from regarding "Tears of Revelry") A world in chaos on the brink of war. A secret alliance with the intent to change the world through five very unique young men. A young woman driven to the heights of power with a goal for peace and hope for all. War is so much more complicated when all sides can bend the elements. In the year After Comet 195, the world will rely on five very unlikely saviors. Sequel in progress.
  • Comments: "Tears of Revelry" is the story of Gundam Wing adapted into the A:TLA universe, taking place almost two hundred years after the end of the latter in place of The Legend of Korra. While it deviates from the source material, the overall story remains and is definitely worth a read. "Tales From Gundam Island" primarily consists of one-shots that take place either before or after most of the events in "Tears of Revelry". These include tidbits of certain characters' pasts and the blended universe's version of how the Avatar came to be (though filtered through the Ember Island Players).

Transformers: Avatar Chronicles

  • Recommended by Eric W
  • Crossover With: Transformers (in the style of Transformers Prime though containing elements from ALL series.)
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: After an accident involving a space bridge, a group of Autobots and Decepticons have been transported to the world of the Four Nations, and have brought their war with them. TF continuity is Prime with bits and pieces of G1 and the Bayformers as well.
  • Comments: This is a series retelling of the last season of The Last Airbender (with the crossroads of destiny added in). But don't be fooled by that description. With the transformers bringing extra power and ambition to the last days of the war, things are a bit more complicated and not nearly as easy as before. Characters are shuffled, elements from different series emphasized or connected. And the final battle is a sprawling fight even more epic than before.

Worlds Collide Series by Iron117Prime

  • Recommended by bbb35, Spectacular Troper
  • Status: Complete
  • Crossover with: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)
  • Synopsis: (TMNT 2003 series)
    • Worlds Collide: The Ninja Turtles find themselves in a world torn apart by a 100-year war. They cross paths with Aang and his team and decide to do what they can to stop the Fire Nation. However, little do they know that soon the Fire Lord will be the least of their worries as a more dangerous enemy will follow our reptilian friends and bring Hell with him. (Complete)
    • Worlds Collide - The Ninja Tribunal Saga: The hundred-year long war is finally over. However, Team Avatar and the Ninja Turtles are reunited as they are recruited by the mysterious, yet powerful, Ninja Tribunal to battle an evil worse than any they've faced before. Can our young heroes band together again to save not only their worlds, but all worlds from this darkness? (Ongoing)

The Saiyan Contamination by MegaBob452

  • Recommended by: rockysavannah
  • Crossover with: Dragon Ball
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: After defeating Frieza and escaping an exploding planet, Goku was lost in space. He crash lands on an Earth similar yet different to his home, where commanding the elements is commonplace. Wandering the new world Goku meets its heroes and villains, changing the course of the Hundred Year War.

Avatar Rebels by Steve993

  • Recommended by: SAM 996
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Crossover with: Star Wars Rebels
  • Synopsis: Following a skirmish with the Empire, the Ghost crew find themselves lost in another world that is in the process of dealing with a war of its own. Not wanting to leave a world in turmoil the Ghost crew will unite with a unique group of heroes in order to bring an end to this conflict once and for all. Takes place after Rebels Season 2 episode 16 and from Book 1 episode 4 of Avatar onwards. Crossover between Star Wars Rebels and Avatar The Last Airbender.

White Knight, Red Queen by Captain of Azoren

  • Recommended by: Gordhanx
  • Status: Complete
  • Crossover with: The Dragon Prince
  • Pairing(s): Azula/Soren
  • Synopsis: Soren and Claudia stumble through a portal to the Fire Nation at the tail end of the 100 year war. Azula shows them the glory of her country, but what else lies in store? Bonds are formed and broken as secrets of the past and present are revealed. What is the meaning of true loyalty? Is it worth one's morality?

A Home Away From Home by H_Faith_Marr

  • Recommended by: Gintama200
  • Crossover with: Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Zuko and Shouto keep switching places with each other when they really don't want too. Zuko now has too deal with weirdly concerned adults and going to school while Shouto has to manage to rule a country in Zuko's stead because everyone seems to think he's a spirit Zuko left in charge. Unsurprisingly, neither of them are happy about their situations.
     Fan Videos 

Sokka--Citizen Soldier by reaperdmnrev

  • Recommended by darksecret
  • Music: "Citizen Soldier" by 3 Doors Down
  • Here's Sokka. This is him being silly. This is him being badass and awesome. Sokka in all his shades, set to a song that describes his place in the Gaang. There is a rather annoying little message in the very center of the screen for the first minute of the song, but other than that, this video is awesome.

Stars (An Avatar AMV)

  • Recommended by gosh
  • Music: "Stars" by Roxette
  • A touching and truly fitting video concerning the Avatar and those who follow him.

The Plagues Zuko/Azula

  • Recommended by Iowaforever
  • Music: "The Plagues" from The Prince of Egypt
  • An amazing video that not only catches the meaning of the song, but provides a very fitting translation into the events of the series.

Once I Called You Brother- Iroh and Ozai by prezzle

  • Recommended by J Briskin
  • Music: "The Plagues" from The Prince of Egypt
  • Another great use of this song in the ATLA universe, from a different perspective.

Going Home -- Kataang

  • Recommended by Much Ado About Nonny
  • Music: "Going Home" by Chris Daughtry
  • Heartwarming shippy goodness, I know, but this song really does fit the Aang and Katara to a tee. Combine that with a masterfully edited video with subtle special effects that enhance rather than override the series' natural beauty, and you've got a winner.

The Kings and Queens of Avatar

  • Recommended by kiapet
  • Music: "Kings and Queens" by Thirty Seconds To Mars
  • This video showcases all of the Gaang, combining great meaning with amazing effects.

Zuko: All I've Ever Wanted

  • Recommended by kiapet
  • Music: "All I Ever Wanted" from The Prince of Egypt
  • This song could have been written for Zuko, and the video uses it perfectly to show Zuko's feelings in early season three.

Alone Again, Zuko

  • Recommended by Mycomp
  • Music: "Not one of us" from The Lion King II: Simba's Pride
  • If you felt for Zuko during season 2, prepare to get your heart punched by an awesome video that mixes rhythm, imagery, voice, and metaphor into a small work of art. A must-see for fanvid fans.

Deliver Us

  • Recommended by daivander
  • Music: "Deliver Us" from The Prince of Egypt
  • Amazing music intertwined with amazing scenes
    • Update (8/7/2020): No longer available.

atla | wait for it | zuko

  • Recommended by by Neelh, Mcnickel
  • Music: "Wait For It" from Hamilton
  • Excellent song choice and transitions, coupled with emotional scenes at perfect moments.

The Last Airbender Movie (Part 1) -Improved

  • Recommended by yellowbello
  • Music: "Audio from the Avatar: The Last Airbender episodes''
  • This is part 1 of a fanmade version of the film which is much better than the original. It does not yet cover the whole movie but the series is being updated slowly.

The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Bending

  • Recommended by Progeny Ex Machina
  • Music: "The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny"
  • The character consistency, use of clips, and editing make this a pretty epic AMV.


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