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    Film — Live-Action 

I'm disgusted and repulsed and I can't... look... away.
Becky, Clerks II

And yet I cannot not watch it. May God have mercy on us all.
Dr. Paul Armstrong, The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra

    Live-Action TV 
Statler: This show is awful!
Waldorf: Terrible!
Statler: Disgusting!
Waldorf: See you next week?
Statler: Of course.

    Newspaper Comics 
I'm actually enjoying this and it deeply disturbs me.

    Web Comics 
Holy crap... That sounds just disgusting enough to loop back around on itself and become awesome again!

    Web Original 
What she saw crawling upon this world repulsed her. Yet she could not tear her gaze away.
— Flavour text of Godhead of Awe (see The Seer's Parables)

You want to see something that's like really seriously disturbing and that nobody in their right mind would want to look at? You're on the internet so I guess the answer is probably yes.
Ariella Rasputin Wallflower, The Wallflower Report

I'm conditioned to turn away from the computer at this point, but I've gotta keep watching.

The Donkey Kong cartoon is hard to find, and many people have been wondering how it measures up against time. Not well. In fact, Saturday Supercade as a whole was terrible — it has to be said. Fortunately, bad cartoons are more fun to write about than good ones.
Peter Paltridge in his article about the original Donkey Kong cartoon

I would like you to know that I hate each and every one of you. And I really hate who ever it was that put this book in my path, because I KNOW it was RHG bait and you KNOW I can’t resist that so...

Oh my god, the pain.
RedHeadedGirl from Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, on THIS (NSFW)

"Hand Shakers is terrible. It's mystifying, maddening, and bizarre. It's bad in almost every way that a show can be bad. But of course, I'm sure that's why so many people voted for it to be covered in the first place."

    Web Video 

Hitler: Continue from the next fucking preview!
Jodl: But Mein Führer, why continue when you already know about his stupidity?!
Hitler: I wanna see how stupider he gets!
Jodl: You already called him the stupidest!
Hitler: Well, the... video is not done yet! You dumbass! I wanna see how much further he can go!

...if I had to watch one of these [versions of Doogal] again, it would be the American one. Hear me out: do you want an average nothing-special European movie, or a horrendous American bastardization? If it's gonna suck, it better be a mess!

Karstodes:, does anyone remember why we're still watching this garbage?
Decius: I remember you daring me to watch it as a test of my faith in the Man-Emperor! Aaaand now we're all just kinda... watching it.
God-Emperor of Mankind: I do not actually know how to feel about this program. It might be the most chucklesome thing I have watched since this text-to-speech device was installed into my face. It has actually succeeded in pausing my relentless sobbing noises that always happen on this day of all days. Suffice to say, I am absolutely disgusted with myself.

I believe in the value of failed art; art that is driven by carelessness, unchecked and untalented ego, by spectacularly low-stakes greed. It has a tendency to be novel, to be unpredictable in a way that deliberate art never can. This is why it's so much fun to watch bad movies. No one would ever make this game on purpose [...] It is not simply a lack of time or money that produces something like An American Tail: The Video Game, but the profound lack of caring. The end product of that broken process isn't worth playing for its own merits, but it is worth playing because it's worth remembering.invoked

(Siskel & Ebert) are the guys that reviewed Batman & Robin, Kazaam, the Super Mario Bros. movie, and the Tom and Jerry movie, and this is the movie that made them "feel unclean"? What the hell could be in it that could be so bad? Come on, kids, let's find out!
The Nostalgia Critic, in his review of North

I was slightly surprised to find Daikatana available on Steam, but even more so by the feature list. "25 glorious weapons to collect and utilize". "Two highly-trained sidekicks to watch your back". I'd have said it was being sarcastic if I thought publishers had any self-awareness at all. But realistically, everyone knows that its infamous reputation is the only reason this game is on Steam, and the blurb should have read, "Roll up, roll up, everyone come and see the freak."

    Western Animation 
It's so horrible! Yet I stare perversely fascinated.
Peter Puppy from the Earthworm Jim cartoon episode, The Anti-Fish

I'd say that I'm happy that something born from such a vile, mercenary place turned out so poorly and tanked so badly, but compared to the abject misery that is watching Foodfight!, even that happiness is fleeting. This is, in all sincerity, one of the very worst movies I have ever seen, not worthy of even the most morbid ironic fascination. It is dreadful, ugly, stupid, filthy-minded, and morally bereft on multiple levels. Also, you can totally see it for free on Amazon Prime.

"I am sickened, but curious."


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