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Rules of Paint the Hero Black:

As per this forum game, this page is a Collection of Heroes painted black. Please sort new entries by the troper who added them. Spoiler the answers, and avoid using links in the spoilers. Use the spoiler tag to hide your answers: like this. New "heroes" at the bottom of the folder you are posting in, thank you very much. Entries without answers will be either answered or deleted. Please restrict Real Life examples to people whom history has already vindicated.


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    Pehes III 
  • An extremely aggressive young man who accomplished his first mass murders at the age of 16. At the same period he went deeply into taking drugs, in order to enhance both his capacities and lack of mercy during his bloody rampages, or just forget the pain and keep on killing people with his bare fists and feet, despite their desperate attempts to stop him. Not to mention his highly disobedient behavior, which caused his best friend to be disfigured for his whole life. Also punishable for trafficking, theft, good destruction, and dangerous unlicensed driving which sometimes caused the death of people, cut into pieces by the propelling rotor of a non-homologated unstable flying machine. Jak from the Jak & Daxter series
    • He was later finally arrested, after having added to his crimes the "accidental" destruction of a whole territory, and escaped any pursues by illegal time-travel. But the high-security jail where he was tossed failed to keep him away from the society... As soon as he had escaped (at age 18), he murdered local police officers without any reason (very often), joined a violent underground rebel group, learned to turn himself into a bloodthirsty monster, stole respectable citizens' vehicles any time he needed one, still driving with no licence and causing numerous accidents. No long until he started to work for the local maffia bosses, smugglers and weapon traffickers. He obviously soon managed to carry his own powerful unauthorized and modified weapon, becoming an even greater danger for the authorities.
    • Being exiled at 20 years old in a desert by an understandably afraid society did not impede him from being a danger to any living being around him, though. The mentally ill uncontrollable "Hero" joined a tribe of pariahs in this desert, and became "one of them" by no other way than death fight in arena. Which allowed him to take control of even more destructive potential: More weapons, more protections, the right to use a bunch of powerful non-homologated buggies, with which he perpetuated various gratuitous exactions towards the local inhabitants struggling to survive in this rough living place. His actions later led him to even cause the extinction of the last specimens of one of the most ancient species in the whole galaxy, while still managing to show himself as the Hero.
    • At this point, it is no big deal anymore that he got involved in various illegal Death races with more bandits than he had ever come to meet and work with. ONLY Illegal Godfathers bets on races involving dangerous vehicles with modified engines and lethal weapons; Sure this is an improvement from heroic mass murder.
  • A so-called warrant of Peace, but hiding very aggressive feelings. His lack of responsibilities led more than 150 of his siblings, colleagues and friends, to death in a ridiculously not well-planned battle; He was supposed to be wise, and yet unable to see that his very Archenemy was ruling an empire under his eyes all along. In order to arrest said enemy when someone finally pointed out his presence, he gathered three more of his siblings, and led them to death too, tragically underestimating his enemy. He betrayed his own rules when he finally tried to murder the unarmed man that he was supposed to arrest, and this last operation ended in a complete failure which led to innumerable terrible consequences. Plus, he is a definitely vulgar man who writes obscenities on his own previously regular, now modified weapon, just to make himself interesting. Mace Windu.

    Pelly Can 
  • A wasteful government spender with a drinking problem and a concealed weapons permit. Has often been accused of misogyny, jingoism, and even outright racism, in addition to using his nations money and expensive equipment for his own entertainment. He's a bad driver and has to have things spelled out for him, yet he always gets the girl. James Bond

    Person Of Note 
  • A delinquent who puts all of his close friends in danger, and then in turn turns THEM black while attempting to save a convicted criminal. (Who, it turned out, did not even want to be saved.) Gets his power from a monster inside him, and does the exact same thing again. Ichigo Kurosaki, Bleach.
    • Mistreats his daughter, almost committed genocide by torturing and experimenting on thousands of members of a particular race, showed a picture of one of his subjects to one of the last members of that race, then tried to kill him. Luckily, he didn't manage it, but the next time he appeared, he took over 100 years to slowly kill his helpless enemy, and then he raped his daughter back to life. Mayuri Kurotsuchi, Bleach. Man, I didn't have to try that hard, did I?
  • He destroyed the leader of a well-constructed government, and rose to power, despite being irresponsible and trigger-happy. Simon, Guren Lagann.
    • The girlfriend of the man above, she ran away from him when they got engaged, and tried to destroy the world because of a population problem. Nia, also Gurren Lagann
  • A Psycho Lesbian Stalker with a Crush that doomed humanity more than once because her crush got some jewelry. Frequently abuses small, adorable animals, and treats the friends of her crush like crap. Homura Akemi, Puella Magi Madoka Magika.

  • War hero who received his commendation for nuking an enemy ship that was responding to his distress signal, launched a revolution against his home government, led an army of fanatics willing to die for him, had a cult of personality spring up around him, nuked the enemy capital after they tried to negotiate with him, committed a major war crime just to destroy a single enemy ship, and manipulated his allies into making him the ruler of the largest interstellar empire in the known galaxy. John Sheridan, Babylon 5
  • She props up a group of murderous psychopaths who routinely slaughter indiscriminately while trying to maintain fate despite the universe being openly hostile to the population at the behest of a godlike being who like to dick people around with his omnipotence for his own amusement White Mage, 8-Bit Theater.
  • The Chosen One who has no qualifications, does very little on her own and almost everything as a puppet to either other people or supernatural powers, and helps cause a civil war that kills even more of a dying people. Luna, Dominic Deegan

    phantomreader 42 
  • A trained sniper known for physically assaulting his employees. Has crossed international borders without proper authorization for the purpose of committing murder. When threatened by drug dealers, he encouraged them to instead go after his ex-wives (half of whom are now dead). Slept with at least one of his bosses (who is also now dead). In addition to the aforementioned regular physical assaults, his relationships with his female subordinates (one of whom is now dead) are frequently creepy and obsessive. Refuses to seek therapy despite obvious mental issues and ready access to good medical care. Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service
  • This fearsome, difficult-to-kill entity had no name until the humans living nearby named him after an evil mythical giant. He was sealed away along with lesser monsters, abandoning his mate. When released by a wealthy philanthropist, he committed multiple crimes and betrayed his rescuer. Has endangered the life of his former mate on countless occasions. Frequently consorts with criminals, and has enticed a police officer to conceal evidence. His clone is even more evil than he is. Goliath of the Gargoyles
  • A drug-addicted misanthrope with a long history of breaking and entering and verbal abuse, he suffered a debilitating injury when shot by someone who likely had good reason to be angry at him. When he feared a repeat of this incident, he lied about his identity in hopes that a colleague would take the bullet for him. Has been incarcerated multiple times, and failed rehab repeatedly. Known for pulling "pranks" that endanger the lives of others and cause massive property damage. Ruined the romantic relationships of his only real friend on multiple occasions, causing at least one death in the process. Once encouraged people to sexually harass his boss as part of a job interview. Threatened to kill at least one employee directly, and another committed suicide. Doctor Gregory House

  • A politician who put the kibosh on a lucrative, economy-stimulating trade because it offended his religious beliefs. William Wilberforce
  • He once had an affair with the wife of one of his generals, and then arranged his death to cover it up. Also brought a plague down on his people. King David
  • Men in Black who murder a lot of people, often cruelly, and then Ret-Gone them. Agents of the Protectors of the Plot Continuum
  • Millennia after helping murder a bunch of people over jewelry, he goes through his homeworld's history killing its heroes' new loves, and often destroys whole villages or even lands. Agent Dafydd
  • She once torched a house while grieving. Her idea of how to deal with those who annoy her is to blow them up or hit them with a baseball bat. Dorothy "Ace" McShane, Doctor Who
  • He helped make sure that his ancestral land would fall to a conqueror, and did not lift a finger to stop a massacre or the sack of a city. He left shipwrecked aliens on a dying world. Steven Taylor
  • She assassinated the ruler of a whole people, was involved in the destruction of a high school, and was last seen going out with a man guilty of genocide. Has also ordered a down-on-his-luck alien to commit suicide. Rose Tyler
  • They were security agents for an empire built on slave labor. Bret Vyon and Sara Kingdom.
  • She once impersonated a religious figure in order to muck up the timeline. She has also been on first name terms with a crazed tyrant, and was once involved in a scheme to rob a trusted official. Another time, she ran some guards down with a truck and felt no remorse. Barbara Wright.

    Pmb 1998 
  • A young prince turns into a plant-like Eldritch Abomination after being indirectly killed by the ghost of his so-called best friend whom he himself poisoned earlier. Now he is trying to steal the souls of his own people as part of his plan to gain unlimited power, with which he plans to destroy the world and rebuild it in his own way. Also, his One-Winged Angel form is considered impossibly sexy by some fangirls. Even though he is just ten years old. It's Asriel Dreemurr from Undertale.
  • He lived illegally in a hut in swamp, using intimidation and raw strenght to scare away anyone trying to drive him away. After said swamp is turned into a prison colony, he furiously assaults the rightful ruler of his country, demanding him to respect his not-existent rights to said land. He agrees on a deal with said ruler, ends up not keeping his end, crashes the ruler's weeding, kills him indirectly and abducts his would-be wife, turning her into a monster. Eponymous character of Shrek
  • 10 year old boy finds an alien WMD and uses it as a toy. He constantly fights against alien mercenaries sent to retrieve said weapon and ends up causing massive amount of collateral damage and endangering his grandfather and cousin - only two other people who know about his adventures. He wants to be seen as a hero for glory and nothing else, but at the same time tends to be lazy, avoid any heroics and only take action when directly forced into it. Ben Tennyson, Ben10 (mosty original series, though some of the points also apply to Alien Force)
  • Half-demonic, half-Human Alien prince of the Underworld and essentially a Child Soldier, spending much time fighting monsters at the age of 14. A dangerous pyromancer with huge anger issues, he is constantly trying to date his childhood friend despite her constantly refusing, blames her platonic life partner for said refusal and constantly harrasses him. At one point he laid a curse on him that could potentially lead to him commiting suicide. Even after the two set their differences aside and become friends and he gets a Relationship Upgrade, he is still aggressive, easily angered, and often refuses to listen to his now-girlfriend, leading to many arguments between them. Tom Lucitor, Star vs. the Forces of Evil

  • A Doctor mentally abuses everyone around him and almost kills at least one person per episode, usually saving their life by complete accident. He once sliced upon a patient's chest with a surgical saw because his coworkers were being more intelligent than he was and has spent considerable time under federal investigation for gross misconduct, but always gets away scott-free. Dr. Gregory House, House MD
  • A high-ranking military officer flees battle and unwillingly returns so often that he may as well install a revolving door. He is seen as a hero by millions, and uses this to cynically manipulate everyone he encounters. He has only survived as long as he did because of his assistant, who he never gives credit for anything. Ciaphas Cain
  • A brilliant scientist uses his skills to steal money and other valuables from the townsfolk. He attacks the opening of a homeless shelter and slays a defenseless woman before bursting into song about having killed her. Dr. Horrible
    • Of course he isn't really the hero anyway
  • A former rebel and gunrunner who runs an illegal gambling operation and facilitates the sale of forged government documents. Shot and killed a man for refusing to put down the phone. Threatened to shoot the Chief of Police to prevent him making a legitimate arrest. Smokes constantly. Rick, Casablanca

    Potato Wave 
  • It's a future where war is considered a recreational activity rather than a terrible atrocity, and higher-ups will regularly send thousands of people to their deaths just for the fun of it. Advance Wars

  • A man working at a corrupt company offers highly addictive drugs to adults and a child as an incentive for cooperaton in a project to forcibly relocate an entire race, gets a man to sign an eviction notice by threatening to lock his child in a 1x1 metre box for the rest of his life, works for a man who is actively conducting medical experiments on innocent people the likes of which would not have looked out of place in Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan, tries to purchase illegal weapony from African mobsters and is accused of transspecies sodomy. On top of that, he sets a house full of innocent children on fire and laughs while they scream and burn to death, and becomes a wanted fugitive. Wikus van de Merwe
  • A former factory janitor eavesdrops on a classified business meeting and becomes a wanted terrorist, forcing factory employees to do his bidding then exploding their bodies from within to his own amusement. He has almost singlehandedly shut down several beloved commercial franchises, from meat packing plants to mining facilities to breweries to car factories and has even organised brutal terrorist attacks on medical research centers run by two reputable public figures who have made their wealth through the advancement of product research. Abraham "Abe" Lure, Oddworld

    Primo Victoria 
  • Axe-Crazy dumb like shoe megalomaniac, who just loves the sound of his own voice, doesn't respect any authority or rule, likes beating people who get in his way with Humongous Mecha, is bullying and teaching a kid that adores him that the best way of solving problems is violence, has organized a rebellion for racist reasons and developed strong lust for an underage girl. Kamina, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
  • Only moral model he has in his life was complete a psychopath, but he managed to outdo him in every possible way. He destroyed the only authority that knew how to ensure mankinds survival, which almost caused The End of the World as We Know It. After being imprisoned for his crimes, he broke out with a dangerous criminal. Then he commited genocide and possibly brought the whole Universe to the edge of destruction in the future because he wanted to get his girlfriend back. And when she died, he didn't care at all. Simon, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
  • Four individuals of whom three have amazing powers and/or knowledge that could turn the world into a much better place, but the only thing they're doing is making sure that one teenage schoolgirl will not get bored. The fourth of them is possibly some kind of a pervert. Kyon, Nagato, Itsuki and Mikuru, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
  • Jerk who bashes other people's hard work, makes fun of it, insults its creators and fans. Loves shooting a gun, screaming at people and scaring the shit out of them. His fight with a similiar jerk was so brutal that a villain was disgusted and asked them to stop their destructive rampage.The Nostalgia Critic
  • Comics books fan who thinks he's smarter than anybody else and can tell other people which comics are good and which are bad, insulting critically acclaimed and popular creators. He damaged reality to bring his friend back from death, likes to punch people and shoot a gun that is surely illegal. Is friend with guy above.Linkara
  • Full of himself murderous wizard, vengeful psycho with a sword, thief wh ocannot keep her hands from anything shiny, stupidity incarnated, most strick guy in the world and complete psychopath, who all aid racist empire in fight against race that just wants to stop being opressed. The Order of the Stick

  • These youths have spent their entire lives training in the arts of combat. The means to which they employ these skills frequently include slaughtering hundreds of wild animals in a single day, exploiting time-travel for personal advancement, taking advantage of multinational training exercises to surreptitiously advance their country's power, being employed as a mercenary by an even more unscrupulous country which seeks nothing less than the reinstatement of a god that would rather enslave or even destroy mortalkind for its own purposes, tapping the power of similarly selfish and uncaring gods as they sleep even though this runs the risk of awakening them, devouring the souls of wildlife and even other sapient beings for nothing more than the promise of power, manipulating wildlife into slaughtering other wildlife only to slay the dupe once it usefulness has been outlived, trafficking with dark spirits who demand the blood of a hundred victims in exchange for power, and that's just things they do on an everyday basis! Player characters in Final Fantasy XI

    Pumpkin Lore 
  • Despite his enormous popularity, this king is unhappy and longs for something else. He wanders off and discovers a town of happiness. Does the king realize his evilness and decide to turn good? Nope, he decides to rally his town of lunatics and take over the job of the town, blatantly ignoring the advice of the girl who loves him. Hiring some of the town citizens to kidnap the other town's leader, the king impersonate the leader and proceed to give dangerous objects to children. After being stopped, the king has a very short self-pity party. Saying he's doing it to set things right (but more likely to cover his own ass), the king goes to rescue the other town's leader from the very friendly care-taker by tearing the care-taker to shreds. There was much rejoicing, and the king goes back to his evil ways. Jack Skellington, The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • This "hero" wants to overthrow the ruler of a great nation just for wanting to spread the goodness of said nation, yet when the ruler refuses to go down and would die before doing so, the "hero" is too cowardly to get his hands dirty and instead relies on the powers given by an Eldritch Abomination to steal the powers of the ruler via Mind Rape. Aang, Avatar the Last Airbender

    Puppy Luver 
  • It terrorizes the skies of an otherwise idyllic world, regularly attacking and killing those of its kind. It cuts off their main source of energy, claiming that such is the right thing to do. Its closest brother disowned it...shortly before being murdered himself. It has even brutally destroyed its own creator, with the help of two blissfully unaware children. Of course, this is all a dream, meaning these same horrific events will just happen again and again and again... Nights, Nights Into Dreams

  • This teenage boy took a young girl who knew him when he was even younger, and her loyal dog, and slaughtered the soldiers of their beloved leader. Then, he destroys the ecosystem of vulnerable nature lands. Which in turn leads the inhabitants of said ecosystem (also brutally slaughtered) to brutally slaughter another bunch of people, at least until he shows up to slaughter more of them. On his way through the world he also slaughters the girlfriend's father, HIS father, his father's boss (dedicated to human survival). Many flock to his banner in the end, even as they are almost all left behind. Serge, Chrono Cross. Not Dark Serge, either!
  • A man who claims false upbringing, who hides from his responsibility. Who actively suppresses and prevents the True King's return to his home city, siding instead with a tyrant. To the point of wordlessly killing one who held proof of the true king. Who consorts with monsters. Who cares nothing for his love, sacrificing it in the name of his plans. Carrot Ironfoundersson, Discworld
  • A respected athlete, a popular civic leader... and a bloodstained vigilante. Slaughtering many troubled youths on his grim path through his own city, destroying inventory in nearby stores, public installations, and even bystanders' cars. He rampages through a bar, he kills in underground fighting rings, he even assaults an officer of the law, all on the way to destroy... a man in a wheelchair. Haggar, Final Fight
    • You left out that he also eats things found in the trash.
  • She towers over all, and yet dismisses their concerns easily. She all but ignores those who would love her as she is, instead fixating on a child. She harasses tiny creatures, who fight back as best as they can... until she summons a wild beast from a distant land, who then attacks her own friends himself. Sakaki, Azumanga Daioh
  • His name inspires young men and women to kill, and be killed, for his honour. A few centuries ago, he only needed one or two agencies to impose his will on the world; now, he has several. He doesn't even use kind words, only saying that he needs you. And apparently he sells out a lot, too. Uncle Sam. Heheheh.
  • He is officially a soldier and an officer. And he respects his uniform less than he respects enemy soldiers. A trained doctor, he nevertheless has eagerly mutilated at least two men, seeking to keep them from leading their troops. He falsifies medical records. He has depantsed his superior officers to the point where one, seeking peaceful discource, dropped his pants pre-emptively. And on THREE occasions, he has worked to destroy his own army's materiel. And all successfully. "Hawkeye" Pierce, M* A* S* H
    • Not to mention that he's proven to be mentally unstable on multiple occasions.
  • A kind, generous priest. Or so you would believe... as he has seduced women, fleeced his own flock of hard-earned cash, threatened financial ruin on his comrades if they didn't accede to his wishes, and showed up drunk for his own services. Once, when faced with an injured man asking how his friend was, he punched him out. And came very close to doing the same to many others in a hospital's recuperation ward, all because promotion paperwork did not go through. And his charges? They wondered how he slept at night to the sound of all the commandments being broken. Father John Mulcahey, M* A* S* H. The last is as direct a quote as I can remember!
  • He is a suicidal man at heart, more willing to die than lead his men. Then again, given how he refused to rescue one, and dismissed the death of another with half a sentence before outright calling him replaced, who can blame his troops for wanting him to die? Optimus Prime, first Transformers live-action movie
  • An arrogant sports star who hates his father, usurps another man's team, and encourages a woman to complete her suicide mission, laughing all the way. Consorts with the undead, too, and breaks up a festive wedding with violence, attacking a hero to millions. And helps ultimately break up a ritual that would bestow peace and a general lack of slaughter on his world. Tidus, Final Fantasy X
    • Not to mention being responsible for the deaths of everybody he'd ever known growing up, and the absolute destruction of that civilization.
  • This man is a conniving liar, seeking to shape events from afar, even retreating to another plane of existence lest he face the consequences of his actions. He defied his elders, and in the process gave the wrong person the wrong powers, dooming billions at the least. Not that he had a good instructor, but considering his second student is also enshrined here, I'd say he's batting .000 as a mentor figure. Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • He boasts of his feats of death, bragging of the men he has slain in his pursuits. But it doesn't stop there. He has assaulted women and children; even small animals have felt his wrath. And not just satisfied with physical brutality, he has taken positions of trust only to fail at them and endanger his charge, violated the duty of the common carrier (as in pilot/driver for a transport service), turned his sports team into a ruin of batterred players and destroyed equipment, and even sought to revoke literature from the one he calls his 'best friend'! Snoopy. Yes, him.
  • She thinks only of madness, death, wanton depravity. It permeates her mind, leaving her friends, her family wondering if she's mad. Except the ones who know she is. Her rage is known for massive destruction, she will desecrate holy texts, and she will scream at friendly men of God. And that's when she's not actually attacking you. Or conspiring with one of the worst criminals in the area to have you spend the rest of your now shortened life sealed in a box, waiting patiently for your air to run out. Even law enforcement fears her. River Tam, Firefly
  • This man is one of the vilest in fiction. He has attempted murder of a rival whose only purpose is to bring happiness to others. To cover the fact up, he used the victim's severed arm in a failed ruse. He has also abandoned his post, abandoned his friends, abandoned his innate duty all for a chance to steal immortality in a form of hell. He has raised armies to sate his paranoia, and he has condemned those who knew and trusted him from the start to a slow death by torture. Woody, Toy Story and Toy Story 2.
  • A terrorist by trade, he has worked to inflict pain, misery, and fear all around the world, rationalising it as just doing his job. Even the organisation that employs him fears him, especially after he lets a plague loose within its walls. Soon, his plans are realised, destroying the infrastructure of an entire city at best. John 'Sully' Sullivan, Monsters Inc.
  • A cannibal. A monster. An abomination, even to his own kind. And that's on a good day—that is, when he's not outright plotting a bloody coup with his own private army. His universe's Big Bad has asked why he's not on his side already, and the answer is that the Big Bad is too weak. And don't let his Hulk Speak fool you. There's more going on in that head of his (at least, when it's not looking for another meal—remember, cannibal!). Grimlock, from Generation 1 Transformers.
  • Hippies, college students, bunnies, fish, ferrets, food, even art. Nothing is safe from this vagabond. Ostensibly on a quest to save the kingdom, eventually even the royal council asks this monster to just drop dead in order to bring peace. You, the adventurer, Kingdom of Loathing
  • A man with no respect for the law. He routinely mocks the police, not even taking them seriously as people. He has even betrayed the love of his life to a mysterious woman—one who apparently studied at The Starscream Leadership Academy. He claims to be a Gentleman Thief, but in his wake he leaves destruction and death. He even gathered criminals from two of the most notorious gangs and incorporated them into his own infamous clan; in the process, he also seduced an underaged Wrench Wench too. Sly Cooper.
  • No matter the reality, this woman is bad news. Abandoning her home, her people, and even her name, she instead cavorted with a known felon for years. Even when trying to leave this life, though, she couldn't resist having a child out of wedlock..then abandoning her for years..THEN dumping her in her biological father's lap. Despite him being a technologically backward primitive. Tricia 'Trillian Astra' Mc Millan, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy—most continuities, anyway, but mostly the books.

  • Take a sexist alcoholic, a reactionary chauvinist, a fascist, a wife-beater, his co-dependent enabler of a wife, incestous twins, a delusional hippy, and a deeply insecure neurotic with anger-management issues, have them all served by a homosexual misanthrope and what do you get? The Ultimates
  • A psychopathic serial killer spends thirty years slaughtering thousands of people, including reputable businessmen and their associates, often in major metropolitan centers, with the tacit approval of the police and society in general. Frank Castle, The Punisher. Although, admittedly, this one is not that big of a stretch.
  • An elderly, overweight man with acoholic roseacea constantly spies on children in a voyeuristic fashion, wears a fetishistic costume and sneaks into their houses late at night to leave them "presents". Santa Claus

    Quick Five 
  • A criminal, escaped from justice, goes on to hunt an endangered species to harness their souls for their consumption. The Last Dragonborn, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

    Rain Normally 
  • This chauvinistic, racist, violent, arrogant, and possibly delusional gang leader was known for carrying and often flaunting an enormous weapon, boasting constantly of his gang's supposed accomplishments and making grandiose claims of unlimited power, sexually harassing a young woman, and stealing government technology, which in turn spurred his devoted followers on to committing similar crimes of their own. He was often seen laughing and taunting his opponents with racial slurs during his many killing sprees, and habitually dressed in an ostentatious outfit that included an artifact stolen from the final resting place of his deceased father — dressed this way when he was not appearing nude in public with a helpless mammal having been forced to act as his "underwear". He also recklessly endangered, occasionally bullied and repeatedly physically assaulted an orphaned younger teenager who idolized him, obsessively tried to emulate him, and was left emotionally broken and mentally unstable after this "hero" met his demise during an attempt to ruthlessly steal from the government yet again. Long after his death, thousands of people have since been killed or given their lives up in his name. Kamina, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

  • A Delinquent who decides to help a girl he met commit genocide against a species of undead. After the girl is arrested, he conspires to break her out of prison, assaulting many law enforcement officers in the process. Ichigo Kurosaki, Bleach
  • He works for a corrupt government and fights the forces who are trying to bring equality to the world in order to move up in society Lag Seeing, Tegami Bachi
  • A government agent who betrayed his agency, which was trying to keep order and ensure that the vaccine to a plague is properly distributed. He allies himself with criminal organizations and global conspiracies, and constantly switches allegiances JC Denton, Deus Ex
  • This man cruelly killed several people who merely wanted to protect their home. He commits acts of cruelty against his enemies, like shooting one person in an eye and shooting another for laughing at him. He even ends up killing his own brother. John Freeman, Half-Life: Full Life Consequences
  • A police officer who tries to arrest someone much of the world views as a god. He breaks into a TV station in order to prevent a broadcast by one of the god's most devoted followers. He threatens to kill someone with a supernatural artifact of death. Soichiro Yagami, Death Note. Yes, you can do this with even him
  • This soldier commits genocide agains those who, unbeknownst to him, are his own kind. John Stalvern, DOOM: Repercussions of Evil
  • This high-ranking military official has children- including her own- serve as soldiers under her. She leaves a young child to almost die, and scolds two of her subordinates for trying to save her. Lindy Harlaown, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
  • This young man recruited five girls by forcibly inserting animal DNA into them, and forced them to fight against the original inhabitants of the planet. Ryou Shirogane, Tokyo Mew Mew
  • This girl attacked her own mother, and is in the process of trying to make friends with another girl by beating her up Vivio Takamachi, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vi Vid
  • This highly wanted criminal is responsible for acts such as freeing criminals from their executions, assaulting soldiers and government installations, stealing large amounts of gold from ancient ruins and breaking many infamous criminals out of prison. His loyalty to his friends overrides any other moral concerns, and he's willing to injure man people for any slight committed against one of them Monkey D. Luffy, One Piece
  • She attacks many soldiers of her own country in a hypocritical attempt to stop violence, almost kills one of her own friends, and causes the deaths of her own parents rather than accept their plan for world peace Nunnally vi Britannia, Code Geass: Nightmare of Nunnally
  • This young woman has stolen more money than many people earn in their entire lives, joined the organization that invaded her hometown and killed her mother, and even betrayed her friends. Nami, One Piece.
  • This incredibly powerful man will destroy and reshape reality to kill his foes, worked for the ultimate evil in the world for a while, and destroyed an entire universe, threatening the rest of the multiverse itself, in an attempt to kill his opponent that he was not sure would work. Kaminic, Fuck the Jesus Beam.
  • This individual was responsible for releasing the most evil man in existence in order to commit genocide against two species, one of which is apparently unborn children. In order to rectify her mistake, she rips the head off a puppy to perform a dark ritual. Niamy, Fuck the Jesus Beam.
  • He illegally entered a warzone, killed many soldiers, and assassinated the leader of a nation in revenge for his best friend Curious George, Curious George Goes to Paris
  • A girl who will not let the guy who likes her see her until after he accomplishes an very difficult feat in his career that few reach, which once nearly costs him his life. Miho Azuki, Bakuman。
  • A young man who verbally abuses his assistant and is responsible for many souls being condemned to eternal torment. Toru Muhyo, Muhyo and Roji.

  • A young woman who desecrates a church to grow an endangered plant life in the natural region. Instead of doing this to help the local wildlife, she sells these plants for a profit that ranges from one to several thousand of the world's currency, a price range based on first impressions of the customer. She shamelessly flirts and makes moves on the best friend of her boyfriend, dismissing a fellow friend who has romantic feelings for this man. She refuses to aid a society with the search for a land that is said would better the lives of the entire civilization, attempts to seduce and lead a man on in order to retrieve information and forces her male friend to cross dress with her and proceeds to mock him when he does so. At one point she even leaves a man she had known since childhood in the middle of an abandoned temple with a potentially fatal stab wound with no attempt to medically aid him, simply because she disagreed with a few of his viewpoints. As a grand finale, she casts a powerful spell that causes thousands of people who happen to be in it's path to be killed and destroys the world's largest city. Aerith Gainsborough, Final Fantasy VII

    Rational Insanity 
  • A brutal, heavy handed organization that, in the face of a worldwide environmental disaster, left 80% of the world's population to fend for themselves. Despite this they claim to be the protectors of humanity and crackdown on any attempt by other organizations to better their situations; usually with overwhelming force and unnecessary displays of authority and violence. The Global Defense Initiative, Command and Conquer

  • A cowardly young man, always lying and running away, thus leaving his own brothers to suffer at the hands of a psychotic alcoholic. Also an evil genius, filthy rich, and has an army of inhuman creatures at his command. Hacks into other people's computers to get what he believes is his. Estonia, Hetalia: Axis Powers
  • A woman who can't hold a job. Often conspires with her two wicked, ugly twin sisters. Often belittles her poor, hard-working husband. Her children are a devilish prankster, a mouthy know-it-all, and a mute. Resorts to unfair punishments to give to her family. Marge Simpson, The Simpsons
  • A stuck-up, emotionless person. Once unleashed a force of monsters upon a defenseless town, all for the sake of a contest. Scolds or yells at those who were only trying to help him. Is very disrespectful to his father. Uryu Ishida, Bleach
  • An insensitive Jerkass who is married to a not much better woman. Does not hesitate to threaten or ruin the lives of his friends. Tries to make his son stop doing anything that brings him joy. Often attempting to kick his own niece out of his house. Is also homophobic, unemotional, and doesn't care for his neighbors. Hank Hill, King of the Hill

  • A young, immature, and mentally unstable alien with unparalleled skill in his field of expertise and access to limitless energy. When his own disobedience causes his motherly caretaker to be killed by his pursuers, he hightails himself to another planet entirely. There he spends an entire decade stalking the residents of a small town, trespasses, breaks into their buildings, regularly steals from them, toys with the local fauna for his own amusement and ruins the reputation of an aging and lonely man. Upset that things aren't going his way, he uses his powers to knock out all the electronics within an 800 km radius. When the government begins to search for him, he manipulates the town's sheriff into assaulting the military and becoming a domestic terrorist. On his quest to reclaim his teleportation devices the alien beats up a group of innocent civilians and destroys several vehicles on a busy highway, entertaining himself all the while. Finally cornered by a government agent, he pushes the sheriff who helped him and his wife off of the roof of a skyscraper. After involving himself in the destruction of a major city as well as historical landmarks across the world, he destroys the technology of the agent pursuing him and banishes him to an uninhabited planet. With their best means of defeating him gone, the alien forces the helpless government to comply with his wishes. Also, his actions have attracted more similarly super-powered aliens from his home planet to Earth. Sonic the Hedgehog; Sonic the Hedgehog (2020)

  • Asked a demon to resurrect his dead father, who he immediately killed. He was cursed by a demon, and uses the curse to destroy the souls of the dead. He gambles and cheats. He has attempted to kill the direct descendants of Noah, and he is a member of a black organization hellbent on the eradication of a man said to be given to the descendants of Noah by God. Allen Walker, D.Gray-Man
  • After an incident involving at least two civilian deaths and the gruesome mauling of a local hero, he became a notorious pirate. He currently sails with a dangerous bounty hunter, an infamous wanted criminal, and a monster, among others. He has gone so far as to declare war on the government. Some of his actions were banned from television for fear that children might try to imitate him.Monkey D. Luffy, One Piece
  • A wanted war criminal, he accepts money to threaten and assault legitimate businessmen. On multiple occasions, he has directly threatened members of the U.S. Army. He and his accomplices have done incredible amounts of property damage. He operates under innumerable aliases, and is a master of disguise. Hannibal Smith, The A-Team
  • This man is an illegal alien. He is an obvious danger to society, but the government refuses to act against him. He often resorts to highly destructive violence. Superman
  • She represents an organization devoted to obsessive behavior that has been accused of ruining lives. She has been known to carry a gun, a weapon that can render people mindless, and an enormous melee weapon. To date, a full third of the literature about her is pornographic. Trope-Tan, TV Tropes

  • An all-powerful Eldritch Abomination, explicitly referred to as a "demon", that ravenously devours innocent victims of circumstance. Kirby, self-titled game series
  • The notorious boss of a biker gang, seeking control over the entire country. Dismembered one of her allies for fun, and illegally practiced "medicine" on several for exactly the same reason. Upon being informed of her friend's death, her sole reaction was to comment how cool the way she died was. She also laughed about a young girl dying of a heart attack. Even death was not enough to stop her dreams of conquest, and she returned decades after her death as a zombie. Saki Nikaido, Zombie Land SAGA
  • Easily the most notorious villain in the series, this glutton once stole the food of an entire kingdom! He has drawn power from numerous evil forces, all to attack a child. King Dedede, Kirby series.
  • An occultist who, without asking, intruded on the activities and lives of a group of schoolgirls. Frequently sexually harasses said schoolgirls, with the smallest one being the most frequent victim of these attacks. Nozomi Tojo, Love Live! School idol project
  • An incomprehensible alien being that uses its "music" to deceive people and drive them mad for its own amusement. Holds great sway over humanity's collective unconscious. The worst villains in the series wouldn't even consider awakening it, but it can still influence the world in its slumber. Si Iva Gunner, self-titled
  • A terrifying deity, with a distinctive Evil Laugh, that tends to be the final boss of games it appears in. Master Hand, Super Smash Bros.
  • A reactionary fully willing to defend things even she can't find any real merit in simply on basis on their "history". Even her closest friends are willing to describe her as selfish and evil. Despite her great skill with a sword, she is a coward who prefers to accomplish her goals by accumulating masses of followers - and despite her ability to control the weather, she forced said followers to work during a strong blizzard, and then dismissed them as insane fools without properly thanking them. Willing to trample on young girls' dreams when not doing so would inconvenience her goals. Honoka Kosaka, Love Live! School idol project
  • A living superweapon feared as a monster by her enemies. She deserted from the army that created her, but instead of giving up her fight, she slaughtered soldiers on both sides. She even accused a similar monster, one who killed countless people, of not being warlike enough! Sora, self-titled
  • Decapitated her mother and used her power to become a fascist dicator. Satsuki Kiryuin, Kill la Kill
  • A being literally made of emotional anguish who wants to force one of her best friends to leave a world she loves for one she's terrified of. Her other best friend is a genocidal monster. Sees absolutely nothing wrong with a young girl's friend dying in front of her and being replaced with an identical-looking (but not identical-acting) double. Strength, Black★Rock Shooter (2012)
  • A group of musicians decide they would rather overthrow the government of the Netherlands than make more music. the Rapper's Union, the Si Iva Gunner Christmas Comeback Crisis
  • Wrecked the world with a Fantastic Nuke because he was struggling in a game. Charles Barkley, Barkley Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden

  • After (apparently) killing his commanding officer, this mentally unbalanced swordsman lies about his past and joins a dangerous terrorist group — not because he believes in their cause, but simply for the money. He almost kills an innocent girl who had become part of his Nakama, and gives the Artifact of Doom he was supposed to be guarding to the man who did kill her. Cloud, Final Fantasy VII

    Ross N 
  • A handsome but indolent young man who has failed at every job he has tried because he is unwilling to lower himself to mere labour is hired by an elderly woman based on his looks and charm. While at this job he mistreats an aging security guard who is a war veteran and misuses and steals the property from his workplace. When discovered at work in act of alarming sexual peversion he gleefully has the old guard fired, along with another long time employee who tries to come to said guard's rescue. Jonathan Switcher, Mannequin
  • A young woman gifted with tremendous power she barely understands daily misuses it despite the advice of those who know better. Has repeatedly used her abilities to warp the minds and bodies of all around her without their knowledge or consent. Lies constantly. Frequently turns to a known criminal for help. Sabrina Spellman, Sabrina the Teenage Witch

  • Former knight whose idea of justice drives him to quit law enforcement, convince a princess to leave the safe confines of her castle, and send said princess on a global voyage that nearly gets her killed on several occasions. Responsible for the deaths of a high-ranking magistrate and a captain of the country's knights. Second-in-command of a guild run by a known coward, and is possibly insane given his apparent ability to speak to his dog. Ends up killing several of the ancient beings which kept the world's magic in check. Finally rids the world of the technology that protected cities from the rabid monsters in the wild which even he admits might have been a bad idea. Yuri Lowell, Tales of Vesperia
  • A priestess whose idea of solving any and all dilemmas that affect her world is to find the right person and beat the crap out of them. Treats the magical beings of the world with discrimination on the verge of racism, and has no qualm with brutally attacking vampires, ghosts, aliens, divine judges, and gods. Currently caught up in chasing a mysterious UFO, perhaps to make up for her shrine's lack of donations. Flashes her armpits disturbingly frequently. Reimu Hakurei, Touhou Project
  • A young man who, after getting his opponent hospitalised in a game of chicken, nonchalantly entered a mahjong parlor and interfered with the game. Said interference ultimately cost one side millions on yen they would have otherwise held on to. Plays mahjong with the intent of mind-screwing his opponents to the point where they mentally snap. Has been known to wield a gun and fire at a helpless target. His final act of 'glory' is to rob an old man of the fortune he has built up over several decades and force him to experience his lifelong fear of death. Shigeru Akagi
  • Perverted teenager who after abandoning his family name walks back into a family meeting several years later without a hint of remorse. Has attempted to feel up both his older cousin and his maid, as well as convincing his younger cousin to agree to a similar ordeal in the future. Endlessly argues with one woman that she can't exist in order to stop her from experiencing the freedom and bliss she's been craving. Even then he's a coward, refusing to make accusations when he needs to out of fear of someone he knows being a killer. Is guilty of a sin so great that he doesn't even remember it.
    • Later, he also makes said woman beg for him to kill her, and actually ends up getting her killed. By the time that happens, though, he's fallen in love with her and tries to bring her back. It fails- he creates a clone who views him as "Father" and explicitly states that she exists only for him. He then proceeds to mistreat the clone. Why? She's not exactly like the original. Battler Ushiromiya, Umineko No Naku Koro Ni
  • A sexist idiot who refuses to let his summoned super-powered hero fight like she's supposed to because she's a girl. Attempts to teach himself magic in a way that could have easily killed him any time over several years, and even then specialises in a form of magic which is more or less useless. Seeks to follow the example of his father, a Combat Pragmatist who killed several people without a hint of remorse. Fails to realise that his childhood friend has actually been suffering a life of rape and torture for years. When the time comes, throws away all of his ideals for said girl whose existence at this point endangers more or less all life on earth. Hell, this guy's so evil that he comes back from the future to try and kill himself in the past for the sake of redemption. Shirou Emiya, Fate/Stay Night

    Rowsdower Saves Us 
  • A pair of brutal killers, these brothers gun down their victims in broad daylight, arrogantly flaunting the law, robbing those whom they kill, and using very foul language in the process. Even so, they claim to be on a Mission from God, killing those who do not subscribe to their religion. They consort with the most retched individuals, including rogue detectives, a hitman, and a known cat-killer. Illegal immigrants, they spend much of their time drinking, and often exchange incestuous glances. Connor and Murphy MacManus, The Boondock Saints.
  • A pair of obnoxious criminals, these brothers disregard the laws of the land, stealing beer from entrepreneurs, stealing money from other musicians, humilating their friends at their places of employment, breaking up relationships, leaving women at the altar, disturbing public demonstrations, delaying concerts, and terrorizing the innocent with their Dark-Magic-Powered car. Even so, they claim to be on a Mission from God. Convicted felons, they spend much of their time drinking, and wear Sunglasses at Night. Jake and Elwood Blues, The Blues Brothers.

    R Tanker 
  • After being elected head of state with only a plurality of the vote, he proceeded to use the army to subjugate the region of the country that had opposed his election. He ordered certain of his generals to commit war crimes against unarmed civilian populations. He also had his political opponents arrested and held indefinitely without any kind of legal proceedings or protections, and had the presses of opposition newspapers smashed. He furthermore ordered the confiscation of billions of dollars worth of private property. He advocated the expulsion of an oppressed racial minority group from the country. Abraham Lincoln.
  • He killed a man in cold blood, and then hid the body. When he learned that his crime had been discovered anyway, he fled abroad to escape prosecution. He later returned to his country to betray his adopted family. He led a revolt against the legitimate government of his country, which resulted in the deaths of many thousands, if not millions, including an untold number of innocent children, most of whom were killed while asleep in their beds. He was also a religious fanatic who order thousands of his own followers killed for committing what he considered heresy. He spared his own brother, even though he had led the heretics, and later installed said brother as high priest of the whole nation. He also led his followers in wars of conquest and slaughter; his protege and chosen successor was an even more brutal conqueror, wiping out whole cities and tribes. He did all these things because he believed that G-d told him to. Moses.
  • He was convicted of murder, mutiny, and treason, but was able to evade punishment for these crimes. He abandoned his wife and their two young children, only to reestablish contact with his children, without invitation, when they were adults. He willingly engaged in a propaganda campaign to deceive the public at large, and his close colleagues, and repeatedly lied to the public, and to his close colleagues. Among his lies, he claimed to have performed deeds of selfless heroism that he in fact never did. He at one point worked as a mercenary, but betrayed his employers. He repeatedly dated women young enough to be his daughter. He married a known terrorist, whom he helped get out of prison. He once destroyed an entire universe. Captain Atom.
  • He abandoned his wife and three of his children, including one who was in a coma, to pursue political power. He betrothed his elder daughter to a psychopathic megalomaniac. He found out that his best friend had been beating and raping his wife for years, but did not even criticize said friend, in even the most gentle terms, for it. When he discovered that the wife of the head of state of his country was engaging in an incestuous affair with her own brother, he helped cover it up. He attempted to stage a coup against another head of state. He then lied to the public at large about his involvement in the coup, in order to cover up the fact that the new head of state had no legitimate right to rule. Eddard Stark.
  • She is a computer hacker who routinely commits wire fraud. She violates without any apparent qualms the privacy of many innocent people, many of whom are civic-minded heroes. She has knowingly employed two psychopathic or borderline-psychopathic assassins as field operatives, one of whom has on at least one occasion killed a man while in her service; in fact, at one point she made said assassin her field commander. Oracle/Barbara Gordon.
  • He is a parricide who works as a hired assassin for an insane alien. Among his victims was the duly elected president of the most advanced and enlightened civilization known to man. His best friend is also an assassin. Despite his claims to be in love with his girlfriend, he had sex with another woman, and sired two daughters on her. He neglected to play any real role in raising his daughters, leaving their mother to raise them without him. He had no qualms when his girlfriend killed the mother of his daughters. Nexus/Horatio Hellpop.

  • A once moral woman who, after becoming involved with a dangerous and often cruel organisation, has an affair with her co-worker, drugs her boyfriend whilst confessing to him about the aforementioned affair, alienates her former friend and partner and disobeys her boss, almost leading to The End of the World as We Know It. Has a brief affair before her wedding and ends up pregnant with a child that she eventually has aborted in the most brutal manner possible. Gwen Cooper, Torchwood
  • A vicious and desperate man who, after his sister is tragically 'killed', joins up with her killer's organisation in order to destroy his former friends. Daisukenojo 'Beat' Bito, The World Ends with You.


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