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Rules of Paint the Hero Black:

As per this forum game, this page is a Collection of Heroes painted black. Please sort new entries by the troper who added them. Spoiler the answers, and avoid using links in the spoilers. Use the spoiler tag to hide your answers: like this. New "heroes" at the bottom of the folder you are posting in, thank you very much. Entries without answers will be either answered or deleted. Please restrict Real Life examples to people whom history has already vindicated.


If your Troper Name begins with M, N, or O, place your examples here.

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  • A genetically engineered super soldier overthrows the government, kills his friends and colleagues, and joins a terrorist organization, his ultimate goal to cause the global destruction of all electronic networks.JC Denton, Deus Ex

    Made of Meat 
  • This pyromaniacal ten year old boy broke into a government facility. Later, he stole a piece of powerful equipment and projected himself into the brains of already unstable individuals against their will, seeking to modify their behavior for his own gains. He also took sadistic glee in destroying a small city, aiding a dangerous rebel force in the process. Raz, Psychonauts

  • This attention-seeking young girl wants power for its own sake so that she can feel important. She's so obsessed with her own wellbeing that she refuses to help when friends ask for it. Has been known to be careless, once throwing her best friend onto a busy highway over a disagreement. Has doomed the world multiple times despite the best efforts of those around her. In the end, she shattered the universe with paradoxes because she wanted to become a god. Madoka, Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

  • This female agent works for an organization with the primary objective of bringing to Earth a race of beings easily capable of annihilating the population of the planet. She played a crucial role in the execution of a plot to replace the President of the United States with an impostor, which included shooting the man personally after the President survived the destruction of Air Force One (which was the doing of a member of the aforementioned race of highly deadly beings). She later kills the leader of the only people capable of opposing said beings - by driving a spike through his head. Joanna Dark, Perfect Dark
  • This young man routinely subjects his best (and, for quite some time, only) friend to incredibly cruel "pranks", up to and including telling said friend that he will stab him. He destroys the reputations of those close to him, spreads blatantly false rumors, and is just generally a Jerkass. He loathes the one person he owes his entire childhood to, for a single mistake this person made...yet he later proceeds to repeat virtually the exact same actions taken by said person he loathes (a move even he admits the hypocrisy of). During this process he makes a little girl cry...twice. To cap it all, when he was offered the chance essentially rewrite history so that those people whose lives he destroyed would have never met him...he refused. Tomoya Okazaki, Clannad
  • This man is an army officer who, for a significant amount of time, leads a small army with an average age of 15 years (at least one member of which is identified as being seven). This gets little attention, however, in comparison to his infamy among the populace for using an army of undead. He routinely subjects those under his command to verbal abuse, and at one point allows nearly all of his soldiers to die (when he could have easily saved them had he bothered to fight at full power). Nearly everything that threatens the protagonists and the world they love is his fault, at least in part. Jade Curtiss, Tales of the Abyss
  • A young man who is on a quest to kill his father for personal fame. He is infamous for driving a large majority of those who try to help him utterly insane, and for sometimes crossdressing to suit his purposes. The Kid, I Wanna Be the Guy
  • This guy actively encourages the woman he is supposed to be guarding to go kill herself. He also, in a brazen display of self-centeredness, repeatedly insists that he is the most important person in the group he travels with (never mind how he's often standing right next to the one who is supposed to save the world while saying this). And to cap it all, the moment a woman finally gets up the courage to confess her love to him, he quickly vanishes. Tidus, Final Fantasy X

  • A beloved children's hero that combines the most well-known qualities of Michael Jackson and Joseph Kony. Peter Pan
  • A man who frequently abandons his friends and family for years at a time. After one such period he returns to beat up his fiance and a 3 year old (whose father he killed just before the 3 year old was born). Son Goku, Dragon Ball

    Mana Yachanichu 
  • A private investigator with a penchant for arson, who moonlights as the personal assassin for the ruler of a government not recognized by any nation in the world. Once ignited a war between two major powers, who had been co-existing in an uneasy truce, for purely personal reasons. He turned down multiple opportunities to help negotiate a peace settlement because he felt it would require too much of him personally, then ended the war by wiping out one side (as well as their allies) completely. Known associates include: a disgraced ex-cop; the most powerful and notorious crime boss in the region; a mercenary who makes it clear that his loyalty goes to the highest bidder; a sexual predator who takes advantage of his business's clients; an old man who has an obsession with children, and gets close to them by breaking into their houses; and a senior member of a shadowy secret organization, whose role is to enforce the rules of said organization - by breaking them. Harry Dresden, The Dresden Files

    Manticore of Science 
  • A notorious problem child and illegitimate son of an Eldritch Abomination and a woman who would go on to murder a husband and his friends and sell their remains as art, murdering his teacher with a pen at the age of twelve was just the beginning. Over the years, he demolished schools, killed many endangered animals and damaged important landmarks, sometimes even enganging in acts of terrors and unwittingly unleashing natural disasters in his fights against monsters only he and his fellow child soldiers (trained at a magically concealed terror camp where they would be indoctrinated into seing themself as beings of divine heritage) can see. He is a being that should not be and a threat to the existance of civilisation itself, and many of his brothers are monsters - one of these was killed by him via strangulation and our "hero" antagonised another brother even though he was blind and intellectually handicapped, while a third monstrous brother is one of his companions. Other associates include a horned inhuman who devours things that should not be edible, a hellhound, a necromancer and his death-cheating half-sister (who are also strongly implied to be half-siblings of Adolf Hitler). Percy Jackson
    • The above "hero"'s girlfriend and partner in crime is also his cousin-greatniece. Born from a brain teratoma, she ran away at age seven, fraternising with a future terror leader bent on destroying moderm civilisation and a rebellious girl who by her very existence was a great danger to the world as we know it. She is verbally abusive to her boyfriend, released a band of infamous pirates upon a peaceful holyday resort, and was instrumental in trapping a goddess. She is prejudiced against one-eyed people and suffers from hubris - indeed, her life's dream is to rebuild the heavens in her own image. She eventually drove an once-close friend and crush to suicide.Annabeth Chase
  • The daughter of one of the heirs of the most infamous dynasty of world conquering mad scientists and a villainess, who pretended to have reformed but actually brought unprecedenced devastation over the setting, our "heroine" kills a veteran with a locket. After witnessing the death of her mentor, she became a mad scientist as well, building a robot to kidnap the heir to the empire that brought peace to the setting. Instead of her, the veteran's brother gets suspected, and both are brought into the empire's capital. There, she attempts to murder a popular hero, swears allegiance to an amoral augmented animal and unleashes one of her mother's doomsday devices. Her escape results in the death of one of the wards of the empire and of her adoptive parents. She associates with a band of outlaw mad scientists and a group of infamous killing machines, and eventually takes up her mother's mantle. She successfully orders a loyal follower to die, forces a mind-controlled mob including children to attack a squad of soldiers who were sent to deal with her doomsday devices, and projected an enormous, scantly clad hologram of herself. After installing a mind control device within the only man capable of maintaining order, she heads out to contact an evil, sadistic artificial intelligence to reclaim her paternal family's infamous heritage, aided by a Manipulative Bastard (who she is romantically involved with shortly after the death of a previous boyfriend), an assassin and an assortment of convicts. This set into motion a chain of events that cripples the empire,Agatha Heterodyne, Girl Genius
  • A Macchiavellian tyrant obsessed with the idea that a friendly, heroic young woman, daughter of one of his two best friends and the one true love of his son, is actually a cruel monster who is trying to enslave everyone. Baron Klaus Wulfenbach, ibid
  • An emotionless, utilitarian alien who believes he is capable of telepathic communication with whales. Spock, Star Trek
  • A drunkard obsessed with a magical weapon of blunt-force mass destruction. Once crossdressed to impersonate a bride - he ended up killing the groom and his entire court. Thor
  • These two brothers were the scions of a bloodthirsty family of insane conquerors. One of them married the worst villainess in the entire setting and never visited his daughter, while his brother turned her from a very talented child prodigy into a moron before vanishing without a trace. Nonetheless, they are still worshipped as the greatest heroes the world had ever seen.The Heterodyne Boys, Girl Genius
  • An itinerant woodsman who took over an important nation to get into an old woman's pants. Aragorn II. Elessar, aka Strider, The Lord of the Rings
  • An incestous necrophiliac who groomed her son to usurp the throne from her brother and used her sorcery to cheat for him. Isis

    Mario Lucario 493 
  • This cruel man refuses to let harmless spirits live their afterlives in peace, instead building a device that will imprison their souls in paintings for all eternity so he can have a nice art gallery. Professor E. Gadd, Luigi's Mansion
  • An alcoholic with anger issues who commits assault and battery every day. He impersonates a marine and runs off to illegally join the military. After he is rewarded for his heroic deeds, he deserts his post, but not before unleashing a plague of monsters that destroy everything in their path and are sure to cause The End of the World as We Know It. Then he breaks a criminal out of prison and teams up with her to overthrow a Sugar Bowl kingdom. He even tortures an innocent civilian who is Just Following Orders. Worst of all, he knows he's bad and he embraces it! Wreck-It Ralph
    • The criminal colleague of the above, she causes reality-warping anomalies wherever she goes and has the jolly leader of a quiet kingdom assassinated. After she takes his place, her first order of business is to order several young children to be executed. Vanellope von Schweetz
  • This young supergenius creates a Hive Mind of tiny machines that are used to destroy a prestigious university. Then he steals a simple healthcare machine designed by his late brother and turns it into a deadly superweapon with the hopes of terrorizing and killing a college professor with whom he holds a grudge. The professor in question is miserable and lonely upon the recent loss of his daughter. The young genius then leaves his colleagues stranded on an island. And after his superweapon is finally destroyed, he just builds another one. Hiro Hamada, Big Hero 6. I think that one was obvious.
  • He's a mysterious vigilante who works for an underground organization that enslaves animals and turns them into soldiers. The vigilante regularly abandons his friends and family without telling them where he's going. And where is he going, you ask? Why, to crush the hopes and dreams of a sad, pathetic, middle-aged German man, of course! He has also caused property damage and put the lives of two boys in danger several times. And he does this all without saying a word. Oh, and one time, he peed on a couch. Perry the Platypus, Phineas and Ferb

    Mark Lungo 
  • Real Life example: This ugly, unkempt, boorish, self-described "gadfly" humiliated the most respected men of his time with his ceaseless, embarrassing questions. He preferred mooching off his friends to working, so he was a poor provider for his (often neglected) family—as his long-suffering wife often pointed out. He created a cult of personality around himself; many of its members were the sons of prominent families, who sometimes turned against their parents once he'd indoctrinated them with his ridiculous teachings. (Rumor has it that he also slept with some of these handsome young men, or at least wanted to.) When two of his followers betrayed their homeland, which led to a devastating military defeat, he was put on trial for treason. He insisted on defending himself, and through his arrogance and incompetence he goaded the jury into giving him a death sentence that he easily could have avoided—and even then, they were merciful enough to ensure that his execution was painless. (Some think that he planned his own condemnation as a Batman Gambit to commit Suicide by Cop because he couldn't deal with getting old.) His hold on his acolytes was so strong that decades after his death, one of them was still writing Real Person Fics in which he turned his beloved master into not only a Marty Stu, but a mouthpiece for his own bizarre ideas. Socrates

  • A genius detective who is ruthless and brutally honest. He manipulates people and only takes cases that interest him. He's extremely arrogant and has no trouble tying up a young girl.L Lawliet,Death Note

  • A leader of ‘death gods’ without remorse or pity his signature abilities and moves carry names such as ‘massacre scene’ and ‘annihilate’ as well as these two words combined. Arrogant, prideful, cutting and utterly heartless, he is totally disinterested even in those who love and look up to him; his answer to even the slightest betrayal is ‘cut it off’. He is neither grateful for assistance nor encouraging or helpful to those below him. He is obsessed with rank and uses his position and pride in that station as a reason to excuse all of his most heinous acts. He is determined to assist in the utter genocide of an entire race and calls it... his job/duty.
He not only arrested his own sister for and agreed to her sentence of a terrible and public death (Her crime preserving the life of some humans) but also when given the opportunity to change and assist with her rescue, attempted multiple times to kill her rescuers. Participated in open rebellion against his own liege lord and also destroyed his sister’s source of power for nothing more than a better chance of having his revenge on an old (and at the time still helplessly imprisoned enemy). Though he could have explained at any time to help resolve the heart ache of those he betrayed, he refused. Byakuya Kuchiki

    Master Hand 
  • He's actively setting out to destroy the world around him, not caring that his best friends insist they're better off there. Marche, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

    Master Jay AM 

    Master Knight DH 
  • Following the footsteps of those in his family who have a tradition of killing an old man in his own home, this guy not only does that, but also steals his favorite food and his money, then beats one of the old man's servants so badly that the old man demotes said servant right before the guy just as easily beats another of the old man's servants—this time a favorite of his. Even the old man's personal bodyguard doesn't stand a chance, no matter how difficult he may seem. As it turns out, this happens because the guy can spam a Game-Breaker. And just to make things better, the guy accuses the old man of theft, as an excuse to kill him, and completely refuses to listen to the old man's defense. This is so bad that there's actually a Web Original about it. Richter Belmont, Castlevania
  • A young boy travels around the world without supervision, and beats up animals, old men, hippies, police officers, women, and aliens with broken minds, all of whom can successfully do next to nothing to try to take him down first, because if they manage to deal the enormous amount of damage needed to kill him, he'll just heal himself to full before he dies from it. Also, in Japan, he is the jerk to the guy who is a scumbag In America, not the other way around. Appropriately enough, he's from an Eagleland-based country. Ness, Earthbound
  • Although never showing any trace of anger no matter who tries her, this girl follows orders from the above character without second thought, and also has powers that destroy enemies within only 2 seconds. The same animals, old men, hippies, police officers, women, and aliens with broken minds stand even less of a chance, if that's possible. Paula Polestar, Earthbound

    Maths ~Angelic Version~ 
  • A princess who almost killed her sister as a child, which caused her parents to isolate her and dooming said sister to a lonely childhood. Much later, after their parents' deaths, her sister asked this character for permission to marry the man she loved. This request was harshly denied. The death of this character's parents means that she was supposed to become queen, but she instead ran away from the kingdom and doomed it to an Endless Winter. Her sister begged her to stop this winter... causing this character to finally kill her. Solution: Elsa, Frozen
  • A criminal that convinced a girl to defy her guardian, fully intending to double-cross her later. He also betrayed his fellow criminals for selfish reasons, which led to their capture, and they would most likely have been executed if they hadn't escaped. Flynn Rider, Tangled
  • These girls will shoot down pretty much any innocent for no reason other than said innocent being in their way. Pretty much any playable character, Touhou
  • A couple of rulers that abuse their power: They apply the death penalty for stealing. When the Queen falls ill, the King gets some of his subjects to steal a magical flower with healing powers and gets the Queen to consume it, thus destroying it, completely disregarding anyone else in the present or future that might need the flower. Despite clearly having a lot of power to (ab)use, they don't even bother making a serious effort at finding their daughter when she gets kidnapped. The King and Queen, Tangled
  • He destroys architecture to find money or for no reason at all, kills animals that have never even done anything but walking back and forth, and takes all the money he finds, even though it probably belongs to someone else. I'm thinking of Mario, Super Mario Bros, but this applies to quite a few other platform game "heroes" too.

  • An Eldritch Abomination who devours all in his path and tries to depose the good king of the land who is just trying to protect the inhabitants from further evils, even though he might have to steal to do so. Kirby
  • A yellow neckless guy with a feather on his head goes out and throws his head at things and turns his head into weird objects and then throws it at things. He is trying to destroy the man who is trying to bring order to the land. He is also aided by a strange girl with no arms, a sapient orange which he molests with his mouth to help him climb, a box with a head that helps him transform his head into strange objects, and a little fallen angel who tells him where his enemy's weaknesses are. Dynamite Headdy

  • This teacher seduces his underage students and acts like nothing happened. He then proceeds to use them as soldiers, including the whole school on one occasion. Once he has gathered enough followers, he takes them to another country where he immediately becomes a wanted man, dabbles in black magic, buys slaves, nearly kills a government official and hunts down a rival gang whose stated goal is to save the world. Negi Springfield, Mahou Sensei Negima

  • This pampered noble insulted an elder and refused to face the logical consequences of his actions. After failing his country repeatedly, he instead sought the power to defeat his sister. Later, he joins a group of terrorists from primitive cultures in an attempt to overthrow his own father and instill himself as ruler. To do this, he fights his sister, and his taunting causes her to shoot at the girl who escorted him. Zuko, Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • As a young man, he joined with a pretty clear expy of Hitler to establish a Magocracy. Later, he recruited the most dangerous Dark Wizard of all time into his school. Years later, he hid the truth from an orphan, and never told said orphan anything, despite the fact that the orphan would have to die. Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter

    Mei You Mayo 
  • This nigh-immortal alien abducts attractive young women and takes them in his spaceship to distant universes, planets and time periods from which, if separated from him, these women potentially could never return. When one does get stuck in a parallel universe, he gives her a clone of himself. He also has allowed clearly genocidal beings to live because he considers them worthy adversaries, despite the whole genocide thing, and has attempted to radically change the course of time itself just because he can. The Doctor, Doctor Who
  • A fat midget, who spends most of his days getting stoned or eating, impulsively runs off with some hard-partying dwarves and a wizard, whereupon he ends up completely screwing up the entire world by stealing a prized ring from a starving, mentally traumatized cave creature. His selfish actions ruin his nephew's life, kill millions, and devastate his ancestral homeland. Bilbo Baggins, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings

  • An orphan raised without knowledge of his parents, he became a mercenary by trade who is first introduced to the player while fighting a duel against a white-clad comrade, which ends in that comrade's intentional disfigurement. His final examination by the mercenary guild's leaders to determine if he is worthy of joining sees him joining a battle in progress in support of a monarchy, and his defiance of the orders given to them ultimately causes severe damage to that nation's capital and precipitates the collapse of their nation. Despite this, he is permitted to join their ranks, and is again quickly hired to support a band of terrorists in their bid to kidnap a foreign head of state and seize a local television center to distribute anti-state propaganda. These efforts bring him to the notice of a sister guild, who also hires him to assasinate aforementioned head of state's ambassador, who is the kind-hearted woman who once ran the orphanage he lived at as a child. He fails in all three tasks, though not before forcing that nation to declare his guild their enemies, and is sent to prison for his crimes. He then stages a bloody jail-break with the aid of monsters and masterminds a two-pronged attempt to both destroy a major military facility and steal control of his own mercenary guild away from its founder, who opposes his actions. Both of these efforts succeed, but his efforts leave the guild's mobile command post uncontrolled, ultimately causing serious damage to a pacifist town which had committed no crime beyond being in his way. He then fights two major battles against the enemy he himself created, including against their sister guild, but one of his terrorist allies falls unconscious after the final battle. He abandons his post and his duties to seek medical treatment for her, only for her to awaken after they arrive, free a long-imprisoned dictator, and trigger a massive spawn of monsters that threatens the stability of the world, all according to plan. He supports her in this, swearing to stand by her side even if her actions cause the end of the world, and the two, alongside his long-lost sister, trigger a massive temporal distortion that could destroy the world itself. Squall Leonhart, Final Fantasy VIII
    • A reluctant soldier who enlisted to pursue his own goals, and eventually deserts after a covert operation against an archaeological dig site goes wrong. He later infiltrates a nation, overthrows its ruler, and places himself in her place as its new President, enforcing a policy of seclusion to the point of throwing up barriers at the nation's points of entry. He abandons his two children in the process, sending them to an orphanage half a world away. Laguna Loire, Final Fantasy VIII
  • A young girl who controls puppets and forces them to fight using her horn obsessively seeks to marry a prince, even if it means forcing herself between him and the witch who loves him. During her quest, she makes multiple attempts on the life of the kingdom's much-renowned chancellor (and succeeds on the final attempt), steals or otherwise obtains five mystical Heart Stones (which may include killing the guardian of one town and earning the locals' enmity), interfering with aforementioned witch's attempts to save the prince from a curse that has turned him to stone, trying to stop a king from executing a criminal and murderer, and killing a rare creature that supports an entire unique ecosystem inside itself. Cornet, Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure
  • A brash princess is exiled from her home and stripped of her right to the throne due to her selfishness and greed. Already a powerful and dangerous mage, she seeks a long-lost, forbidden power in an attempt to take control of the entire world, as well as get revenge on her sister who succeeded her as heir and the Council that rejected her. She is cruel and vindicative, frequently assaulting people for perceived slights with flying kicks, and her sole weakness is an entirely irrational fear of pumpkins. Her colleague/rival is an amnesiac shapeshifter who takes advantage of the naivety of an archeologist's daughter to gain intelligence on the whereabouts of this forbidden power. He rejects his mission to revive his father (who had been killed by fearful and jealous peers) in order to resurrect a woman whose soul he took and merged with his own. He pursues this to the point of fighting and killing his brothers and sisters to prevent them from succeeding in their goal despite the fact that, to his knowledge, there was no reason the power could not be used for both their mission and his own wishes. Mint and Rue, Threads of Fate...though the first characterization is not a stretch at all.
  • Real Life: A slave-owning militia officer and aristocrat by behaviour if not blood, this individual opposed attempts by his liege to exercise effective control over his overseas possessions, including taking control of an army on behalf of a band of terrorists, smugglers, and rabble-rousers in outright rebellion. He orchestrated a night-time assault on enemy positions by taking advantage of a religious holiday, directed his juniors to lead a scorched-earth campaign against civilian targets to discourage opposition, and was responsible for the loss of over a quarter of his military in one season to attrition and desertion. After independence and the reorganization of the new nation, he took control of the government, established unpopular taxes that benefited him personally and legislation giving him control of all militias, declared martial law, and personally led the military in putting down all rebellions against his authority. He was also an advocate of isolationism, claiming that a nation should be beholden only to its own self-interest, and refused to support his erstwhile allies from during the days of their rebellion during their time of need. George Washington

    Meta Four 
  • He started off daydreaming when he should have been farming; he ended up overthrowing the democratically-elected government and indirectly killing his father. He didn't shed a tear when his surrogate parents died. He personally kills hundreds of thousands of enemy soldiers with the aid of notorious criminal and revels in their deaths. Luke Skywalker, Star Wars

    Metalman J Wily 
  • An old scientist constantly sends out his lab assistant robot in order to commence the slaughter of his rival scientist's creations just to prevent his rival from achieving his dreams. Dr. Light, Mega Man
  • A prosecutor resorts to using illegally-obtained evidence in order to implicate a foreign dignitary of heading a smuggling ring and murder. He is assisted by an incompetent law enforcement officer and a female juvenile delinquent in his endeavors on a constant basis. Miles Edgeworth, Ace Attorney Investigations
  • An federal investigator resorts to sometimes-illegal methods to obtain evidence against the perpetrators of military crimes. He is known to verbally and sometimes physically abuse his subordinates. He has engaged in several schemes to get revenge on various people, and has assisted a friend in his own revenge scheme. Leroy Jethro Gibbs, NCIS
  • A federal investigator sexually harasses his female coworkers on a daily basis. He also subjects a male co-worker to demeaning insults and sometimes physically attacks his co-worker; he has even gone so far as to force this co-worker to do demeaning things for his own sick amusement. Anthony DiNozzo, NCIS
  • An arrogant young warrior, he recklessly not only places himself in grave danger but goes out of his way to place his comrades and a group of young children in danger. He is regularly extremely cruel to a younger fellow who considers him a brother. Oh, and he once left his best friend to perish in a fire. Hot Shot, Transformers Armada
  • A young warrior and communications specialist, this young fellow has been known to follow his fellow warrior to earth, routinely gets in the way of his comrades' plans, employ his communications skills to hack into the other army's data. Sideswipe, Transformers Armada
  • This man is a necromancer who routinely consorts with and endangers fae, has been willing to wreck his ex-girlfriend's wedding, employs magic to try to destroy the friends of his mentor's ex, and leads a Missouri city into extreme danger via the supernatural. Damien Vesik, the Vesik Series
  • This young man started out as a thief who routinely stole from the rich family of his hometown. He would steal the ability to manipulate fire from his home's guardian and desert the hunting party he was with and use his stolen power to steal more food from the rich family, leading to his exile. After his exile, he releases the ancient spirit of darkness from being bound by the spirit of light. Wan, Legend of Korra
  • Seemingly a nice person, this young man/woman routinely tries to manipulate their "friends" and neighbors into giving them expensive clothing, furniture, money, and food. The Player Character Villager, Animal Crossing
  • While this man seems like a great guy, don't let his nice act fool you! He has perpetrated a revenge scheme against the man who killed his father, kidnapped the man's son after he killed the killer of his father, and takes great pride in beating the crap out of other people for money. Terry Bogard, Fatal Fury, King of Fighters, and Garou: Mark of the Wolves

    MF 1993 
  • A normal teenage boy who had grown out of silly childhood dreams before he was pulled in by one of his classmates into a world of follies and confusion against his will. He helped his "friends" at saved the world from the destructive forces of their leader. At first, he didn't want any part of this. However, he was eventually corrupted by this insanity, as he grew to love this world of madness and chaos. At one point he chose to stay in this world rather than the well-being of the mundane world. He would risk the entire universe into collapsing beyond recognition just for his own amusement. Kyon Haruhi Suzumiya.

    Michael JJ 
  • A boy that arrives in a town he doesn't belong in and proceedes to upset the ancient traditions that have been in place for thousands of years. Greatly causes trouble for the local authority figure, gleefully causes havoc whenever the local business tries to undergo a big project, and has been seen associating with an unstable mad scientist and the son of the devil. The titular character of Jimmy Two-Shoes.

    Micool TNT 
Ranma ½ - titular character.

  • He's a psychopathic spirit that abandoned his cousin and close friend and took advantage of a scientist's kindness to gain power. His arrogance nearly drove him to the murder of a child, simply so he could butter up his ego some more. Mettaton, Undertale
  • A lazy skeleton who only intervenes against a genocidal villain when his life becomes endangered. He let his brother die to said villain and constantly makes bad puns despite his brother's clear discomfort with it. He pulls out as many dirty tricks as possible to cheat against his opponent and delights in killing them over and over again. Sans, Undertale

    Mighty Kombat 
  • A half-elf that used the death of his friend at the hands of a justifiably vengeful deity-like being as an excuse to manipulate a number of political figures into getting what he wanted and ruined countless lives in the process, used a village boy who looked just like his dead friend in order to find and senselessly murder a girl who he claimed had the core of said deity-like being within her, showed little to no care about a servant who fought and nearly died for him to buy him time and tried to open the door to the world of demons to bring back his friend little caring what said friend would think, just to satisfy his own honour. When finally beaten by the very same boy he manipulated from the beginning, came up with the flimsy excuse that he was using himself as a more secure lock on the door to avoid persecution for his crimes knowing full well how he could have avoided this by actually trying to explain himself from the start. Richter Abend from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World.
  • A wandering, homeless lunatic who learned martial arts from a senile old man and now travels the world randomly assaulting and beating the daylights out of people to satisfy his own mad desire for power under the pretense that he's training and learning. He once senselessly scarred the beloved Thai king of fighting after said king tried to teach him a lesson in sanity and beat him in a fair fight. He also subtly insults a Japanese schoolgirl who's become hopelessly enamoured with him and frequently attacks the American he "trained" with, later reuniting with and possibly killing his senile old master. An enigmatic anti-terrorist syndicate leader attempted to incarcerate and rehabilitate him whatever the cost only to fail. This is when he isn't under the thrall of an ancient inner darkside that pushes him into a violent frenzy. Ryu from Street Fighter
  • A bounty hunter raised by a secretive society of spiritualist extra-terrestrials to be a warrior who uses her power, weapons and credentials to randomly attack various planets under false pretenses involving "terrorists" and "evil clones" and annihilate the various eco-systems, using the myraid of tools at her disposal to figure out how to destroy them in the most painful way possible, takes great delight in documenting the deaths of prior lifeforms who ventured to locations before her and follows the commands of a corrupt outer space government without complaint, despite being an extremely petulant, reckless youngster to her former superior officer in the past, using her gender as an excuse to get away with all this. She also leaves said planets in worse shape than before, if not outright destroyed. When her government came under new administration, tried to clean up its act and focused towards peaceful biological research, she rebelled by destroying one of their research stations as well as an entire planet at the same time, also eliminating an innocent race of creatures that were just discovering themselves, thus making herself the galaxy's public enemy number one. Her abilities defy physics, too. Samus Aran
  • Similar to the first example: A martial artist who wilfully disobeys his mother and arrogantly attempts to defeat a fighting god only to get his rear end handed to him and goes running off to his grandfather, the head of a multi-national conglomerate. While there he attends school and becomes something of a prick who wilfully leads along and corrupts a schoolgirl into a path of bunny boilerism and eventually does nothing to try to stop an evil power from changing him, especially when it helps him evade his grandfather who finally sees that his grandson is a dangerous maverick that must be stopped. A few years pass with events such as said boy's seemingly dead father returning and trying to teach him a lesson and it all comes to a head when he kills his own great grandfather and becomes the head of his younger grandfather's corporation. The very first thing he does is launch wars all over the world for his own sick jollies, up until he ends up getting on the wrong side of a Swedish guy who happens to be the grandfather's second son by manipulating his Robot Girl friend. When said Swedish kid FINALLY pummels the daylights out of him, much like Richter above, he immediately comes up with the flimsy excuse that he was trying to summon and destroy an ancient evil to get rid of his evil side and commits suicide along with the monster to evade punishment for his misdeeds, not that it helped. Also when fighters from another universe invade he suddenly becomes a lot mouthier to the point wen his initial goal for finding an ancient alien cube of power almost seems as much a convenient excuse to avoid justice as the last one. Jin Kazama from Tekken
  • A maverick rookie cop who didn't even last a day and joined the secret service. Whilst on assignment to find the president's missing daughter he slaughters an entire village as well as a massive cult that tries to stop him and even murders his old friend while joking about it. He never did quite reveal the truth to said daughter. Leon Scott Kennedy from Resident Evil.

  • After committing one of the worst sins in existence, this guy signs up to work as a thug for a corrupt government, and wanders around the world causing pain and disrupting people's lives for a purely selfish reason. The Comedian, Watchmen

  • This reprehensible man takes a young girl 25 years his junior away from her mother, assassinates the ruler of a country for making medical care affordable to the masses, and eventually tries to murder every single one of his travel companions because he believes he's the only one who should be allowed to exist. Frederic Chopin, Eternal Sonata
  • This delinquent girl is an unashamed thief who freely admits to stealing precious things from nearly everyone she meets. Her experiments with magic have caused enormous damage to her neighborhood and the environment, and she spends her mystic talents nuking defenseless innocents. Throughout her short life, she has attempted to murder a princess, several goddesses, and Ghandi. Oh, and she routinely trips out on shrooms. Marisa Kirisame, Touhou Project

  • This teenage brat gets into trouble just after moving in to his new home, quickly becoming the leader of a group of wannabe vigilantes. He is perfectly willing to date half a dozen girls at once, never telling any of them about the rest. He goes after kidnapping victims and, at their most vulnerable, forces them to admit their most embarrassing secrets. He may claim to want to save them from a brutal death, but he can lie around for weeks before taking any action. The protagonist of Persona 4.

  • This hero killed his own father. After a divorce he abandoned his daughter choosing a job in military. Frequently making fun from his frenemy's race and culture and convincing his best friend to drink alcohol with him as the best solution for his stress problems. Once we've seen him slapping a pregnant woman. If his friends would listen to his advices more often, they would be dead, and probably so the whole galaxy. McCoy, Star Trek: The Original Series
  • This guy's favorite pastime throwing his "friend" into a desperation. Do not really care for others, we can see it every time he's driving. He can't stand when someone is beats him in his own games. Control maniac. He wants the world to be how he wants it to be. He is extremely jealous of his "friends", always trying to have them just for himself. Partially responsible for most of coronary heart diseases in his town. a hint: he looks very cute and innocent, and if you google-image him, he will be wearing a red tie, white shirt and brown trousers.Sponge Bob, SpongeBob SquarePants

     MorningStar 1337 
  • There exist Enfant Terribles who enslave animals, use them to beat up children for money, and reach heights of sheer depravity. Some would preform eugenics on their captives for cockfights while others would seek to murder the wildlife on the hunt for rare specimens. They like to play with their prey, torturing them by keeping them on the brink of death as they call for help, using them as bait to catch their family or call their predators. They had even stolen other people's pets and helped one man destroy his entire country's culture, all with a smile on their faces. They do not sleep, they do not eat, they do not even speak. They are beings capable of subjugating the very gods themselves. Those under their "care" are forced to fight for their entertainment, undertake Painful Transformations, pork their brothers, sisters and parents and risk their lives to please their sadistic capped masters. the protagonists of the Pokémon games. With some focus on Orre and Alola.
  • Once a forensics scientist, a man became empowered by a freak explosion that granted people superpowers. He abuses those powers to ruin and ultimately erase form existence his mentor, travel back though time to deliberately alter history for his benefit, aid and abet several criminals and corrupt one of his co-workers on the force to help him with his schemes. His allies include a man who saved a criminal from another dimension from facing justice, a Vigilante Man with connections to ex-assassins, two of the aforementioned criminals, a cult leader and an alien who invaded Earth. His name is Barry Allen and he's The Flash.
  • Behold, the terror of the time-space continuum. This man betrayed the Time Police organization he worked for to recruit a Rag Tag Bunch Of Misfits, including, a pair of criminals, an assassin and a Person of Mass Destruction on his quest for Revenge against one of History's most influential people. Once that's done he then sics them on the Time Police, ultimately destroying them along with one of his own men also dying as a result. He then scatters his team to the winds of time so that he can manipulate another team into stealing the Spear of Destiny. After which he tries to kill off both teams. Rip Hunter. Legends of Tomorrow

  • This young woman may appear to be afraid of her own shadow and kind to a fault... but it's really all an act to lull those around her into a false sense of security. She takes advantage of this to manipulate the lives of others, and if one so much as toes the line, she lets her true personality loose: a possessive, psychotic, draconian matriarch who wants nothing less than total control of her environment. Fluttershy, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
  • After disobeying a direct order from a commanding officer, this soldier was reassigned to a different outpost, only to engage in a massive killing spree, resulting in the deaths of multiple military personnel and an entire alien civilization. The main protagonist of Doom
  • A deranged man of science and his drunken redneck accomplice like nothing better than to force individuals who have never met before (or worse, have met before and care for one another) to fight to the death, purely for their own twisted amusement. Wizard and Boomstick, Death Battle

     Morrigan 1 
  • She hasn't even graduated high school and she's already well known for interfering in secure government missions, not to mention a particular incident where she beat up everyone in an entire nightclub. Currently studying military arts and combat, presumably to become a more efficient killer; chose this path, as she says, because she is a "thrillseeker." Yang Xiao Long, "RWBY"
  • Has already harnessed the secret to eternal life, but shares it with no one, living in seclusion. When she meets new people, her first reaction is to try and beat them up with kitchen utensils. Has befriended notorious criminals who willingly admit to acts of brutal violence and is romantically involved with a high-level thief. Uses said thief as an excuse to run away from home, abandoning her only family. In the end, one of her medical miracles is undone, killing said family, but she doesn't bat an eyelash at that. Rapunzel, Disney's "Tangled"

  • A ruthless, hot-tempered copper who respects no-one and expresses hypocritical disdain towards the upper classes, his antics constantly meddle in his superior's plans. Despite his profession, he has little regard for clues and prefers to go with his gut, inevitably rubbing all the wrong people in all the wrong ways. To add insult to injury, he isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, although he does have a skeleton in the cupboard in the form of his alcoholism. Is not afraid of fighting dirty and had once ordered a subordinate to throw a heavy projectile at a suspect, resulting in said suspect's death. As of late, he has bound himself to a quasi-demonic entity of darkness older than the world itself. Sam Vimes, Discworld
  • Considers himself the smartest man in the world, he always acts patronising towards everyone, including his employers and his best friend. Despite his friend's obvious concerns for him, he never truly quits his cocaine addiction and generally acts coldly, if not rudely, to everyone. A manipulative man, he never expressed the slightest regret in seducing and getting engaged to a woman to further his plans only to abandon her later, or even in faking his own death for years, keeping everyone except his brother ignorant of the fact that he is still alive, while he travels the world. He is obsessive, distrusting of people, and believes that women are not capable of great intellectual feats. Obvious, isn't it? Sherlock Holmes

  • This silver haired fiend torments innocent elderly fat men and locks them in other dimensions, sacrifices cats to pagan fire gods and makes it look like they were simply sealed in another dimension, and drops boulders on their mourning loved ones (usually boyfriends) why Silver of course!

     Mr Blister 
  • This unruly anarchist with a penchant for violence is rightfully submitted into a mental hospital, but continuously makes sexist remarks towards his nurse and insensitive jokes at the mental illnesses of other patients. Repeatedly defying authority, he eventually strangles his supervisor. Randle Mc Murphy, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
  • An illegal alien who goes to another nation, crushing the first person she comes into contact with to death. The murderer then raids the corpse and targets the corpse's sibling, eventually burning the sibling to the point of disintegration with three other greedy individuals. This is probably overdone, but Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz

  • This hero is extremely prone to violent outburst and the use of deadly technology. He destroyed his own hometown using a Humongous Mecha, killing most everyone in it, including a potential love interest. He then joined an unlawful band of pirates and willingly aided them in a failed attempt to overthrow the government of a major superpower, destroying a small fleet of battleships in the process. After being captured by that country's rival, he helps several convicted felons and traitors escape, resulting in a nuclear explosion on the outskirts of that country's capital and the theft of one of it's largest military aircraft. His most egregious act, however, is the use of the aforementioned humongous mecha to single-handedly destroy the capital of another world power, which was also the hometown of the hero's mentor and another love interest. His infamy has gotten to the point that he is prophesied to be the "Slayer of God."
    Fei Fong Wong, Xenogears
  • This "hero" allowed the last fertile queen of a galaxy-destroying sentient insectoid species to escape without notifying his superiors until it was too late. Despite being mad as hatter thanks to being exposed to god-knows-how-many alien artifacts, he's charismatic enough to convince his sworn enemy to kill himself rather than fight him directly. He also willingly worked for a known terrorist organization, despite hunting that group's members down to a man two years prior. He currently has the allegiance of both a race of blood knights and a race of robot soldiers, and many assume he may be building an army to radically restructure the balance of power in the galaxy. Oh, and did we mention he was responsible for destroying an entire solar system, with 300'000+ innocent civilians in it?
    Commander Shepard, Mass Effect (and that's just Paragon Shepard. Renegade Shep would be too easy.)
  • An old soldier gets drafted into mercenary work to pay off the colony who nursed him back to health after an unspecified injury. His primary weapon is a Humongous Mecha powered by Toxic Phlebotinum, requiring extensive cybernetics just to operate. He ping-pongs from client to client for no better reason than that they were willing to pay him, eventually playing multiple sides in an inter-company war that ends with the mercenary destroying two corporate headquarters, which are basically office buildings with who-knows-how-many common laborers inside. The pollution from said war ultimately renders the entire Earth's surface uninhabitable for most people. Then he kills the closest thing he has to a friend and steals his identity before leaving the colony he was charged with protecting in flames. Last we looked, he had founded an organization dedicated to opposing the only group keeping humanity safe from the pollution he helped cause. Anatolia's Mercenary, Armored Core 4 and For Answer

  • This character is a man who has very questionable mental health, since he marches into a foriegn world murdering the inhabitants of a run down kingdom led by a monster considered to be the villain when he is in no way evil or a threat. He brutally slaughters all the inhabitants of the "villains" kingdom and destroys all the architecture of not only the monsters domain, but also the domain of the people he is to save as well. After destroying and murdering everyone and everything in his path he assaults the designated villain and leaves him to die without showing any mercy. Then his unstoppable rage continues as his only motivation to do such heinous acts is just to recieve a reward from the monarch who also has questionable mental health and rulership is terrible since its their majesty's own fault why the villain of the story is always kidnapping and conquering said monarch and the domain. The hero of this story also has a faithful companion who is his own brother. However he treats his brother like garbage, neglecting him, overpowering him, using him for his own selfish gain. The hero uses steroids, drugs, and enhancers to become more powerful and unstoppable. He also poaches an endangered species who helps him out on his quest, only for the gentle creature to be rewarded with abuse and homicide. Mario
  • He's got no regards for his own safety as he always rushes into extremely dangerous situations without any hesitation. He cares nothing for his friend who is more conscientious when it comes to these situations that are not safe. He forces his friends to do his dirty work with him and when his levelheaded friend will not do it, he resorts to bullying tactics and peer pressure to ensure he gets his way. When he cannot get his way, he acts like a spoiled little baby.Tommy Pickles
  • A woman who refuses to conform to the normal society decides to run away from home and find a boyfriend who her father doesn't approve of so she can change him. She winds up turning the entire town against him by boasting how great he is, and eventually has him killed by the hands of the nice, charming man who was more than willing to provide for her and love to to no end who she turned aside because she is a shallow, lazy, gold digging, manipulative, selfish brat.Belle, from Beauty and the Beast
  • A deadbeat father who abandoned his family more than 3 times for years at a time for no reason other than he was busy working. He steals ancient artifacts so he can wish his selfish means true and destroys terrains and planets because he has no consideration for mankind or any species alive or dead. When given the choice to return to his family he refused. He has abused his wife and overworks his children forcing them to live the life he wants for them, plus he is a massive glutton.Goku
  • She is rude, contemptible, surly, sociopathic, and all around, a total bitch. She harasses an innocent boy just because it amuses her. She is abusive to everyone in her path. She mistreats the only person brave enough to try to be her friend, but deep down, her friend hates her just as much as everyone else. Even though her mother is a neglectful alcoholic jailbird, it doesn't excuse her horrible behavior and complete disregard for the rules. She is lazy as she leeches off of other people, she has committed assault, burglary, theft, vandalism, harassment, to some shippers sexual harassment, grand theft auto, assault with a deadly weapon, child abuse, child endangerment, forgery, perjury, slavery, reckless endangerment, and countless acts of attempted murder. She's only 15. Sam Puckett from that horrible show iCarly
  • A insane mad young genious who tortures his best friend, regarding him as nothing more than a test subject for his deadly experiments. Jimmy Neutron

    MS 3049 
  • Forces another human to give away his powers, kills many soldiers, prevents one nation from spreading its prosperity, AND ran away from his duty to the world simply because he didn't want to. Also took out a king's personal guards (which also functioned as police) because they inconvienced him. Indirectly causes genocide of his people. Causes invasion of three allied nations. Aang, Avatar the Last Airbender
  • Forces blind man to walk through a forest with no protection to a hostile nation. Sacrifices two men to monsters in hopes of learning more about the monsters. Abandons family and homeland to death in hopes of meeting with secret organization. Actions lead to the death of his mentor and father. Curses five-year-old to life of suffering as she must absorb others misfourtune. Attempts to kill half-brother twice. Nearly causes extincition of dragons, ignites war between peaceful nations, allows allies to poison enemy, destroys sacred item of the dwarves. Controls soul of second teacher's dragon after it dies. Eragon, Eragon
  • Betrays own race and gives up religous views to help tribal natives harrasing a company that functioned as the only stable government on the dying planet of Earth. Betrays nearly ever commander he has ever served, and stole someone else's wife. Jake, Avatar
  • Forces creatures to do battle with each other for fun, regularly harrasses harmless villains for fun, forces creatures to live in cramped spaces, attempts to control many dieties on a regular basis. Ash, Pokémon
  • Destroy's one mans entire life work while forcing an animal to carry him across large distances. Made a Deal With the Devil to further his plans. Almost caused the extinction of dragons. Ben, Dragon Rider

     MSCC 93 
  • He sometimes betrays his friends,( Mission Ed-Possible), sometimes acts self-righteous and ( Sorry, Wrong Ed), and can overreact , yet is treated like an angel by some of the fans Edd from Ed, Edd n Eddy.
    • That's barely scratching the surface. He's the right hand of a resident Con Man, and constructed numerous harmful and potentially lethal contraptions, used to deceive the neighbourhood kids. Semi-responsible for nearly killing four people in The Movie.
  • Him and his friends never let their neighbor have any space to relax. They constantly bother him when he tells them many times that he doesn't like them. Spongebob from Spongebob Squarepants
  • Two brats who act so unruly to their guest and pays the guy zero respect and treats him like a servant who does their bidding rather than a person. One of them is a complete idiot with jerkass tendencies and another is a blonde-haired bitch who has a hard time being nice to anyone and never smiles. Billy and Mandy from The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.

  • Female member of a theocratic faction within the government of an alien race. Personally responsible for initiating a genocidal war against humanity. A decade later, she seduced a former hero of said war, setting him on a path which led to declare war on his own government. She also waged war on her own planet's military. She quickly surrendered after it became clear that she was losing, then tried to force the enemy leader to commit suicide. Even though this plan failed, she still managed to declare herself supreme ruler of her world and impose what can only be described as a communist dictatorship run by a "Worker Caste." Delenn, Babylon 5
  • School official who forced a teenage girl to wage a campaign of indiscriminate murder against a sentient race. Behaved insubordinately toward his school's principle, engaged in an illicit sexual affair with a female coworker, and ended up assisting the girl mentioned above in leading a student rebellion against the mayor of his town. Giles, Buffy The Vampire Slayer
  • Violent insurrectionist who led an attack fleet against Earth with the backing of alien forces, decimating Earth's defenses in a final battle which almost led to the total annihilation of Earth. Also waged a galactic war to destroy the galaxy's most ancient civilization. Later formed a galactic empire which bombed one of its own member worlds back to the stone age under this man's leadership. Much of his work was carried out by a paramilitary warrior cult which later became the main military force for his empire. Sheridan, Babylon 5
  • A mentally disturbed child who was locked up in his aunt and uncle's basement for the safety of those around him. Later ran away to join a shady, secretive organization of people who claim to be able to wield magical powers and have their own government outside the authority of England's national government. Believed himself to be the "Chosen One" destined to seek revenge on the man who killed his parents; he ultimately accomplished this by destroying the man's soul, piece by piece, before finally killing him. Organized a bunch of his classmates into a gang of vigilantes as part of a rebellion against his least favorite teacher. This group eventually backed him in a rebellion against the government. Harry Potter
  • A highly insubordinate worker at a coffee shop who is abusive toward her coworkers, customers, her room mate, and even her own boss. Regularly mocks and humiliates her own friends. Carried on a sexual affair with her boss's brother, despite her boss's wishes. Faye, Questionable Content

  • A mysterious man who meets a recently separated woman and makes himself the sole focus of her life, causing her to forget her other responsibilities. He makes the woman do everything for him, even change the channel on the TV and type up his letters. He takes advantage of her emotional instability and forms a relationship with her. He becomes moody and depressed whenever she does not pay attention to him, occasionally becoming dangerous to others. Despite this, he has told her on many occasions that he would leave her if he had the chance. Capable of trashing an entire room when angry. Henry Mallet, Spirited
  • Deceptively harmless-looking man who lies and cheats constantly. His co-workers refuse to play games with him because they know he'll cheat. Hides all of his emotions behind a smile and will rarely show them. Regularly manipulates total strangers and the people around him for fun. Several times, has stated his intention of committing murder while still smiling. Patrick Jane, The Mentalist
  • This woman's best friend is rude, violent, cruel and a compulsive liar. She knows this, and will sometimes even take part in his lies to help him achieve his goals. Although she scolds him for keeping secrets from her, at exactly the same time she has been keeping a secret from him that has endangered both him and his family. The last episode of the show she's from heavily implies that she will intentionally prescribe drugs to a man who doesn't need them in order to "take his mind". Gillian Foster, Lie to Me
  • This is a hyper-aggressive, overgrown thug of a man who gets away with being a rude, arrogant hooligan who treats his employees like dirt simply because he is extremely skilled and clever. He is also a compulsive liar and a conman. He is only truly kind to two people, and is obsessively protective of them to the point of violence and stalking. Cal Lightman, Lie to Me

  • A gluttonous omnicidal maniac who regularly goes on killing sprees to reach the residence of and abuse the local authority, one such escapade being because he couldn't sleep at night. Regularly helps out villains, despite other athourity figures' attempts to stop him. Kirby, Kirby series
  • A gang of adolescents consisting of a douchebag prankster, an apathetic prick, a rich bossy girl and a girl that regularly passive-agressively fights with her mother would willingly destroy their universe if it meant they could complete a copmuter game, and if that doesn't work. they'd subsequently butt in another group's. One of these children is in control of the dark arts and used them to, for fun, ruin their hub planet, another kidnapped a young child to pretend that she's his daughter, and still another swindled his hub planet in its economy. The Beta Kids, Homestuck
  • A sociopath who regularly terrorizes those around him. Has been shown to disproportionately seek revenge on childhood bullies by drowning them in filth. He also stalks an author through his computer, with his victim's knowing. He has murdered enough people to outweigh his comrades, and regularly likes messing with their minds, all for his own amusement. Andrew Hussie, Homestuck

  • A psychologically unstable teenage girl who sabotages government facilities, contributes to the death of many civilians, agrees to the slaughter of innocent children and finally betrays and assassinates one of her allies. Katniss Everdeen, The Hunger Games
  • An entire race of humanoids who use their authority resulting from their technological and cultural superiority to hide the most shameful points of society, including imprisoning those with a certain medical condition (which the victims have no control over). They hide ancient technology while passing an inter-species law that severely punishes this very deed. Asari, Mass Effect
  • A military officer who endangers subordinates with reckless actions, due to a compulsive need to make decisions that are way above in the chain of command, including (but not limited to) the destruction of the backbone of the known world's culture or the activation of a weapon of mass destruction which may completely annihilate the population of Earth. Commander Shepard, Mass Effect
  • A manipulative teenage boy who disturbs the investigation of several murders, sweet-talks people into furthering his own (often sexual) goals, smuggles weapons into a mall filled with civilians, kills a well-intended policeman and plans the killing of a psychologically unstable but generally harmless man. The Hero, Persona 4
  • A group of savages led by a senile old man calling himself a druid. They constantly harass the soldiers around their village for no other reason that they're there, using force greatly exceeding 'deadly'. Other times, they cause chaos and destruction in the most prosperous and cultured country of their age. Of course, that's when they're not fighting each other over reasons as petty as rotten fish. The Gaul Village, Asterix



  • A boy who managed to get into a school for exceptional students on luck alone, he proceeds to knowingly play a major role in bringing about the horrific and humiliating deaths of his classmates. One classmate in particular committed suicide after a lengthy conversation with this kid. Makoto Naegi, Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
  • This young man believes it's his duty to beat people up because of a bug bite he once received. Spider-Man
  • This character assists in imprisoning fifteen teenagers in a situation that proves deadly and poses as one of their number. In reality she works for an organization that aims to destroy the world those fifteen teenagers worked to build. She eventually murders one of those teenagers. Chiaki Nanami, Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair admittedly, almost all I had to do for this one was paraphrase Monokuma.

    nigelstack 345 
  • An immature 20-something slacker who tries to win the heart of a mysterious girl by mercilessly killing off her 7 heartbroken exes, while along the way continually blaming his closest friends and relatives for his own personal failures. He also broke the hearts of 3 other girls, one of which turned to a lonely misanthrope because of it. Scott Pilgrim
  • A naive "hero" who keeps thwarting attempts from a lonely, depressed monarch to find a significant other. He is also known for doing things his way, even if that way ruins the lives of many innocents along the way. He can also be spotted with an equally naive magic canine with stretchy powers, who also steals whenever he gets a chance. Jake the Dog and Finn the Human, Adventure Time
  • An aloof, vengeful drifter whose quest to find out who killed her father drives her to assault personnel and her own student body from her high school, with a blatant disrespect for proper authority. She also wears provocative clothing to boot, which is believed to give her superhuman powers to aid her in her goal. Ryuko Matoi, Kill la Kill

    Nine-Tailed Cat 
  • A youth who dedicated his life to the destruction of a land's rulership, aided by an old man who was also the previous king's killer. His rebellious armies slaughtered their way across the land, teamed up with thieves to take over a major city, and fought against the rightful princess to steal an artefact that she had claim to. Finally, under the false pretences of being the heir to the kingdom, he murdered the queen and took over the entire kingdom for himself. Konrad, The Battle For Wesnoth
  • A domestic servant who obeys a vampire without question. She is extremely cold and antisocial, with most of her interactions with other humans involving attacking them with knives. Several times, she has investigated abnormal situations only to turn around and leave actually fixing things to a local shaman who she has fought with on a regular basis. In addition, she has been known to prepare food with poison in it and assist a burglar in breaking into her mistress's home, even going so far as to serve meals for the crook. Sakuya Izayoi, Touhou
  • The product of genetic engineering, turned loose on the unprepared public before being taken in by a notorious and unrepentant criminal. She has been known to get her way with threats of violence backed up by her sharp teeth, and she has even torn someone apart on several occasions. She has also sabotaged a man's hopes of making money, attacked the Mayor with supplies stored for an emergency, and got a little too intimate with a local veterinarian. One of her fellow crew members has even suspected her of being a vampire, although this has not been confirmed yet. Florence Ambrose, Freefall
  • This man, who may or may not be a dedicated thief, has stirred up trouble in five lands. On his first adventure, he forced a girl to give up her life as a badass leader of a warrior band, then turned an old lady into a frog just because she was hungry. Later on, he nearly released world-destroying forces on several occasions, once by accident and twice deliberately. Finally, he failed to prevent the awakening of a dragon with the power to burn a whole kingdom to the ground. The Hero, Quest For Glory
  • A vicious pirate who duelled an alcoholic, beat up a friendly, innocent giant, and used deceit to make a man die of poisoning, all with the ultimate goal of stealing an engaged woman from her husband-to-be. Westley, The Princess Bride
  • Armed with an experimental gun, this woman is a threat to an entire facility. She refuses to speak to anyone, preferring to either burn those who disagree with her to death or throw them into the vacuum of space. She was even willing to murder her only friend. Chell, Portal
  • A guy with a ridiculous hairstyle who spends most of his time shouting at people and stealing things to get possible murderers off the hook. Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney
  • A clueless boy who led his people away from their ancient home on a dangerous journey that got many of them killed, all because of a dream he had. Along the way, he teamed up with either greedy miners or simple-minded thugs and slaughtered people for being more faithful to his god than he was. Kaleh, The Battle For Wesnoth
  • This buffoon regularly causes disasters and resorts to theft, vandalism, trickery and merciless taunting just to clean up the messes he made. Among his deeds are nearly ruining a local governor's plan to defeat the most feared pirate on the seas, causing said pirate's resurrection, turning the governor into a gold statue, and allowing the aforementioned pirate to become a voodoo god. Guybrush Threepwood, Monkey Island
  • The child of an evil god whose main source of income is through killing things. They lead a ragged band of stab-happy sell-swords across the land, slaughtering everything that gets in their way, with the ultimate intent of killing their own brother. Among their companions are a bratty young pickpocket, a spineless wimp who can't do anything without his bossy wife, a berserking idiot who talks to rodents, an arrogant witch who insists everything be done her way, a bitter sniper who only cares about revenge, a shamelessly perverted thief, a moronic, gullible dwarf, a fanatical knight who attacks anyone he suspects of the slightest wrongdoing, and a crazily joyful kleptomaniac. [CHARNAME], Baldur's Gate, and their Good-aligned party members (in order: Imoen, Khalid, Minsc, Dynaheir, Kivan, Coran, Yeslick, Ajantis, Alora).

    NN Land 
  • Because of his actions, many people, including some of his loved ones, have died or been noticeably wounded. He's aware of this too. Rick, The Walking Dead Comics
  • Reckless idiot constantly gets his friends into unthinkable situations that probably could've been avoided if he had stopped to actually think about the well being of his friends. Monkey D. Luffy, One Piece
  • Perverted martial artist in old age loves to harass and take photos of a 15 year old girl. He's well aware of this too. Ma Kensei, History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi
  • Radio DJ tricks kids into going out and vandalizing the streets in a quest to obtain some sort of "enlightenment". Also tricks a man into arson when he asks a simple question. DJ Professor K, JET SET RADIOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  • Big mouthed show off tries to obtain ultimate power, sometimes even disregarding his friends advice or thoughts, and simply remaining a narcissistic man. His partner's also a really horny woman. Black Star and his partner Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, Soul Eater

  • A deceptive and powerful warrior who destroys a whole quasi-utopic land for no apparent reason, causing much pain to his would-be friends, and talks many of its inhabitants into helping him do the task. Marche, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

  • A young detective whose crimes include, and aren't limited to: forgery, fraud, impersonating police officers, witholding evidence from the police, theft, piloting a helicopter without a license, letting murderers go free, and possible paedophilia. Conan Edogawa/ Shinichi Kudo, Detective Conan
  • A racist Secret Service agent who goes to the middle of Spain, without knowing Spanish, and proceeds to massacre the people living there and loot their corpses. Leon S. Kennedy, Resident Evil 4
  • A racist anti-terrorist task force member goes to Africa and proceeds to massacre all of the people he comes across. Chris Redfield, Resident Evil 5
  • Goddesses who don't care when there's a crazy, homicidal maniac running around with a portion of their power, but care when anyone sees them as being assholes by sending them to another dimension to be killed later. Din, Naryu, and Farore, The Legend Of Zelda series.
  • A warrior whose crimes include: theft many times over (including a horse), breaking and entering, desecrating several graves, planning a coup and going through with it, and several murders. Link, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  • Similar to the above, there's another warrior whose crimes include: theft, breaking and entering, breaking out of jail, terrorizing the local populace, desecrating at least one grave, genocide, several murders, and being an ass to anyone he deems unimportant. Link, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Genocide is over the Shadow Beasts being cursed Twili who have no control over their actions.

    Noonbory Kedabory 
  • A young boy who has no parental figure to speak of, lives with dogs, continually risks his life and the dogs' lives, and is constantly ignored by the fanbase. Ryder, PAW Patrol
  • A 12 year old who acts far older than she is, treats everyone around her (including her closest friends!) like garbage, shops almost unhealthily too much, and is believed by that fans to be a Sociopath. Massie Block, The Clique

    North Wind Gray 
  • A young boy (or girl) raised by a loving family who finds his/her birth family after a trip goes bad. S/he decides to side with her birth family which s/he barely knows in a war, and ultimately invades the country s/he was raised in, killing one of his/her brothers and sisters in the process, and finally killing the man who raised him/her. Corrin, Fire Emblem Fates Birthright path
  • A person with an unknown past. Possibly has amnesia. Upon becoming an official adventurer, they disrupt the plans of various locals before turning their attention and weapons onto various deity-like figures worshiped by minority groups who are already being hunted down because of the deity-like figures. This person ultimately comes to blows with a group lead by a well-meaning general, ending with killing said general in a climatic showdown. The Warrior of Light, Final Fantasy XIV
    • This same person with an unknown past has also been welcomed into a religious settlement... then immediately forms an alliance with two of said settlement's enemies. They are also responsible for killing the leader of the settlement after he became a Physical God just to stop the aforementioned amnesiac adventurer. The Warrior of Light, Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward
  • A man wanted by his world's governing body for countless acts of murder, theft, murder, property damage, and murder. On his right arm is an Artifact of Doom capable of draining the life of whoever comes into contact with it, which he uses indiscriminately. Has been proclaimed "The Enemy of the World", and will one day morph into a world-destroying Eldritch Abomination that has already nearly destroyed the world 100 years prior. He is also actively standing in the way of the world being reborn by denying access to the world's "unchangeable truth" Lastly, he dines and dashes constantly and apparently has a thing for his brother and little girls. Ragna the Bloodedge, Blazblue
  • A woman who is the child of two of the world's greatest heroes. How does she spend her time? Why, keeping a stockpile of nukes, tinkering with people who are on death's door to make them her servants, and, on occasion, aiding the world-ending criminal mentioned above, of course! In addition to this, she isn't above bringing her aunt back to life just to use her as the warhead to what is effectively a nuke that targets an element in the world that everyone needs to survive - simply to spite another one of the world's greatest heroes, and only then if the aforementioned stockpile of nukes doesn't work. Kokonoe Mercury, Blazblue

  • This agent of imperialism plunders from indigenous civilizations both dead and still existant, selling their treasures and holy artifacts to American museums, and hands over a weapon of mass destruction to the United States government. [[Spoiler: The self-titled Film/Indiana Jones.]]

  • An ecoterrorist with Mad Scientist tendencies, his crimes include the destruction of a ship, recruiting an impressionable teenager to help him, designing a weapon of mass destruction, and sabotaging a business. He also thinks he can communicate with whales and build a flying windmill he can take to the moon, and readily believes there is a violin-playing clown in the moon with absolutely no evidence whatsoever. Meet Professor von Paljas from Alfred J. Kwak.
  • As a young child he left his parents and siblings and watched them die, and this was only the beginning. Raised by a blind, unemployed semi-dwarf with occasional bouts of Napoleon Complex and Fantastic Racism. When he was still a middle schooler, he already had a short temper and assaulted his classmate twice the same day, when they were walking to and away from school, revealing his guarded and shameful secret in the process. Even the classmate ran away crying, he wouldn't leave the boy alone and pursued him, causing him to fall in a luckily(?) dry well and suffer a disabling injury that would haunt the classmate for the rest of his life. The villain, instead of seeking help, stayed there yelling at his classmate for being unable to climb back up, and then fell into the well too, leaving nobody knowing they were even there. He then tried to climb out alone and leave the classmate in there, but failed repeatedly in these attempts. Our villain then told his classmate that instead of the racist society, the problem obviously lied in the classmate's attitude, and that people wouldn't hate and mock him if he spent his life bending over backwards to please them instead of protecting himself from the racists, being justifiably reclusive, and retaining his human dignity. He also ignored his classmate's physical pain after excatly one half-assed first aid attempt. He learned the classmate was being abused by his alcoholic father, but didn't bother telling this to anybody or otherwise helping his classmate. Some time later his actions led to his classmate's friend injuring his arm, using drugs and suffering from horrible side effects, but he got away with it. Later he was the factor that led into two spies succesfully sabotaging military equiptment when people were distracted, and as if that wasn't enough, he went on to release an omnipotent evil spirit from it's prison out of greed, sabotage a petty thief, his classmate, who was only trying to make a living, and injuring a homeless man who was just trying to get his next meal. As a young adult, he was still unable to distinguish reality from dreams, hinting at mental illness, and became an ecoterrorist, hiring a thug to blow up his old associate's modern fishing ship, only regretting this when he realized the associate's life could be endangered, but let the explosion happen anyway. He never told the guy he was responsible, instead convincing him to quit his job and give up his family's livelihood for the sake of his anti-fishing industry plot. When that wasn't enough, our villain set to sea, from Europe, on an inflatable rowing boat, to the south pole, where he fought the crew of a whalers and helped another ecoterrorist destroy their ship. They then returned to prevent the fishing vessel from leaving the harbor by blocking the way, giving the company no choice but leave the ship rusting and lose a fortune. He later tried to join a circus because he was infatuated with a trapeze dancer, but walked out on a whim just as he was going to get hired, leaving their seriously ill clown without an apperentice to take over his job jright after getting his hopes up. He had collected money for charity, but immediately borrowed it to the new king who promised to repay him manyfold, but lost everything. After this moment of sympathy, he went right back on his villainous ways by rejecting his classmate who had no choice but beg his help, insulting him to his face, too. An ardent monarchist, he opposed his classmate's attempts to overthrow the stupid king and the decadent court, become a president, and give unemployed people jobs, even when the classmate was willing to give him another chance despite everything our villain had done to him. He escaped his prison with a ragtag group of reactionaries, joining the government-in-exile after the king's banishment, and was sent back to overthrow his classmate's government. He succeeded, having his friend reveal the classmate's Mixed Ancestry to his racist followers and stealing their money and sending it to his king, which caused the classmate's government to collapse within two days at most. After the dust settled, he housed illegal immigrants on the run from their home country's police, attempted to seduce the family's daughter, and stormed into the king's castle to demand their release once they were found and arrested, fighting the armed guards all the way and getting away with it on the king's whim. He then traveled to the immigrants' home country, attacking his classmate's childhood friend on the way, helped two wanted people escape, lied to the police, and assaulted a baker on the street, threatening to wreck his whole shop. Then, instead of helping the oppressed racial minority whose suffering he witnessed there, just went home and forgot about it. He obsessed about his classmate enough to see dreams about him, also dreaming about trying to kill him and his friends. After almost getting himself and the ecoterrorist killed, he became jealous enough over his girlfriend crushing on a pop singer to waste money on a seduction attempt, laugh madly, jealously follow her to a concert where he jealously grumbled about the singer, and outright ditched her later that night to go home, but somehow still got the girl. Next he inserted himself in the affairs of two middle eastern countries, indirectly caused a horrible war, and supported one country's prince and the other country's princess when they threatened suicide, and left both countries in an ultkmately questionable situation. He then went on to beat up his classmate again and got them both in danger, though they both survived and the classmate managed to escape. He resorted to ecoterrorism again, breaking a possibly dangerous animal out of the zoo and letting it run free, vowed to destroy his classmate's presidential campaign with no evidence of anything illegal at hand, and helped a faraway country's king to defeat a deadly pandemic, only to demand him to immediately do something impossible to immediately do as a reward. When the king didn't immediately comply, he kidnapped all the innocent children in the country, regardless of whether or not their parents had anything to do with the king, and used the parents' fear and distraught to blackmail the entire country. At least he returned them all to their families when the king complied, but that does nothing to water down his despicabality. After setting out to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, he fought over it with his classmate, who really needed the money to pay his debtors, lest they kill him. This villain didn't care, but took the gold and left his classmate to drown in the ocean. He then helped his ecoterrorist friend hatch a plan that, if succeeding, would result in all non-renewable fuel companies going out of business and millions of workers losing everything. When the local oil company hired his classmate to help them stop the plot and save millions of people from unemployment and propably starvation, this villain viciously attacked him again and got the CE Os arrested along with him. Apparently our villain was still obsessed with his classmate, because he only thought about him and neglected his girlfriend, which caused her to finally break up with him for good. Even after the girlfriend made clear she wanted nothing to do with him, he kept harassing her with phone calls and kept obsessing about her, which his father encouraged instead of telling him to let go. He then proceeded to decide the breakup was his classmate's fault and, after the classmate decided to leave him and the whole country behind from good and took our villain's ex with him, he went livid, tracked them down, threatening his classmate with a loaded gun. He could have killed him, but was too obsessed with his ex and went looking for her instead. The ex immediately went back to this villain and they went on to celebrate his birthday while the classmate was arrested yet again. [[The eponymous Alfred from Alfred J. Kwak.]]

  • He led his friend's family to their deaths. As if that wasn't enough, he was a racist and taught his beliefs to his friend's surviving son and his birthday party guests, one of whom belonged to the minority he was prejudiced against, and who propably internalized it and did gros up with low self-esteem. All the people present during this were young, impressionable children. When his adoptive son was later threatened with a death sentence, he refused to break him out of the dungeon and chose to trust the king they all knew to be violent and unbalanced. The child was saved through a friend's actions instead. He later went on sabotaging a homeless man who was only trying to get his next meal, and would also attempt to drown the man in question in an icy lake, leaving him in there without telling anybody. He would later join a band of reactionaries who ousted their country's new ruler, who knew what he was doing and actually kept his promises, in order to insert their Manchild of a king back on the throne. Then he lied to the staff of an oil rig who had hired him to help them with a problem, kept aiding his son in his ecoterrorism plots, and encouraging his son to harass his ex-girlfriend with phone calls instead of letting go of her and seeing somebody who actually likes him. Henk, Alfred J. Kwak.

  • This woman started off as a seemingly loyal special forces member, but her mask hid darker secrets. She has a very personal vendetta against the main benefactor of an important philanthropic organisation, who she tries to assassinate after defecting from her organisation alongside with a traumatised soldier that she can easily lead to believe her version of the truth, and who is now so trapped in his delusions that he is trying to hunt a woman that used to be his partner. Together, they mount an offensive against their benefactor, a rampage which claims millions in military equipment, ruins a millenia-old historical site and destroys decades of crucial medical research. Hundreds of soldiers die trying to stop these rogues, and it is not until the benefactor is dead and the damaged soldier had killed and severely wounded members of his former unit, both of which he had formed very intimate bonds with before he descended into insanity, they momentarily cease the slaughter. They were last seen in a hijacked helicopter with the gravely wounded partner of the soldier and samples of a devastating biological weapon.
Sheva Alomar and Chris Redfield, Resident Evil 5

    Obiwanlivesforever 2 
  • This cynical, anti-social, often violent young woman willingly enters a competition involving the brutal slaughter of children. She subjects four of them to such gruesome deaths as being stung repeatedly by wasps or mauled for hours by vicious dogs. Not long after, she returns to kill again, murdering a man in front of his sister. Despite being fawned over by two young men who would die for her, she gives neither a concrete answer, preferring to go back and forth between them whilst manipulating one in order to gain popularity and presents. Her sole father figure is an alcoholic who once murdered a girl with an axe. Although being hailed by many as a symbol of change and freedom, she works ultimately for her own ends, refusing to help spark a rebellion without personal benefit and eventually causing a civil war which results in the deaths of thousands. At the end of the series, she assassinates the new leader of a fledgling democracy and votes in favor of forcing the defeated enemy’s children into the murderous games. Katniss Everdeen, The Hunger Games
  • This young man became famous at the age of fourteen for murdering other children. Rather than settling down with the kind woman who genuinely loves him, he persists in sleeping around with a chain of various lovers. Finnick Odair, The Hunger Games
  • This group of radical terrorists chose to respond to a nation's deep-rooted social problems with violence rather than reason. Beginning with interrupting the funeral of a well-respected politician with an armed demonstration, they soon moved on to more heinous deeds. The gang hoarded guns, trashed the streets, disrupted and endangered civilian lives with blockades and shoot-outs, and killed police officers who tried to interfere. They also sang numerous songs involving blood and death. Their members included a drunk, a parole breaker who served hard time in a federal prison, the children of two unscrupulous criminals, and a young man so fanatical that he chose death over surrender. Their actions caused nothing but grief for the citizens of their city, and ended up driving one man to suicide. Les Amis d'ABC, Les Misérables
  • A manipulative Karma Houdini whose supposed dedication to catching criminals comes off as self-righteous and hollow when you realize she's committed theft, vandalism and trespassing on a regular basis, stolen a priceless sapphire for a gang of thieves, created forgeries of famous paintings, pestered people to tell her about their painful, personal pasts, been charged with burning down a historic building but avoided jail time due to her connections, stolen a woman's identity, left people to burn to death, and ruined over 30 lives. Nancy Drew, the Nancy Drew computer game series.
  • An obsessive, self-entitled stalker who fantasized over a young woman he barely knew for years, constantly went behind her back, manipulated her emotions and lied to her out of 'love,' willingly joined a gang of trained child-killers, murdered an innocent injured girl who might have survived her wounds if not for him, tricked another girl into poisoning herself, caused a man to leave behind his elderly mentor to die, didn't care when his entire family is killed, tried to strangle his girlfriend, and finally ends up having children with her despite her obvious discomfort with the idea. Peeta Mellark, The Hunger Games.
  • An utterly incompetent, unqualified fool whose ridiculous assumptions and irreverent behavior make a mockery of the very justice system he claims to uphold. His version of crime-fighting consists of reducing people to hysterics by arguing with and shouting at them constantly, even when he has no logical point to make. Despite claiming to protect the innocent, the ‘guilty parties’ he has thrown in jail include a man who saved his own best friend’s life, a woman who killed in pure self-defence, a mistreated nurse who only wanted to avenge her sister, and a disabled man seeking to punish the person responsible for his brother’s coma. By contrast, those he defends from justice include a gluttonous necromancer, a corrupt prosecutor, a lazy useless womanizer, a goddess of misfortune, a thief guilty of grand larceny, a spineless accessory to murder, a wild beast, and, most infamously, a depraved sadist whom he knows full well to have committed murder and in whose place he accuses an innocent, traumatized woman. He himself has been arrested for murder three times but always managed to weasel his way out of the consequences. He has brought about the ruination of many hardworking officials who strove to curb criminal activity, including a jovial police chief responsible for the arrest of a dangerous serial killer. He dated a demonic murderess and attacked a man who good-heartedly tried to warn him about her crimes, leading to that man’s death, after which he openly mocked the victim. Justice finally catches up to him when another attorney discovers him using forging evidence and has him disbarred, but he ends up creating more fake evidence to implicate this man in a murder and destroy his life. In doing so, he manipulates the man’s young apprentice into breaking the law and risking his job. He further perverts the court system by allowing mob rule to decide the outcome of trials. In his private life, he is a lazy drunk who cheats at poker and somehow considers himself qualified to raise a child. If all this was not bad enough, in one installment of his adventures, he even fights against the superheroes of the Marvel Universe! Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney. The last installment mentioned is Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
  • A creepy, reclusive slaveholder lures young children into his home by promising them candy. He allows most of them to suffer extremely sadistic fates simply for showing too much interest in his work. The last remaining child is kept within his madhouse forever. Willy Wonka, any adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
  • An irresponsible young man finds his adoptive parents dead and, rather than mourning, leaves home to join a terrorist organization seeking to re-establish a corrupt, ineffectual government. Guided by a chronic liar who once maimed his own best friend and abandoned him to die, the youth trains in the ways of an ancient order of armed religious fanatics who reject the bonds of love, family, and friendship. He starts out by using their sorcery to kill over a million people on his first day and moves on to choking people with magic, killing a man's pet, pushing people into a pit where an unimaginably Cruel and Unusual Death awaits them, and cutting off his own father's hand. In the end, we find him honoring the memory of an evil mass murderer. Many years later, when his world is in a time of great need, he simply abandons his responsibilities and runs off to hide. To top it all off, he once shared a passionate kiss with his own sister. Yes, it’s Luke Skywalker.
  • A warrior who decapitates a single father in front of his ten-year-old son. Mace Windu from the Star Wars prequels.
  • A creature which encourages a grown man to kiss a teenage girl. Sebastian from The Little Mermaid (1989).
  • A rogue time traveler, raised by a cult of evil monks, whose defining mission in life was to murder the bravest, most kindhearted and widely-beloved man in the universe - who also happened to be the best friend of her parents. Later on, she almost caused the destruction of time and reality itself due to her selfishness, and only relented when the object of her desire agreed to marry her. Her final action is to remove a large group of people from a place where they were safe and happy and force them into a reality where all of their loved ones are certainly dead. River Song, Doctor Who.
  • A bad-tempered, cynical, selfish brute who treats his only friends like garbage. He spends his entire first adventure knowingly assisting a member of the group that murdered his own wife and child. His regular associates are a lazy idiot so repulsive he drove away his own family, and a seasoned killer with countless deaths on his hands. Allows an entire race to drive itself to extinction simply so he could get some food, and later kills two unique creatures which are the last of their species. Sexually harasses his love interest and refuses to apologize, while also trying to force her to abandon her adopted culture. Winds up as a controlling, overprotective parent who refuses to let his daughter live her own life. Manny from Ice Age.

  • A defector with a Superpowered Evil Side, who childishly sports rivalries, uses his charisma to win the trust of his new leaders just to betray them soon after, and secretly teams up with terrorists. As we go on, he almost kills his best friends, conquers an entire continent to enforce his ideals, setting up a government controlled by him. His allies include a mafioso, a Humanoid Abomination, a vampire, a member of a sect, a ruthless assassin and two religious fanatics. In the end, he murders his own helpless father and cannot prevent his twin sister from committing suicide. Daniel Vinyard from Exit Fate

  • Real Life: A politician who got his start as a lawyer for the biggest and most destructive corporations in the country gets elected President with only a minority of the popular vote. He proceeds to use the military to close opposition newspapers and have his political opponents arrested and held without trial, while also unleashing a brutal war against a dissident region. He commits repeated war crimes, ordering his armies to burn farms and even whole cities, and his navy to blockade the dissident region and not let anything, including food and medical supplies in. When the judiciary tries to block these abuses, he threatens to have the chief justice arrested too, intimidating him into backing down. Abraham Lincoln.
  • A fascist hunts freedom-fighters who are trying to restore democracy in order to preserve a fascist dictatorship: Kiera Cameron.
  • Wicked Cultured member of a mafia family who is raised from early childhood by assassins murders lots of people, including her own father, and also makes use of torture. When various heroes try to stop her, she shoots them. When she meets another daughter of a gangster who murders her own father in order to take over his crew, she lets her go without doing anything about it. The world's greatest assassin respects and even admires her. Comic Book/Huntress.
  • A military officer leads his men into an ambush and gets most of them killed. He gets charged and convicted of the murder of his commanding officer, and drug trafficking. To avoid punishment for his crimes, he flees, abandoning his wife and their two children, a young boy and infant girl. When he finally shows up again, he takes a job as a spy, betraying some of the noblest and heroic people in the world, all the while lying to the public, letting them think he's some kind of hero. Captain Atom.
  • The spoiled daughter of an aristocratic family who is given a powerful government job entirely through nepotism and who issues legal rulings without much caring about the actual legal rules, she fights to restore an oppressive monarchy and to destroy a revolutionary who abolishes slavery and wants a more egalitarian social and political structure: Lady Sarai from Spell of the Black Dagger.

  • A scientist who repeatedly disregards protocol and all sense of logic on a whim. As a child, she summoned a flood of demonic aliens to her universe just because she was upset. Her brother saved her life as a child, and she is not only ungrateful, but actually hates him because he failed to also save their parents. As an adult, she got involved as the co-developer of the universe's most powerful weapon (a position she may have gotten by sleeping around with the man in charge of the project). This weapon went out of control and killed several of her coworkers; despite this, she is determined to continue her work on it. She verbally abuses her best friend and completely ignores her subordinate who is madly in love with her. She eventually abandons her scientist role to become involved with a terrorist group. In the end, she betrays all of her friends because she thinks The Dragon is handsome. Oh, and let's not forget the time she used her superweapon to murder two little girls. Shion Uzuki, Xenosaga

    Ori Cat 
  • He spends years terrorizing the immigrants to his neighbourhood, but once he leaves decides that his talents are best spent on thievery instead. He gets one of his friends killed by involving him in a scheme, assaults politicians to take their horses, and breaks into a man’s house to nick his jewelry, injuring the man’s puppy on his way out. Sees no problem with killing people just to take their clothing - and sometimes their skin to wear as clothing. Worst of all, he’s a vegetarian. Beren Erchamion, The Silmarillion
  • Lying to his own child and utterly failing to prepare said child for future life looks pretty light when compared to his other sins of maiming a friend, terrorism, arson, attempted fratricide, and child murder. Fa, The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness

  • Morally ambiguous medicine man (of sorts) who travels a primitive land though in clothing that quite clearly indicates he has visited more developed societies. Rather than attempting to import some of this progress to his home country, he instead wanders about preaching dubious, shamanistic cures to ailments he consistently claims are caused by supernatural entities of the sort typically only believed in by the occult. Unsurprisingly, his success rate in treating his credulous patients is far from perfect. Ginko from Mushishi.
  • Teenage boy with a Messiah complex who once got his younger sister killed because he ignored doctors who told him she was too ill to be taken out on Christmas Eve. In the first episode, his response to seeing a young girl walking towards him was to shoot her in the stomach. He later betrayed the organisation that took him in, and whose leader and members befriended him, by emotionally manipulating them into doing the exact opposite of what their organisation had set out to do, and working with their sworn enemy in order to do it. In the final episode, he proved himself a complete hypocrite by begging his Love Interest to defy the natural order alongside him, having devoted a lot of his time to preventing others from doing just that. Oh, and he was a total, good-for-nothing slacker in his youth. Otonashi of Angel Beats!.
  • Blood Knight warlord who has conquered a significant portion of his home country but, rather than spending any time administering it responsibly, prefers to go riding around with his yakuza-like army fighting and conquering more foes. Repeatedly refuses to form an alliance with other warlords against the Big Bad simply because he doesn't like sharing the spotlight with others. Several times takes advantage of a dispute between two fellow warlords in order to attack them both while they're at a disadvantage. Generally prefers to fight and preserve the era of bloodshed that has gripped his country for decades rather than taking any steps to end the constant war, opposing those who do. Date Masamune of Sengoku Basara.
  • Insensitive jerkass who constantly ignores a schoolmate's repeated signs and statements of affection for him, instead giving her the cold shoulder completely. Acts completely ungratefully towards his father and step-mother, who moved the family away from the city in order to experience, and give him, a more peaceful life away from the stress and strain of modern society. Spends most of the series attempting to commit genocide, even when he becomes part of the minority he's trying to commit genocide against. Dies in order to blow up a man who was just trying to protect his beloved and kind mistress from an angry mob. Koide Natsuno, a.k.a. Yuuki Natsuno, from Shiki.
  • Eccentric doctor who has a history of behaving ungratefully towards his mother and neglectfully towards his wife, preferring his work to either of them. Takes no notice whatsoever when several of the nurses at his clinic go missing, one after the other. Tortures his wife to death For Science!, alienating his best friend in the process. Spends the rest of the series attempting to commit genocide, along the way inciting an angry mob to help him. Said angry mob's first act is to kill a woman who'd flirted with him, something he fully planned and intended to happen. When his erstwhile best friend tries to call him out on all this, his response is to try to kill said former friend, and also have his entire family and household killed. His actions either directly or indirectly result in his village being burned to the ground, not to mention the slaughter of countless people, many of them innocent. Ozaki Toshio, also from Shiki.

    Outsyder 0486 
  • This young man is an orphan who regularly vandalizes public property to get attention from his peers. He has the spirit of an evil demon sealed in his body, and is feared by nearly everyone. Even after he starts gaining the attention of his peers, he's depressed because his best friend defected; said best friend has openly declared his desire to destroy his home country, but the hero is having none of that. Naruto Uzumaki
  • A special forces soldier who suffers from any number of mental disorders. He fashioned his personality after that of his dead buddy. He joins a terrorist organization and leads no less than two missions which kill numerous people. He also dooms the world to destruction by giving the Big Bad the McGuffin that will summon a giant meteor to Kill 'Em All. Cloud Strife
  • A very selfish warrior who absolutely and staunchly refuses to kill anyone ever, regardless of how evil they are. Among the people he refuses to kill are an Omnicidal Maniac who wants to take over his country, a stoic samurai who threatened to kill his entire network of loved ones, and a psycho who attempted to kill his Love Interest. Kenshin Himura


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