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"No. You don't understand. I've been dead for the past 35 years... today is the day I live."
With an array of wacky and strange events, deconstructions of video game and story tropes, and never ending sorrow and misery, it's a rare moment when something is genuinely awesome.
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     LISA: The First 

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     LISA: The Painful RPG 
  • Regardless of the morality of it all, Brad single-handedly destroying the Rando Army is undeniably awesome.
    • To illustrate, Brad can have lost both of his arms by this point. He manages to do it anyway. "It" being fighting his way through an army consisting of nearly 40 people, each of them armed to the teeth. Just so he can save the last girl on earth. The one HE raised.
    • Despite the fact that he fails Buddy, this really goes to illustrate that he legitimately cared about her. He might have been a failure, but heaven be damned if he didn't try his hardest to make it up to her
  • Throughout the entire game, Brad assembles his own gang of "supernatural beings, weirdos, monsters, and just plain dumb people". Most of them are gross, middle-aged men who led pathetic lives even before the Flash. Even though a few of them have wholly selfish reasons for facing Brad, most of them proved willing to die for humanity's future. Even while extremely outclassed and watching their comrades die in front of them, they continue fighting until the very end.
  • Terry Hintz, Lord Of The Tutorial. When he first enters your party, he's extremely pathetic, with him dealing 0 damage with his standard attack, and him constantly falling over when attacking. For the most part. If you were to keep him at the end, however, he gets an amazing influx in power, and learns extremely strong skills. The strongest attack Terry can learn is The Hottest Dance. This move has him dance rapidly, until he falls over and sets off an explosion comparable to that of a missile. When paired up with Birdie's Gasoline Spit, it deals enough damage to even cripple Satan in a few turns. That one skill could potentially make Terry the best party member in the game.
  • Koo Dragonhead, a minor enemy in Rando's army, is remembered for having a really cool name. Or in this case, a really Koo name.
     LISA: The Joyful 
  • Buddy, a young child, almost single handedly takes out all of the toughest men in Olathe. Even better? She can potentially take out Sweetheart by herself.
  • Let's give credit where's due: when Buddy finds warlord Sindy Gallows, he's apparently already dead. Then he wakes up, because he doesn't want to let go of his spot on the List unless you earn it.

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