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Nightmare Fuel / LISA

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In a series with a universe as dark as LISA's, horrifying things are simply inevitable.

Unmarked spoilers below!

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     LISA: The First 
  • The whole idea that you're exploring the broken mind of a child who is sexually abused by their father.
  • The way the Marty heads appear anywhere, at random, and are spread through the entire world. They don't do anything, but somehow, this is even scarier.
    • Looking closely, a lot of the backgrounds are just his face. Even in empty space, Marty is everywhere.
  • The White World, containing only a few settings and each holding its own Smiling Marty, whose creepy smiles add to the unsettling nature of the whole area.
  • The Palace that Lisa is transported to is relatively nice-looking and safe. That is, until the end, when Lisa reaches the final corridor and is greeted by Marty, represented here as a grotesque, veiny mound of flesh covered in scraggly hair, and surrounded by vomit stains and broken beer bottles. It's undoubtedly the most intense instance of body horror in the entire game, which is compounded by the fact that the entrance to the next area is located behind him. This requires Lisa to move directly behind him, which makes it look like she's being absorbed into his body.
  • Tricky Rick has his own separate room within the inventory area. Try to speaking with him and what does he have to say? "Don't mind me... I'm just waiting..."
     LISA: The Painful RPG 
  • Just about the whole game is dripping with Nightmare Fuel. Even the smaller details in the game, like how certain areas don't have any music playing over them, evoke a feeling of subtle unease. See Mood Whiplash on the main page for some details.
  • The Joy mutants are absolutely horrifying because of how alien and distorted they look. There's also the fact that during battle, most mutants spend their turns crying and moaning while only occasionally dishing out devastating attacks. This can be interpreted as them still having a little humanity left and being dimly aware of the monsters they've become, which makes them doubly horrific and sad.
  • Wally. Just... everything about him. Traipsing through the first few rooms of his restaurant before you get to him, full of raw meat that's either human, his and Lil' Nuggie's mutated flesh, or both. His pre-battle speech, which alternates between insane threats and pleas to stay away. His terrifying laughter. (It becomes slight Nightmare Retardant if you recognize its original source, however.) His costume breaking as the battle goes on, revealing that he's been in it so long his flesh is rotting. And to top it all off, he doesn't drop any Joy after you beat him, meaning he's not even a mutant. This happened on its own.
  • The constant hallucinations of Lisa that Brad suffers are quite unnerving. He sees her everywhere he goes, standing just out of reach and silently observing him.
  • Instant Kill attacks. Seeing your unique, quirky, useful and funny party members grow strong, powerful and capable instantly removed forever from your party with no hope of getting them back is deeply disturbing. Also double as a Tearjerker.
  • What's scary about the Great White Flash is that almost next to nothing is known about it. We don't know what caused the women to die off or how they died off...
  • The confusing scene with Jonathan and Slave Lord Jim at Dismal Island. It goes so quickly and with no explanation whatsoever that it's legitimately disturbing and frightening, especially given the fact that Jonathan makes noises that no other character does during the battle.
  • The Nice Neighborhood, holy hell. A Bonus Level in Area 2 that’s arguably the scariest area in the game.
    • For starters, you are greeted with the lovely image of a scientist's hung corpse, as well as this beautiful piece of background music, titled "Blood For Sex". Really makes you feel welcomed, huh?
    • Little, blood-coated, zombie-like creatures called Creeps infest the area. While they’re pushovers in battle, the sheer speed at which they scuttle around can easily catch a player off guard. The fact that most of them don't have battle music in their fights only adds to the creep factor. The truth behind them definitely doesn’t make them less creepy, as they’re failed attempts at creating Super Soldiers.
      • One of said Creeps is encountered eating some kind of bloody flesh. Killing it yields a Locket. Do the math.
    • You then find out that these were the homes of Joy Project scientists, who were trying to make a Super Serum drug but made a hyper-addictive drug that later mutates its users. Given that there’s copious amounts of eerie blood writing on the walls, it makes you wonder how many volunteered as living test subjects for Joy...
    • One of the houses has Doctor, a Joy Mutant whose design differs from most of the other mutants in that he has incredibly pale skin, bloodshot-red eyes, and yellow teeth. After defeating him, you find a note from a man known as Dr. Lemont, a scientist who worked on the Joy project. The note start out with him expressing relief over being able to go home... before degrading into borderline nonsense about how he wants to smash his wife's face in over and over again. This implies that Dr. Lemont was the mutant you just faced, and that Lemont wrote this note while he was turning into a Mutant.
    • Doctor gets even scarier once Fridge Horror settles in. The giant lump that is the majority of his body presumably prevents him from moving. Given his decayed appearance (pale skin, yellow teeth), and the note implying that he mutated around the time that the Joy project wrapped up, this implies that Dr. Lemont was sitting and decaying in the basement for years, possibly before the Flash occurred.
    • The bloated, Joy Mutant-like Creep in one of the basement floors that appears attached to the wall. This one is completely inaccessable, as the staircase leading to the basement of that house is blocked. The fact that this unique Creep can't be fought somehow makes it worse. Brad doesn't even see it, but thanks to the side-view of the game, you do.
  • If you’re playing on Pain Mode, you’ll be able to access the Joy Lab, a secret laboratory located to the right of the after-mentioned Nice Neighborhood. The lab already invokes Nothing Is Scarier, but there’s two things that really make this location stand out.
    • The third room has tanks containing various subjects. Two mutants (one of which is labelled “My favorite”), a fishman, and a Creep. Notably, the two mutants resemble ones previously encountered.
    • The final room has a relatively fresh corpse and a note saying “Sorry darling, but my actions are just”. Here’s the kicker: the corpse is a female. In other words, whoever killed that person helped screw over the entire human race.
  • The Devil's Bathhouse segment in the third area, a series of winding, dark, and implausibly large communal bathes deep within the earth. The corridors are narrow, the lighting is murky, the music that plays is creepy, and most rooms are filled with the (presumably) hallucinatory Marty spiders from the first game. The whole place is decorated with gorgeous tile murals and is relatively clean, in sharp contrast to the dirty, broken-down wasteland outside, making it feel even more unnatural.
  • In the tunnel leading to Wally's, there is an NPC who is facing a cavern wall. When interacted with, he reveals his mutilated face and says, "I have no eyes to see. But I can taste it."
  • Throughout the game, when resting at certain rest points, there's a chance for one of your companions to get kidnapped by one of the local gangs. This is easily resolved by giving the gang a certain amount of mags to get said companion back. When arriving at Area 3, you'll come across a new gang that consists of bikers. They don't do or say anything, and just stare at you, and block your path. Resting at the Area 3 rest point yet again risks one of your companions getting kidnapped by the biker gang. At this point you would think "Oh, i'll just pay the toll to get my companion back.", but this time, it's different. When you get to the biker gang's hangout, you'll be greeted to a lovely sight of all the bikers' mutilated bodies on the floor, and the grass caked in blood. You'll then come across the giant, mutated leader of the gang march around crazily. When touching him, naturally you'll enter a fight with him. Said fight is probably harder than any other joy mutant fight. He uses his bike to slam you and your companions, possibly killing them.
  • About your companion who was kidnapped, once defeating the joy mutant, behind him is a pile of flayed flesh. Inspecting it narrates the text "Is this...?". The implication of this? Your companion is dead. There's absolutely no way to save the companion that was kidnapped. Made even worse if it was a companion that was extremely powerful, like Terry Hintz or Fly.
  • It's implied that the "snow" on Snow Mountain is actually ash from the piles of corpses being cremated at the summit. At the top of the mountain, the player encounters a man running around frantically while engulfed in flames. It's a jarring contrast to the lifeless bodies surrounding him, and it has unfortunate implications.
  • The fact that right before the final battle with Rando's army, Lisa's theme from The First, The Siren's Call, plays very faintly in the background. It's the only other point in the game besides the title screen where it plays.
     LISA: The Joyful 
  • Sweetheart, the most powerful Joy mutant in existence. Even worse? It might be a she.
  • The absolutely horrific landscape of The List by the end of the Joyful: dead bodies from Buddy's crusade, slain mutants dot the hills, blood and gore and maddening scrawls cover the walls and floor, and Brad, his friends and Rando all looking on at you, disappointingly. It really hammers home just how awful Buddy's destructive crusade was, and her shattered mental state by the endgame.]
  • Just the way that the hallucinations creep into the landscape; first theres just a few bodies... then joy mutants.. then suddenly Brad's corpse at the end of the Painful RPG sits on a hill just above you.
  • Buzzo's horrific fate. After talking about how Buddy didn’t deserve the pain that he inflicted upon her and remarking how Lisa would’ve loved this world, he begins crying out for Lisa in a rather disturbing manner... before the screen cuts to the red tendrils associated with Joy, and then it cuts back to Buzzo beginning to mutate. His head has become disproportionately swollen, and a new arm begins growing out of it. Soon after, we see his mutated form, which is all bloodied and (literally) twisted. Upon his death, he slowly remarks how he’s finally free from Lisa's grasp. Granted, one might argue that he deserved it, but it’s incredibly horrifying regardless.

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